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Fic: Party Songs III (Or A Mission Experience)

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  • Kylie Leadbitter
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      TITLE: Party Songs III (Or A Mission Experience)
      AUTHOR: Kylie
      EMAIL: kleadbitter@... or trekkie_skater@...
      SUMMARY: The newest X-Men go on a nice easy mission. Well, it was *supposed* to
      be a nice easy mission...
      RATING: G - PG
      FEEDBACK: Is craved like chocolate.
      DISTRIBUTION: The Data Annex Archive, The X-Men: The Movie Fan Fiction Central.
      Anyone else, ask and ye shall receive.
      DISCLAIMER: I don't own 'em people. They belongs to Marvel and 20th Century Fox.
      I'm not making any money from this, if I were, do you think I'd still be
      dragging my 'not morning person' butt out of bed at an ungodly hour of the
      morning to go to school? No, didn't think so.
      Author's Notes: This is the sequel to Party Songs II (Or A Club Experience). My
      Bobby and St John have been heavily influenced by Jenn and her Love and Lust
      at Mutant High, while my Scott has been influenced by Minishoo. { } indicates
      telepathy. * * indicates emphasis. Big Thanks to Mourning Star who beta'd
      this for me, and Leska who has also agreed to be one of my beta's.


      I was beginning to think that it was bad idea to go anywhere with Jubilee.

      First the mall incident, the nightclub incident and now this. Ok, so she hadn't
      started any of the incidents that got us banned from both the Westchester Mall
      and the 'Gossip' nightclub or landed me in medical bay, but she was a
      convenient target. Things just seemed to happen around our dear Jubilation Lee.

      The last incident at the 'Gossip' nightclub wasn't a 'mutant thing' -- the term
      we used to mean that one of us had gotten into a situation because of our
      mutancy. No had been a more regular 'normal brawl' thing. No mutant powers in

      It had started when we had gone out clubbing almost a week ago.

      Things had been going pretty well until a couple of loud mouthed, homophobic
      morons had somehow clued into the fact that Bobby and I were together. As in

      It wasn't as if we were being obvious about. We never are. But they'd started
      with the insults.

      We did what we figured was the adult thing. You know those platitudes that adult
      love to tell you when you're six, in the vain hope that you might actually
      listen to them? Turn the other cheek. Just because Jimmy hit you, doesn't mean
      you should've hit him back. Just ignore those overmuscled, cerebrally challenged
      mountains calling you names and insulting your lover and parentage -- they'll go

      Well, we tried for option number three. Rogue and Kitty helped by dragging
      Bobby and I into a dance with them, rather than the group dancing we had been
      doing. Unfortunately the moron twins didn't get it and kept at us, finally one
      of them took a swing at Bobby, instead hitting Rogue, knocking her to the floor.

      There are a few rules of self-preservation that you learn at Xavier's School for
      the Gifted Insane...uh sorry, Gifted Youngsters.

      Rule number three: Never try to disable the Professor's wheelchair. He's a
      telepath, *of course* he's going to know who's responsible, and the person
      responsible is going to end up grounded, and pulling KP duty for a month. (Do
      you *know* how long it takes to peel vegetables for everyone at Xavier's? I do.
      I now also have very strong muscles in my right hand from wielding the vegetable

      Rule number two: Make sure you're up early, otherwise you get to have cold
      showers. Even my power is no good against this. You ever tried to light a fire
      in the shower? Trust me. Don't bother. You'd think that the Prof. could spring
      for a couple of additional water heaters, but noooo. I have now been declared
      the monthly winner of the hot shower dash among the boys. I think Kitty won for
      the girls.

      Rule number one: Never, and I do mean *never, ever* get Logan angry. And top of
      the list for getting him angry, is hurting Rogue. Running a close second, is
      letting someone *else* hurt Rogue.

      So it was pretty understandable that we began to argue with them. I thought we
      were showing admirable restraint.

      I think it's also understandable that Bobby lost his temper, and finally decked
      the taller of our two antagonists.

      Logan certainly thought so. In fact he was all for going back to the police
      station and decking both of them.

      We were all really relieved that we didn't get read the riot act about the

      It wasn't until we were almost home that I realised that Jubilee is a hell of a
      lot smarter than most people give her credit for.

      See, when she'd first spotted Logan at the Police Station, her instinctive
      reaction had been like everyone else's. i.e., We're in deep doo-doo. You
      wouldn't think it, but Logan takes his position at Xavier's pretty seriously.
      The Prof. is probably number one on his list of people he respects, and would do
      pretty much anything for. Umm... well maybe number two. I think Rogue may have
      the top spot. But in any case, if you screw up, Logan's just as likely to be
      enforcing groundings as Mr. Summers. And with more success. Let's face it, who
      would you be more likely to pay attention to? Mr. Summers, who we know is
      really a bit of a softy, or Logan, a guy who regularly pops his claws, growls -
      a lot - and who, other than Rogue, most of the school body really isn't sure of
      whether or not he's going to try disemboweling them on the spot? I thought so.

      Anyway, when Jubes had suddenly turned sunny, and called him Wolvie, I figured
      we were dead -- he *hates* it when she calls him that. But here's where Jubes
      being smarter than we generally think comes in. She *knew*, just like Rogue,
      that the Wolverine wouldn't be a problem in this instance. We hadn't started
      it. We'd tried ignoring the moron twins. We'd done the right thing. Mostly.
      No, this was something that Logan understood.

      Our problems would come when we had to explain ourselves to Mr. Summers. Not to
      mention the Professor, who had had to put up the bail money.

      A couple of hours later, and I began wondering if aliens had replaced our

      The Professor and Mr. Summers were waiting for us when we got back to the
      mansion. I think the Prof. must have gotten the story from Katya -- who, since
      she was new, still had trouble shielding her thoughts -- because all he said was
      that we'd have to work off the bail money.

      That was a surprise. We'd been rather creative in the car, trying to figure out
      what kind of punishment we'd get for this. The second, and much bigger,
      surprise came when Mr. Summers didn't get all bent out of shape and immediately
      ground us until the end of the year. Instead all we coped was a small lecture
      on how he was disappointed in us because we let ourselves get drawn into a
      brawl, reiteration of the Prof.'s 'work-off-your-bail' sentiments, and told it
      was time to head to bed.

      I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, and by the time I finally fell asleep,
      I was convinced that it would fall sometime the next day.


      Three days later, and I was still waiting for that damn shoe to drop.

      But nothing happened. And I do mean *nothing*. Those three days had to qualify
      as the most quiet, sane, boring, *normal* days that Mutant High had ever seen.
      No accidents with powers, no practical jokes (unheard of!), no Remy hitting on
      every girl in sight -- possibly because there had been no new female students
      for a while, and all the current one's were now immune to his charm, so he
      didn't bother -- and no mutant attacks for the X-Men to respond to. It got so
      boring that Jubilee was actually doing school work -- she was attending college
      via correspondence -- something that she usually left until the absolute last

      Of course it couldn't last.

      Fate hates me. I'm sure of it.

      You see, the manner in which the quiet was broken wasn't spectacular, earth
      shattering, or dread inducing. Usually when we're sent out on a mission it's for
      a reason that would constitute as one of those things, if not all of them.
      Magneto and the Brotherhood was usually bad news, and the Friends of Humanity
      was no picnic either, but this mission was in reaction to neither of those

      This started with a simple phone call.

      It seems that one of Xavier's anonymous (at least to us) patrons had a son --
      Jack. One who was a mutant. He had manifested a few years earlier and the Prof.
      had worked with him for a few months helping him control his powers. Problem
      was, Jack's powers were increasing, but his control wasn't keeping up. After
      almost destroying the kitchen of his parents house he had taken off. Guess who
      got the job of retrieving him?

      The Professor thought it would be good for us. A nice easy assignment.

      Yeah right.

      The Prof. used Cerebro to locate Jack, and we piled into one of the SUV's and
      headed out.

      It seems that Jack was hiding out in a derelict apartment building, with a small
      group of runaways -- some mutant, some not.

      We approached the building cautiously, parking a couple of blocks away and
      splitting into three teams -- me and Bobby, Jubilee and Rogue, Piotr Rasputin
      (on his first official X-men mission) and Kitty -- and each took a different
      route to the address the Prof. had given us.

      We all arrived at the building having encountered no problems. Of course that
      couldn't last. From there on out, things went into the proverbial crapper.

      We were all dressed in normal street clothes, having agreed that our X-Men
      uniforms probably wouldn't be appropriate. Now I have to wonder if things would
      have gone any better if we had chosen to wear the uniforms.

      Bobby and I entered the building by the front door, Piotr and Kitty by back, and
      Rogue and Jubilee started on the roof. There are times I really wish I could
      fly like Rogue, then my sanity kicks in to remind me of all the other stuff she
      had to go through when she 'received' that particular power.

      None of us were having any luck finding Jack -- the current tenants of the
      building weren't exactly disposed to help us, looking on us in either outright
      hostility, extreme suspicion or both -- until suddenly he spotted us, and
      bolted. I'm not entirely sure why. We were doing our best not to seem
      threatening and, unlike the morlocks, we can pass as normals quite easily, so
      how the heck he had any idea that we were mutants I have no idea.

      He holed up in an apartment with completely boarded windows so that there was no
      way for us to get into the apartment. A good idea except for one small thing.
      That meant that he had only one way to get *out* of the apartment, and that was
      via the front door. But that little fact would come into play later. In the
      meantime Bobby and I stationed ourselves outside the front door, and began to
      have a rather frustrating conversation with Jack through a inch thick solid
      wooden door, while the others checked out the rest of the rest of the building.


      "Go away."

      "My name's John. My friend is Bobby. Umm... you ok? We heard you were having
      some trouble with your powers."

      Bobby added; "We were sent here to help."

      "I've told you before, I'm not interested in joining your little group of
      terrorists. Leave. Me. Alone."

      That of course got my attention. I've never heard of this guy before, and
      judging from the look on his face, neither had Bobby. If the Prof. had
      entertained the idea of getting this guy to join the X-Men, he would have
      mentioned something at the mission briefing. Not to mention that we didn't
      exactly think that 'terrorists' was a valid description of the X-Men.

      "Huh?" Bobby gave voice to my thoughts. Or at least the first thought. After
      that my mind kinda went a bit nuts and came up with a rather unpleasant

      Just as the thought occurred to me, it was confirmed by two sources. The first
      being the Professor using his patented 'Nifty-Xavier-communication/pager'
      method. (And you can blame Jubilee for the description.)

      {The Brotherhood are in the building with you. Another team is on it's way. Get
      out of there as quickly as possible.}

      This was confirmed by Rogue about three seconds later. Very loudly. I should
      point out that when she wants to, Rogue can make a marine blush. Judging from
      the intensity of the language, I guessed that she'd found -- or been found by --
      Sabretooth. Seeing as Logan hated the mutant mountain with a passion, her inner
      Logan would have been doing some interesting things at that point.

      "Pull out!" Not that that particular order was going to do any good. Two
      sounds followed the order.

      A loud thud, crack sound of a body hitting a wall or possibly a door, breaking
      it coming from somewhere above. And a startled scream from Jack. Followed by
      hysterical yelling from Jack.

      That wasn't good. We had no way of getting through the door, though god knows we
      tried. I think that's where I got the cracked collarbone. What can I say?
      Slamming yourself up against the door always works in the movies.

      "We'll take care of this, if you take care of that." Kitty and Piotr bolted up
      the stairs to where we were, pointing behind them to the mutant bounding after
      them. Toad.

      I quickly glanced at Bobby who nodded. Both of us were a little better equipped
      to take on the green one than either Kitty or Piotr, having more 'active'
      powers. Not that they had done us any good against the door.

      The next several minutes are a jumble of images and impressions. Piotr
      transforming into Colossus and crashing through the door just behind Kitty who
      had phased through it. Throwing balls of fire at Toad, who refused to stay in
      one place long enough to hit. A flash of blue coming from the other side of the
      now destroyed door. Toad jumping at Bobby, only to meet a solid sheet of ice.
      Storm, hair flying, directing gale force winds at Toad. The electrical storm.

      The electrical storm was the last thing I remembered before I woke up in the
      med. bay with the mother of all headaches. Actually *all* of me ached. Even my

      "Jack." A voice from beside me announced. It took me a moment to realize it was

      "Jack what?" I croaked. I wasn't in a good condition.

      "The registration number of the truck that hit you. Jack."

      "Oh." Well that certainly made things as clear as mud. I recall groaning rather
      loudly as I tried to sit up.

      "Just in case you thought you got struck by a stray bolt of Storm's. It was
      Jack. His power is channeling and generating electricity."

      "That's good to know. Did everyone get out all right? Where's Bobby?"

      "Chill Babe. Everyone's fine. More or less. Rogue's indestructible and only
      has a few bruises. I had a concussion but that's gone now, and my very own set
      of cuts and bruises. Colossus is fine, just tired, the advantages of being metal
      in that form. Kitty has the matching set of cuts and bruises to match mine and a
      sprained ankle. Bobby is currently in bed, sleeping the sleep of the dead. We
      finally got him to hit the sack about an hour ago. He was down here getting in
      Hank's way and driving Miss Grey crazy before that. He copped a couple of
      abrasions, a mild concussion and a couple of interesting looking bruises. We
      were lucky."

      "Good. Um the lucky and sleep part not the..."

      "I gotcha Babe."

      "So what happened with the Brotherhood? Is Jack ok?"

      "Jack's fine. Shaken up, but fine. Toad, Sabretooth and Mystique got away. With
      a lot of bruises and other more... interesting injuries." The mischievous smirk
      on her face told me that there was a story there, but right then, I really
      couldn't be bothered hearing it.

      It wasn't for another two days until I managed to hear the whole story.

      The startled scream we'd heard from Jack just after the Prof. had warned us
      about Brotherhood had been because of Mystique. She had been keeping the form
      of one of Jack's friends but reverted to her natural form once he'd barricaded
      himself in the apartment. That meant that he had trapped himself inside with no
      way out. Of course he started to panic, a problem exasperated by the sudden
      appearance of Kitty and Colossus.

      It should be pointed out that a panicked mutant is not usually and in control

      Jack started throwing off bolts of electricity, most of which Mystique managed
      to dodge. But not all. She was knocked out just before I was. When Kitty and
      Piotr had no luck calming Jack down, Kitty phased through him, disrupting his

      Storm took care of Toad with a little help from Bobby, while Wolverine, Jubes
      and Rogue teamed up on Sabretooth. Let it be pointed out that Logan, Jubes and
      Rogue isn't a team I'd like to go up against in the Danger Room. Or anywhere
      else, come to think of it.

      Once I was released from the med. bay, had gotten some solid sleep and was
      beginning to feel more like myself, I was called into the Professor's office.

      I figured that the other shoe had finally dropped.

      And boy did it. But not in the way I had been expecting.

      See, I finally got to get a good look at Jack, Xavier's School for Gifted
      Youngsters newest student.

      Fate hates me. I'm sure of it.

      Jack was one of the moron twins that had started the brawl at 'Gossip'.

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