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Reverse Osmosis [1/1] (R)

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  • Astyala
    Title: Reverse Osmosis Author: Astyala (astyala@yahoo.com) Rated: R - sexual situations Summary: Marie has a dream or maybe a nightmare about Logan. Sequel to
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      Title: Reverse Osmosis
      Author: Astyala (astyala@...)
      Rated: R - sexual situations
      Summary: Marie has a dream or maybe a nightmare about Logan. Sequel
      to Osmosis, but it will make sense even if you haven't read it.

      Disclaimer: I don't own jack or shit. Marvel, X-Men and characters
      therein don't belong to this poor little white girl. They
      were borrowed for my amusement<br> and I get nothing for it.


      She had given up hope of falling asleep about two hours ago and decided
      to make use of the wee hours. That is how Marie came to be laying
      sprawled out on the couch in the library, reading a mystery novel in
      her pajamas. The pathologist was trying to decipher the cause of
      death for another poor victim of a serial killer and Marie had all of
      her attention focused on helping the doctor solve the crime. Absorbed
      in the book, Marie didn't hear the front door open and close or the
      footsteps coming down the hall.

      "Hey, Marie."

      The unexpected voice jolted Marie out of her amateur detective work.
      She gasped and dropped the book, nearly leaping off the couch in her

      Logan leaned on the door frame and chuckled at Marie's response to
      being caught unaware. "Guess, I shoulda called first," he said

      "Did ya drive all the way from Canada to give me a heart attack?" Marie
      demanded indignantly, pressing a hand over her pounding heart and
      snatching her dropped book off the floor with the other.

      "No, I came back to give you this," Logan answered seriously as he
      crossed the room to her. Sitting down on the couch next to Marie,
      Logan leaned over and kissed her deeply.

      Her fright forgotten, Marie moved closer to Logan and automatically
      put her arms around his neck. Running her fingers through his hair,
      Marie let the book fall from her hand and land in a heap on the floor
      again. She moaned when Logan pulled back, breaking their short, but
      intense kiss.

      "Let's go upstairs," he whispered against her lips.

      In the hallway, Marie gave Logan a show by swinging her hips as they
      walked to his room, but she exaggerated the sway a little too far and
      stumbled into the wall. Smacking her palm against her forehead, Marie
      rolled her eyes and silently admonished herself for being a klutz.

      Logan cleared his throat to cover a snicker at Marie's graceless
      saunter. She stopped in front of his door and leaned back against it,
      looking up at him through her eyelashes. Smiling at her coy attitude,
      Logan stepped in close enough for his chest to brush against her
      breasts and kissed her on the forehead. Logan was pulling away when
      Marie's lips lured him in and he leaned in again to sweep his tongue
      over them.

      Marie held him back with one hand and brought the other hand up behind
      her to turn the knob, opening the door. She smiled seductively and
      took Logan by the hand, walking backwards toward the bed with him in
      tow. Showing Logan how much she had grown up while he was away would
      be a lot of fun, Marie thought just before she tripped over her own
      feet and landed flat on her back with a thud.

      "Marie! Are you okay?" Logan asked, concerned about her lack of

      Laying on the floor in shock, she blinked at the ceiling before
      snapping out of it enough to blush a lovely shade of pink. Marie
      bounded to her feet, smiling at Logan and trying to pretend nothing
      had happened. "I'm fine!" she squeaked.

      Logan leaned towards her and sniffed the air suspiciously. "Have you
      been drinking?"

      "No, why?" was her confused query.

      Raising an eyebrow, Logan eyed her cautiously, searching for the source
      of Marie's clumsiness. While Logan was considering her, Marie seized
      the edges of his jacket and roughly pulled him down for another kiss.
      The unexpected move caused Logan to stumble into her and their teeth
      clashed together painfully, but he managed to steady them both and keep
      them from tumbling to the floor.

      The pink blush already tinting her cheeks turned bright red and Marie
      buried her face in Logan's chest to hide her humiliation. Hoping the
      bed would save her from anymore mishaps, Marie mumbled into his shirt,
      "Let's lay down."

      He nodded his agreement and swept her up into his arms. Laying her
      down on top of his bed, Logan stretched out on his side next to Marie
      and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. Running a fingertip under the
      edge of Marie's shirt, he looked into her eyes and quietly asked, "Can
      I take this off?"

      Marie smiled and nodded enthusiastically. Glad to let Logan take
      over, she lay back and watched as he pushed her shirt up. His hands
      skimmed over her ribs and brushed the sides of her bare breasts, then
      the shirt was dropped out of sight onto the floor.

      Logan softly kneaded Marie's hips with his fingers and nuzzled the
      newly bared skin of her stomach, making Marie wiggle underneath him
      as his sideburns tickled. Planting a few kisses on her stomach, Logan
      worked his way up to Marie's breasts and took his time to throughly
      suck each nipple into a hard point. Then, he moved to her neck and
      blazed a trail with his mouth up to her ear while his hands continued
      to knead the curve of her hips.

      Sighing impatiently, she drummed her fingers on the comforter. "Hurry
      up already, Logan!" Marie demanded, wondering where the wild Wolverine
      was when she needed him.

      Logan responded to Marie's demand by sliding her pajama bottoms down,
      kissing the pale skin of her stomach as he followed the material. The
      sight that greeted him was nothing like he had ever imagined.

      Marie looked down to see Logan frozen with a look of horror on his
      face. Throwing her head back into the pillow, she groaned at the cold
      cruelty of a universe that would allow her to run out of clean
      underwear, forcing her to wear granny panties on the night Logan came
      home. The wretched things were white cotton, baggy and reached all
      the way up to her rib cage. Marie was allowed to think for just a
      second that the night couldn't possibly get any worse, but the door
      flew open and proved her wrong.

      Standing in the doorway, Jubilee boisterously declared, "Hey, Wolvie's
      home. Your finally gonna get laid!"

      Kitty peeked around her and put in her two cents, "Awww, aren't they

      Scott and Jean joined them in the doorway, getting a good view of
      a half naked Rogue with Logan laying on top of her. "You're an
      irresponsible neanderthal!" Scott informed Logan loudly, but muttered
      to himself, "Good, now he'll stop flirting with Jean." Jean burst
      into tears and sobbed, "Logan, you said you loved me!" Scott's head
      whipped around to glare at her and Jean sniffled, trying to change her
      tune a little too late. "Uhm, I mean... she's too young! How could
      you?" she scolded weakly, shaking a finger at him.

      "What is everyone doing?" Ororo asked, pushing her way through to get
      a look. Peering over Jubilee's shoulder, Ororo smiled serenely and
      said, "Oh, Logan is home," before walking away to attend her own

      The growing crowd in the doorway parted as Professor Xavier's
      wheelchair moved into the room. He greeted Logan warmly with a smile.
      "How was your trip? I'd love to hear about it. Did you take any
      pictures?" Xavier asked eagerly as if Logan had gone to Disneyland.


      Marie woke up with a groan and heaved a sigh into her pillow. The
      dreams had been torturing her for months and she really could have
      done without waking up everyday to find her body ready and willing.
      A mixture of touchable skin and Logan was one good thing about them,
      but her subconscious insisted on embarrassing her. And a fat lot of
      good it did to be touchable when something always prevented them from
      actually having sex.

      Marie threw the covers back with sigh. Getting out of bed, she looked
      over at her peacefully sleeping roommates. They would be out cold for
      awhile and that meant she would have plenty of quality time with the
      shower massage to ease away her frustration. Walking into bathroom,
      Marie turned on the water and undressed while she waited for it to
      heat up.

      At the top of her to do list for today was breakfast and a meeting
      with Professor Xavier. Yawning and rubbing her eyes, Marie thought
      over her plans for the rest of the day. She had managed to get roped
      into helping Scott with the younger kids for a few hours and then her
      science lab needed to be completed for graduation. It wouldn't be
      much fun, but it would keep her busy, leaving her with no time to
      think about Logan. Thoughts of the dream would fade away, taking
      Logan with it. Marie fingered the tags resting between her breasts
      and knew Logan would keep his promise to come home, but until then
      dreams were the only way they could be together. Maybe the damned
      things weren't so bad after all.

      The End
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