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The Envious Moon, 1/1

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  • Serena Michaels
    The Envious Moon Author: Sineya Disclaimer: Not mine. Quote belongs to Will Shakespeare. Rating: PG, angst, Rogue POV, S/J Summary: ....arise fair sun and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2001
      The Envious Moon

      Author: Sineya

      Disclaimer: Not mine. Quote belongs to Will Shakespeare.

      Rating: PG, angst, Rogue POV, S/J

      Summary: "....arise fair sun and kill the envious moon, Who is already sick and pale with grief That thou her maid art far more fair than she...."

      Author's notes: I've always hated this quote, because the Moon has always been more beautiful in my experience. But I wanted to write a certain type of story, and it fits, so........anyway, this is just a short piece of angst.


      She stared up at the stars.

      They twinkled and purred across a vast expanse of black. She tried to see the Moon, but it hid under a blanket of clouds. Alone and wrapped in solitude, and she could almost make out the gleam behind grey feather.

      She watched as Planes flew across the blanket of darkness, and she wondered what it would be like to fly. High, soaring across the immense space of stars and clouds and the Moon. She wondered if they felt free, or if the shadows were ample cover for their faults and their dreams.

      She lay across the soft, cool grass. She wondered if she was the only one who noticed how far away the sky was. How distant and disturbing the cover of winking, gleaming dots were. She wondered if anyone could reach them. If they would burn.

      Were they untouchable? Were they cursed with the same disease that hollowed out her body and filled her mind? Were they dying slowly, alone, incapable of feeling the soft brush of another on their bare surface?

      She stared up at the stars and she wondered.


      She watched the Sun.

      Her head lay across folded arms. Her knees were bent, and she hugged herself tightly as she watched the Sun slowly make it's way over the horizon. '

      It was so bright, glowing and welcoming the new morning.

      She could almost hear the soft sigh as the moon drifted away, even it's cover of cloud gone. Stolen by the shining brilliance of the Sun.

      Shades of red roamed across the Earth. Over her face and hair, casting the trees in an echo of sunlight.

      She stared at the Sun carefully, her eyes hidden behind strands of soft, white hair.

      She thought about the sky, and wondered why it turned blue only when the Sun appeared. Why it seemed to cling to bright white clouds, and hot rays of amber. Was the Sun it's lover? Did they cling to each other when the pale moon rose each night?

      Did the sky turn black because it couldn't bear to let the Moon thrive in it's vivid essence?

      She wondered why the stars refused to shine for the Sun.

      Maybe they were scared. Maybe they were frightened that the Sun would outshine them with it's brilliant blaze. Maybe they were fearful of losing their place to the beautiful Sun, and only clung to the Moon because she was never as bright.

      Maybe they were terrified that they'd lose their place if they dared to compete against the Sun.

      She stared up at the beautiful Sun, and she sighed.


      She walked down the Hall, her face hidden behind soft velvet. Silk-gloved hands gripped tightly as she hugged her books close. Eyes downcast as she trudged along to her next class.

      She heard familiar laughter, and quickened her step.


      Her feet came to a slow standstill, and she turned, eyes taking in the sight before her briefly.

      Gleaming red hair, luminescent, flowed down a perfectly curved back. A wide, glowing smile revealed pearly, white teeth. Her feminine hand clasped loosely in a tight, masculine grip.

      Jean Grey's eyes darkened slightly in concern at young woman before her. "Rogue, is anything the matter?" She stepped forward, placing a comforting hand on black silk.

      Rogue painted a small smile across her face, and pulled away, shaking her head slightly. "Ahm fine, Jean." She glanced over at Scott, his gaze imperceptible, and her smile grew.

      Jean's frowned turned. "Okay, I just wanted to tell you class was canceled. We tried to find you this morning, but Kitty said you were out."

      Rogue nodded.

      "Oh, okay...." Jean smiled, and looked down at her watch. "I'm sorry, Rogue, but we have an important meeting soon." She reached for Rogue's arm again, and frowned again when the girl stepped back. "So, we'll see you at dinner?"

      Rogue nodded, still silent.

      They smiled at her and turned.

      She stared as they left, her eyes lingering on thick brown hair.

      Wondering if Scott's eyes were bright blue.


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