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FIC: Crying in the Dark 8/9

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  • H20Babie6@AOL.com
    Kay, I know this fic has been MIA for quite awhile. To save us all some aggravation, Crying in the Dark can be found in it s entirety at
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2001
      'Kay, I know this fic has been MIA for quite awhile. To save us all
      some aggravation, Crying in the Dark can be found in it's entirety at <A HREF="http://hometown.aol.com/h20babie6/index.html">
      Kelsey's X-Men Fanfiction</A>. Happy Reading!

      AUTHOR: Kelsey
      RATING: PG-13
      ARCHIVING: Please ask!
      FEEDBACK: Yes please, at h20babie6@...
      NOTES: An especial thanks to Alyx who BETA'd this part not once, not twice,
      but THREE times!!! And JenN who read it and was still nice to me after I
      abused Bobby!

      Part 8:

      She knew it was a bad idea.
      He knew they'd only end up hurting the people they loved.
      They both knew they'd do it anyway. They did.
      It amazed her, how good it could be.
      He'd never had anything like it.
      They both knew they couldn't let go of what ever it was they had found.
      She knew it was breaking Bobby's heart.
      He knew Jean was growing lonely and bitter.
      They both knew that hearts would be broken before it ended, but they
      couldn't stop.
      She cried, he cried.
      He left, she yelled.
      They both remembered

      The Professor sat in front of the four adults, his hands folded. " We
      have a serious problem here. At Jean’s request I am here to intercede and
      resolve this problem. Kitty, Scott, I am very disappointed in you."

      Kitty stared at the ground. The Professor had always been good at guilt
      tripping, even better at it than her mother. If only he would try to

      "I will not demand an explanation, because I don't want to know your
      rationale for this hideous act of betrayal."

      Betrayal? Funny, it had never occurred to Scott that he and Kitty were
      betraying anyone. If only he could understand... "Professor? " Scott began
      hesitantly, "We weren't-"

      "Stop, Scott!” Jean demanded. “How is sleeping with someone else not
      betraying me?”

      “I don't want to know what you two were thinking-"

      "Please, Professor!" Kitty begged as the agonizing pressure of being
      misunderstood began to bury her, "Please."

      "You have both committed a terrible crime against your peers, people you
      claimed to love. You will be punished suitably."

      Punished? Punished for saving ourselves? Scott wondered as fear began to
      rise in his throat.

      "'Saving yourself' Scott?" The Professor asked coldly, "Was life really
      so terribly oppressive that you had to 'save yourself' from Jean and your

      "Yes!" Kitty exclaimed, jerking her head up. Her eyes shone bright with
      unshed tears. "It was, is, dark, and cold. You would know that if you got
      over yourself and tried to understand!" Kitty paused, "Do you have any idea
      how terrifying it is living in the dark? Scott stops the dark. We know we
      went about it the wrong way, and we should have asked all of you for help but
      we were scared. We were so scared..."

      “Kitty!” Bobby exclaimed surprised at her outburst. “Kitty,” he said
      again softly, hurt. “Why didn’t you come to me?”

      “I don’t know Bobby, I don’t. The dark…I’m sorry.”

      “'Living in the dark'?” The professor was contemptuous, "And just what
      was it you were scared of? The fact that we would call you on your lies?"

      "They aren't lies," Scott was steadfast. "It got dark, and we didn't know
      why. We just walked around in our respective hazes, doing the best we could
      to survive, until one day we bumped into each other, and it got bright. "

      “‘It got bright?’” Jean scoffed. “I didn’t think you were such a
      pervert.” Scott sighed.

      “It has nothing to do with perversity Jean. You just don’t understand
      the darkness.”

      "Well, I think I can cure you of this 'darkness'. Time apart will do you
      good," the Professor looked back and forth to Kitty and Scott. Stoicism was
      etched on both of their faces. "Scott, you will enjoy a time of self
      discovery. There is a house in the Northern New Mexico desert where you can
      contemplate you actions. It should be warm enough for you there."

      "And me?" Kitty asked. If the Professor had expected a challenge, he had
      been gypped. His opponents were too tired from fighting the dark to fight him.

      "You, Miss Pryde, will stay here. You will endure the looks of contempt
      from your students and teammates, while trying to mend the relationships you
      have shattered. Of course you both are adults and do not have to obey my
      guidelines, however if you choose not to accept these punishments you will no
      longer have a home here."

      The punishments could not have been more devastating. Scott knew that the
      punishments had been custom tailored. He could have endured Kitty's
      punishment and Kitty could have thrived under his. But part of him still
      wondered why they were being punished

      JenN's Lady in Waiting and official washer of Bobby's feet
      Scott forever!
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