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FIC: An AU!Fic (NC-17)[L/R] Part 11/11 - Coda

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  • Elisabeth A Shanley
    XXX Mansion 11/11 - Coda See part 0 for disclaimers, etc ~x~X~x~ Two Months Later She was a looker, that one. Even in the spring weight coat, the hood
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2001
      XXX Mansion 11/11 - Coda
      See part 0 for disclaimers, etc


      Two Months Later

      She was a looker, that one. Even in the spring weight coat, the hood
      covering her hair, wisps of brown and white poking out here and there, he
      could tell.

      But Craig, the night clerk at Westchesty Adult Video, didn't look long, the
      guy she was with looked like he could break Craig into pieces without
      breaking a sweat. He was a bad ass for sure, the facial hair making him
      look like a wild man, the long black leather coat that bulged almost
      obscenely at the muscles in his shoulders. They went up and down the
      aisles, then stopped at the "New Releases" shelf, and Craig could see them
      laughing at the titles.

      He was used to it, couples without a sex life who used porn to spice up
      their lives, pretending to be the stars. Craig liked to create background
      stories for them…

      She was a teacher, who had fallen for this guy at a boxing match a few
      years ago. He looked the type to enjoy a good bloodsport or two. He was a
      cop now, and despite the sexy young thing at his side, was so preoccupied
      with the job the only holes he paid attention to were in donuts.

      Her favorite position was missionary, under the covers, lights off. His
      was doggy-style - he just looked like the canine sex type. The spark had
      gone out of their relationship when they both started working long hours,
      him trying for overtime, while she spent long hours grading exams. They
      were in love, Craig could see that, but the cop stud just couldn't keep it
      up long enough for them to have sex. So they came here to get some ideas,
      both embarrassed, but willing to do it to get their relationship back on

      The babe pointed out a box to the stud, and he picked it up, looking none
      too happy with her choice, but resigned. Craig could hear them talking as
      they came back up to the counter.

      "Come on, sugar, it's part of the whole experience."

      "How many of these do we have at home?"

      "It'll be naughty," she said, her arm creeping around his waist. She
      leaned into the guy then, speaking softly. Craig could only make out one
      word, "poodles".

      The stud sighed, but obviously, even with his problem, he wasn't immune to
      her touch. His next protest was given with much less ire. "Darlin', we
      have a whole room of these things you know, you could have just taken one
      from there."

      "I want to try it this way. See how it works, if it feels any different."

      Oh man thought Craig. It was worse than he had thought. Porn wasn't
      working. He wondered how long it had been since they had had sex. You'd
      think that they'd see a doctor, get a prescription for Viagra, or at least
      try one of those all-natural substitutes you see advertised on the Internet.

      By the time they reached the counter the stud had one arm around her
      shoulder, letting go only to hand Craig the box.

      "'Gladiator: The Golden Cage'," Craig read, nodding approvingly as the
      stud filled out the membership card. " I think you'll enjoy this one,
      supposed to be one of the hottest things to come from Big Baldie," Craig
      informed them as he took the signed membership card from the stud. "They
      film right up the road you know."

      "Do they really?" The babe's voice was low and sexy, a Southern drawl that
      turned the words into warm molasses.

      "Yup. That's what the boss says," Craig added agreeably. "That'll be
      $6.47 for the two night rental, Mr. Carcajou."

      The stud took a ten out of his wallet and paid. After giving him his
      change Craig bagged up their rental in one of the store's plain brown bags.

      "Thanks, Craig," the babe said, reading his name off his name tag, as they
      turned to leave.

      "You're welcome. I hope it helps."


      The big man turned around and his hazel eyes bore into Craig, who shivered.

      "Helps with * what *?" Mr. Carcajou said, rubbing his knuckles as he
      glared at Craig.

      "Ummm… Nothing… Meant, 'I hope you enjoy it'. Supposed to be the hottest
      thing Big Baldie ever put out. Better even than Cyclops and Phoenix in
      'Red Shades and Mindbending Lust'. Really. New lead actress up there, I
      hear. Reviews say she looked like she sucked the Wolverine dry and then
      some." Craig babbled, praying he'd make it home tonight.

      The guy actually growled, stopping only when the babe put her hand on his
      arm, diamond and emerald ring sparkling in the overhead lights. "Come on
      sugar, we have to work tomorrow, we don't have time to waste tonight." She
      turned again to Craig and smiled. "Night."

      "Night, ma'am, sir."

      Craig relaxed as the stud nodded to him, the gesture now only slightly
      threatening. With that, the couple walked back out into the rainy spring
      night. Craig finally relaxed as he saw them get into a truck out in the
      parking lot, feeling reassured that the movie and the babe would distract
      Mr. Carcajou.

      He really hoped that tape would help them get their love life back on
      track; the guy might be a little less hostile if he got laid.

      The End


      Thanks for reading 8-)

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