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FIC: An AU!Fic (NC-17)[L/R] Part 8/11

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  • Elisabeth A Shanley
    XXX Mansion 8/11 See part 0 for disclaimers, etc ~x~X~x~ Logan had been gone less than fifteen minutes when Raven came back to the bedroom-prison, finding
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      XXX Mansion 8/11
      See part 0 for disclaimers, etc


      Logan had been gone less than fifteen minutes when Raven came back to the
      bedroom-prison, finding Marie still sitting on the bed. Raven surveyed the
      room, not saying a word about the clothes Marie had appropriated from the
      armoire: a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt. The jeans were women's and
      only a size too big. The shirt was male and definitely too big, the
      sleeves rolled up to her elbows, the hem falling to her knees.

      "Erik would like to speak with you," Raven said, her yellow eyes shining

      Marie stared at her for a minute, but decided that she really had no
      choice. Getting off the bed, she slipped her feet into the pair of
      slippers she had found with the rest of the clothes in the armoire. "All

      Raven led the way down the hall to a large room; the high ceilings and
      walls were made of metal. There was a desk in the center of the room,
      also made of metal. Raven perched on a table to the side of the desk while
      Marie sat in an uncomfortably hard metal chair. Marie ignored the blue
      woman's presence, focusing instead on five small metal balls hung in the
      air over desk.

      "Mystique, so good of you to bring our young friend. But really, you
      should have offered her some refreshment," Erik said as he walked into the

      At the name, Marie turned and raised an eyebrow at the Feminine
      Mystique. She said nothing, letting the sardonic twist of her lips say it
      for her. Raven shrugged and left the room.

      One of the metal balls separated from its fellows and hit the remaining
      four, starting them moving from side to side, the constant tapping sound
      reverberating around the metal room. Erik moved around the desk and sat
      behind it, steepling his fingers and staring at Marie.

      "What do you want with me?" Marie asked.

      "You are an important part of tonight's events, my dear." Erik shifted his
      attention to Raven, who had re-entered the room with three cans of soda on
      a tray and some cookies. Marie refused the cookies but took a can
      automatically, opening it and taking a sip. She watched as Erik did the
      same, looking incongruous drinking from the can of Coke. He set the can
      down on the desk with a metallic ring and looked over at Raven, who had
      returned to her post on the table. "You have seen enough?"

      Marie turned to look at the other woman, who smiled at her, then started to
      shift, her skin becoming pink, her hair and eyes becoming brown. She
      seemed to grow a bit shorter, her bust becoming more pronounced. It took
      only a few seconds and Marie was staring at a reflection of herself.

      "That's sick," Marie spat, giving her clone a hate-filled look.

      "It will give Wolverine a bit of familiarity with his co-star," Erik
      replied, getting out of his chair and coming around to sit on the edge of
      the desk.

      Marie started to respond, but felt an overwhelming need to close her eyes
      instead. She breathed slowly, and opening her eyes, tried to keep her
      balance. She failed. Starting to fall off the chair, she was surprised
      when Erik grabbed her and pulled her up. One bare hand took hers as he
      pushed her upright. A dizzy, buzzing feeling in her brain, her control

      Erik went rigid as the pull started. It was slow, but Marie could feel
      Erik flood into her mind, even as she saw Raven pull him from her. It was
      odd, seeing herself glaring at her, hearing her voice yell for Vic, even as
      she watched her reflection revert back to blue skin and yellow eyes.

      Marie turned her concentration inward, trying to calm the Erik now in her
      head. She felt his sense of desperation and his resolve to take care of
      his problem. She knew, in that moment, what he was planning for her and Logan.

      Raven was yelling at Vic to take the girl back to her room, but to cover
      her first. The shape shifter glared at the little bitch, settling Erik
      back into his chair behind the desk. To her relief, Erik was breathing
      normally again, waving her away.

      "Don't worry, my dear," Erik said to Marie, slowly, deliberately. "It won't
      hurt that much."

      Marie stared at him, not paying attention to Raven; or to Vic, who had just
      lumbered back into the room. "You're going to kill me, aren't you." It
      wasn't a question, only a statement of bare fact.

      "Yes." Erik replied calmly, without hesitation.

      Marie could only nod dully as Vic covered her in a sheet and picked her up,
      his shoulder slamming into her chest as he lifted her into a brutal
      fireman's carry.

      She could hear Erik speaking as Vic headed out the door. "Take her to back
      to the room and get her into her costume, Mystique."

      The trip back down the hall was uncomfortable and being thrown back down
      onto the bed wasn't much better than it had been the first time. The sheet
      was removed and she watched as Raven walked in with an arm full of white
      and pastel fabrics. The naked blue skinned woman pulled on a pair of latex
      gloves as she approached the bed. She roughly pulled off Marie's shirt and
      jeans; leaving her naked, Logan's tags twisting around her neck. Marie
      shivered in revulsion as her eyes met Vic's just before a white silk
      negligée was pulled over her head by the cruel latex covered blue
      hands. The cruel hands pulled her off the bed and pulled the white fabric
      down from where it bunched around her hips. Raven then pushed her into the
      chair by the bed where she sat, the drug making her body heavy and
      complacent, her mind occupied with fighting the little of Erik's that had
      gotten in.

      "Watch her." Raven snapped to Vic as she left the room.

      Vic moved over to sit on the bed, staring at her. She was expecting it,
      but she still shuddered in revulsion when he moved nearer, his foul stench
      surrounding her. His dark eyes stared into hers as he drew one heavily
      nailed finger over her silk covered breasts. The nail moved into her hair,
      running down the side of her face, almost cutting her skin. "Scream for
      me," he growled menacingly.

      "Vic, knock it off." Raven said, returning to the room holding a long
      blonde wig. She pinned Marie's hair up and pulled the wig on, combing it
      out roughly.

      Vic sat on the bed, watching this. He growled low as Raven left Marie, and
      extending one long arm, pulled Raven into his arms. "Wanna fuck her."

      Raven sighed. "You can't have her. But," she stopped, and once again
      becoming a facsimile of Marie. "You can fuck me," she said in Marie's
      voice. Pulling out of his arms she went over to the pile of silks she had
      brought in earlier. Picking out a light pink one, she pulled it over her
      head. Holding her hands to her breasts she wrung her hands. "Oh, please,
      mean sir, don't hurt me," Raven-Marie simpered.

      Marie stared at them in disbelief, her eyes growing wider as Vic strode
      over to Raven-Marie and picked her up, throwing her roughly on the
      bed. Apparently Vic didn't believe in foreplay, because he simply ripped
      open the negligée, then undid the zipper of his pants. His back was to
      Marie, but she got the idea quickly when he thrust forward and Raven-Marie

      Marie closed her eyes, wishing she could close her ears too as they rutted,
      screaming and grunting. Marie tried desperately to ignore Raven-Marie
      encouraging Vic to go 'harder, deeper, fuck me, you bastard', while Vic
      stuck to grunting and the words 'fuck and bitch'. She cringed, the memory
      of making love to Logan in that same bed just hours before making the
      nightmare before her even more obscene. The headboard of the bed was
      slamming against the wall in a crazed rhythm, and Marie just kept praying
      for it to end. It seemed like hours, days, simply forever, but finally
      they were done, a final cursing scream coming from them both.

      Hearing them move, Marie opened her eyes, regretting it immediately when
      she saw Raven-Marie's bloody neck, deep teeth marks visible on the pale
      skin. The negligée was torn and bloody. Vic was zipping up his pants,
      his own blood flowing from nail marks on his neck.

      Logan was right. These people were sick.

      Marie closed her eyes again and shook as Sabretooth's hot, fetid breath
      flowed over her face, the nail tracing her eyebrows and lips. "Too bad,
      frail. You're tasty," he snarled. She could hear him leave the room, the
      door slamming closed. She opened her eyes. Raven-Marie was still sitting
      on the bed in the torn negligée, cuts and bruises on all the visible skin,
      staring at her with a satisfied gleam in the unreal brown eyes. Marie
      shuddered and Raven-Marie smiled, transforming back into her natural state,
      the cuts healing up as she did so.

      Pulling the tattered negligée over her head, she grabbed a new white one, a
      twin to the one Marie was wearing and put it on. Pulling the gloves back
      on, she shifted again, back into Marie; but her hair was blonde, just like
      the wig Marie wore. A chain with a replica of Logan's tags grew around her
      neck. Leaning down she whispered, "Be a good little girl. I'm going to
      fuck your boyfriend now. Then he can kill you." Laughing, Raven-Marie
      left the room, the door locking loudly behind her.

      A single, angry tear rolled down Marie's cheek as the drugs kicked into
      full effect, stealing her ability to think.


      Mortimer Toynebee was pissed off. Nothing was going right today. His star
      was stoned. Even Christy's sterling efforts had proven only
      semi-successful; Wolverine couldn't keep an erection for more than a few
      minutes. He had finally regained consciousness about an hour ago, and they
      had been shooting for the last fifteen minutes. The drugs were supposed to
      keep him docile, but Mortimer had the feeling they had only served to piss
      him off. Now if he had been in Christy's mouth, he would have been
      shooting for the stars. He should have never trusted the telepath to
      administer the drug; he should have insisted that he or Raven do it. He
      just knew that Christy had given him too much. They were finally ready to
      shoot the major scenes, the sex and the snuff.

      Looking over his shoulder, Mortimer could see that Raven had
      arrived. Wolverine's eyes grew huge at the sight of Raven, looking young,
      pretty, and blonde. There was, Toad thought, something utterly creepy
      about Mystique looking sweet and innocent. Apparently, Wolverine thought
      so too. His star stopped for a moment, then seemed to collect
      himself. Rushing to make the scene, Mortimer had Logan, as the 'the
      deliveryguy', ring the bell. Raven answered, striking a seductive pose in
      the doorway, her white silk negligée shimmering under the lights. If
      pressed, Mortimer would have admitted, there wasn't much dialogue or plot
      to this wonder. It was pretty much a wash, artistically speaking.

      Logan had been stunned to see Raven, or more precisely, whom Raven was
      looking like. He should have known that they would be capable of this. He
      could tell by scent that it was Raven, not Marie, and she was covered in
      the stench of Vic. He closed his eyes for a moment, just trying to sell
      himself the fantasy, that it was Marie, not Raven. If he could do this,
      they might have a chance.

      Toad continued filming as Wolverine picked up and carried Mystique, as
      directed, to the 'bedroom' part of the set. Wolverine threw her down on
      the bed and tore off the silk gown. Raven reached up and pulled off the
      shirt of his uniform, baring all those wonderful muscles to the
      camera. Mortimer pushed the camera in for a close up when Raven roughly
      pushed Wolverine's pants off; thank god, his star was hard.

      Pushing his revulsion aside, Wolverine thrust into Raven, growling at her
      when she started to talk dirty to him in Marie's sweet drawl. He closed
      his eyes and thought of back in his camper, hoping the memory would work
      its magic. Next, he began to plan his revenge, the thought making him
      smile tightly. Once he got Marie back to the mansion, he would come back
      and gut them all. He liked the idea. Vic first, then Erik, Raven, and
      Toady last. He'd hang the little frog by his tongue. He continued
      thrusting, and looking up, saw Toad standing next to the camera, making
      what seemed to be machine gun motions. He pulled out of Raven and
      ejaculated over her breasts, in traditional bad porn style. Toad really
      had no vision at all.

      Falling on top of her, he laughed soundlessly, feeling slimy in more ways
      than one. Maybe he could at least crush Raven a little bit. He pressed
      down on her, as hard as he could, keeping up the pressure even after he
      heard Toady yell, "Cut!" Wolverine smiled down at Raven as she struggled;
      a second later he growled as he was pulled off her and thrown across the
      room as Vic came to her rescue.

      Toad followed his own lines in this production within a production to the
      letter. "Wolverine, you just stay here. Raven, go get cleaned up. We'll
      shoot the gazebo scene as soon as you're ready." He relaxed as Wolverine
      pulled the pants and shirt back on and settled into a chair, his back to
      the gazebo set. Erik sat down next to him, trying to goad him into a
      conversation, but Wolverine ignored him. Raven wandered out the door,
      heading down to get the 'stunt double'. Looking up, Mortimer saw Christy
      standing in the window that led to the editing room. She nodded down to
      him, giving him a thumb's up.

      She was in Wolverine's head. Mortimer hoped the plan would work, that the
      drugs had broken Wolverine's defenses enough for Christy to control long
      enough for him to get good shots of the snuff. Keeping careful watch, Toad
      saw Raven return, in the form of Wolverine, leading the drugged girl into
      the room. He turned back to check Wolverine's reaction. There was none;
      his star's back remained to the pair, unconcerned. Good, he hadn't scented
      or sensed her. Toad felt his mood lighten. This might just work.

      Raven-Wolverine led Marie to the white latticed gazebo that sat in front of
      a giant blue screen. Taking her hand, 'he' brought her over to the side of
      the gazebo that faced away from the rest of the room.

      "Now, baby, do you remember what I told you?"

      "Hmmm?" Marie looked around the room, still feeling foggy. She knew there
      was something she needed to ask Logan, but she just couldn't remember what
      it was.

      "That's right," 'he' said. "Just stay here, don't turn around. And when I
      come to you again, I want you to just stand still, okay, baby?"

      "Mmmmhmmmm," Marie said, swaying slightly.

      "Good Girl." Leaving Marie in the gazebo, Raven left the room, nodding to
      Toad on her way out.

      Toad waited until she was clear of the room, then turned to his
      star. "Wolverine, it's time for the final scene…"


      Christy and Victor were up in the editing room that looked down into the
      ballroom. Erik didn't want them downstairs while the filming was going
      on. Victor, because he might distract Logan, Christy because Erik didn't
      want her distracted. They were watching a live feed from the studio on a
      small monitor.

      Vic watched as Toady brought Wolverine to stand behind his little
      piece. The knowledge that they would both die had excitement coursing
      through him, pooling in his loins. He would have to fuck Raven again after
      they were done getting rid of the bodies. The little girl looked tasty,
      even if it was only Raven. He could stop breathing through his nose and
      pretend again. His claws made such nice furrows in that creamy white
      flesh. Vic turned to his right and watched Christy, swaying a bit in her
      chair, her face sweaty. He didn't like telepaths on instinct, and even
      this one wasn't changing his mind. He hoped Erik would let him get rid of
      her when this was done.
      Turning up the mic feeds from the studio he watched as Wolverine wrapped
      his arms around the frail, protected from her skin by the white gown.

      Christy was working hard, and Victor was sitting next to her stroking
      himself through his pants wasn't making concentrating any easier. From the
      camera down below she could see Wolverine, his arms around the woman she
      was making sure he thought was Raven.

      He was saying the lines. "You think you can just play with me? I'll show
      you!" With that, the claws came out.

      Christy concentrated intently; she couldn't let him figure out he was about
      to slice up his actual lover. Just a few more minutes and this would be
      over, and she would get her job and her money…

      Victor smiled evilly, moving his huge head closer to the little
      screen. Finally. The good part. His attention was captivated by the
      promise of bloodshed. But Logan was just standing there. Vic could see
      his back was arched and the claws were out. What the fuck was the runt
      waiting for?


      Logan's arms were around Raven, and she was swaying gently, moving back and
      forth slowly. Which was strange. He tried to think out why she would be
      acting like this; she should by all rights be fighting with him. It
      suddenly occurred to him that he didn't need to wonder about any of this,
      and deciding it was time to get this over with, he extended the claws.


      Marie was tired and still feeling a bit woozy. Closing her eyes, she
      looked inward and tried to call on the last remaining control over Logan's
      healing powers. Gaining a boost of energy, she took hold of that inner
      Loganness and started to focus, trying to neutralize the drug in her
      system. She was amused by the thought of his reaction if she told him he
      was good for prolonged sex and hangover relief.

      Her mind started to clear just as she realized Logan was behind her; a
      flash of light reflecting off his claws. She felt the Erik presence in her
      mind start to twinge, the survival instinct of all three personalities
      starting to kick in.


      Erik was standing in front of Wolverine and Rogue, just to the right of
      Mortimer and the camera, waiting for the climax. Erik made sure that he
      could take over control of the adamantium claws, he didn't want to lose the
      scene just because Wolverine noticed he was about to stab his
      girlfriend. He trusted Christy not to screw up, but he didn't trust her
      enough to not have a backup plan. He sighed in relief when the claws shot
      out, and Wolverine's back arched, and his arms raised, ready to slice down,
      to start the snuff. Maybe he wouldn't have to step in after all.

      Then everything went to hell.

      A section of the ballroom wall exploded inward, a thin red beam of light
      cutting through anything in its path, the beam going straight through the
      room and cutting through the opposite wall, showing no sign of
      stopping. Erik was in shock as he looked dumbly at the ruination of his


      Christy shrieked when the blast echoed through the ballroom and up into the
      editing room where she and Vic were sitting. She felt her control over
      Logan's mind slip. Then she felt another, more powerful mind take hers and
      *twist *. Screaming again, she fainted, blood pouring from her nose.


      Logan barely managed to stop his arms from completing the downward arc. He
      felt that questioning instinct return to his head, what's more, he could
      smell that the woman in front of him was Marie, not Raven.

      His Marie.

      Staring at Erik he growled, feral and deep, hatred flowing into his veins,
      countermanding all drugs and controls. He was going to kill them all.

      Marie turned in his arms and looked at him, claws out, arms outstretched.
      She must have sensed something, even through her fog. Looking more closely
      he saw her eyes were clear, even as she trembled slightly.


      "It's me, darlin'."

      "Oh." She looked at him carefully, then looked at the claws. "Hmm." She
      drew herself up with remarkable dignity and placing her hands on her hips,
      leaned into him. "What's the safe word?"

      "Poodles, baby, it's all you and your poodles."

      Her face lit up. "Logan, it is you!"

      His grin was cut short as his arms started to move, the blades starting to
      move toward Marie again.




      Erik ordered Mortimer to keep filming, and watching Wolverine and the girl,
      summoned his control over the metal in Wolverine's body, specifically his
      arms. He would get the shot and finish the movie. He resigned himself to
      the fact it would just have to be a bit cruder than he had originally planned.

      He put more energy into controlling the adamantium claws, watching in
      amusement as Wolverine tried to fight back. Forcing the adamantium coated
      arms outward again he started to bring them down, toward the girl, who was
      wedged between Wolverine and the railing of the gazebo.

      Just as he began to force the arms down to finish snuffing the girl, they
      stopped. Erik frowned, his control faltering. What the hell was going on


      Logan looked down at Marie, then behind her to see Magneto looking pissed
      off. Looking back down at her, it clicked.

      "He touched you, didn't he?"

      "Yes," Marie gasped, trying to fight Erik's control of the claw wielding arms.

      Logan grimaced at the pain as his adamantium-enhanced bones were caught in
      a life or death tug of war; it hurt like all hell. Logan snarled in Erik's
      direction; Marie wouldn't be able to keep this up.

      "Touch me again, darlin'," he whispered.

      She looked up at him, and her control over Erik's power slipped
      slightly. Logan's arms fell slightly, the blades moving closer to her
      neck. She knew he was right, she had to have something to fight
      with. They both sighed as her bare hand lightly touched his face.

      Logan felt the pull start, the warm water feeling. He stumbled backwards,
      weakening, the claws attempting to withdraw. When the claws wouldn't
      retract he cursed in frustration. Erik still had control.


      Erik was tired of these games. He started to assert control over
      Wolverine's whole skeleton, forcing him back toward the girl.


      "Not *now *, Mortimer!"

      "I don't think they're going to wait, Erik."

      Looking up, Erik saw a red-headed woman staring at him through the editing
      room window. He watched in surprise as she moved back and a man in a
      black leather uniform, entangled with Victor, hurdled through the
      window. Glass flew everywhere as the two men crashed onto the ballroom

      Erik felt a thrill of retribution as Christy appeared behind the woman, but
      it was quickly routed when the redhead turned and delivered a roundhouse
      swing to Christy's jaw. A noise behind him drew his attention, as a large
      blue man in the same type of uniform crashed through the blue screen,
      leaving a huge hole.

      "Mortimer, deal with him!" Erik bellowed, not paying attention to Toad's
      incredulous look. The little man obeyed though; his long, prehensile
      tongue shooting out to wrap around the blue man's throat.

      Enough of these distractions, Erik decided, watching the uniformed man blow
      Victor across the room with a beam of red light. Turning back to
      Wolverine, whom he had kept motionless, Erik started him on a forced march,
      making him walk the few steps toward the girl.


      The room was a cacophony of light and noise.

      Hank McCoy was pulling on Toad's tongue, finally getting it unwrapped from
      around his neck. He pulled Toad by the tongue, wrapping him like a roped
      calf, throwing him into a wall, dropping him for the count. Ororo Xavier
      was out in the hall with Raven, engaging in some pretty basic
      fisticuffs. The weather goddess stood back and summoned a strong wind,
      blowing Raven into a wall. Scott Summers managed one last beam with his
      visor before Victor knocked him out with a small table. Charles had just
      wheeled into the room when Erik spotted him.

      Seeing his hated business rival, Erik diverted his power, releasing
      Wolverine to send a large wheel mounted camera flying in Xavier's
      direction. It stopped less than a foot from Xavier's head, wavering as the
      forces of telekinesis fought with the power of magnetism.

      Free of Erik's control, Logan saw Vic approaching them. Leaving the claws
      extended, he jumped off the gazebo onto the larger man. He slammed into
      Vic at full speed, the claws striking deep in the huge man's chest. They
      flew across the room, claws and muscles straining at each other.

      Marie watched as Erik continued to move the camera closer to
      Charlie. Drawing on her control over her inner Erik's powers, she brought
      the camera he was standing next to down on top of him, knowing he was
      unconscious when the camera hovering in front of Charlie fell to the ground
      with a crash. Spinning to look at another crashing noise, Marie saw Raven
      slam into Ororo, sending her flying. Summoning the last of Erik's
      abilities, she lifted the camera he had been trying to kill Charlie with,
      using it as a battering ram against Raven. She exchanged a relieved look
      with 'Ro when the blue skinned woman did not get up again.

      Turning, Marie saw Logan slash at Vic with his claws; the cuts not fazing
      the enraged Sabretooth as he pushed Logan backward through the room. Logan
      smiled as a blow hit all the way home, his knuckles brushing against Vic's
      gut. She winced as the taller man hit Logan again and again; Logan not
      being able to move away, his claws stuck in Vic's chest. Marie breathed
      again as Vic went flying through the walls of the living room set, a red
      beam of light propelling him backward, away from Logan. The table he had
      hit Scott with stopped Vic's fall, impaling him though the shoulder and the
      abdomen. She winced at the sight, but could feel no sympathy as the big
      man writhed in pain.

      Giving in to the urge to sit down, she did, falling heavily to the floor of
      the gazebo. She looked up as Logan's strong legs, still wrapped in the
      brown of his costume, walked up to her.

      "Don't touch me!" Marie cried.

      "It'll be okay, darlin'."

      "I don't have control right now," she said, shifting away from him,
      wriggling backwards.

      "It'll be okay, darlin'." She didn't look up, didn't see 'Ro toss Logan a
      pair of gloves.

      Closing her eyes, Marie leaned against the white lattice of the gazebo,
      slowly giving into the exhaustion calling her.

      "Gonna pick you up, okay, Marie? Don't worry."

      And he did.

      And she didn't.


      Logan held Marie in his arms and looked around the room. Vic was barely
      breathing; which was too much breathing for him in Logan's book. Scott
      staggered over to where Logan stood, looking like he had gone twelve rounds
      with something nasty. Staring at the gore covered Vic he had to agree;
      yeah, that was nasty.

      "She okay?" Scott asked, nursing a bruise on the side of his cheek, just
      below the visor.

      "Yeah, they drugged her, made her lose her control, and tried to kill her,
      but she should be okay," Logan bit out tightly.

      "I believe it would be an intelligent, and precipitate action if we were to
      leave this place immediately," Hank said, holding his hand over a cut that
      had made it through his fur.

      They could hear sirens in the distance, obviously heading toward the
      house. Logan pointed to the cameras and Jean nodded, taking the tapes from
      them; Ororo joined them holding a bag with more tapes. As one they started
      toward the hole in the wall. Once outside the building Logan saw the
      Blackbird in the distance, a few minutes walk away. Halfway to the jet,
      Charlie stopped and touched his forehead, the rest stopping to look at him

      "The lead investigator will know where to look to find enough evidence
      against them all," he said calmly, starting again toward the jet.

      Inside the Blackbird, Logan fell into a seat; Marie still held tightly in
      his arms. Scott and 'Ro got into the pilots seats and started to warm up
      the engines. They were in the air quickly. Logan relaxed against the
      leather seat, absently rubbing his cheek against Marie's hair. Frowning,
      he pulled off the blonde wig. A white streak marred the dark
      waves. Logan ran his gloved fingers through the bright strands. He
      looked up to see Jean's brown eyes, her concern obvious, as she reached
      down to take Marie's pulse.

      "Why?" He asked her, holding up some of the strands.

      Finished taking Marie's pulse, Jean leaned back, removing the latex
      gloves. "Shock, most likely." Assured that Rogue would be okay once the
      exhaustion and drugs wore off, and accepting Logan's refusal of medical
      attention, Jean went to help Hank bandage his arm.

      Logan continued to touch Marie gently, whispering in a hair-covered ear
      that she was safe, that he would take care of her, that he was sorry. He
      was rewarded in a few minutes by a brown eye opening, looking up at him.


      "Hey, darlin'. How you feeling?"


      "Yeah, you just rest, okay?"

      The eye closed, then opened again. "Okay," she said, snuggling into his

      "How did you find us?" Logan directed the question to Charlie who had
      unlocked his wheelchair from the safety harness to wheel over to where he
      sat with Marie.

      "When Rogue called the house, and the phone went dead, Jean started to
      worry. When we tried to call back there was no answer. We called the
      phone company, they could not locate the signal either. So we put in a
      call to GPS about Rogue's car. The last place they had the signal was just
      on the Alberta - Saskatchewan border." His eyes became guarded. "We flew
      out and found the remains of your cars. Luckily, it must have stopped
      snowing soon after you were taken; the tracks around the wrecks were easily
      identified. Victor Creed is a rather distinctive fellow." He raised an
      eyebrow at them. "I must say, we were surprised to find the two of you
      traveling together. The next step was tracing…" He stopped as Marie lifted
      her head from Logan's shoulder to stare at him.

      "*Cars*? You found the remains of the *cars*?" Marie croaked, turning
      shocked eyes on Xavier.

      "Yes. Wolverine's truck had been destroyed in an explosion. It was the
      fire that, unfortunately, had left your car in much the same condition, I'm
      afraid to say, Rogue."

      "The * fire *?" Marie echoed weakly as Logan stroked one silk clad arm gently.

      Hank picked up the story, looking at them over Jean's shoulder as she put a
      bandage on his furry blue arm. "Yes, it looked like someone had poured
      gasoline over the interior of your vehicle and set it ablaze."

      Marie whimpered and Logan pulled her closer. "Those sons of bitches
      torched Sven?" she muttered angrily, fury bathing her cheeks in red.

      Logan grinned over her head at Jean, who returned his relieved
      smile. Anger was a good sign; Rogue would be bouncing back. Really
      looking at Jean for the first time, it finally penetrated that she was
      dressed in black leather. Logan looked around the plane. Hank, Jean,
      Scott, 'Ro, even Xavier… they were all wearing black leather. He tried to
      place which… oh yes, the costumes that had been rejected as not revealing
      or tight enough for 'Raw Hide Lust'.

      He snorted. "I can't believe you guys went outside in those things," Logan
      said, earning a glare from everyone but Marie, who looked at him in confusion.

      "What, you would have preferred the yellow spandex from 'The Captain Hardon
      and Orgasma Chronicles'?" Scott inquired wryly.

      Logan snickered and pressed Marie's head back to his shoulder when she
      lifted it to take a look around the plane. He relaxed into the plush
      leather; for the first time since before that night at bar in Laughlin
      City, he felt safe.


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