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    HERE IT IS. HOPE YOU LL LIKE IT. Touch Series 2 : Trouble with a familiar face Author: Melissa Richardson Series: (2/?) E-mail: Ritz1503@yahoo.com Rating: R
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      Touch Series 2 : Trouble with a familiar face
      Author: Melissa Richardson
      Series: (2/?)
      E-mail: Ritz1503@...
      Rating: R
      Summary: Meet the X-Men's new enemy
      Warning: Character death. Sorry can't tell you, you'll
      just to read the story.
      Disclaimer: Don't own X-men characters. I do own the
      original characters, though
      Comments: Thanks to Karen for beta reading this long

      Chapter 1: The New Enemy

      Touch. A simple thing that everyone takes for granted
      >From the moment we are born we are touched. The loving
      touch of a mother can teach her child how to love and
      respect the world around him. But if the touch of the
      mother is cruel and uncaring, than the child will be
      taught that lesson and take it out into the world with
      him, making him a dangerous individual. But it's not
      only the physical touch of this person that we have to
      be cautious of, it is his mysterious power also.
      For one woman, life was about protecting herself and
      what she was. It was only through the power of a man that
      she was saved from certain death from the people around
      her. She lied and kidnapped for this man. So, her
      touch is destruction and death for all those that
      come into contact with her.
      Now comes the touch of death. Who will it strike?
      Will it be silent and quick or will there be a scream of
      pain and a struggle to live?
      Eighty miles away from Charles Xavier's School for
      the Gifted a mysterious mutant called "The Voice" laid
      a on bed in a decent looking motel. Time to go to
      work. Closing his eyes, he let his mind find and merge
      with another mutant. << Hello, Pet. Ready to do mischief? >>
      Through the eyes of the other mutant he saw her
      world. People she knew greeted her as if everything
      were normal, making "The Voice" very happy. He liked
      messing with other people's lives. He got off on
      watching them suffer, they never knew it wasn't really
      their loved one at fault, didn't know that they had
      fallen victim to a twisted mutant who liked to control
      people. "The Voice" had only one worry, one mutant
      with very strong telepathic ability that lived with
      his new pet. Only this man stood any chance of finding out
      about him, so he had to be very careful, making sure
      the pet took her medicine on time. The medicine was
      special, something he had created in his little lab.
      This one was perfect, it helped him control people
      without being detected. Of course, he had to be careful
      of psychic mutants, but as long as he and his victim
      kept a safe distance, he would be all right.
      He worked hard for the past couple months. First
      making the different medicines, then making the cover
      scent for the women he worked with. The poison was
      harder, he had his "pet" check and recheck files to
      make sure the dose was strong enough to take care of
      the man that was in the way of their success, for he
      was the only one that could really stop them. So, he
      had to go first.
      Things where falling right into place. Soon there
      would be plenty of people to "play" with. Mmmm, lives
      to destroy and all he had to do was kill two men. One
      who was strong of mind, and another one who was just
      plain strong.
      Carefully he checked all the things needed for the
      next steps of the plan. Soon the blue woman would
      arrive and he could get her ready for her performance.
      Nodding his head as he rechecked everything, the woman in
      question entered his hotel room.

      "Good, you are on time." He said eyeing the woman
      carefully. "The Voice" trusted no one, having learned
      at a early age that anyone would hurt him, if given
      the chance.

      "Did you bring the necessary things to help cover your

      "Of course." Mystique replied setting down a make-up
      case and a linen bag.

      "Well, let's get started then. First, I want you to
      bath in all the things "she" would wash in. Oh, be
      sure to shift to her form. It will make things easier."
      He told her as she started to undress and shift her
      form from the blonde that she had entered the room as
      to the form needed for the next step of Erik's plan.
      Seeing her go from a petite blonde with a nice
      generous breasts and curvy ass to the leggy Red head
      he was used to controlling was very amazing. Suddenly
      "he" wished he could touch that form, take pleasure from her
      even as he was causing her pain. But he couldn't, the
      plans were far more important then a fuck with his
      Having finished undressing, she picked up the make-up
      case and headed for the shower. Mystique carefully washed
      with the products that would help cover her scent.
      Once done with the bathing, she dried herself with a
      cheap hotel towel, being careful to use one that is was
      clean. She didn't want any other scent to mingle with the
      "new" scent she was trying to achieve. Leaving the
      bedroom, she found "him" waiting patiently on the bed
      for her.

      "So, how does this work?" She asked, gesturing toward a
      silver canister with a spray nozzle attached.

      "My little "pet" was kind enough to let me get a blood
      sample. Therefore, I was able to make this cover scent
      out of her own pheromones. He'll never know it's you.
      Just be sure not to sweat too much or it will dissolve
      quickly." The man warned as he stepped over to the
      Mystique stood perfectly still as "the Voice", Lord
      she wished that she knew what this mans' name was, sprayed her
      with cover scent. The mixture was cold and made her
      shiver as it hit her naked skin. To ignore what was
      happening to her body, she instead concentrated on the
      mission at hand.

      It had taken Erik the better part of two years for him
      to find just the right person to help him with his
      plans for the X-Men. Then it took this "special"
      person to make all the required accessories. Now
      everything was coming together. And all she had to do
      was kill one man.
      That was the tricky part of the plan.. Not only could
      he smell her, which is what the cover scent was for,
      but he would also kill her on sight with her "normal"
      form. Something he almost managed to do four years ago at
      "The Statue of Liberty" when he had stabbed her in the
      stomach. She knew that within the next few days she was
      going to have to be very careful.

      Chapter 2: Jean Reflects On The Past

      Jean was in a living hell, had been for months. Some
      unknown force was controlling her. She heard its voice
      in her mind, forcing her to hurt the ones she loved. It
      all started when she had gone to Washington D.C. for
      the convention on the Mutant Rights Act. She remembered
      meeting a strange young man, they had dinner and
      talked about many things. Jean had complained of a
      headache and remembered this man giving her medicine,
      normally she wouldn't take drugs from a stranger, but the
      headache was so bad that she thought she would pass
      out from the pain. And now she was hurting everyone
      around her.

      The first person she hurt was Scott. She screamed on
      the inside of her mind, even as "the Voice" made her do
      mean things to him. For some reason "the Voice" knew
      that Logan was Scott's weakness. And it used that
      weakness to destroy her relationship with the only man
      she loved. Now, instead of being happily married,
      they were miserable. They fought all the time. Making
      it easier for her to be controlled. She closed her
      eyes in memory of their most recent fight.

      <"I'm so tired of hearing you talk about Logan. Can't
      you think about anything other than that hairy excuse
      of a man?" Scott almost shouted at his wife.
      "No, I can't stop thinking about him. I want him."
      Jean replied.
      "What the hell is happening to you, Jean. You never
      wanted Logan. You always though he was immature. You
      said that all that cigar smoking and drinking beer all
      the time was a turn off." Scott said, pacing their room
      back and forth.
      "I guess I just changed my mind."
      "Fine, but if you do go, don't come back once he's
      through using you." Scott said leaving the room.>

      They hadn't really talked to each other since then
      other than to be polite in front of the others. Scott slept
      in their room, but on the couch in front of the T.V.
      There was a couple of times he did try to be amorous with
      her, but whatever was controlling her, made her push him
      away. Jean's heart was breaking. No one could help her,
      least of all her mentor, Charles Xavier. "The Voice"
      made sure she stayed as far away from him as possible.
      "It" also made sure that she took the purple pills
      every day, twice a day. She had no idea what they
      were for, but she knew that if she didn't take them
      when told to, she would feel the most excruciating
      pain in her mind.

      The second person to be hurt by Jean was her best
      friend, Ororo. The two women more like sisters than
      simply mere friends. So it came as total shock to
      Ororo when one day in the middle of what she thought
      was a mild disagreement, Jean lashed out viciously at
      <" Quite acting like a Goddess, which you are not, by
      the way" Jean announced.
      Pain and confusion marred Ororo's normally serene
      "Jean, I have no idea what you're talking about."
      Ororo replied, completely puzzled by Jean's sudden
      "I'm talking about the way you strut around here
      acting like everyone should worship the damn ground
      you walk on. It's ridiculous and I can't stand it, or
      you, when you get that way." Jean replied bitingly.
      "Excuse me? What has this got to do with the topic at
      hand?" Ororo asked, stunned and hurt.
      "It has everything to do with the "topic". I'm talking
      about how you believe that everyone should agree to
      whatever *position* you take on any given subject,
      just because you used to be worshipped in Kenya. Well,
      this ain't Kenya, baby..........so get over it." Jean
      "I strut around acting like a Goddess? Have you taken
      a good look at yourself lately, Jean? You're the one
      who's constantly flaunting your medical degree in
      everyone's face. So you completed a few more years of
      college....big deal. You also get your kicks
      intimidating the younger girls with your
      I-could've-been-a-super-model superior attitude and
      let's not forget to mention how you love to tease
      Scott with your flirtations with Logan."
      "I can't help it if Logan is attracted to me. As for
      the other girls, some of them would be almost pretty
      with a decent makeover. I can't help it if I happen to
      be more attractive than everyone else around here, and
      I won't apologize for it."
      Ororo rolled her eyes at those comments.
      "Well, excuse us for breathing, Miss America!" She
      snapped at Jean, totally exasperated with her
      "You're just jealous because neither Logan or Scott
      have ever hit on you."
      "Guess I'm not a cold enough bitch."
      "Why don't you just seek out the rest of the *rejects*
      and leave me alone."
      "Fine, don't mind if I do. Good-bye, Jean.">

      It stormed outside the mansion for a whole day. Jean
      noticed after that, Ororo kept a safe distance from
      her and spent more time in her garden or with Scott.

      The final people that she hurt where Logan and
      Rogue. For some reason "the Voice" wanted to know
      everything about the couple. It made her look at the
      medical files that she had on them. She spent time
      watching them, she knew that there was something
      important about to happen concerning them but had no
      idea as to what. Not that there was anything she could
      do, at the moment she was prisoner in her own mind.
      All she hope to do was wait, wait for a time when she
      might be able to force "the Voice" out her head and
      can control herself once again.

      Chapter 3: Xaviers' Concerns For The Future.

      He sat in his office and watched as the last ray of
      the sun's light disappeared from the sky. The recent
      troubles weighed heavy on his heart, it was too
      stressful watching his children fight against each
      other when there was a bigger war brewing in the not
      too distance future.
      Xavier felt even greater concern over Jean's recent
      behavior. She had become aloof and almost hostile to
      everyone around her. And what made it more then obvious, was
      that she wanted nothing to do with her mentor and
      father figure. This hurt him greatly since in the past they
      had been as close as a father and daughter.
      Logan's rapid emotional decline also concerned him.
      The promise of seeing his love was canceled when the
      Blackbird developed a electrical manufunction that at
      present time Bobby was hard at work on. The gruff man
      rarely left the mansion now, instead spending time in the
      Danger Room working out his aggression until dinner,
      then going to his room where he immediately fell into
      a troubled sleep.
      News from Scott about Rogue's recent change in
      behavior worried him. The young woman was partying
      hard and ignoring her obvious pain over Logan's
      *attitude* toward their relationship, something the
      normally demure young woman didn't do. Xavier wondered
      how Logan would react to the change in Rogue's
      behavior. With a sigh, he wheeled around to his desk and
      set to work on finishing up the day's paper work.

      Chapter 4: The fight.

      Logan sat on the top step of the back porch of the
      mansion. The sun had set mere minutes before, and had
      painted the sky with colors of purple and pink. With
      almost everyone gone, the night was silent except for
      the sounds of the insects waking in the cool night air.

      Stealthily Jean walked up behind Logan. He was sitting
      perfectly still and seemed lost in his thoughts. She
      had one shot and only one shot of getting the poison
      into his system. Quickly she stabbed him in the
      shoulder with the syringe, before she could even push
      the plunger all the way down, Logan jumped and turned in
      one fluid motion, quickly grabbing Jean by the throat.
      "What the hell are you doing, Jeannie?" Logan asked as
      he winced in pain from the broken needle still in his
      The fear of dying coursing through her body, Mystique
      lost control and her golden yellow eyes flashed. It
      was at that second Logan realized that that it wasn't
      Jean who attacked him and he was in danger from
      whatever was in the syringe. Suddenly feeling dizzy
      and a lot pissed off, he extended one claw and
      swiftly decapitated the mutant's head from her body.
      Watching in a haze as her body fell to the ground and
      the blue form of Mystique revealed itself.
      Holding on to a chair and trying not to fall, Logan
      called out for Professor Xavier's help before finally
      falling and losing conscious.

      Chapter 5: Powers Of Sight

      Andrew sat calmly drinking his afternoon tea. He
      watched as the young woman Rogue played on the beach with
      her friends. Suddenly his head throbbed as a vision
      flooded his mind. The man he saw was in terrible pain,
      he also saw someone dying at the hands of this man.
      Andrew shook his head as the vision ended.
      "Father, is it another vision?" A young voice asked
      from the shadows.
      "Yes, Briona. I have a bad feeling Rogue's man is
      in danger." Andrew replied looking out on the beach.
      "Are you going to tell her?"
      "No, I must warn Charles." He said getting up and
      walking into the house.
      Briona also looked out at the beach where Rogue was
      playing in the waves. She felt sad for the other girl.
      Having the man she loved betray her with a women they
      both knew. And then with her father's vision, she knew
      that something awful was going to happen, something
      much worse than an affair with another women.

      Chapter 6: The Beast

      Not far from where Rogue was playing in the waves a
      beast waited patiently for the time to strike. He had
      waited a long time for this little woman before him.
      Waited to taste her blood and hear her screams of
      agony, nothing turned him on more than causing pain to
      others. And when he was done with the little brunette,
      he was going to go after the white haired weather
      goddess and make her scream and bleed rivers of blood.
      He could almost taste the blood, rich and sweet with
      their fear.
      He had to be patient thought and wait, wait for the
      signal to attack. To steal the little brunette and
      make her scream. Too bad he couldn't kill her, but Big Boss
      wanted her for something special. Something that would
      change the world.
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