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Before The Afters 1/1, L/R (NC-17)

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  • Serena Michaels
    Before the Afters Author: Sineya Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating:NC-17 -although it seems R to me, but that s ratings for ya. Summary: Sometimes it s what happens
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2001
      Before the Afters

      Author: Sineya

      Disclaimer: Not mine.

      Rating:NC-17 -although it seems R to me, but that's ratings for ya.

      Summary: Sometimes it's what happens next that counts.

      Category: Rogue POV, Logan/Rogue

      Warning: This is an insanely strange blend of fluff and humor. It confused the author, it'll confuse you.

      Author's Notes: I've been out of circulation for awhile. Blame on it me, blame it on my ass of a significant other, blame it on my boss who has an enormous stick up his rectum. And blame this story on my bodice-ripper obsession that colors losing your virginity with pretty pastels.

      Thanks to: Tris, for getting me off my hard-working ass and back to the obsessive fanfic world. Thanks babe, I can always count on you to pull me off the bandwagon.


      We make our first sexual experience into this monumental act, and because our mind has conjured up this fantasy of immense proportions we're inevitably going to be let down.

      Throughout our life we're hit with various stereotypes that portray your first time as this major milestone. Your first word. Your first potty. Your first time riding a bike without training wheels, or speeding down the freeway hours after your road test.

      Poets write about the beauty and blissful unity. Singers trill loudly about the ecstasy. Writers pen numerous pages about 'quivering members' and 'dripping heat.'

      The one thing they neglect to mention is the excruciating pain when his 'quivering member' delves into your 'dripping heat.'

      And a few other minor details.

      The sweating and uncomfortable weight of a 200+ lbs. mass of muscle above you. The harsh, grating voice panting in your ear and whispering sweet, endearing terms like -"Who's your daddy? Huh bitch? Who? " and "I'm gonna fuck you so hard you won't be walking anywhere tomorrow." (The kind of romantic sentiments that make your heart go pitter-patter.)

      While your trying to turn your moans of pain into moans of pleasure as he grunts his way to satisfaction all the while screaming out that you're 'one hot piece.'

      Of what you're never sure, he likes to say it's ass.

      So, while your bones crack and bend as he thrusts into you harshly, your nails scoring down his back in a semblance of passion -and he'll never know it's not of the amorous kind- and your muscles are trying to squeeze him dry so it'll be over and done with and you can maybe catch that Rocky Horror special on VH1.

      While you think about how stupid this was and how dumb you were not to wait until you were ready.

      And after he's all done and you feigned the big O, he pulls you close and whispers into your ear that he loves you and wants to stay with you forever.

      And you blink sleepily, your attention caught by his uncharacteristically tender words, and the blissful gleam in his eyes as he stares down at your sweaty, naked face. He smiles down at you, and rubs a hand across your now hair-strewn cheek.

      And you return the smile, and sigh into arms -thanking the lord for what you like to call body condoms.

      He falls asleep against your silk-wrapped neck, unconsciously pressing a gentle kiss to your protected skin.

      And you smile again, and fall asleep thinking that maybe the first time isn't the all-consuming experience its made out to be.

      Maybe it's the afters that count.

      ~*~ Finis ~*~

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