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FIC: Summer's End, 4/?, PG13/R, W/R

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    DISCLAIMERS POSTED IN PART 0 * * * The Massachusetts Academy turned to out be quite a change from Xavier’s school. For one thing, there were a *lot* more
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2001

      * * *

      The Massachusetts Academy turned to out be quite a change from Xavier’s
      school. For one thing, there were a *lot* more students. For another,
      only a few of them were actually mutants. Emma Frost was quite genuinely
      the headmistress of a very exclusive, very *expensive* private boarding
      school. The fact that a smallish percentage of the student body were
      actually mutants was one to which the "regular" students were very
      carefully kept oblivious.

      [Wonder how the hell she manages to hide a whole group of mutants in
      plain sight that way? They’re learning, their control isn’t perfect yet,
      there have *got* to be accidents — and surrounded by all these other
      students and teachers, that means witnesses...] Marie pondered the matter
      as her classmate and fellow mutant Aurora led her to algebra (like all
      the "regular school" classes, shared with the non-mutant students).
      Nothing like trying to keep a secret to make one appreciate methods of

      [Somehow I don’t think Frosty would have the least little problem with
      cleaning up after "accidents" by making all the witnesses forget what
      they saw,} Inner Logan muttered darkly.

      The idea seemed to fit. [Might as well give everyone practice in passing
      for "normal" where there’s someone around to keep a lid on things when
      they mess up,] Rogue figured. [Too bad we gotta sneak around like this,
      though. Guess Frosty isn’t real big on mutants and humans co-existing
      peacefully the way the Professor is.]

      [Hmmph. If Chuckie’s so big on humans and mutants getting along, why does
      he hide all the mutie students on the school grounds to look like he’s
      got a normal school from the outside?] came the voice of subliminal
      suspicion, Logan being cynical as ever.

      Erik’s fainter voice — lingering after having been inadvertently brought
      to the fore by Emma’s meddling the previous day — provided the response.
      [Because Charles, even with his foolish idealism, has *just* enough
      practicality to prefer that his students learn to defend themselves
      before he sends them out to play nice with the humans...]

      [Can’t argue with *that,*] Inner Wolvie grumbled, the idea appealing to
      his paranoia.

      [So I guess the mutants here are just learning to control their powers
      and blend in. Probably no superhero stuff.] Responding to Logan’s firm
      approval of the idea of "no superhero stuff," she added, [Just as well.
      I’m not entirely sure I’d want to be on the same side as Emma Frost when
      it came down to mutant vigilante action...]

      * * *

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      way, we'd quit treading water and do something with our lives."
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