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FIC: Insomnia

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  • Kat hunt
    KATS NOTES: This was the first Fic i EVER wrote..it was a tepid thing..then i handed it over to LT.. Ohhh Boy can she write. Thanks LT..My first fic dedicated
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2001

      This was the first Fic i EVER wrote..it was a tepid
      thing..then i handed it over to LT..
      Ohhh Boy can she write.
      Thanks LT..My first fic dedicated to you Grrll.

      Just thought i would add this to juice things up..i
      never really intended to..but i noticed things getting
      a bit slow of late..
      WARNING: If your a Jean Hater..DO NOT READ.
      LT'S NOTES:

      Summary: Logan�s up late and Jean�s annoyed about
      something, but she just might come up with a cunning
      Archive: Just ask
      Pairing: Logan/Jean
      Disclaimer: Marvel people not mine, in fact nothing is
      mine, including the plot idea (see note)
      Rating: NC-17, oh yes indeed.
      Author�s notes: This was originally Kat�s fic, so she
      really deserves a lot of the credit here for planting
      a small bush in the compost that passes for my brain.
      This never normally would have happened, but she went
      and let me play with it and it took on a big ole
      smutty life of its own. I hope she doesn�t hate it.
      (KAT: "I love it.. :)"
      and onto the story...


      It was quiet at this time of night, a gentle blanket
      of stars slowly wrapping itself over the sleeping

      Around the mansion, everyone slept. Quiet snores and
      mumbles filtered through the school, only disturbed by
      the continual ticking of the elderly grandfather clock
      in the main hallway. Not a soul stirred... with one


      He had taken to puttering round the mansion like some
      kind of unofficial night watch man. Often he felt
      neither the need nor the desire to sleep and, as a
      result, had decided to at least try and make himself

      The dark was soothing and peaceful, and he had
      recently taken a liking to its introspective quiet.
      For the first time in quite a while, he had managed to
      find a source of the undisturbed peace he liked and
      time enough to work through his thoughts. It was
      always somehow pleasantly free from distraction. The
      day belonged to people like Scott Summers and the
      boundless energy of the students. The night was
      definitely more his style, matching his mood with its
      enveloping silence as he wandered the halls.

      A patrolmanly sweep of the corridors finally led him
      to the kitchen.

      His stomach growled slightly in the gloom and he
      wandered over to the cavernous refrigerator in search
      of a snack.

      Bottles and jars clanked gently on their shelves as he
      peered inside, hunting for food. Easier said than
      done, apparently, and after rearranging the lasagna
      and four different types of vegetarian cheese he
      finally found what he was looking for. Picking things
      off plates he headed off towards the gym, deciding to
      prowl the halls in that area of the mansion for a

      Munching thoughtfully on a chicken leg, he almost
      didn�t pick up the scent in the air. It was coming
      from down the passage that led to the main gym hall.
      It was a smell of fresh sweat most definitely
      belonging to Jean. Thin strings of light could be seen
      from around the closed door, shining clearly in the
      darkness of the hallway.

      "Must still be up," Logan muttered as he tossed the
      finished leg into the nearest pot plant.

      He silently opened the gym door, thinking idly that he
      should have kept the leg for Scott�s locker. Not
      moving from the shadowed quiet he watched with
      interest as Jean pounded the living daylights out of a
      forlorn-looking punching bag.

      So, she was still up and looking extremely frustrated
      about something. He could tell from her punching
      method she was annoyed. Not practical hits for
      practice or hard aimed hits to build muscle, but fast,
      frenzied blows, intended to break a sweat and
      ultimately bring total absolution from your thoughts.
      She was hoping to escape her problems by letting her
      body take over, numbing her brain with a primal,
      physical ache.

      Hard, trained muscles slid effortlessly under her tank
      top and gym pants and, not wishing to disturb her,
      Logan eased himself into a corner to watch.

      As continual blows rained down on it, he began to feel
      just a tiny hint of pity for the bag. She was giving
      it a vicious beating, grunting and puffing with
      exertion, imparting a well-aimed kick to where its
      groin would have been if it had one.

      With one last frustrated snarl, Jean paused in her
      blows. She panted gently, arms hanging loosely by her
      sides. Her chest rose and fell sharply with every
      breath as the bag swayed in small arcs.

      "You can come out of the corner now Logan."

      Her voice broke the silence, and Logan quietly stepped
      towards her.

      "Reading thoughts again Jeanie?" he asked.

      "No. It was the overwhelming smell of chicken that
      betrayed you."

      She turned around and forced a smile. "You�re the only
      one I know who can eat meat at this time at night."

      "You�re just jealous," he smiled back.

      "Actually, I am,� she frowned. �We ate supper at six
      and it�s now..." she glanced at her watch. "It�s now
      2am. That�s eight hours. Have a little sympathy for
      the starving, Logan."

      "Well, I�m always a sucker for a good cause. I could
      fetch you my chicken leg from the corridor, but it may
      be a little sandy."

      Jean scowled. "Don�t tell me you put the bone in the

      Logan shrugged innocently. "There were no trashcans
      around. Besides, it looked hungry."

      Jean rolled her eyes. �Very generous of you, though
      I�m not sure the vegetarians will totally appreciate
      your sentiment."

      He laughed. "I�ve got an apple here somewhere if you
      want it."

      He rooted through his pockets and produced the fruit
      for her. He threw it in her direction and it paused
      midway through its arc, hovering just in front of her.
      She gently plucked it from the air, smiling.

      "Show off," smirked Logan.

      She smiled at him and brought the apple to her nose,
      inhaling its sweet fragrance. She opened her mouth and
      took a hungry bite, closing her eyes and sighing with

      �Mm, s�good," she mumbled around a mouth full of

      Logan walked over to the pommel horse and pulled
      himself up next to the towel that was draped over it,
      comfortably seating himself on top.

      Jean swiftly dispatched her apple and glanced around.
      "No pot plants," she said with a sigh.

      "Nope," he laughed.

      Logan gently reached down and took the apple core. He
      eyed Scott�s locker, the corner of his mouth twitching
      up hopefully.

      "No, Logan..." she groaned.

      He laughed again and tossed it towards the trashcan on
      the far side of the gym. It landed perfectly.

      Jean picked up her towel and started to pat her face
      dry, running the towel over the top of her
      sweat-dampened hair.

      Logan looked her over.

      "Scott sleeping?" he asked.

      "Yes." The towel muffled her voice, but the
      frustration was still evident. "Fast asleep." She
      turned around and threw the towel back over the horse

      Jean scowled. Yeah, he was always sleeping... or
      working, or teaching, or saving the world. He�d just
      get home and start snoring. Sometimes she wondered if
      he even remembered to look at her any more.

      She sighed, the muscles in her shoulders and jaw were
      still tense despite the strenuous physical work and
      Logan began to understand what was wrong. No wonder
      she was hitting the bag like that.

      �Cyke a little too tired for ya, huh?� Logan raised
      his brow at her.

      �I don�t want to talk about it with you, Logan,� she

      "Hmmm.� He mulled it over silently before speaking.

      �You want to practice some with me?� he paused; too
      many innuendoes? �I�m a great sparing partner," he
      added hastily.

      Jean shot him a funny look.

      "Actually, that would be good..." she suddenly smiled
      up at him. "Maybe you can show me some of those
      infamous �Wolverine� moves?" She growled as she said
      his name, and the corner of her mouth twitched up in

      He nodded and she grabbed his hand, tugging him off
      the horse and leading him over to the mats.

      Logan stretched luxuriously, cracking his neck before
      starting to warm up. Hand to hand combat with Jean. He
      smiled to himself. This was going to be fun.

      They sparred for a while, feigning punches and dodging
      lunges as they circled one another. Finally catching
      her off guard, Jean stumbled on one of Logan�s kicks
      and he instinctively moved in to steady her, grasping
      hold of her flailing arms to prevent her fall.

      She froze as he kept his hands on her bare flesh for
      just slightly longer than necessary. His touch was hot
      against her skin as they stared at one another for a
      second, both panting slightly from the workout.

      Jean coughed and pulled away, breaking the contact.
      �Uh...� she looked flustered for a second. �Let�s...
      let�s move onto some real fighting... Maybe I can put
      some of this into practical use..."

      Logan dropped his hands and stepped back smoothly.
      "Fine by me, Red, but no mind tricks. Just one on

      "Then no claws either," she gestured at his hands.

      "Sounds good." Logan dropped into his ready stance and
      watched her do the same.

      Jean moved first, fighting hard but matched hit for
      hit, Logan blocking her punches. He seemed to immerse
      himself totally into the moves, flowing from stance to
      stance with predatorial grace.

      He waited until he saw a fine sheen of sweat building
      on her skin and a more exhausted, clumsied attack
      pattern before he swung out his left leg and knocked
      her down.

      Jean caught herself falling and rolled with it,
      leaping back into the fight. Her movements were still
      aggressive but, as exhaustion took its toll, she began
      to become sloppy.

      Logan gracefully stepped back, avoiding her blows, and
      prepared to move for the final knockdown. He was
      enjoying himself immensely now.

      As Jean began to flag, he changed his stance and took
      a breath. Jean paused, sensing the change in his
      fighting style as he hitched his brow playfully at

      �Just thought I�d send her a little warning first...�
      he smiled to himself.

      She was good, but he was the best.

      Logan began to move around her, circling slowly for
      the opportunity he needed. He was enjoying watching
      her face puzzling over his expression, but he saw his
      opening and lunged...

      He fell flat on his back with an undignified �oomph�
      as the floor mat shot out from underneath him.

      �Jeanie? No mind tricks," Logan snarled at her.

      He moved to get up and suddenly realised that he
      couldn�t. He tugged at his arm but it wouldn�t budge.

      "Hey. Come on Jeanie..." he craned his neck to see her
      staring down at him with a smirk. "Or do you prefer me
      below?" he smirked back.

      He tested the hold against his arms again, trying to
      squirm free of his invisible bonds, but he was pinned
      out, spread-eagled on the floor.

      His legs were bound too as he discovered with
      annoyance. The only thing he could seem to move was
      his head.

      He shot out his claws with a small growl. "Or are you
      scared of what I might do when I really get going?"

      He watched her from the corner of his eye to see her

      Jean crouched down at his head, peering at him
      closely. Her smirk had been replaced by a small smile.

      "Actually...� she licked her lips, whispering softly,
      �I do prefer being on top."

      Logan continued pulling at one arm as she ran her
      fingers down the back of his hand, lightly brushing
      against his claws.

      "And I�m not as scared of these as you may think."

      Jean slowly straightened, positioning herself so she
      was standing over him, one leg one either side of his

      "In fact,� she continued, her hands on her hips as she
      considered him, �I often wonder what else they could
      be used for..." Jean looked thoughtful.

      Logan paused as her words trailed past him.

      He cocked his head to one side and quirked an eyebrow
      at her. "Are you coming onto me, Jeanie?" He asked,

      He was starting to enjoy this little game. He seemed
      oblivious to the deadly serious look in Jean�s eyes.

      "Yes, you could say that."

      Jean knelt down and straddled his waist, pressing
      herself into him as he lay helpless on the floor.

      Logan�s muscles tensed, the humor fading instantly.
      The fooling around was definitely over. This he hadn�t

      "Jeanie, what about Sco.." He didn�t finish his
      question as his mouth was stopped by hers. Her hands
      roamed up his neck, clasping at his head as her silk
      tongue pushed past his lips, caressing with its touch
      as he lay too dumbfounded to resist. Her mouth grasped
      hungrily at his, small moans of pleasure escaping her
      throat as Logan�s instincts kicked in and he kissed
      her back. Hungry lips merged and Logan felt the thrum
      of her tongue against the roof of his mouth as she
      moaned against him.

      The sweet taste of the apple filled his senses, as her
      hands traveled up into his hair, her tongue dancing
      playfully across his lips and teeth. She whimpered
      desperately against the heat of his mouth as he began
      pulling futilely against his frozen limbs, feeling a
      growing need to touch her.

      Still only his head had freedom and he tilted his neck
      back in pleasure as she began to squirm on top of him.

      Their passionate kisses had left him gasping for
      breath when Jean suddenly pulled away. He swallowed
      hard, about to say something, but her lips brushed
      against his skin and silenced him, kissing his chest
      as she slowly opened his shirt.

      Shivers ran along his spine as she peeled his top
      open, button by button. Partly from the sudden
      coolness of the air against his damp skin, but mostly
      from the gentle nips trailing across his flesh.

      "Do you... know... how much... I�ve... wanted...
      this...?" she whispered breathily between gentle

      He could only emit a half-muffled moan of pleasure as
      her lips closed around his nipple, her tongue flashing
      across it before she moved on again.

      She slowly eased down his body, tasting the fine sheen
      of sweat that still coated his skin. Lips pecked and
      teased over his chest and stomach as he craned his
      neck to watch her, his shirt hanging open loosely from
      his body.

      Her head moved back up from her slow exploration of
      his belly button as she slid to look him in the eyes.

      "Do you know what I�ve been going through?� she kissed
      him roughly. �Do you know what you�ve done to me...?"

      Her voice was thick with emotion and desire, her
      flushed lips pouting slightly as she ran her hands up
      and down his pectorals, catching his sensitive nipples
      against the dry heel of her palms.

      It shot little explosions of pure want into his skull
      as his muscles tensed under her touch, squirming with
      the desire coursing through him.

      "Jeanie, I..." Logan�s protest was cut off as his
      mouth was again consumed by a fierce, hungry kiss. He
      could feel his own arousal growing and Jean seemed to
      know it too, taking sudden delight in torturing him,
      grinding her supple body into his crotch.

      �Oh God, Jeanie...� he gasped.

      Still couldn�t move....

      Logan�s body ached as he tensed and strained his
      muscles, still attempting to free himself. She was
      trying to drive him crazy, of that he was sure. One
      part of him wanted to roll her over and watch her cry
      out with ecstasy as he screwed her hard, but the
      mental restraints stuck him to the floor as her hips
      rolled in slow circles on top of his.

      She trailed her fingers down his jaw and neck to his
      shoulders and, as she leaned back, he could see the
      hem of her top had started to ride up. The material
      bunched, exposing the pale cream skin on the underside
      of her breasts. They were bare beneath her shirt,
      hard, sensitive nipples poking through the cloth, just
      an inch away from being seen.

      The anticipation made his heart beat faster. He wanted
      to reach out and touch her, push away that last inch
      of shirt and feel the firm pink buds glide under his
      fingers as he made her cry out.

      He retracted his claws as Jean�s hands slipped from
      his chest to slide along his sides.

      She paused briefly to rub under his ribs as her lips
      feathered kisses down his breastbone.

      A small groan escaped his throat and he could feel her
      smile against him, burying her face and nuzzling
      against his stomach. Her tongue flicked out to play
      against his belly button once more as her hands
      continued their descent.

      Her fingers grazed their path down his body until they
      reached his jeans. She playfully ran a finger along
      the line where skin met cloth, then slid her fingers
      up his stomach again. Her hand came to rest on the
      dark line of hair that trailed down his taut body. As
      she leaned forward to capture his lips, her hand
      slipped beneath her, following the sleek dark line as
      she slid her fingers underneath his belt.

      Logan couldn�t stop the gasp.

      Jean smiled and leaned back, rocking her hips
      seductively against him as she undid his pants.
      Sliding down agonisingly slowly, like she had done
      with his shirt, she kissed her way down his gradually
      revealed abdomen. Her own shirt rode just a little bit
      higher as she bent over him, the very edge of one rosy
      pink nipple coming into view.

      She seemed totally oblivious to her state of undress
      but Logan�s chest rose and fell harshly as she firmly
      grabbed the waistband of his pants and yanked them
      hard, pulling them down past his hips.

      Somehow he managed to gasp in some air. "Jean... not
      here... not... the kids... Jeanie... let me go... I
      can�t...� He made no sense and he knew it, but part of
      him didn�t care any more.

      �The kids are all asleep, Logan,� she whispered
      soothingly, running her hand gently up his bare thigh.

      He moaned as she slipped her fingers up the leg of his
      shorts, slowly caressing the crease of his thigh and
      sliding her hand over his hip.

      His head was tilted back and his eyes closed, his
      heart pounding in his chest almost as loudly as the
      blood pounding in his crotch.

      She speckled his stomach with kisses again, her pale
      breasts finally coming free of the tank top completely
      as she leaned forward.

      �I... want... this... Logan...� she mumbled between
      kisses, her voice insistent. �I... want... YOU...�

      He hissed as she brushed her hand over the straining
      flesh beneath the fabric of his boxers.

      Like a cat uncurling in the sunlight, she stretched
      herself out until she lay completely along his body,
      face to face, the tank top bunched up under her arms.
      She was almost whimpering with need, her hips still
      rocking in an insistent rhythm.

      Her mouth engulfed his, her tongue plunging into the
      delicious heat he offered, before sighing gently.

      �Let me up.�

      His voice was hoarse but insistent, his eyes
      penetrating as he looked at her.

      She pulled back slowly, yanking her crumpled shirt
      over her head and hurling it aside. Her sweatpants
      still clung to her hips as she slid one hand down the
      smooth pale skin of her stomach, darting just below
      the waistband.

      �C�mon, Logan.�

      She glanced down at him and bit her lip sadly at the
      intense stare he was giving her.

      �Jean...� he looked deadly serious and she felt her
      resolve begin to crumble.

      His face tensed as she gradually slid off him, moving
      hard and slow against his crotch.

      She couldn�t fight the look of sadness as she stood
      and stepped away from him, her knees a little wobbly,
      her nipples tight and flushed with arousal.

      �I... I�m sorry, Logan...� she whispered, before
      dashing to the shower block, muffling a sob.

      A second later his body was freed, and he unsteadily
      rose to his feet, resting a hand on his head as if
      trying to work out what the hell had just happened. He
      yanked his too-tight-pants back up, but the swelling
      in his groin forced him to leave them open. He
      shrugged his flapping shirt onto the floor and
      followed her.

      �Jean, what are you trying to do to me?�

      He found her in the showers, steam cascading around
      her body while the water ran in glistening rivulets
      over her skin.

      Tears of frustration were streaming down her face from
      between eyelids clamped hard shut while she buried one
      hand deep between her legs, shaking fingers pumping
      desperately into her body. The water flowed over her
      skin as her face creased into a silent hiss, grimacing
      in pleasure that seemed to almost border on pain.

      She was whimpering, thrusting wet fingers hard into
      her constricting core as she battled to sate the need
      that burned in her belly. Her free hand clawed the
      shiny tiles as she neared the edge, her slender
      fingers thrusting viciously inside.

      He stopped short, watching her battling for release,
      halted by the raw, naked hunger that consumed her.

      Eyes still closed, hiccuping with the tears of
      swallowed frustration, she twisted round. Her back was
      to him now, wet hair slithering down her spine.
      Without thinking, he shed what remained of his clothes
      and stepped in behind her, pressing his body into her
      as his hands reached round to caress her breasts.

      She gasped in shock, her eyes leaping open as he
      rolled her tender nipples between his fingers, rubbing
      the tips gently with his thumbs.

      She almost thought she would go blind with the
      pleasure, her eyes screwing shut again as she leaned
      her head back onto his shoulder, moaning, still
      desperately stroking her core.

      �How long has it been, Jeanie?� his voice rumbled low
      in her ear as he stilled the frantic motion of her

      �Too... aaih...� she suddenly cried out as he gently
      bit the crook of her neck. Gasping for breath, �Too...
      long...� she panted.

      �So you thought you�d try and borrow me for a while,

      She was writhing and breathless in his arms. �I�m...
      ungh... I�m sorry...� she whispered as he nibbled down
      the length of her neck.

      �Cyke�s not even trying no more...� he continued.

      She rolled her head limply from side to side on his
      shoulder, tears still leaking down her face as he
      gently squeezed her agonisingly tender buds.

      �Getting desperate by now,� his throaty voice caressed
      her like his mouth nibbling at her throat.

      She nodded dumbly.

      �Boy doesn�t know what he�s missing,� he purred.

      She arched her back against him, rubbing herself along
      him like a cat. He spun her round, consuming her mouth
      as he pulled them both under the steaming jets of the
      shower. Her skin was slippery under his hands, water
      cascading around them and running in clear streams
      down her body. She could feel the hardness of his
      erection against her, and she shuddered as his hands
      pulled her close into him. She needed something to
      fill her desperately, the frantic throbbing between
      her legs driving her insane.

      He pressed her back hard into the cold, tiled wall as
      she wrapped her arms around him, nibbling gently
      across his collarbone. He could tell by the way she
      was moaning that she wanted it hard and deep. She was
      desperate. No gentleness, she wanted to be fucked.

      The slippery floor didn�t offer enough leverage, so he
      pulled her out of the warm cocoon of steam and into
      the sudden chill of the locker room. Turning her so
      her back was to him once again, he led her to the
      slatted wooden bench. Still fingering her blood red
      nipples, he roughly pushed her forwards over it,
      spreading her legs.

      �You sure about this?� He rumbled, holding her down
      with a palm on the flat of her back while he gently
      stroked a finger along the length of her entrance.

      She could only mewl with need before he thrust himself
      hard into her slick, wet body.

      She cried out, muscles clenching tightly around the
      invasion of her sex as he thrust into her, his hands
      holding her completely still as he rammed himself
      remorselessly against her body. He filled her so deep
      she thought her mind would explode with the sudden
      fullness of the sensation inside.

      She tried to squirm, trying to meet his rhythm, but
      he kept her still. Whimpering with the agonising wait
      between each rock hard thrust, pleasure exploded
      through her body. Muscles clenched tightly around him
      as he moved within her, driving her hard towards the

      The force of him plunging into her shook her whole
      form with momentum as she called out his name, the
      agonising friction building the pressure inside her to
      bursting point. He seemed to be crushing into the
      sweet spot inside her body with every damn stroke as
      her hands gripped desperately onto the wooden slats.

      The muscles in her sex clenched violently around him,
      suddenly grasping him like a vice as he rammed inside
      her body. The abrupt tightness was almost blinding.

      She screamed as his body spasmed within her, muscles
      convulsing around him as she exploded. Panting hard
      and crying out with her orgasm, she felt the wet heat
      slick between her legs and the solid weight of his
      body as he gently sagged on top of her.

      They were both breathing hard and, shaking from head
      to foot, she slumped down limply as they pulled apart,
      the burning in her body finally sated.

      �I... I�m sorry for trying to use you, Logan,� she
      whispered shakily.

      He affectionately kissed down the back of her neck to
      between her shoulder blades, and she spun round to hug
      him tightly. He gently rubbed small circles on her
      back, smiling tenderly as she clung onto him.

      �You didn�t have to go to the trouble of pinning me to
      the floor, y�know Darlin�. You coulda just asked...�

      THE END

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