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Fic: Red-Eyed Love 1/1 NC-17

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  • Julianna Hawk
    Title: Red-Eyed Love Author: Faline (juliannahawk@Hotmail.com) Rating: NC-17 *graphic sex* Summery: Scott and Remy get drunk and have a good time, while being
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      Title: Red-Eyed Love
      Author: Faline (juliannahawk@...)
      Rating: NC-17 *graphic sex*
      Summery: Scott and Remy get drunk and have a good time, while being watched
      dedication: To Reesy, Fang, Vhannia, all for reading this and telling me how
      good it is. You guys are the best babes ever.
      Pairing: Scott/Remy for now, will end up being Scott/Remy/Logan.
      Feedback: Please! Not sure of how well I do m/m sex.

      Julianna crept to her window. In the moonlight she could see two figures
      approaching the boathouse. She briefly toyed with the idea of waking up her
      grandfather, but picked up on their scents as they got closer. They were
      both drunk out of their minds. She could handle them without her powers or
      her magic. She watched them and smirked, they were very handsome. One had
      brown slightly wavy hair. It fell down sexily mussed, giving him a just
      fucked look. Across his eyes was a metal visor, it dimly glowed red in the
      night�s darkness. The other had longer auburn hair. It spilled down like
      sweet red wine, cascading in gentle waves. His eyes glowed like rubies set
      in black flames. He had on black jeans, tight black jeans; Julianna mused as
      she noticed the rather prominent bulge in the front of them. She felt the
      wind shift at her gentle magical commands and heard more clearly they're
      drunken mutterings. She barely kept herself from laughing as she realized
      what they were arguing about, but more importantly, WHO they were. Scott
      "Cyclops" Summers, and Remy "Gambit" LeBeau.

      "It's, on the g-good ship V-Venus by ch-christ." Scott sang, alcohol
      slurring his words.
      "And 'e could tell by 'er squeals."
      "Don't skip, ahead." Scott muttered, and swatted at Remy. He missed and spun
      around in crazy circles till he regained his balance. �Bloody Cajun,� Scott
      muttered. His shirt caught on a branch. �Fucking shirt.� He undid the
      buttons and threw the shirt on the ground. Remy wolf whistled loudly. Scott
      grinned and fumbled with the clasp on his belt, before getting it off. He
      threw it near his shirt. Remy, not to be out-done slid off his tan trench
      coat and laid it on the ground. He deftly undid the buttons of his blood-red
      silk over-shirt. With one fluid motion he removed his black T-shirt and
      threw both onto his jacket.

      Julianna tightened her grip on the windowsill, trying to keep her mouth from
      hanging open at the sight of two half-naked men drunkenly stripping
      practically in front of her. �When Granada said this place was crazy
      sometimes, I never thought he meant this. I sure as hell would have been
      here sooner.� Next to her, Sunfeather ruffled his feathers and set to
      preening them. A red-tailed hawk, he stood at just under two feet tall. His
      snowy white breast led down to a stomach with brown spots on it. His wings
      were brown as well; his tail feathers were a reddish color like dried blood
      on the underside of them. Julianna reached over and stroked his head. A
      stray beam of moonlight illuminated her cinnamon skin and scarlet red-nails,
      close to three inches long. Stretching behind her, her tail rested lightly
      on the floor save for the tiniest flicker of motion in the furred tip.
      Twisting her wolf-like ears foreword to hear better her two sets of gold
      hoops flashed briefly. Her shortly cropped dark hair fell just to her chin,
      and her green pupil-less eyes shone in enjoyment.

      Scott watched as Remy started undoing the buttons on his tight black leather
      pants. �Enjoyin� da show mon ami?� Scott just nodded, his eyes riveted to
      the Cajun�s toned abdomen and chiseled pectorals. �Da real t�ing still ta
      come.� Remy promised, as he started sliding the pants off, revealing black
      silk boxers.

      �Oh please let there be more,� Julianna fervently whispered.
      <You shouldn�t be watching them.> Sunfeather chirped to her.
      {Oh, hush your mouth bird, I can if I damn well please, �sides, they should
      know better that to get drunk on the school grounds. I�m just watching them
      to make sure they don�t hurt themselves.}
      <Sure you are.>
      {Just go back to sleep.} Julianna shooed him off the window, back to his
      perch by her bed across the room. He sulkily glided over and turned his back
      to her, tucking his head under his wing.

      Scott�s eyes wandered lower to stare at the prominent bulge in the front of
      Remy�s boxers, than started to turn red as he realized Remy was staring at
      him. Remy stalked foreword, grabbing Scott�s jeans through the belt-loops.
      Pulling Scott up against him he deftly undid the button and slid the zipper
      down. He smirked as he realized the commander of the X-men went commando.
      Scott groaned as Remy�s hand encircled his aching shaft. He began bucking
      his hips into the slightly taller man�s hand, urging him on. Remy began to
      slide his hand slowly, making Scott squirm. Scott brushed his hands over
      Remy's ass. "Mmm Cajun."
      "Mon dieu, Un-Oeil," Remy lowered his head and ran the tip of his tongue
      over Scott's full lower lip. Scott�s lips parted and he slid his tongue out
      to duel with Remy�s. They kissed harshly, Remy increasing the tempo until
      Scott was moaning and sweat had beaded up along his brow. He gave a short
      cry and collapsed onto Remy. They staggered back until they were leaning on
      a tree.

      Scott slid Remy�s boxers down, and Remy�s thick cock came into view. Scott
      knelt down and licked at the weeping head, sucking on the precum. Remy wound
      his hand into Scott�s hair and held on tight. Scott began to lick the head,
      and than took it into his mouth. He slowly took more and more in, until most
      of it was in his mouth. He began bobbing his mouth on it, as Remy arched his
      hips into his mouth, faster and faster. Finally he cried out as he came in
      Scott�s hot mouth. Scott eagerly lapping at the white liquid around his
      mouth, trying to immerse himself in the wonderful flavor of it that was
      uniquely Remy LeBeau. Remy pulled him up and kissed him harshly, teeth
      nipping at the full bottom lip. Scott groaned loudly.

      Julianna realized she had broken the windowsill and pulled her hand back.
      She felt the blood dripping down her hand and healed it up with a thought.
      Silently thanking Danu, the goddess of all life, for her enhanced senses
      that let her see all this, as though she were sitting right next to them.
      She smirked, damn, but she had enough with this one night to blackmail those
      two forever. Turning to look at the sky she noticed it was beginning to
      lighten, enough to tell her dawn wasn�t too far off. Turning back to the
      guys, her jaw dropped open with a bang.

      Scott was currently leaning against the tree, and Remy was on his knees now.
      Pulling Scott�s jeans down and lapping at Scott�s cock. If Remy had been
      thick, Scott was long. �Merde!� Julianna whispered in surprise. Remy began
      giving a series of kitten-like licks to the sensitive underside of Scott�s
      cock, making him groan and arch his hips upwards.
      �Patience mon amour.� Remy chided.
      �I swear Remy, if you don�t,� Scott started, than threw back his head and
      gave a long, low moan as Remy took him deep into his mouth. �Oh god!� He
      began pumping his hips in a fast rhythm, fucking Remy�s face hard. Remy
      reached around and let his hand caress Scott�s ass, making him flinch. Remy
      pulled his hand back, realizing his lover wasn�t as experienced as he
      seemed. He continued to suck hard, and felt Scott�s balls tighten beneath
      his hands. Drawing air in deep he felt Scott explode into his mouth. It was
      bitterly sweet, and Remy enjoyed licking Scott clean.

      Julianna watched as Scott and Remy picked up their discarded clothing and
      put it on, stopping to take kisses and love bites, both soft and hard from
      each other. She gulped as she realized that in order to get back to the
      school they had to pass the small boathouse she was staying in. Her
      motorcycle was outside, and if they hadn't already spotted it they would any
      second. She quickly chanted a glamour spell and hid the motorcycle from
      view. Heading to another window she saw them walk right past it, without
      even noticing it. They made their way up to the school, clothing hastily
      done up.

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