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Fic: Party Songs II (Or A Club Experience)

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  • Kylie Leadbitter
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ TITLE: Party Songs II (Or A Club Experience) AUTHOR: Kylie EMAIL: kleadbitter@optusnet.com.au
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      TITLE: Party Songs II (Or A Club Experience)
      AUTHOR: Kylie
      EMAIL: kleadbitter@...
      SUMMARY: Clubbing with Jubilee... of course things go haywire!
      RATING: G - PG
      FEEDBACK: Is craved like chocolate.
      DISTRIBUTION: The Data Annex Archive, The X-Men: The Movie Fan Fiction Central.
      Anyone else, ask and ye shall receive.
      DISCLAIMER: I don't own 'em people. Well actually I own Katya who is the
      narrator in this; everyone else belongs to Marvel and 20th Century Fox. I'm not
      making any money from this, if I were, do you think I'd still be dragging my
      'not morning person' butt out of bed at an ungodly hour of the morning to go to
      school? No, didn't think so.
      Author's Notes: This story hasn't been beta'd, so any mistakes are my own. This
      is the sequel to Party Songs (Or A Westchester Mall Experience) which can be
      found at www.geocities.com/dataannex/xmen/partysongs.html. Oh and and my Bobby
      and St John have been heavily influenced by Jenn and her Love and Lust at Mutant


      Have you ever had one of those days when you just *know* that you shouldn't have
      gotten out of bed?

      I have. More than my fair share of them, if I do say so myself.

      Today was one of those days.

      I'm beginning to think that Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters should be
      renamed to Xavier's School for the Gifted Insane. Especially if they want to
      use Jubilation Lee as a poster child.

      I've been here at 'Mutant High' for three months now. To the day.

      It was three months, four days, seven hours and twenty-four... no twenty-six
      minutes ago that my mutation manifested itself. I turned bright, fire engine
      red, and flame began shooting out of my fingers. Needless to say this isn't a
      mutancy that you can hide. My parents discovered it three months, four days,
      seven hours and eighteen minutes ago, and promptly declared me the devil's

      Perhaps I should explain that my family is extremely strict Catholic. I think I
      overheard Mr. Summers once describe it as almost puritanical and stuck in the
      Dark Ages. I'm closer to agreeing with that assessment now, than I was when I
      first arrived.

      What can I say? Three months exposure to the exuberant 'Group' would change
      anyone's outlook.

      It's strange. My real family disowned me because of a sudden change in body
      chemistry, but I owe my new family to the same change. Oh, I'm not saying that
      one is better than the other. They're polar opposites of each other. Too
      different to be able to compare. But both good in their own ways.

      After four days of hiding in Old Man McClusky's barn, I was found by a Goddess.
      Literally. Ms Monroe found me -- cold, tired, dirty and scared of what was
      happening to me -- and offered me a place to stay. A place where no one would
      call me 'Demon-spawn'. Where I could get warm, clean, and a bed, not
      necessarily in that order.

      The other information came later.

      After having been given the tour and the explanation of exactly what Xavier's
      School for Gifted Youngsters was, I met the 'Group'.

      The group is older than me by a good three years or more. In fact some of them
      have actually been out on missions with the X-Men.

      At first the whole thing was unbelievably overwhelming. I mean imagine for a
      moment that you're a scared seventeen year old, with a strict Catholic
      upbringing, and in the last week you've turned bright red, become a human
      cigarette lighter, and now you're meeting a school full of mutants.

      It took quite a bit of self-control -- and the memory of my parents -- not to
      call them freaks, or demon spawn.

      I know, I know. I'm not in any position to talk. What can I say? You can't
      just lose seventeen years of 'programming' just because you're life goes into
      the toilet.

      Now where was I? Oh yes... The Group.

      Jubilation Lee, Kathryn Pryde, Rogue, St John Alderyce, and Robert Drake.

      The nicest bunch of nutters I've ever met.

      I like to think that it's progress that I can call them that now. Three months
      ago I was almost too scared to even call them by their names.

      I'm not entirely sure if the Professor, or one of the other teachers had asked
      the Group to look out for me, but what ever the reason, they took me under their

      At first they were politely nice. Which was fine by me. They showed me around,
      pointing out things from a students point of view (essential information like,
      when the best time is to make raids on the refrigerator, the best places to hide
      junk food stashes, the top 10 things to annoy Mr. Summers, Remy LeBeau who I
      ended up elbowing in the gut when he got a little bit too close and I had 'big
      brothers beating me up' flashbacks, and the top 10 signs that Wolverine should
      be avoided at all costs - which I pretty much expanded on to mean any time,
      ever). Jubilee invited me to the party that they were having that weekend,
      which I declined but still ended up listening to, hidden in my room with a book.
      I should point out that 'The Top 500 Party Songs Of All Time' is a really fun
      way to be introduced to the 80's.

      Then they dragged me out shopping. Personally I think that I was an excuse the
      Professor used to get them out of the house for awhile, so that he didn't have
      to listen to 'The Top 500 Party Songs Of All Time' ad nauseum.

      It should be pointed out that shopping with Jubilee isn't an experience I'd like
      to repeat. And if we're talking about the Westchester Mall, isn't one that
      *will* be repeated, because we're all banned from even stepping foot inside the
      door. And unlike Kitty who can get away with sneaking back in, Security tend to
      notice bright red people.

      Anyway, after that shopping trip, things changed. Jubilee somehow decided that
      I needed to be brought into the 21st Century, and that she was the person to do

      Which would have been fine, except for Jubilee's slight tendency to go a little
      overboard. Don't take this the wrong way, but the lady is a complete and utter
      nutter. I love the woman like a sister, she's a lot smarter than most people
      give her credit for, and she's an incredibly loyal person, but the woman is

      You see, my terrifically lousy day started at breakfast.

      I knew something was up. The Group were seated together like usual, but this
      morning had more of a 'huddle' look to them. And they were suprisingly quiet.
      At least, they weren't talking normally. No, they were whispering.

      Note to Jubilee, if she's reading this; Whispering is a dead give away that
      something is going on.

      After the afternoon classes were over, she cornered me in my room, and gave me
      30 minutes to get ready. Seems that, somehow she had managed to convinced the
      Professor to let her and the rest of 'The Group' go out on the town. Don't ask
      me how, but she also managed to convince him to let her take the BMW.

      Jubes could sell ice to Eskimo's, I swear.

      Anyway, apparently my 'Three Month Anniversary' of being at Xavier's was the
      excuse that she gave for the night on the town. I have to wonder if Rogue or
      Kitty ever pointed out to Jubes that the Prof. is a telepath, and probably knew
      full well that Jubilee was just looking for an excuse to go clubbing.


      Someone had a really strange sense of humor when they named the club, because
      despite catering to mutants and normals alike, they'd never had any trouble with
      anti-mutant groups. And boy what a coup attacking Gossip would be for groups
      like the Friends Of Humanity.

      Actually the clubbing thing wasn't quite as bad as I'd feared it would be -- ear
      blasting techno music and bad lighting aside. For the most part I played the
      part of wallflower, quite content to watch the room, occasionally getting
      dragged onto the floor by Bobby, John or a frustrated Jubes (You're *supposed*
      to be having fun, girl!).

      It was from my vantage point of people watcher that I saw the trouble brewing.

      Gossip may be a mutant friendly club, but apparently a few of their patrons are

      It wasn't as if Bobby and Johnny were being obvious about it -- from what I can
      gather they've never been into overt public displays of affection, much
      preferring to keep things low key -- but something must have tipped these guys

      The insults began flying.

      Bobby and John just ignored them, Rogue glared at them and grabbed Bobby's hand,
      dragging him into a dance, while Kitty did the same with John.

      Anyone with half a brain would have given up. But not these guys.

      Things began escalating, until one of the idiots threw a punch, and knocked
      Rogue down. Talk about lousy aim.

      As Jubilee and Kitty helped Rogue off the floor, and Bobby and John started to
      argue with the two idiots, I began to panic. This was not good.

      I pushed my way through the crowd to Kitty, Jubes and Rogue, just as Bobby lost
      his temper and decked the taller of the two idiots.

      Long story short, I'm now sitting in jail with the rest of my friends, waiting
      to get bailed out. We were banned from 'Gossip' as the police pushed us into
      the divisional van.

      "I don't know why they're locking us up for." Jubilee vented as she paced the
      floor. "We didn't do anything."

      Rogue, Kitty, Bobby, St John and I just glared at her.

      "Ok, so we didn't start it." she clarified. "And it's not like we used our
      powers or anything!"

      A Police Officer cut off whatever it was that Rogue had been about to say. "Ok,
      kids. You're ride is here."

      "Finally!" Jubilee whooped, and made a beeline for the cell door, as the officer
      opened it. She came to a sudden stop just inside the door to the squad room.

      Of course no one was prepared for the sudden change in Jubilee's motion. "Umph!
      Jubes, why did you sto... Crap." Bobby groaned as he caught a look at who was
      there to pick them up.


      Damn. There goes my 'avoid at all costs' mandate.

      Jubilee suddenly smiled and waved. "Hiya Wolvie!"

      Have I mentioned that this woman is insane?

      The End
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