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FIC: Crying in the Dark 9/9

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  • H20Babie6@AOL.com
    AUTHOR: Kelsey RATING: PG-13 ARCHIVING: Please ask! FEEDBACK: Please? The only reward I get for putting hours of effort into these projects is the feedback it
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2001
      AUTHOR: Kelsey
      RATING: PG-13
      ARCHIVING: Please ask!
      FEEDBACK: Please? The only reward I get for putting hours of effort into
      these projects is the feedback it takes you maybe 30 seconds to write. Please?

      NOTES: Alyx rocks! She BETAed parts of this chapter FOUR times. Now that's
      dedication. JenN still hasn't given up on me, so yay!
      I can't decide whether or not to write a sequel to this bad boy, so let
      me know what you think!
      Find the whole fic at <A HREF="http://hometown.aol.com/h20babie6/index.html">Kelsey's X-Men Fanfiction</A> !

      Part 9:
      She knew it was a bad idea.
      He knew they'd only end up hurting the people they loved.
      They both knew they'd do it anyway. They did.
      It amazed her, how good it could be.
      He'd never had anything like it.
      They both knew they couldn't let go of what ever it was they had found.
      She knew it was breaking Bobby's heart.
      He knew Jean was growing lonely and bitter.
      They both knew that hearts would be broken before it ended, but they
      couldn't stop.
      She cried, he cried.
      He left, she yelled.
      They both remembered

      They didn't tell her when Scott left. Bobby came into the room after. The
      room she and Bobby had shared, before darkness, before Scott.
      "He's gone," Bobby’s voice was cold but it held the slightest trace of
      hope. Kitty nodded.
      "I'm sorry Bobby..."

      Jean had woken him, waited for him to get dressed and led him outside. A
      car was parked in front of the mansion with a packed duffle bag inside. He'd
      gotten in, feeling like an innocent prisoner in a cop show, being forced into
      the car that would take him away. Jean had handed him the keys and she, the
      Professor, and Bobby had stood on the steps as he drove away, forbidding his
      imminent return.

      Kitty missed Scott so badly she could barely breathe. At least before she
      had some hope. But in a way she still did, because hope is something that
      can't be taken away. Before Scott, she had been afraid that she would be
      trapped in the dark forever. Now, she knew that there was a way out, even if
      he was miles away.

      He drove, feeling lost and utterly disoriented. He thought he might
      easily drive into the sea without knowing it. Scott, who was usually so
      attentive, so aware, so anal, was utterly lost. He was not thinking of hope,
      but of escaping the dark cloud that seemed to be following him.

      Kitty went there like she always did, to seek comfort. The room looked
      exactly the same, as it always did. It felt a little colder, a little darker
      perhaps, but the same. Kitty could swear that the bed, the sheets and pillows
      were glowing. Faintly, but glowing. Kitty lay on her stomach on the bed and
      clutched a pillow. She wondered if she could absorb the last of the light
      then maybe she could give it back to the room and they could feed off of each
      other forever and ever. She hoped Scott had light, wherever he was.

      The car had finally run out of gas. Scott would call a tow truck soon,
      but for now he was just sitting on the shore of a large, deep lake. He wasn't
      exactly certain of where he was. Pennsylvania, maybe? The lake was largish,
      deep. Scott felt like he was emotionally suspended in the lake that
      represented all of the current darkness of his life. The good news was he
      wasn't yet sinking in the darkness. The bad news was he wasn't floating
      either. Scott supposed that not sinking and not floating equaled drowning.
      Drowning in darkness seemed like a distinctly bad plan. Scott assumed he was
      still pointed upwards in his metaphoric lake, but he couldn't be certain. So
      hopefully when he symbolically started swimming he'd end up back on land. Or
      he'd drown on his way. Or end up with his head stuck in a lake bottom,
      eternally buried in the darkness. Scott understood he needed to find a way to

      JenN's Lady in Waiting and official washer of Bobby's feet
      Scott forever!
      #1 fan of mudwrestling and nighttime flights from Chicago to Ontario, CA.
      I like the color blue!!!

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