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FIC: rogue, gambit, logan (movieverse) nc-17 part 1/?

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    Title: WonderWall Author: Natalia Melissa Vronsky Email: blackqueenphoenix@fangirlonline.net or sputiehead@aol.com Part: One of ? Category: Rogue, Gambit,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2001
      Title: WonderWall
      Author: Natalia Melissa Vronsky
      Email: blackqueenphoenix@... or sputiehead@...
      Part: One of ?
      Category: Rogue, Gambit, Logan, new character, others.
      Rating: NC-17
      Summary: Logan comes back for Rogue... only to find everything different. (In
      response to all those Rogue/Logan fic's where she chooses Logan over Gambit.)
      Warning: Logan/Rogue shippers might just want to delete this right now...
      mind you I don't hate Logan... he's one of my favorite X-Men... it's just...
      I'm not too keen on that pairing.
      Disclaimer: 20th Century Fox and Marvel Inc. Own these characters... not
      me... if I did... well... the Marvel Universe would be happy... and death
      free (we will miss you Elizabeth.. our beautiful ninja Psylocke) ... so don't
      sue me... 'sides I don't have any money.
      The title was taken from Oasis's song WonderWall... it just kind of reminded
      me of where I was going with the story...
      Cherish is my character who's name was ripped from Cecil B. Demented. (The
      character in that movie was a porn star for those who haven't seen it... but
      my Cherish isn't a porn star... 'kay?).
      Author's Notes: Forgive my Cajun accent and French words... my lovely
      translator has been vacationing for a few months now... sides... she's a
      Logan/Rogue shipper and would hate this story.
      Archive: Feel free to archive anywhere... I don't care so long as it's not at
      some "worst fan-fiction ever" page... also... just let me know, 'kay?
      Feedback: PLEASE! I don't care if'n you flame me... just respond... it's nice
      to know what others think of my work.
      With that said... here's my story...

      The man, known only to others and himself as Logan or Wolverine, headed on
      the Harley he'd stolen from a pansy assed prick, (or what he thought of the
      man anyway), towards Westchester, New York after four years of having been

      Mainly to go back to the girl he'd left behind.


      He didn't know when he realized he was in love with her.

      He figured it was the brunette he'd been "shacking-up" with for a couple of

      One night he made the ghastly mistake of calling out "Marie" instead of the
      woman's name.

      He'd written to her faithfully, once a week, at least.

      She never wrote back, and he didn't really expect it... after all he rarely
      spent more than a week at a time in one city.

      He didn't tell her that he'd had a sudden change of feelings for her.

      As far as she knew, he still thought of her as a friend.

      She'd be pleasantly surprised when he got there, unannounced, to tell her how
      much he loved her, regardless of her powers.

      Besides, there were other ways to have sex without actually touching skin to

      He grinned at the thought of making love to her as he passed a sign that

      "Welcome back, Logan." Jean said, answering the door, a beautiful smile on
      her face as she hugged him.

      She was very pregnant.

      Logan quirked an eyebrow when he noticed her stomach. "Good to be back,
      Jeannie." He walked into the foyer. "Where's Rogue?"

      Jean's smile faded. "Probably in the rec-room."

      Logan was oblivious to her sudden change in mood.

      "Listen... Logan... before you go... I need to tell you something..."

      "Later, Jean." He walked towards the rec-room.

      His beautiful Rogue was waiting for him.

      "No... Logan..." She called.

      He kept going.

      "Now, why y'go ask y'r Mama, when I already said no?" A tall man asked a
      little girl who couldn't of been more than one.

      The girl giggled. "Peesse?" She said.

      Probably one of the few words in her young vocabulary.

      "Now, Remy... why don't you just let her have a small piece?" Rogue said.

      She sat on the rec-room sofa, turning her big brown eyes up to the man.

      "Dat's all she ever eats, Rogue. Y'an' me both know dat she shouldn' be
      eatin' too much candy dis young in life..."

      "Not until she's old enough ta steal it on her own, right?" Rogue rolled her

      "Y'know... one of y'was bad enough... now I've got two t'worry about." He
      said, handing the girl a small piece of candy.

      "Welcome." The girl said, getting more on her face than in her stomach.

      Remy laughed. "It's thank you... or merci... not 'welcome'."

      Rogue giggled. "She's so cute, isn't she?"

      "Oui. A pretty credit t'her parents, neh?" He walked over to where Rogue was
      sitting and kissed her gently on the lips.

      Logan had remained unnoticed that whole time... untill the chocolate covered
      girl stumbled towards him. "'ello."

      Remy and Rogue looked over in Logan's direction.

      Rogue's eyes widened in surprise. "Logan! You're back!" She hoped up from the
      sofa and hugged him.

      She then scooped up the little girl.

      "This is Cherish. My daughter."

      Logan could have swore that he heard her say that the little girl was her
      daughter... but... she couldn't... her powers... even though he'd just seen
      her kissing that Cajun bastard.

      "And that's Remy." She motioned to the man. "My husband."

      From the smile on her face, he wondered if she really expected him to be
      happy for her.

      She had to be kidding, right?

      It was some awful nightmare. All he had to do was wake-up.

      Remy was glaring at him over Rogue's shoulder.

      "Remy... this is Logan." As soon as she turned her beautiful face to Remy, he
      stopped glaring and smiled.

      "Pleasure t'meet you." Remy moved towards Logan, hand out to shake his.

      Logan just growled. "What the Hell do you mean!? Your daughter and husband!?"

      Rogue flinched, as did the little girl, whom, as he looked at her up close,
      looked so much like Rogue, big brown eyes, pouty pink lips, and curly brown
      hair with a tiny white puff of hair for bangs, like her mothers.

      Rogue's face fell into a frown. "Ah mean, Ah'm married and have a daughter...
      and in about eight months, she'll have a brother or sister. Ah thought you'd
      be happy for me."

      Logan opened his mouth to say something, then shut it.

      She had obviously convinced herself that she was happy.

      He'd have to show her that she could be so much happier with him.

      Hell, he'd even play daddy to her kids.

      Just so long as that conceited looking Cajun jackass wasn't in her life.

      And... she apparently had control of her powers... he could have sex with her
      now... just like he dreamed of.

      "Sorry, kid... guess I'm just sort of shocked... didn't expect to come back
      here and find you married with a kid."

      Nice cover.

      Rogue's expression softened a bit, while Remy's remained hard as granite.

      The little girl stuck her tongue out at him.

      He couldn't help but laugh.

      She was a mini-Marie.

      "You should see her when she's mad." Rogue said proudly. "Her eyes get like

      Logan looked up at the Cajun's eyes. Red-on-black.

      And that sweet little girl's eyes got like that?

      "Cherish, Sweety, this is your Uncle Logan." She held the little girl up for
      him to take her.

      Cherish held her arms out to him.

      He took her awkwardly, and she smacked him on his face.

      Remy laughed at that.

      "Cherish... you don't hit people." Rogue scolded, taking her back.

      She simply giggled.

      "Dere now, ma Petite..." Remy said, taking Cherish. "Mama is just cranky...
      she didn' mean t'scold you."

      "This comin' from the man who didn't want ta give her candy?" Rogue asked,
      amused smile on her face.

      "Well, now, Chere, de chocolate coverin' her face is more of a hassle den de
      tiny smack she gave votre ami, neh?"

      "That's besides the point."

      Remy simply shrugged.

      Rogue smiled and leaned over to kiss him on his cheek.

      "J'taime." He said.

      "Love you too, Sugah." They kissed.

      She then turned to Logan smile on her face. "Ah know you and Remy will be
      good friends."

      Logan just nodded.

      "You are gonna stay... right?"

      Another nod.

      She expected him and her husband to get along?

      Oh yeah. That was gonna happen.

      Rogue gasped. "Ah almost forgot... Ah have a Danger Room session."

      She looked up at Remy. "Jean and 'Ro both said they'd watch Cherish today, if
      you have ta do somethin'."

      Remy kissed his daughters cheek. "Nah. Me an' Cheri'll spend some quality
      time together."

      "See you later." She kissed Remy again and Cherish too, then ran out of the

      "Mama!" Cherish cried.

      "Awe, Petite... she has t'work." He said, trying to soothe her. "She'll be
      back, promise."

      She sniffled and rested in his arms.

      He went and sat down.

      Logan did the same.

      "So, mon ami... what brings y'back?" He grinned. "Besides my wife?"

      "Don't know what you're talking about."

      "I saw de way y'were lookin' at her. An' I know de effect dat she has on men.
      It's obvious t'me... though she may never know it... dat y'came back because
      somethin' suddenly made y'realize dat y'wanted her." He looked down at his
      sleeping daughter. "'Scuse me."

      With that he left the room.

      Logan wondered if Remy would tell Rogue.

      Well, he could always deny it, make the jerk seem like the jealous type...
      and she'd leave him.

      Remy came back a few minutes later, carrying a small white walkie-talkie
      looking thing.

      "What's that?" Logan asked suspiciously as he sat down.

      "A baby monitor... in case Cherish wakes up." He set it down on the coffee

      "I'm not de jealous type." Remy started, looking Logan straight in the eyes.

      If Logan was less a man, he might have been intimidated by the cold hard

      "I love an' trust Roguie wit' every breath in my body. An' I know dat she
      thinks of y'like her big brother.

      It would hurt her if I tol' her I didn' want her around you."

      Though no actual threat was made, Remy's tone let Logan know that messing
      with his woman would be a dire mistake.

      Logan just laughed as he headed out. "Whatever, Bub."

      He bumped into Ororo in the hallway.

      "Logan! What a pleasant surprise!" She hugged him tight. "Are you staying for


      "Have you spoken to Rogue yet?"

      "Yeah." He grumbled. "Where'd she meet that creep?"

      Ororo smiled. "Remy came about a month after you had left."

      "How'd they end up together?"

      "Come, I have to tend to my gardens. I shall tell you everything."

      He followed her and sat on a stone bench as she started cutting some flowers.


      Rogue's initial reaction to Logan leaving had been very negative.

      She kept away from everyone, but soon realized that she didn't like living
      such a solitary life.

      But, even after that the only people she really ever talked to were Bobby,
      Jean and Scott.

      Everyone knew Bobby was on cloud nine because he really liked Rogue.

      She was absolutely oblivious to his feelings for her.

      Ororo and Jean had been in New Orleans, looking for a wedding dress for Scott
      and Jean's wedding.

      A woman, a crazy and powerful mutant named Candra, attacked them, and held
      them captive.

      Remy helped them escape her.

      They asked him to go back to Westchester with them and he agreed.

      When Jean, Ororo and Remy arrived, Jean immediately went to go talk with
      Professor Xavier about Remy staying.

      Ororo led Remy into the rec-room.

      Rogue and Bobby were playing pool.

      "Ahh, Bobby, Rogue..." Ororo said upon noticing them.

      "Ms. Monroe! You're back!" Bobby exclaimed. "Did Dr. Grey find a dress?"

      "No, she didn't."

      Bobby eyed Remy suspiciously.

      The tall dark and handsome Cajun's eerie eyes were fixed on Rogue, who was
      trying to figure out how to make a shot.

      She looked up when Ororo spoke and her eyes instantly locked with Remy's.

      "Hi." She said with a warm smile.

      "Bonjour." He walked over to her and took her gloved hand, placing a kiss on
      it on the back of it. "Remy. An' y'are?"

      "Marie." She said blushing, as he held tight to her hand.

      Both Ororo and Bobby were shocked because she told everyone that she only
      wanted to be called 'Rogue'.

      "Pleasure t'meet you."

      "Likewise." She pulled her hands out of his. "You're Cajun?"

      "Oui. An' Y're a pretty little southern belle, neh?"

      She simply giggled.

      "Do you know how ta play pool?" She asked.

      "Oui. Pourquoi?"

      She grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the pool table.

      "Ah can't figure out how ta get that one in." She pointed to a yellow
      stripped ball.

      "Dat's easy, Petite. Y'pick it up an' put it in de hole."

      "Funny Cajun." She rolled her eyes.

      "It was funny." He said, taking a cue and putting it in her hands and stood
      behind her. "De yellow ball will go int' de corner pocket."

      He guided her into the correct positions. "Dere, now. Hit de ball." He moved
      away from her and she did as he had told her.

      The yellow ball ended up in the corner pocket.

      "Thanks." She giggled, turning to Bobby. "Pay up." She held her hand out

      "Nuh-uh. That was cheating!"

      "Oh, come on, Robert. You never said Ah couldn't ask for help."

      Bobby reluctantly reached into his pocket and handed her a small white card.

      She smiled at the confused look on Remy's face.

      "We were playin' for passes to get out of doin' chores." She pocketed the
      card happily. "Come on, Ah'll show you around."

      After that day, Rogue and Remy were hardly ever apart.

      Despite his amorous nature and flirtations with all of the women in the
      mansion, he really seemed to care about Rogue.

      And he didn't care about her powers.

      Though Rogue flirted back with him, and seemed to like him as well, no one
      was really sure about her feelings for him.

      Three months or so after his arrival, they left without a word to anyone and
      didn't return for a month.

      When they did return, much to almost everyone's dismay, they announced that
      they had gotten married.

      No one knew if they had found a way to consummate their relationship without
      skin to skin contact... and no one asked.

      The two fought constantly, making-up usually minutes later.

      They had their ups and downs, naturally.

      But, after a while, Remy decided he wanted to kiss his lovely wife, and ended
      up in a coma for three months, they seemed to have less fights.

      Rogue, Professor Xavier and Jean had been secretly working on her control
      from the day Logan left.

      After about a year of being married, Rogue could finally control her powers.

      "... and then there is Cherish. A testament of their love for one another.
      She was born a year and about two months ago."

      "But... if they're always fighting..." Logan started to say after the long

      "Their fights spring from their passionate natures. Make no mistake, Logan.
      They do love each other. They have since the day they met. They scarcely
      fight anymore. Most of the time it was Rogue trying to push Remy away because
      of her powers... regardless of the fact that they are married." A smile
      spread across her lips. "Watch them one day... when Cherish is asleep or with
      someone else. You'll see that they do belong together.

      I was against their union at first, too, Logan. But, they make each other

      Logan wondered, annoyed, if all of the other mansion residents felt the same
      way about Rogue and the Cajun.

      If they did, he had a feeling he wouldn't stay very long...

      ... and if it turned out that Rogue really did love Remy.
      part 2 coming by the end of the week.

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