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FIC: Summer's End, 6/?, PG13/R, W/R

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    DISCLAIMERS POSTED IN PART 0 * * * Wonder of wonders, Frost was in her office, and alone. Rogue let herself in after only a perfunctory knock, Wolverine still
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2001

      * * *

      Wonder of wonders, Frost was in her office, and alone. Rogue let herself
      in after only a perfunctory knock, Wolverine still too prominent in her
      mind to allow much patience for time-consuming courtesies. Emma looked up
      from some paperwork and frowned. "Marie, shouldn’t you be in practice?"
      Her tone managed to carry the additional message, [And you had best have
      a damned good explanation for being here instead.]

      "Practice ended early. I managed to drop Beef inside of a minute without
      breaking a sweat — *or* having to use my gift. Is he the best you can
      come up with for combat sessions?"

      Emma raised a carefully shaped eyebrow. "I beg your pardon?"

      "He walked in and told me to attack him — using my gift, he said — but
      admitted that he had no idea what kind of power I had. And going into a
      fight against an opponent of unknown abilities — a *known* mutant, I
      might add — he was so careless I was able to render him horizontal in
      less than a minute." [Thank you for the report, Sergeant Logan!] Marie
      thought with amusement.

      [Right idea, wrong rank,] was his cryptic response.

      Frost blinked in astonishment.

      Marie sensed an advantage and plunged ahead. "You need an experienced
      combat instructor for the initial assessment at least, even if you let
      someone else take over for helping with the basics or sparring matches.
      Please don’t tell me that *Beef* was the best fighter you’ve got."

      Self-possession regained, Frost gave Rogue an appropriately chilly gaze.
      "Sparring matches between the students increase *both* your skills. He
      needs more practice in facing unusual powers, and you seem to need
      practice in using *yours* in a combat situation."

      Marie sighed. "In case you’ve forgotten your little stroll through my
      head, every time I use my powers I get another person jostling for room
      up *here*," tapping her temple meaningfully. "And in case you missed the
      point of my having floored Beef, I already *have* practice in a ‘combat
      situation’ — just without treating my power as the first option to go
      for." A pause to let that sink in, and then the strike. "*Don’t* you have
      a genuine combat instructor? Or someone to teach self defense that
      doesn’t resort to using our mutations?"

      Emma frowned. Answer enough.

      [Okay, she may be going for the bait. Let’s try to set the hook...] Rogue
      smiled, giving Emma an appropriately vixenish gaze. "How would you like
      the chance to hire someone with experience, not just in giving
      self-defense lessons, but in giving them to mutants? Working both with
      and without using their powers?"

      There was a flicker of interest in Frost’s eyes, before her expression
      turned coolly impassive again. "And you just *happen* to know of just
      such a person, who just *happens* to be seeking employment."

      Marie didn’t lose her smile. "Yes I do. And he *has* a job, but he was
      getting ready to leave it."

      Again the delicately arched eyebrow. "And he would just happen to be
      delighted to come here and work for me."

      ‘Oh yes." She didn’t even need to ask him — her Subliminal Logan had been
      in favor of the plan ever since it occurred to her.

      "And your motivation in setting this up would be?"

      Rogue hesitated, before, "I’ll answer that, if you’ll honestly answer one
      question for me... What are you expecting your students to get into that
      you teach them how to fight with their mutations almost from the first,
      rather than simply how to use and control their powers?"

      Frost raised an eyebrow. "Probably the same situations Xavier was clearly
      training his students for, if he’s got a self-defense instructor on his

      Marie frowned. The fact that Xavier’s school also doubled as the training
      ground for would-be mutant superheroes was something she was unwilling to
      discuss with Emma Frost. But arguing that Emma seemed to have neatly
      sidestepped her question could well have brought the X-Men up, so she let
      the point drop. "My motivation would be that the self-defense instructor
      happens to be someone I want to stay close to — someone who’s already
      said he’s willing to move to follow me, here or to Mississippi."

      Emma raised an eyebrow. "This someone wouldn’t happen to be the same
      someone you were practicing using your control on, would it?"

      [She’d know that as soon as she saw him — she’s seen enough of my
      memories.] Which didn’t stop Subliminal Wolvie from growling in
      annoyance. "Yes, it would."

      Emma raised the other eyebrow. "So you’re asking me to hire someone as an
      instructor with the full knowledge that he would intend to carry on an
      affair with one of my students?"

      Marie sensed that telling Frost she’d leave the school if Logan weren’t
      allowed to come there would come across as a petty threat, a touch of
      adolescent drama. (Besides, if she *had* to leave it was better not to
      forewarn the enemy that she might be doing so.) So instead she said,
      "He’s worth having here, and in any case he and I have *been* having an
      affair already."

      Frost leaned back in her chair. "At your age, a relationship with a grown
      man isn’t particularly healthy. And if you *are* so important to one
      another, then surely the two of you can wait a few years until you’re

      Marie set her jaw. Protesting her own maturity was not the path of wisdom
      — nor was leaping across the desk to grab that slender white throat.
      [Hell of an idea, though,] Inner Wolvie muttered. "He’s been the only one
      I could practice my control on safely, and he’s been taking care of me
      besides." Sensing a genuinely useful line of attack, she added, "And
      given the fighting skills Beef showed earlier — or rather, his lack
      thereof — if you want your students to have the best training possible,
      you owe it to them to get a better combat instructor."

      Emma frowned. "Assuming that we really *needed* to hire a ‘better combat
      instructor,’ surely I could find one elsewhere who would be able to keep
      his hands off the female students?"

      "How many could you find that were not only willing to train mutants, but
      had actual experience in working with armed and unarmed combat *and*
      mutant powers? And he does fine at keeping his hands off the other
      students — just me."

      Emma regarded the girl steadily. "Just how do you expect me to respond to
      this... offer of yours?"

      "By agreeing to at least give him a chance. Talk to him, see his moves
      and how well he can teach them to others, satisfy yourself that he’s what
      I’m promising."

      Allowing a hint of her exasperation to show, "And if I do so? Do you
      expect me to sit back and allow the two of you to carry out your liaison
      on the grounds of my respectable school?"

      "As if a school training mutants was all that ‘respectable’," Marie
      groused, before belatedly realizing that the Rogue wasn’t the most
      diplomatic of personalities to use for this discussion. "We’re used to
      being discreet. We wouldn’t let it become a scandal, or expect you to let
      us to move in together or anything like that..." A pause, before adding
      shrewdly, "You’re a telepath. You’ll be able to keep an eye on him, to
      *know* that he’s not doing anything with any of the other students that
      he shouldn’t be."

      Setting her mouth in a distasteful line, "Very well. I will ‘interview’
      this man and see if he is anything like you’ve claimed. But I make no
      promises to hire him..."

      Marie smiled. "That’s good enough." She fully expected Logan to dazzle
      Frosty — and if he didn’t, well, at least he’d be *here* — making it
      easier to formulate Plans B or C if necessary...

      * * *

      That's all for now, folks! More of *something* on the way... though I
      make no promises as to which of my stories will be the next to be added

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