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FIC: Remember Me 1/2

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  • rimmette@earthlink.net
    Ok, I was working on something else, but this story just made a nest in my head and won t let me think about anything else until I write it down. Title:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2001
      Ok, I was working on something else, but this story just made a nest
      in my head and won't let me think about anything else until I write
      it down.

      Title: Remember Me 1/2
      Author: Khaki
      Email: rimmette@...
      Rating: PG13
      Category: Drama
      Disclaimer: I don't own them. I just borrow them for a bit of
      meaningless torture and return them to Marvel when I feel like it.
      Archive Rights: WRFA, XMMFFC, and the Med Lab. Otherwise, just ask.
      Author's Notes: Ok, this story had two influences. One was Xavier's
      line in X-Men: The Movie, "Well, I am psychic, you know." The other
      one was Minisinoo Girl's insight's into Logan's almost immediate and
      desperate need to protect Rogue.
      Summary: Logan returns and Jean notices a new student.

      POV: Jean


      I didn't really notice her until around two weeks after Logan
      returned. I only caught a glimpse of her, but it's obvious she's a
      mutant. Who else would be wearing a big parka coat and a long red
      scarf in the middle of June?

      I couldn't believe no one told me there was a new student. We
      usually get abandoned kids or runaways, and they always need a
      doctor. Some of them are so malnourished and sickly that they have
      to stay in the Med Lab for a few days on a nutrient I.V. Even when
      kids arrive who aren't sick, I still meet them to evaluate their
      mutation. When did she get here? Why didn't Scott tell me?

      Charles would've let me know immediately, but he's in D.C. with his
      lobbying group while Congress is in session. I've flown in to make
      the odd presentation, but I can't stay away from the school that
      long. So many teenage mutants with control issues in such a small
      area means there's always a need for a doctor.

      Scott's no Charles, but he's been doing a wonderful job keeping
      everything going. That is until I saw the girl.

      I'd been walking down the hallway when I heard Logan and Rogue
      yelling in the foyer, and I had to see what was going on. He's been
      so good with her. When he finally came back, no one worried about
      their relationship. He obviously cared for her as if she was his own
      daughter, and her crush seemed to ease in the nine months he was
      away. One sleepless night, she'd confided in me that as his
      personality settled into her, she came to realize how deeply and
      purely he loved her. But now they're yelling.

      When I rounded the corner into the foyer, I heard Rogue scream
      something about wanting to see blood, and then I saw them. They were
      sitting on the couch and screaming at the TV, or more specifically at
      the hockey players skating around on the TV.

      "Hey, Jeanie," Logan drawled, popping a new beer. "Wanna watch the

      "No, I think I'll just go upstairs. It's getting late."

      "Yeah, no tellin' what Scooter's doin' up there without ya."

      I just rolled my eyes. "Goodnight, Logan. Enjoy the game, Rogue."

      When I turned around, I saw her standing against the wall, watching
      us. I was so surprised I actually jumped. I hadn't felt her
      approach, and even as I looked at her, I couldn't really feel her
      presence. Her eyes were piercing, so full of sadness.

      "Hello," I said gently. "I don't think we've met."

      "Who you talking to, Jean?" Rogue asked as she turned around on the

      I glanced back at her and when I turned back to the girl, she was

      "Where'd she go?"


      "The girl. She was standing right here."

      Logan turned around, too.

      "There's no one there, Jeanie. You been sniffing those chemicals
      down in the Med Lab?"

      "No, she was right here."

      "Jeanie, I woulda smelled it if anyone was there."

      Under normal circumstances, he would certainly would have, but this
      is Mutant High and nothing's normal here. There's any number of
      possible mutations that could circumvent his abilities. She could
      have the ability to mask her scent or maybe she's a strong telepath
      and she's just controlling our perceptions of her. That could
      explain why she disappeared. She could also be able to become
      invisible, or maybe she can transport herself short distances. I
      needed to find out more.

      I asked Scott about her that night, but he told me that there weren't
      any new students at the school. We had an intruder.


      We spent the next two days beefing up security. We didn't know who
      this girl was. She might be looking for help or she might be a spy
      working against us. I described the girl to all of the students and
      told them to watch carefully for her. Piotr offered to sketch her
      face if I gave him the memory. A sketch would be good, but a real
      picture would be better.

      I went to Scott and we spent hours scanning the security tapes,
      trying to find a picture. There wasn't one. That night in the
      foyer, we could see Logan and Rogue on the couch and me standing
      behind them. We even saw me turn around and start talking, but there
      was no one there. I was talking to the wall.

      "You said you only saw her for a few seconds," Scott said. "Maybe it
      was just a trick of the light."

      How can a trick of light show you a girl so pale she's almost white,
      looking out at you with dark, mournful eyes through a curtain of long
      black hair?

      "I saw her, Scott."

      "I don't doubt you Jean. I believe you really do think you saw her.
      Look, summer school's starting in a few weeks. Why don't you take a
      little vacation? Go to that spa you like so much. Maybe you just
      need a break. I'd go with you, but with the professor gone..."

      "I'm not crazy, Scott. She's real, and I'm going to prove it to you."

      I went to the foyer. That's where I'd seen her. Maybe there was
      something about the room that made it possible to see her.

      Sitting down on the couch nonchalantly, I reached for the remote
      control and turned on the TV, then I spun quickly around, looking for
      the girl. She wasn't there.

      I got up and walked over to the windows, looking out at the gardens
      before I whipped my head around and scanned the room again. Still no

      I tried all sorts of variations for hours. TV on. TV off. Window
      curtains open. Window curtains shut. Lights on. Lights off.
      Sitting on the couch, standing behind it, standing against the wall,
      standing by the windows. Nothing worked. I didn't see her again.
      She must be somewhere else in the mansion.

      Becoming more and more frustrated, I decided to go down to the gym
      and work off some of my aggravation. I didn't expect to find anyone
      there, but Logan was sitting at the weight bench right alongside the
      mirrored wall.

      I don't know why Charles thought it necessary to line an entire wall
      in the gym with mirrors. I have no desire to watch myself working
      out. My hair gets all stringy, my face gets red, and my workout
      clothes get disgusting little sweat patches on them. I always end up
      looking like a red, wet rat.

      "Hey, Jeanie," Logan said through grunts as he worked on bicep curls.

      What is it about that man and shirts? You'd think he had an allergy
      to them what with all the times I've seen him bare-chested around the
      mansion. Right now, he's in Xavier school sweat shorts and nothing
      else, and I must say that sweat looks a lot better on him than it
      does on me.

      Don't get me wrong. I love Scott with all my heart, but admiring a
      fine male specimen won't hurt as long as all I do is look.

      I walked over to the treadmills and set one up for a brisk walk.
      It'd get me warmed up and then I'd move on to the other equipment.
      The machine faced the mirrored wall, like everything in this gym, so
      I was walking along with my head down, only peeking up occasionally
      to see what Logan was doing.

      Logan grunted again in his workout, and I peeked up again when I saw
      her in the mirror. She was standing against the far wall watching us.

      I froze in surprise, but the treadmill didn't and I was thrown back
      onto the ground.

      "Jeanie? You ok?" Logan asked, getting up and hurrying towards me.

      Turning around, I instead looked towards where she'd been standing,
      but she was gone.


      "She was there, Scott, in the gym. I saw her."

      Scott sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. "You just watched
      the tape, too, Jean. There was no one in there but you and Logan."

      "She was watching us. I swear, Scott. You have to believe me."

      "Ok, Jean. Why do you see her when no one else, not even the
      security cameras, do?"

      "I don't know. Maybe... maybe it's my mutation. Maybe I'm somehow
      picking up on her presence. I gave Piotr my memory of her. He's
      drawing a picture right now. We've got to keep everyone on alert."

      "Jean, you're the only one that can see her. Don't you think that
      it's possible she might not be real?"

      "She's real. It's my mutation that's making me see her. I'm sure of
      it. If Charles were here, he'd tell you the same thing."

      "That's a good idea, Jean. Why don't we call the professor and ask
      him about this."

      "No. You don't believe me. I'll call him myself."




      "Jean? What's wrong. Is it the school? Should I..."

      "No, Charles, nothing like that. It's just, everyone pretty much
      thinks I'm crazy."

      "Why, Jean? What's happened?"

      "It's just like before I met you, when I heard voices and everyone
      thought I was going insane."

      "What is? Tell me, Jean."

      "I've been seeing a girl around the mansion. No one else can see
      her, and I can only see her for a few seconds, but she's there. I
      know she's there."

      "Hmm... That's right. You told me Logan came back."

      "What does Logan have to do with..."

      "The girl's about sixteen with long black hair. She's wearing a
      white parka and a red scarf, right?"

      "How... how did you know?"

      "I've seen her before, Jean. Several times. She's Logan's."

      "Logan's what?"

      "Jean, there's more to being psychic than reading people's minds."

      "What?" I asked, disbelieving. "You mean like the television
      psychics who tell the future?"

      "The future is part of it, but so is the past. The girl you've
      seen... she's dead, Jean. She's following Logan."

      "What? H... how do you know?"

      "Experience. I've seen ghosts before."

      "Charles, you're telling me you see dead people?"

      "No, I'm saying that *we* see dead people."

      "Why is she following Logan?"

      "I don't know. I've tried to communicate with her several times, but
      she won't answer me. She just stands and watches him. I think she
      might be a relative of his, a sister, maybe a child."

      "What should we do about her?"

      "Nothing. She's not a harmful spirit. She only watches."

      "But, don't you think Logan should know about it?"

      "Logan's not ready to believe something like this. Let it be for
      now. If he stays at the mansion long enough, perhaps she'll start
      communicating with us."


      So, I dropped the issue. I told Scott that there was nothing wrong,
      and I stopped searching for her. Everything would have been all
      right had I not forgotten about the sketch I asked Piotr to make.

      I was in the kitchen the next day when a psychic shockwave of pain
      and grief flooded through me, and I fell to my knees.

      "Jean!" Scott yelled, jumping up from the kitchen table and running
      to my side in front of the refrigerator. "What wrong?"

      "S...something happened to Logan," I mumbled, pulling myself up from
      the floor with Scott's help, fighting against the aftershocks of
      utter agony. "Get me to him."

      With Scott supporting me, I stumbled through the halls to the rec
      room. There, I found a group of students surrounding something on
      the floor. When they saw us, they moved aside, and I found Logan.

      He lay awkwardly on the floor, his head pulled into Rogue's lap, his
      eyes open and unseeing. Rogue was crying and pleading with him to
      wake up, stroking his hair gently with gloved hands.

      "What happened?" Scott demanded as I kneeled down next to Logan and
      started assessing his medical condition.

      Piotr came forward, "I show Rogue my picture, and the Wolverine
      start odd breathing."

      "What?" I asked.

      "Logan just stared at that picture," Rogue added, "and he just... he
      couldn't catch his breath. Then... he just collapsed. What's wrong
      with him, Jean?"

      I saw a piece of paper crumpled in Logan's right hand and when I
      pulled it free and flattened it out, I found the picture I'd asked
      Piotr to sketch. It was a perfect drawing of the girl I'd seen.
      Logan did know her, and seeing this picture put him in some sort of
      psychic shock.

      I reached out and put my hands on either side of his head, reaching
      into his mind to find him. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the
      girl again. She was standing right next to me, reaching for me.
      When we touched, the rec room disappeared, and I was suddenly
      ensconced in blackness.

      Everything was black except for a white door only a few feet away
      from me. I could see Logan braced against the door pushing hard
      against it to keep it closed. His eyes were wild with fear.
      Whatever was behind there, he did not want it escaping.

      As I stood there, the girl who'd touched me and followed me into
      Logan's mind, stepped closer to him. Her coat seemed brilliant white
      in the darkness of the room. When she drew her black hair out of her
      face, I could see that her cheeks were wet with tears. She reached a
      gloved hand towards Logan, and when he looked at her with haunted,
      terrified eyes, she pleaded to him in a soft voice, "Remember me."


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