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FIC: Summer's End, 1/?, PG13/R, W/R

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    DISCLAIMERS POSTED IN PART 0 * * * You’re sending me *where*? Marie gripped the handset of the phone anxiously, her other hand twining nervously in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2001

      * * *

      "You’re sending me *where*?" Marie gripped the handset of the phone
      anxiously, her other hand twining nervously in the cord.

      "It’s called the Massachusetts Academy. We’ve been talking to the
      headmistress — a Ms. Emma Frost — and she really thinks she can help you
      with your — your mutation." Her father never *would* think of her ability
      as a "gift."

      "But, but Daddy, Professor Xavier really *can* help me. And, and I like
      it here, and I have friends..." [And I have Logan.]

      "Honey, you’ve been there for more than a year now, and you still have to
      stay covered up all the time. It’s time to see if this Ms. Frost can help
      you where Mr. Xavier can’t." That was her mother, on the other extension.

      Marie bit her lip. Because the truth was that she *could* control her
      gift — but had been keeping that a secret, ironically enough, to keep her
      parents from taking her out of this school. The impulse at this point was
      to announce that she *had* gotten control of her gift — or to more warily
      claim to have "made progress" in gaining control. But convincing her
      parents of her skill would result in them bringing her home to

      Whether Mississippi was preferable to Massachusetts — and her parents
      preferable to Emma Frost — was a matter worth considering. And also worth
      talking over with Logan.

      Marie suppressed her protests for the moment. If the end decision was to
      tell her secret to her parents, that could be done in a later phone call.

      * * *

      Logan’s advice — that she could choose to tell her parents after trying
      out the Massachusetts Academy, but couldn’t take back telling her parents
      to return to Xavier’s *or* Frost’s schools — matched her own
      inclinations. "But you’ll be here, and I’ll be in Massachusetts..."

      Logan smiled at her. "Kid, I’m only here ‘cause *you’re* here. If you’re
      going, I might as well follow you to Massachusetts — or all the way to

      The question there was how much contact they’d be able to get away with.
      Marie of course had Logan’s cell phone number, and she dragged him down
      to the computer lab to set up a free e-mail account for him out of added
      paranoia. It might turn out to be the best method for *him* to get a
      private message to *her*.

      * * *

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      "Getting fired is the best thing that could happen to any of us. That
      way, we'd quit treading water and do something with our lives."
      -- Tyler Durden, _Fight Club,_ by Chuck Palahniuk
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