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Somewhat Damaged 22/? Cordelia

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    Title: Somewhat Damaged 22/hell if I know Author: me e-mail: swapfoetus@aol.com summery: it s pretty twisted but hey what in life ins t? rating: NC-17
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2001
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      Title: Somewhat Damaged 22/hell if I know
      Author: me
      e-mail: swapfoetus@...
      summery: it's pretty twisted but hey what in life ins't?
      rating: NC-17 violence,self mutilation, general bad stuff
      Author's note: Jesus it's been a hell of a long time since my last pot of
      this story, really sorry about that, but I just moved to another state, and
      transfurred colleges and hve been enjoying being within biking distance of my
      best friend again, so my real excuse is I've been to busy playing Mario Bros.
      on Nintendo to pay attention to important things, like write stories take out
      trash, pay bills....uh....sorry? That and I'm obsessed with Witchblade...

      "Are you sure that you heard it all correctly?" Scott Summers stared at Jean
      with what would be incredilious eyes behind his visor. Jean Grey nodded

      "I think that Darkholme's Rogue's mother, that maybe that's why she's been
      isolating herself from us." Jean persisted, clawing at carmine tresses that
      whipped at her face in the wind of the school's courtyard. The gust carrying
      with it the amonia residue from last night's dye job. Scott refused the
      impulse to winkle his nose at the odor. Jean's accusations and the elan she
      explained them with stroked a flame of malaise in Scott.

      "Yeah, but the Prof and Darkholme? Not likely."

      "Not likely, yes, but not entirely inpossible, think about it Scott, they've
      known each other a long time, how are we to know if we can trust that?"

      "You're basing all of this on a conversation you were evaesdropping on, maybe
      you heard her wrong" Scott was trying to reason, he liked Rogue and the idea
      she could be involved in something that could hurt her like that was worrying
      to say the least, she was a good kid with a shit deal in life, but Scott felt
      he was slowly making her come around, at least with him, they'd even gone to
      a punk show at The Chili Pepper, a small club in Bayville that often featured
      local bands, they'd had fun, she even smiled a couple of times, so if what
      Jean was suggesting is true than that could only mean more hurt. Scott for
      one didn't fancy Rogue going through any of that again. Scott Summers took
      care of his friends.

      Jean's conspiracy theroies drove deeper as what had once been speculation
      over something turned into outright slander of the offten saturine girl.

      "And think about it Scott, she's always lurking around like she has something
      to hide, and I bet she's some kind of drug addict, and I've heard rumers that
      she sleeps around, and-" Sscott cut her off with a warning hand.

      "Jean, will you listen to yourself? The girl tucks tail and runs if someone
      tries to hug her, I highly doubt she would sleep around, and how could she
      with a mutation like that? And to top it off that stupid rumer was started by
      Geoffery Richer the whose nose she broke her first day here because he
      slapped her ass. You're becoming wosre than a tabliod hound." Jean's utterly
      infallible persona crumpled at Scott's discredit. At first Jean had really
      wanted to try and be friends with Rogue, but the girl was completely
      nonresponcive to her attempts. Eventually Jean had degraded her to bitch
      statis, and deemed unlikeable.

      "Yeah, but, but, what if Darkholme is Rogue's mother?"

      "And what if the Prof is her father? That's a poor basis for argument Jean,
      and you know it. Look, class is going to start soon I'll see you later." With
      that Scott turned towards the Sussex Building and into AP Literature, only to
      be confronted by Rogue's empty desk next to his.

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