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FIC: An AU!Fic (NC-17)[L/R] Part 9/11

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  • Elisabeth A Shanley
    XXX Mansion 9/11 See part 0 for disclaimers, etc ~x~X~x~ Seven Weeks Later Marie and Jean were sitting on the bed in Marie and Logan s newly redecorated suite,
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      XXX Mansion 9/11
      See part 0 for disclaimers, etc


      Seven Weeks Later

      Marie and Jean were sitting on the bed in Marie and Logan's newly
      redecorated suite, Adam between them, playing adorably with his own
      feet. They were looking at color scheme books, trying to pick out bed
      linens while stopping to watch as Adam gurgled and cooed happily.

      "No Laura Ashley, Jean. Seriously."

      The red head grimaced. "Yes, I can see where you'd want to avoid
      that. Well, this set looks good, and would be a good match for the walls,"
      she said, waving her hand around the room, decorated in shades of deep
      amber and celadon.

      Marie nodded, the colors would certainly match. She gazed around the room,
      a blend of both of Logan and herself, their books and personal items in the
      bookcases and on the tables, clothes hanging side by side in the
      closets. Logan's big TV sat across from the bed, Marie's DVDs in the case
      beneath. The fireplace hadn't been touched in the remodeling, but now
      interesting little curios adorned it, unlike its days of stark bareness
      when Logan had lived here alone.

      "I never thought they'd be done so quickly," Marie confided.

      Jean chuckled, putting the book aside to tickle the sole of her son's
      foot. "Never underestimate the impact of the words, 'If you think you
      can't do it yourself, we can always hire someone to do it all', on the male
      psyche. Not to mention the words 'if we only had a hot tub' uttered after
      sex," Jean stated cheerfully as Marie blushed.

      "All right, all right, you were absolutely correct on that one," Marie

      Looking down at her son, Jean's smile grew wider. " I know."

      Marie relaxed against the headboard of the king-sized bed, watching Jean
      and Adam. So many things had changed since their rescue and return to the
      mansion. She hadn't quite known what to expect from Logan, but he had
      simply carried her from the landing pad to his room and put her to bed,
      crawling in behind her after pulling a sheet between them. He had
      whispered a promise to take care of her, smiling when she gave him the same
      promise. The next day they had started to move her things into his room
      until Ororo suggested they might want to redecorate. Instead, they moved
      Logan's things into her room while Logan and the guys smashed down walls to
      enlarge the suite. Rocco, a mutant plumber from Salem Center had been
      hired to redo the master bath. It had only taken four weeks for the
      construction to be finished and another two for them to have the major
      decorating done.

      Marie sighed softly as she thought about Logan. He had accepted her
      inability to regain her control swiftly with his usual practicality. After
      her agonized confession of the problem he had simply shrugged it off, slit
      a hole in a sheet, rolled on a condom, and proceeded to make love to her
      all night. That was the first full night they had been back, and he seemed
      perfectly willing to do it that way until they didn't have to. As long as
      she slept in his arms, a sheet between them didn't seem to matter to him.

      Marie blushed again as she emerged from her reverie to see Jean looking at
      her with a smile. "Sorry, I was just thinking…"

      "About Logan." Jean finished for her.

      That was another thing that had changed. Everyone knew their real names
      now, a gift offered freely to people who cared enough to fight for them.

      Marie and Jean looked up as Logan stomped into the room. Seeing Jean, he
      growled low in his throat. Adam, who apparently shared his mother's
      opinion of Logan, giggled. Jean just looked amused, but knowing retreat
      was in order, started to gather up her son's paraphernalia from the bed,
      putting it into the diaper bag.

      "What?" Jean asked, grinning at Logan who started to unbutton his shirt,
      which was covered in motor oil.

      "Go talk to Scott," he bit out.

      "Come on, give me a hint," Jean entreated as she gathered up Adam's
      blankie, putting it in the diaper bag.

      "He wants to dress up in leather and go play super hero!" Logan roared in
      horror. He glared at them apparently offended they didn't share his sense
      of outrage at the idea.

      "Well, sugar, you do have to admit, they did save us…" Marie said, ducking
      her head to hide her smile as he stared her.

      "We make adult porn movies for god's sake! Next you'll want to turn this
      place into an orphanage or a school for mutant foundlings," he growled

      Jean snickered, and picking her son up, headed toward the door. "You didn't
      lock Scott in the trunk of the Ferrari again, did you, Logan?"


      "Okay." Reassured, mother and son left the room.

      "… not that I didn't think about it." Logan said to the closed door.

      Marie watched as he stripped, tossing his clothes into the hamper
      specifically designated for 'Logan's Automotive Repair Clothes'. She
      frowned as the blue shirt she had bought him last week was tossed in the
      hamper, covered in dark black oil stains. Mentally she shrugged, writing
      it off.

      "How does the truck look?" She asked, referring to the used truck and
      camper, bought a month ago and now installed in the garage next to her
      'new' five year old Volvo. It would never be Sven, but Olga seemed to be a
      good car. She had worried that their cars would be hard to replace, but
      the insurance adjuster, after meeting Logan's sense of urgency and
      fairness, had capitulated nicely, giving them fair value on their vehicles.

      "Looks good, got the camper on, got the brakes and the radiator taken care

      "Didn't the dealership take care of that before we bought it?"

      "Can't trust those guys, Marie." Logan finished stripping and headed to the
      shower, not seeing her roll her eyes at him.

      Keeping an eye on his muscled buttocks as they disappeared into the
      bathroom, Marie sighed. Taking off the thin leather gloves she had been
      wearing, she closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She could feel it, the
      control. Her mind was attuned, the psions controlled. 'Ro had touched
      her after her session with Charlie, when they were down in the
      gardens. Nothing had happened, aside from the happy sniffling as 'Ro,
      Marie, and then Jean, had realized she had that precious control back. She
      smiled, thinking of Jean's raised eyebrow when she had slipped on a pair of
      gloves upon returning to her room, Jean and Adam in tow. Jean's blush had
      almost matched her skin to the auburn of her hair and Marie knew she must
      have been broadcasting her intentions full blast. She apologized, but Jean
      just grinned, thanking her for the ideas.

      Throwing the gloves on the writing desk next to her computer, Marie removed
      the rest of her clothes, tossing them in the 'Non Logan's Automotive Repair
      Clothes' hamper. Hearing the water in the shower running, she headed
      toward the bathroom.

      Logan had just lathered his hair up and was about to duck under the water
      to rinse when he heard the shower door opening. Knowing it had to be
      Marie, he didn't panic, but turned, eyes closed, into the spray to rinse
      the soap off. The feel of her bare hands on his back caused him to turn
      around, the shampoo suds running down his face as his eyes bulged open. He
      shut them immediately and started cursing, the soapy water continuing the
      insult by flowing into his open mouth, turning his curses into undignified

      "What the fugglled…"

      Marie reached around him and took the second handset, moving to stand in
      front of him. Taking his flailing hands, she gently ran the warm water
      over his face, first over his tightly closed eyes, then over his mouth, the
      lips pursed closed to avoid any more soap. Turning him slightly, she left
      his back to the showerhead and told him to lean his head back. When his
      hair was clean, she held the handset up and told him to open his eyes. As
      the water ran down his back, she ran the water gently over his forehead,
      letting it rinse his eyes.

      Logan shook his head and looked down at Marie, smiling at her small hand
      holding his larger ones. Leaning down, his lips sought hers, and for the
      first time in over a month they kissed with nothing in between. Her lips
      demanded entrance as she dropped the handset to wrap her arms around his
      neck. He pulled her closer, his hands cupping under her soft bottom to
      pull her up, her legs going around his waist on instinct. The water made
      their skin slick, and her hands floated over his skin as she stroked his
      shoulders and down his back. When he broke the blissful contact with her
      lips, Logan was breathing heavily. Returning to her warm, wet flesh, he
      kissed down her neck while she continued to touch him, her fingers moving
      to play in his hair.

      Her hands moved down his arms, skidding into the motor oil
      residue. Pulling away, she unclasped her legs and wiggled a bit to let him
      know she wanted him to put her down. He did, groaning as her bottom slid
      over his erection, going rigid as she regained her feet and his turgid
      manhood slid over the warm cleft between her thighs, the curly hairs
      brushing against his sensitive flesh.

      They were in ecstasy, finally being able to touch skin to skin again
      exciting them beyond all reason. Reaching around him, making sure to rub
      her breasts against his chest, Marie pulled the shower mesh sponge off its
      plastic hook. Squirting a dollop of the manly liquid soap she bought for
      him, she kneaded the sponge until a thick lather was dripping from her
      hands. Taking one arm, she massaged the soap over him, sliding over his
      chest and down his other arm. Scrubbing gently, she moved to the flat
      washboard of his stomach, using circular motions to sensitize the skin as
      she washed him. She worked his nipples, cleaning them until his hips
      thrust forward, his engorged manhood pressing against her.

      With a muttered oath he took the sponge from her and turned her around,
      pulling her into his arms. Holding her, his penis pressing firmly against
      her back, his smile was feral. One large hand used the sponge to caress
      her breasts while the other hand stole down her body and delved into her
      moist heat, strong fingers running up and down the inner lips as Marie
      moaned his name.

      "More, Logan, more…"

      Twisting around in his arms, Marie pulled his head down to her again, the
      kiss desperate and needy. Taking her with him, not letting her lips escape
      his, Logan leaned against the shower wall. He knew if he took her now it
      would be rough, and that's not what he wanted her to remember this first
      time for. Pulling his head away from hers, Logan sighed, then picked her
      up, and turning the water off, left the shower stall. Setting her on the
      counter in between the double sinks, Logan grinned at her. She was his wet
      kitten; a plait of white and brown hair falling over her eyes, soap suds
      still clinging to her silky skin. Moving over to the side of the double
      Jacuzzi tub, he started the water, turning back to her just in time to see
      an expectant smile steal over her face.

      Returning to stand before her, he separated her thighs and moved between
      them, feeling the shiver of desire rush through her. Keeping half an eye
      on the filling tub, Logan returned to her lips, then kissed down her throat
      to her breasts, heaving with the exertion of taking a breath. The taste
      of soap wasn't pleasant, but it wasn't enough to make him stop trying to
      excite her. He rolled his neck when her fingers threaded into his hair,
      pressing him closer, causing him to thrust against her.

      Breathing heavily, he rested his head on her shoulder, then, seeing the tub
      was full enough, picked her up and carried over, placing her in the warm
      water. Turning on the jets, he smirked as she trembled, getting a blast in
      an already excited area. Sliding down the other side of the tub, Logan let
      his head fall back. He heard soft splashing sounds as Marie slid over, her
      knees going on either side of his hips. He sat up and she put her arms
      around him. Kissing him passionately, she pressed herself down upon his
      aching manhood. Bearing down, she didn't stop until he was totally
      sheathed deep inside her, until they both relaxed, the closeness they'd
      needed finally achieved.

      The feeling of Logan, inside her without a barrier for the first time, the
      sensation of warm skin and the friction of muscles straining made them
      tremble. Thanking whatever gods there were for the invention of birth
      control pills and mutation control, Logan shuddered as she moved up then
      down, her warm channel clenching as she rode him. The jetting water
      pummeled them, but they were oblivious, the feeling of his body in hers the
      only thing that mattered.

      Marie was in her own world as she felt him deep inside, his jerking
      movements massaging her, exciting her, fulfilling her. She wanted to pull
      him completely inside her, and he seemed perfectly happy with the idea as
      he tried to thrust upward again. A whimper that could have been his name
      falling from her lips as he moved.

      It was in a haze of words and touches that they found their rhythm,
      accompanied by the never-ending pounding of the water. Logan moved as much
      as he could, the overwhelming feeling of Marie inside and out as she moved
      atop him so good, so right. He watched her closely as she came, her muscles
      going rigid, except for the ones deep inside that pulled him behind her
      into euphoria. Surrendering himself deep inside her, Logan shouted her
      name, letting it echo around the room as he fell back, water splashing

      Logan wrapped his arms around Marie as she melted bonelessly against him,
      the aftershocks of completion still shooting through them. Still inside
      her he held her tightly, her head snuggling against his chest as he
      continued to stroke her back and bottom.

      They stayed like that for awhile, until Marie stirred and
      stretched. Moving carefully to avoid stepping on anything important, Marie
      got out of the tub. Logan reached over and turned off the jets, and
      followed her, accepting his thick terry cloth robe from her as she returned
      to his side, already wrapped in her own robe. He was tying the belt into a
      loose knot when she giggled, and he raised an inquiring eyebrow at her.

      Marie grabbed a large hand, the fingers wrinkled from the extended stay in
      the water. "Guess that healing factor doesn't extend to pruning," she said.

      "Guess not," he said, looking down at her. Swinging her into his arms he
      gave her a lustfully leering smirk. "Takes care of other things, though,"
      he murmured in between kisses as he carried toward their bed, her laughter
      stopping as he placed her gently on the bed and opened her robe.

      "Fair enough," she murmured as his lips descended to hers.


      Charlie looked up from the book he was reading when Logan stalked into his
      study, closing the door firmly behind him. Looking up at the other man
      Charlie raised an eyebrow in a silent question. Logan didn't wait for the
      pleasantries, just sat down on the leather sofa across from him.

      "Why did Hank get all quiet when Marie and I came down to breakfast this
      morning? He wouldn't tell me. Said I should talk to you."

      Charlie gave him that unsettlingly sage look, but didn't
      hesitate. "Ironhard should have gone out of business months ago. They
      were on the edge of bankruptcy, you know." Logan nodded; the rumors of
      Ironhard's financial troubles hadn't been a secret. "They received a cash
      infusion of five million dollars two weeks before you and Marie were
      kidnapped," Charlie continued. "Hank and I wondered about the coincidence,
      so we traced the money."

      Logan stood up quickly, the angry look in his eyes making them dark
      brown. "Who?" he demanded icily.

      Charlie sighed. "Logan, you don't want to know. We both know if I tell
      you, you might go and do something… rash." He held his hand up to forestall
      Logan's protests. "You have to make the decision, Logan. Revenge or Marie."

      Logan fell back onto the sofa, glaring at Charlie. "I want both."

      Charlie gave him a determined look. "You can't have both. And you know
      it. Anti-mutant sentiments are growing stronger, Logan. If you are seen to
      do something precipitate, you will not get a fair hearing. And it will be
      used to condemn us all." He gave Logan a determined look. "It will be
      handled. I will see to it myself, I assure you."

      Logan didn't respond. He knew Charlie was right, but not being able to
      slice the life out of the people responsible still smarted. He reminded
      himself of his promise to take care of Marie, and she was the most
      important thing to him. Rubbing a hand over his pounding temples, he was
      relieved as the pain started to fade quickly. "All right."

      Charlie breathed a sigh of relief. "Good." He wheeled over to his desk,
      putting the book down and picking up a script. "I was wondering if you and
      Marie might be interested in this." He wheeled back over to Logan and
      handed him the treatment. "It's a pretty standard couple movie, for all
      the trappings."

      Logan looked at the title and smirked. "'Gladiator: The Golden Cage'," he
      read aloud. An amused expression on his face, he glanced up at
      Charlie. "I'll ask her what she thinks, her first starring role." He
      grinned. "I guess it'll be a good distraction. While you do what you are
      going to do," Logan said pointedly.

      "Of course. We should be ready to film in two or three weeks. The rest of
      the cast and crew should be back from Mexico by Friday, it sounds as if the
      filming of 'Fire and Ice: Desert Ice' went well. Bobby said Jubilee did
      wonderfully for her first directing job. And I foresee the other… problem
      handled by then."

      Logan got up, taking the script with him. "I hope so. I'll show this to
      Marie, see if she wants to… practice her lines." Charlie gave Logan a
      knowing grin before picking up his cup of tea.

      Logan turned in the doorway, remembering another question. "So, where are
      you on this idea of Scott's? Ready to play superhero?" Logan
      scoffed. "Maybe we should open the place up to mutant runaways too."

      "It might not be such a bad idea, Logan." Charlie responded, ignoring
      Logan's snickering laughter.

      Taken aback by Charlie's statement, Logan paused halfway through the door.
      "This is this the stupidest thing I've ever heard," Logan groused as he
      closed the door, heading out to the gardens to find Marie.


      The inner sanctum of Senator Robert Jefferson Kelly's Washington DC office
      was a leather and dark wood appointed den, reeking of money and power. It
      was three o'clock in the afternoon on Friday, and Kelly was packing his
      briefcase, ready to make the trip back to his home in Kansas when Charles
      and Ororo Xavier entered his office, unannounced.

      "Xavier, I'm afraid if you don't have an appointment, I can't see you…" the
      senator said.

      "This will only take a few minutes, Senator. I'm sure your staff can
      handle itself while we chat." Xavier said, parking his wheelchair in
      between the two overstuffed leather visitor's chairs. Ororo watched out
      the door for a minute then closed it firmly, coming to sit on Charlie's
      left, raising an eyebrow at Kelly who shrugged and sat down in his own chair.

      "To what do I owe the," he paused, his mouth twisting sardonically,
      "pleasure of this visit, Xavier?"

      Charlie smiled thinly, quite willing to cut to the chase. "I think we both
      know, Senator. I've had someone digging into the offshore financial
      situations of a former competitor of mine, Ironhard Brothers Studios. You
      might have heard of them, and their recent… troubles."

      "Yes, just another disgusting example of your kind of… business, I believe."

      "Quite, quite. The interesting thing was, Ironhard was paid to make a
      movie recently. A double snuff film," Xavier said, his smooth head
      wrinkling in consternation.

      "Disgraceful," Kelly sneered.

      "But what was interesting is when we traced the financial records for that
      film, we found the money came from a company owned by a shell corporation
      which is owned by your personal re-election committee: 'The Human Right

      "Really. I had no idea."

      "I'm sure you didn't." Xavier barely managed to contain his sarcasm. " I'm
      sure that the film could be used to show not only the evils of the adult
      entertainment industry, but also how psychotic and dangerous mutants can be
      would have nothing to do with this situation."

      "Really, Xavier. You and I both know I would never have anything to do
      with paying five million for something like that."

      "Of course," Xavier said, and in the silence there was the sound of gloves
      being taken off. "By the way, you won't be getting it back," he smiled
      mockingly at the senator. "Your five million dollars, that is. A rather
      sizable donation was made to 'Next Step'," Xavier named a pro-mutants
      rights organization that Kelly had recently denounced from the Senate floor
      for 'seditious acts against humanity in the United States'.

      Kelly stared at him in outrage.

      "You made a mistake, Senator. You chose the wrong mutants to try to
      kill. If he finds out, you won't be able to dig a hole deep enough, even
      out there in Kansas, to hide from the man you tried to kill," Xavier said
      as Kelly seethed. "And the girl…" A distinctly malicious gleam shone in
      Xavier's blue eyes. "… she is the most innocently sweet looking young
      lady, Senator. If I was to put a picture of her and a picture of Victor
      Creed, perhaps his mug shot for killing those police officers, side by side
      and tell people what you tried to have done to her? Even your own
      supporters would be willing to lynch you in the capitol rotunda."

      Xavier stared at him for a moment, then started to wheel out of the room,
      Ororo at his side, her brown eyes sending daggers at the senator.

      "You can't come in here and threaten me!" Kelly shouted.

      "Oh, but I can, Senator," Xavier said, turning to face the enraged
      politician. "You see, I was never here." With that Ororo opened the door
      and walked out, Xavier's wheelchair humming as he followed.

      "Henry!" Kelly shouted.

      Henry Guyrich, his personal aide ran into the room.

      "How could you let them in here?"

      Guyrich looked at him blankly. "Let who in, Senator?"


      Three Weeks Later

      In one of their many late night conversations, Marie had told Logan one of
      her favorite memories of him so far was that first night, the first
      fluff. She had whispered this to him on a dark night in late winter as
      they snuggled together under the covers, in of those perfect moments before
      sleep settled over them. He had remained awake a long time after that,
      just holding her, thinking about what she said.

      So he shouldn't have been surprised by the feelings that went through him
      at the sight of her waiting for him on the eve of their first shoot
      together. She was sitting on the sofa in their suite, looking over the
      script; her sable and white streaked hair covered by a tightly curled
      jet-black wig. Sylvia must have been up earlier because her face was made
      up and he could see the shimmer of body oil on the V of skin exposed by the
      loosely tied navy silk robe that she was wearing. The scent of peppermint
      oil drifted over to him, setting his blood on a slow boil.


      She looked up and smiled at him, putting the script aside and standing
      up. He was amused to see the robe was one of his, the hem falling onto her
      feet, the cuffs down to her fingertips. She blushed at his stare and
      started to roll the cuffs up. "Hey there yourself, sugar. Where have you
      been? Hank was looking for you earlier."

      Logan crossed over to their bedroom and went in, returning a minute later
      to stand next to the chair by the sofa. "Had to run an errand." He
      started to undress, throwing his clothes over the chair, shoving his cowboy
      boots underneath.

      Marie sat back down on the sofa, curling her legs under her. She leaned
      back, openly appraising his body as he removed each item of clothing. He
      was slightly disappointed when she stayed on the sofa instead of coming
      over to him. Throwing his jeans over the chair, he walked over and stood
      in front of her.

      She raised an eyebrow. "What?"

      Logan leered down at her, making sure she knew he was looking down the gape
      in the robe. "You wouldn't happen to know what a guy has to do to get
      fluffed around here, would you?"

      Rising to her knees and moving to the edge of the sofa, Marie's hands went
      to the belt of her purloined robe. "Well, I think that we have a few
      fluffers on salary. Would you like me to get one for you?" she asked,
      letting the robe fall open.

      The smirk fell from Logan's lips as she revealed more of that glistening
      skin, as he remembered the feel of it on and around him. "Might be a good
      idea, Marie. I've been told that this is the big climax scene, and that
      the stars will have to be… up for it."

      He felt the muscles clench as her hands slid over his washboard stomach and
      abdomen. "Hmmm. It IS the big climax. Maybe we should handle things
      ourselves. That way, we can be sure that the job is done right."

      "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well," Logan agreed as her hands
      moved lower, petting his burgeoning erection, causing him to thrust forward
      into her hands. Her fingers squeezed him tenderly, and he knew that Marie
      could feel the blood flowing, engorging the shaft, and filling her hands.

      Leaning forward to kiss his stomach, she let his penis fall between her
      breasts; balancing herself on her knees, she continued kissing the muscled
      wall before her, wrapping her arms around his hips to fondle the muscled
      cheeks of his ass. She nibbled at the ridged muscles as he continued to
      thrust between her gleaming breasts, in time with the rhythm she set as she
      pressed him to her from behind.

      "So good, baby, that feels so good…" Logan moaned. He struggled to catch
      his breath as her teeth gently raked over his sensitive flesh. Peering
      up, Marie saw his head thrown back as he gave himself over to her hands,
      breasts, and mouth. Releasing his buttocks she inched back slightly,
      leaning down to place a kiss on his throbbing flesh. Her tongue darted out
      to lick off a droplet from the thick head. Staring up at him she saw his
      eyes were wide and a tremor moved through him as she licked her lips.

      Spinning around, Logan collapsed on the sofa. Breathing hard for a minute,
      he sighed, then pulled her onto his lap. Adjusting herself so she wasn't
      pressing on his aching length, she let him pull her to him. The was kiss
      only seconds old when his tongue demanded entrance, her hands stroking his
      smooth cheeks, tracing the slight lines left by decades of frowns. Words,
      murmured and unintelligible, were whispered between them as their bodies
      demanded touches and caresses. They both felt the relief of having each
      other in their arms, the need to have touch, the blissful satisfaction when
      touch was given and received.

      Finally breaking for breath, Logan held her to him as he lifted them both
      up off the sofa. Moving over to the thankfully clear library table in the
      middle of the room, Logan set her down, indicating wordlessly that he
      wanted her to let go. The dark blue robe was still hanging off her
      shoulders as she did, and he stepped back a pace to stare at her, the spicy
      scent of her arousal mixing with the minty scent of the body oil.

      "I think you could use a little… fluffing yourself, darlin'," Logan
      whispered. He moved between her thighs again, spreading them even wider,
      pulling her round bottom to the edge of the maple table.

      "Fluffing is good, sugar," Marie said, her voice faltering as he bent and
      pressed her down, her arms circling his neck automatically. Letting his
      cock press against her, he didn't enter her, just applied pressure against
      her pubic bone. Logan started to kiss up her neck, ending at her lips,
      lingering only for a second.

      Sliding his lips back down her silky skin, he lingered on each breast,
      making sure the nipples were taut and hard. Resuming his exploration, he
      kissed her navel, letting his tongue circle the shallow recess, entering
      with a thrusting motion he knew she could never misinterpret. Hearing her
      low cry, he moved lower, always licking, tasting, and kissing, the flavors
      of mint and Marie combining in delicious ways. With a grace peculiar for
      a man with metal fused skeleton, he went to his knees in front of her, his
      position between her legs giving him an open view of what he wanted most.

      Ever so gently, to avoid leaving a mark on her pale skin, Logan lifted one
      leg, licking behind her knee. Marie shuddered as he continued to touch her
      with his tongue, moving up her thighs to brush only the lightest of kisses
      over her outer lips. Following the same pattern down her other leg, he
      licked behind the other knee.

      "Logan!" Marie groaned, her hips coming off the table, her leg twisting in
      his hands.

      "Easy, darlin', easy. Don't want to bruise that lovely skin now, do we?"

      "I don't *care*, Logan," she sobbed passionately.

      Kissing the smooth and sensitive skin of her inner thigh, he whispered
      soothing words. Licking her skin, he followed a pattern he had only in his
      head, the canvas of Marie's skin calling upon the inner artist to make
      intricate designs. Stopping to watch her writhe, he gave in, moving to the
      molten source of the heady scent that surrounded him. Pulling her legs
      to his shoulders, he let them hang lax as strong fingers parted the tender
      folds, covered by only a small V of hair. Logan thought about this
      morning's orgy of shaving; Marie wrapped around him as she shaved his face
      and chest. How trusting her eyes had been as he had taken the razor to the
      curly brown hairs between her legs.

      Returning to the moment, he blew a breath on her moist folds, feeling her
      back go tense, her hips shifting to give him better access. Using the tip
      of his tongue he prodded her clitoris, the erect column of nerves straining
      toward him, aching for his touch. Logan smiled a self-satisfied smirk as
      her legs slammed into his back, using him for leverage as her hips pistoned
      off the table. His tongue slid under the hood of her clit and he sucked
      gently, moving one finger into her tight, wet, channel. He wasn't
      surprised at her scream of pleasure, or the warm Marie-essence that flooded
      his mouth.

      Feeling her legs relax against his shoulders, he waited, letting her
      muscles massage his finger deep within her. The last of the strong
      aftershocks over, Logan withdrew mouth and hand, gently removing her legs
      from his shoulders and stood up, the pleasure he took in her satisfaction
      in every pore of his body. She looked languorous and satiated, a smile
      curving her kiss bruised lips.

      Marie opened her eyes as he leaned over her, still trying to catch her
      breath, still trying to categorize the feelings into easily understood
      sensations. When he kissed her, she tasted herself on his lips and
      tongue. For a moment she let herself miss that distinctive hair,
      remembering the feel of his whiskers on the sensitive skin between her
      thighs. She would be glad when he could grow it all back. Her heart in
      her eyes, she let him pull her up, and wrapping her arms around him and
      holding him tight, felt his erection pressing against her.



      "I didn't think fluffers were supposed to make the fluffees come."

      Pulling back, he looked at her closely, her skin flushed to a rosy shade of
      pink, her nipples still hard and peaked with arousal. "Special treat being
      your first movie and all," he said, kissing her deeply.

      When they broke apart he let her off the table, leaving the blue robe to
      puddle on the wood. He groaned as she brushed his penis, still erect and
      straining. She looked down at herself and giggled. He raised an eyebrow.

      "The oil kind of rubbed off, didn't it?" Marie smiled faintly.

      Taking her hand, he pulled her into the bathroom. Rinsing his face, he
      turned and placed a bathmat down and handed her the bottle of oil that sat
      on the counter. "Oil me up?" he asked unnecessarily.

      Taking the oil from him she poured a stream into her cupped hands,
      breathing on it to warm it up. Rubbing it into his shoulders, she moved
      down to his chest, fingers lingering, fondling the ridges, then up his
      arms. More oil for his back then down to his glutes and legs. The silky
      warmth of Marie's hands on his lower back, pressing in that sensitive spot,
      caused him to thrust his hips sharply. Frustration warred with relief as a
      soft hand came around to stroke his aching cock, her other hand continuing
      to massage his back.

      Logan was concentrating on keeping control, the feel of her hands and the
      steady ache of his own body's demand for gratification driving him to
      distraction. He opened his eyes when she released him, moving stand in
      front of him. Looking behind her in the mirror he saw them, his body
      glistening above her smaller frame. He watched closely as she moved closer
      to him, his body buzzing at her presence, and he clamped down on the urge
      to sit her on the countertop and have his way with her. He raised an
      eyebrow questioningly as she drizzled the oil onto her breasts, then rubbed
      her hands quickly on her sides.

      Marie knew he was holding on by a thread, but she was ready to see how far
      they could go. Pulling his hands from his sides, she placed them on her
      breasts, sighing in relief when he started to massage the oil in, his
      fingers fondling the hard peaks. His hands kept moving, spreading the
      minty oil over her skin, returning the luster his fluffing had rubbed
      off. Marie quivered as his slick hands moved between her thighs, the palm
      rubbing against her, a finger lazily stroking the outer lips. She felt a
      tortuous jolt of need when he picked her up, her legs going around him,
      holding him tight, trapping his hard flesh between them.

      "Can't wait," he muttered huskily, positioning himself at the juncture of
      her thighs. He started to press forward, then stopped.

      "Logan? Please, sugar?" Marie whimpered as he stopped, poised at her
      entrance. She looked at him, her eyes imploring him to continue. Then,
      from their bedroom, she heard it…

      "Logan? Marie? We're ready to start filming if you are…" Hank's voice
      trailed off as he stopped in front of the open bathroom door. Looking at
      them, he blushed, not an easy thing to do for a furry blue mutant. "I'll
      just go back to the set," he stammered, beating a hasty retreat. Seconds
      later, Logan heard the door to their suite close.

      Logan groaned, leaning his head against Marie's, trying to collect himself,
      even as she shook with humor and repressed passion. "Fuck."

      "You said it, sugar," Marie said, her voice hoarse with foiled passion.


      Author's Addendum:

      There's nothing like a being in chat, working on this story. At 0300, I was
      getting all nutty like... the fruits of my labors: Behold, the sex tub!:


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