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Fic: The First Time 1/? R/L, G

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  • Calandra Ravenshadow
    Title: The First Time 1/? Author: Calandra Archive: Sure, but tell me where its going Rating: PG Category: R/L Summary: Will Rogue’s first mission be her
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2001
      Title: The First Time 1/?
      Author: Calandra
      Archive: Sure, but tell me where its going
      Rating: PG
      Category: R/L
      Summary: Will Rogue�s first mission be her last?
      Disclaimer: X-Men and all its characters belong to
      Feedback: Yes please! :-)

      She stood in front of the mirror tugging at the
      leather covering her. The body suit fit like a glove,
      as if it had been made just for her. Which of course,
      it had been.

      It was black and silver, like Jean�s uniform but it
      wasn�t the same. She admired the way the sleeveless
      shirt almost met her long gloves, showing off the
      slightest bit of pale skin. It hugged the form she had
      grown into these past few years at the mansion like a
      lover� or so she assumed.

      She played with her hair, rearranging the white
      strands nervously. It didn�t seem to be behaving quite
      as it should. She wanted to look just right for this
      though she wasn�t quite sure what way right was.

      She started to fidget. She glanced up at the clock and
      pulled the zipper up to her neck. Then, frowning, she
      pulled it down again.

      �You look good, kid.� A gruff voice announced from
      behind her.

      She nearly jumped out of her skintight suit at the
      sound. She spun around, blushing slightly at having
      been caught admiring her new uniform.

      �Logan� I was� I was just�� Any sort of defence died
      in her throat and she settled instead on a more
      offensive tactic. �What are you doing in my room?�

      She could see him hiding a tender � no Logan was never
      tender � an amused smile as he ran his hands through
      his stubble.

      �Scooter said to check on you. Who am I to disobey our
      great leader?� He winked. But he was suddenly gruff
      and ill humoured again. �It�s too early.�

      The mission briefing was in twenty minutes. But that
      wasn�t what he meant and they both knew it. Her
      posture stiffened and she tossed back her hair

      �I�m a grown woman and as much a member of the X-Men
      as you.� His snort told her what he thought of that
      but she forced herself to continue. �Besides, sugar,
      this is routine. I�m just the pilot.�

      He tosseled her carefully positioned hair much more
      gently then his muscular frame seemed capable of. She
      was transported back to a time when she was just 17 �
      was it only 3 years ago? � and the only thing she
      wanted was to be protected by this man.

      She looked him over. The tight jeans, the flanel
      shirt, it looked good on him, as it could not have on
      anyone else but it wasn�t a uniform. He wasn�t coming.
      He wouldn�t be protecting her this time.

      The silence was starting to draw itself out. Logan
      cleared his throat and gave her hair a last pat.

      �Take care of yourself, Rogue.� Then he was gone.

      Rogue. Not kid, not even Marie, Rogue. The implication
      of that simple word made her smile whistfully. Her
      X-Men name on the lips of that man meant more than a
      whole congratulation speech from another.

      She glanced up at the clock again. Her sweet pleasure
      suddenly replaced by a far more nervous one, she
      shoved her dogtags into her uniform and took off at a

      Rogue slid into a chair in the war room. Her chair.
      She held the armrests tightly and glanced about her.
      Storm, sitting next to her, smiled warmly before
      turning her attention back to the front of the room
      where Cyclops was pacing.

      Scott Summers was all business. His hands were firmly
      behind his back, not a hair was out of place and he
      paced with the careful precision of a trained soldier.
      But he didn�t say a word.

      Jean Grey sat in her own chair serenely, placed as
      close to her fiance as the large round table allowed.
      Next to her coolness, Ororo looked like a force of
      nature. Which, of course she was.

      But they were all still until Hank swung into the room
      and sat down next to Rogue.

      She had never been able to call him Beast. The big
      blue doctor with his love of literature and all things
      beautiful was too gentle to be anything ressembling a

      He smiled at her but Scott was already starting the

      �There are ten mutants currently hiding out in a
      forest in Maine. Some local �Friends of Humanity�
      drove them out of town.� He paused dramatically. Rogue
      tried not to be annoyed but she could feel a little
      bit of Logan growling with impatience even after all
      this time.

      He turned to the monitor, switching from a map of
      Maine to the picture of a masked blonde. The picture
      spun, seemingly of its own accord, but he was already

      �Our contact is keeping them safe but she thinks that
      they might be found at any time. We want to fly in,
      get these people back to the mansion safe. I want this
      quiet, no one needs to get hurt.�

      That was it, apparently. Scott clapped his hands
      together and everyone filled out.

      Rogue didn�t move for an instant, shocked by the
      suddeness of it all. Maybe Logan was right, maybe it
      was too early.

      She felt a velvet touch on her arm. She looked up into
      intelligent blue eyes.

      �There is nothing quite as exciting and frightning as
      a first time,� Hank said with a tilt of his shagy
      head. �It contains all the anticipation and wonder
      that life can offer but always with the knowledge that
      it can only come once.�

      She just nodded, pretending to listen but her mind was

      Then, Hank too was gone and she was left with the
      option of either staying behind or following her older
      comerades. She followed.

      The skies were clear and the flight, easy. For any
      other stealth mission, that might have been a problem.
      But the blackbird had the uncanny ability not to be
      noticed, by radars and even human eyes in the right

      Rogue, sitting in the pilot�s seat was tenser than she
      had any right to be. She had flown hundreds of time
      and in worse conditions than this. But she felt none
      of her usual exhileration, she was too afraid of doing
      something wrong.

      She turned her head to the back of the cabin where
      Scott was talking to the two other women and Hank. His
      hand was placed discreetly on the small of Jean�s back
      and their eyes met now and then, so to speak.

      The looks seemed so tender, like a soft touch. She
      glanced back at them again and sighed. No one looked
      at her that way.

      �Is something wrong, Rogue?�

      �No, Mr.Summers, I was just wondering� wondering where
      I should be after we land.� She bit her lip and
      berated herself for the distraction. Already she was
      screwing up.

      But Cyclops just nodded and squeezed Jean�s hand.

      �Just keep the engine running and be ready to leave on
      my command.� He started to turn back to his impromptu
      meeting but paused. �And Rogue, call me Cyclops,
      you�re part of the��

      He broke off, pointing towards the screen frantically.
      Rogue looked through the windshield in time to see a
      blond woman � the blond woman from the meeting �
      floating in front of them.

      �What in tarnation� ?!� she veered off abruptly and
      breathed a sigh of relief.

      But her calm was short lived.

      There was a pounding on the outside of the jet. She
      dared not look away again but the sound of metal
      scraping against metal set her nerves on edge.

      A sudden burst of air blew her hair into her face. She
      tried vainly to control it but it was hopeless.

      �Rogue, open the hatch.�

      She tried to nod but was too busy trying to find the
      hatch release through the mess of hair before her.
      Finally she felt it and slamed her hand on it.

      Another gust of air hit her, this time followed by a
      woman�s harsh voice. She closed the hatch again and
      tried to focus forward as the woman ranted.

      �Summers, I thought you were here to help me, not
      knock me out of the sky! Honestly�� she shook her head

      �Enough, there are mutant hunters patrolling the
      forest, you can�t land without attracting attention.
      Just get close and I�ll fly them up. Do you think your
      girl can handle that?�

      Rogue�s hands tensed. She could see the skin turn
      white but she couldn�t unclench. If she did, she�d say
      something Logan would say.

      �My team is my own business, not yours Miss Marvel.
      Just do your part and we�ll do ours.� Rogue had never
      heard Cyclops this testy with anyone other than Logan.
      But then this woman had a hautiness that not even
      Wolverine�s arogance could match.

      Miss Marvel didn�t say another word, simply lept out
      of the Blackbird almost faster than Rogue could open
      the hatch.

      �Hank, Jean, get the back ready for casualties; this
      may not be as simple as we suspected. Storm help me
      get them in. Keep it steady Rogue.�

      Steady. That�s exactly how Scott sounded and Rogue
      didn�t feel. She took a deep breath and stared
      straight ahead of her, trying not to think of how
      nervous she was.

      She could hear her friends working in the back. Scott
      and Ororo were dragging in men and women as Miss
      Marvel brought them up.

      Three and then four, they kept coming steadily. Storm
      murmurred soothing words to them and sent them to Hank
      and Jean. It was getting repetitive and Rogue felt her
      muscles lossen somewhat.

      �Her leg looks broken. Storm, help her.�

      There was some shuffling and Rogue turned around to
      watch Storm wrap an arm around a little girl. The two
      walked slowly to the back of the jet.

      Scott was reaching for another person. She could see
      them clasp hands. The leader of the X-Men wavered
      slightly and reached out with his other hand.

      But it didn�t work out as planned. As he leaned
      forward, his knee slipped.

      Rogue suppressed the shriek that was rising from her
      throat and dove towards him. She grasped his ankle
      just as he disapeared over the edge.

      She smiled in triumph until the weight of the two men
      hit her. All her bones rattled and she struggled for
      purchase, feeling the metal slip beneath her slick

      This time she did scream as she plunged head first
      into the open sky. She closed her eyes for a moment.
      She waited for her life to flash before her eyes as
      she knew must happen.

      She didn�t see anything of the sort. The only vision
      that apeared was that of Logan pressing her head
      against his strong chest.

      Come on, I�ll protect you.

      You promise?

      Yeah, I promise.

      Suddenly all the air was knocked out of her lungs. She
      felt strong arms clutching her and as she opened her
      eyes, she half expected to see him smiling at her.

      Miss Marvel, however, wasn�t smiling. She held Rogue
      against her with one arm, the other around a teenaged
      boy. They hovered above the ground, far from where
      Storm was trying to steady Cyclops and a large mutant.

      She breathed a sigh of relief to see them safe but
      only until she started to feel stronger.

      She glanced down at Miss Marvel�s bare arm that was
      pressed against the skin above her glove. Panicking,
      she tried to squirm out of the iron grip.

      �Stop moving girl, do you want us both to fall?�

      �No!� Rogue cried out helplessly as the energy
      continued to flow into her. She shook her head, trying
      to get free. But it was no use.

      The Blackbird was getting closer but she felt the
      masked woman waver and then cry out in pain.

      �What� are� you doing to me?�

      But Rogue couldn�t answer. Hundreds of other questions
      that the woman was asking herself were already pulsing
      in her mind. Thousands of memories, feelings,

      She didn�t even realize that she was shrieking until
      the sound reached her ears. All her limbs trembled
      with a strength that she didn�t recognize.

      Suddenly, Miss Marvel was pulled away from her. She
      hung alone in the air but did not fall. That did not
      seem strange somehow.

      �Rogue, are you alright?� That was the weather witch,
      Storm, she remembered. But she didn�t react to the

      She just dove towards the ground. There were still two
      more people on the ground. A mother and her child, she
      recalled. She had promised to keep them safe.

      She spun towards the ground recklessly, leveling out
      at the last moment as she entered the thick forest.
      Branches slapped against her and cloth tore but she
      paid none of this any heed.

      She could see the pair in her mind, as she had left
      them and suddenly they were before her. She smiled and
      held out her arms.

      Instead of leaping into her arms and into safety, the
      small family cowered against a tree, staring at her

      �Tressa, what is it? It�s me.� She pleaded but that
      only added confusion to the terror in their eyes.

      She could hear footsteps aproaching and quickly
      scooped up the pair. She flew them to the Black bird,
      trying to ignore their stiffness.

      Settling on the metal floor, a sudden exhaustion
      overwhealmed her. Overcome by this unfamiliar
      sensation of weakness, she knelt on the ground.

      �Summers, is everyone alright?� She managed to get

      �That�s what I was going to ask you Rogue.�

      She shook her head. �Who�s Rogue?� But then she caught
      sight of a body lying on the ground, the slight, blond
      woman she remembered seeing in the mirror every day.

      The part of her that was still Rogue shrieked, trying
      to break to the surface before she passed out.

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