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FIC: Cucumber Therapy (1/1)

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    Title:Cucumber Therapy Summary: Kitty ponders some things. Rating: G Feedback: Um, no thanks I m getting tired of hearing from you all? YES, feedback is good!
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19 4:03 PM
      Title:Cucumber Therapy
      Summary: Kitty ponders some things.
      Rating: G
      Feedback: Um, no thanks I'm getting tired of hearing from you all? YES,
      feedback is
      Authors notes: One, this hasn't been BETAed. It was a random thing I just did
      and my
      BETA's busy finishing Crying in the Dark and another little thing. Two, I
      love Bath and
      Body Works and until today I to wondered about the concept of Cucumber Melon
      fragrance. Four, these are Kitty's thoughts, *not* mine, and no she's not
      schitzophrenic. Don't you have mental conversations with yourself? Five, this
      is based
      on experience I had today working at my mom's preschool (just in case you're
      wondering how the heck I came up with this one). Six, oh yeah, the whole
      thing is from a series of books I'm into. Or, at least I was 'til she ended
      the series on
      me (grr!)

      It's amazing the things cucumbers can do for you.
      No, I'm not talking a fun day at the spa with the girls, though that would
      make a cute
      'fic. And, no, there is no sexual innuendo about cucumbers. I simply like
      at least peeling them.
      I, Kitty Pryde that is, wasn't exactly thrilled when I got kitchen duty.
      It was stupid to phase out of math class, and I deserved it, but I still
      wasn't happy. I
      was even more annoyed when Jean told me to peel the cucumbers. I was hoping
      for at
      least cooking something.
      But now I'm just sitting here, peeling cucumbers. It's odd, how some
      mindless work
      can drive you nuts and other things, like peeling cucumbers, can be so
      It's funny; I never noticed how good cucumbers smell. I made fun of Bath
      and Body
      Works' Cucumber Melon scent even.
      Cucumbers don't smell green, maybe cream colored, or a light lavender.
      I seem to recall some boys I used to know having a conversation about what
      cheese smelled. They decided it smelled green. I personally think there are
      too many types of cheese to narrow it down to just one, but I digress.
      No. Wait. I don't digress, 'cause thoughts don't really follow a track.
      They just sort
      of come and go, in bubbles.
      If anyone could read my thoughts, I mean really read them like on a page,
      probably think I'm psychotic. I'm not, at least I don't- whoa!
      Don't cut so deep. The goal is to eat them. Darn, I'm done with that one. Now
      just have to cut it in slices.
      Hmm...cucumber slices kinda look like really creepy mouths full of teeth.
      When I was little we read this book at school that mentioned cucumber and
      butter sandwiches. I ate them for a long time. I should again, I hope we have
      left over
      cucumber. They tasted really good, for as strange as they sound. Mostly like
      butter except with a cool crunchy part underneath.
      Too bad it's getting close to dinnertime now.
      So...oh good, new cucumber. Chop of the ends and start at the skinner
      Cucumbers really aren't as cylindrical as every one thinks of them as being.
      cucumber stereotype.
      Yeah, Kitty, right, you're now worried about generalizing the cucumber
      Hey, I could be worrying about less pleasant things.
      True. Ahh, peeling cucumbers is good for my mental health.
      Hmm. Cucumber therapy. Wonder if anyone's ever thought of that?
      They use 'em in spas and stuff. I think they reduce swelling over the
      Ookay. I got a recipe for cucumber leg scrub in my YM a while back.
      Yeah, but Jean might mind if you use dinner to refresh the look of your
      Hee, hee. I didn't realize I was so funny. Yeah, Jean might mind.
      Cucumbers really do smell good. Maybe I should invest in a Bath and Body
      Jubilee would love that.
      Yeah, but she wouldn't have to pay for them. Bath and Body Works is a
      little on the
      expensive side.
      I almost said, thought, whatever, Bobby instead of Body.
      Bath and Bobby Works? Hmm...
      I like cucumbers. We should have them more often.

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