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Fic: Living Without Him R/L, R/B [G]

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  • Calandra Ravenshadow
    Title: Living Without Him Author: Calandra Rating: G Sumary: Marie/Logan and some Marie/Bobby, Rogue must start a new life after Logan leaves to find his old
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      Title: Living Without Him
      Author: Calandra
      Rating: G
      Sumary: Marie/Logan and some Marie/Bobby, Rogue must
      start a new life after Logan leaves to find his old
      one. Just angst.
      Disclaimer: Not mine� I really wish Logan were but
      unfortunately, he�s not. They belong to Marvel.
      Archiving: Forbidden Love, everyone else ask first.
      Feedback: I�m begging!

      The door shut and just like that, he was gone.

      Marie clasped the dog tags tightly; they still had his
      warmth from resting on his chest. She closed his eyes,
      trying to capture him in her mind: his unshaven face,
      his deep eyes, his oddly soft voice, his tight�

      Swallowing, she pushed away the image. He was gone and
      wishing wouldn�t change that. He had promised to come
      back though. But then, he had also promised to protect
      her and he couldn�t very well do that from Canada.

      She heard a motor rumbling. All her schoolmates
      interupted their fun and games in order to run to the
      window. She didn�t move from the spot, half-hoping
      that the door would open again and he would appologize
      for leaving her alone.

      But a voice broke into her daydream. It was female,
      and overly cheerful. �Hey, Rogue, you�re friend�s
      stealing Mr.Summer�s bike!�

      She hung the dog tags around her neck and hurried to
      the window. She arrived just in time to see her
      leather clad hero vanish through the mansion gates.

      The excitement over, the young mutants of Xavier�s
      School for Gifted Youngsters returned to their
      foosball and lounging.

      Marie didn�t move. She continued to stare out of the
      window, hoping beyond hope that she wouldn�t have to
      spend another 8 months � or more � all by herself.
      Minutes passed and he didn�t return but Marie just
      stood there clutching his gift. She didn�t even notice
      the moiture in her eyes.

      Bobby stared over the top of his book towards the
      window. He wasn�t really reading. He had stopped even
      pretending to read ten minutes before. He was too
      focused on the form standing motionless at the window.

      She looked so� lost. He wanted to do something. The
      problem was that he wasn�t entirely sure what that
      something was or if he should even do it. He put down
      his book and started to rise when a fireball was
      shoved into his face.

      �Flame on!� Johnny said with as much dramatic flare as
      her could muster. �So, what do you think?�

      Bobby had no idea what his best friend and occasional
      rival was talking about and it was clear on his face.
      He really had no patience for this right now. The
      blond just shrugged at his friend�s dubious

      �All comic book super heroes have catch phrases.� He
      said by way of explanation. �So?�

      �You�re a dork.�

      Johnny extinguished his fire and placed himself
      purposely between Bobby Drake and the object of his
      attention. He crossed his arms over his chest in a
      possition that indicated that he wanted to argue about
      something. Bobby sighed.

      Knowing there was no way to stop his friend when he
      got into one of these moods, Bobby settled himself on
      the couch and waited. It was the fastest way to get
      through this.

      �I�m a dork? The Iceman has been spending the last
      fifteen minutes staring at some girl, very cool.�

      Bobby caught a glance of her over his friend�s
      shoulder. He could see her slender waist, her elegant
      opera gloves, and the way her hair fell around her
      face like a halo when she tilted her head.

      �She�s not just some girl, John, she�s�� He started
      and almost ran towards her but Johnny�s hands were on
      his shoulders. �She�s crying!�

      �And what are you going to do about it? Will you do
      the sensitive guy act; make her forget her strong,
      ruggedly handsome savior in your arms?� John blew out
      a small flame that had ignited on his finger, showing
      how he felt about that idea.

      �Are you in love with him too?� Bobby raised his
      eyebrow, hoping to shame the older boy into letting
      him alone.

      Johnny just shrugged. �I just know when to cut my
      losses. Hey, Jubes! You�re cooler then this guy, tell
      me what you think.�

      Left alone once more, Bobby tried to must up his
      courage. He noticed ice crusting up on his hands, a
      nervous habbit of his. He rid himself of the ice and
      straightened his clothes. He took a deep breath and
      walked towards her.

      But she was already standing next to him.

      �He�s kind of a jerk isn�t he?�

      Bobby was startled for a moment. It hadn�t occurred to
      him that she might have been able to overhear their

      She smiled weakly. �I still have Logan�s super
      hearing.� She clutched at something hanging around her
      neck. �He left me a lot of things.�

      But he hadn�t left her what she wanted was what was
      left unstated.

      Bobby bit his lip. He had made a mess of things
      without even saying a word to her yet. He racked his
      brain, trying to figure out how to fix this. Then

      �Yeah, Johnny can be� difficult. I think he means well
      but he needs someone to keep him humble.� His eyes
      shone wickedly as he pointed at his friend. �Watch.�

      Across the recreation room, John was standing in front
      of Jubilee. The young Asian girl sat with her hands
      resting on her lap. She was watching John with a wide
      smile though she might have been humoring him.

      For his part, Johnny was posturing in front of her;
      there was no other word for it. Carefully, he made a
      little flame rose and moved towards Jubilee.

      �Copycat.� Bobby mumbled but he was still grinning. He
      nudged Rogue, careful not to touch her skin, and
      extended his hand. A thin, almost invisible sheet of
      ice extended from his hand.

      It looked like little more than mist but it settled,
      unnoticed on the ground beneath Johnny�s foot. When
      John shifted his weight to present his creation to
      Jubilee, he slipped. He fell in a less than dignified
      manner, his elegant gift sputtering into harmless

      Bobby turned towards Rogue to catch her reaction. He
      saw her hide a giggle behind her hand before becoming
      somber once more. She smiled at him and turned to

      �Wait!� He was somewhat surprised to actually see her
      pause and for a moment, didn�t know what to add. �Will
      you join us for supper?�

      She seemed to think for a moment. Her eyes were
      lowered and she stroked the chain around her neck.
      Then, she noded, slowly and stifly, but she nodded.

      Bobby watched her go with a sigh. He continued to
      stare wistfully into space until a hand clamped onto
      his shoulder.

      �Ok,� Johnny started with remarkable calm. �I get the
      crush thing. Rogue is hot, no one�s denying it. But do
      you really have to include me in your downfall?�

      He got ready to defend himself but instead of anger,
      he was faced with his friends smile. John patted him
      on the back and started to lead him out of the room.
      �I�ll get you back for that. Now come on, lets get you
      ready for supper so you don�t have to resort to
      humiliating me again.�

      Kitty Pryde, aka Shadow Cat, shook her head at her two
      friends. She didn�t get men sometimes� well most of
      the time. She plunged into the wall in front of her
      and headed off to the room asigned to the young women.

      Rogue closed the door to her room and headed stright
      for her bed. There were four other beds in the room
      and hers was the one furthest from the door in order
      to minimize the chance of anyone stumbling over her in
      the middle of the night.

      She collapsed on the bed, burrying her head in the
      pillow. She wanted to cry, she really did, but she
      couldn�t do it. The little bit of Logan still inside
      her refused itself that weakness. She could have
      pushed it away but at the moment that was the last
      thing she wanted to do.

      She tried to focus on Bobby and John�s hijinks; they
      were trying to cheer her up she knew. But the only
      image that came to mind was Logan holding her as she
      cried or holding her head desperately when he thought
      she was dead. He might never hold her like that again.

      She almost cried then but she couldn�t.

      �I�ve never had a boyfriend or anything, especially
      not as handsome as your Logan. But being a mutant,
      I�ve lost people like everyone else; they�re afraid, I
      think. It�s hard. It hurts every day but you�ve got to
      keep living, you know? Because otherwise, if they come
      back, you won�t be the person they loved or even if
      they don�t, you�ll never find someone else to love

      Marie recognized the voice, though she didn�t know it
      well. It was one of her roommates, Kathy or Kitty. She
      didn�t want to look up at her; she didn�t want to
      acknowledge her helpful banter. But something within
      her propelled her into a sitting position.

      She looked the other girl straight in the eye. �I�ve
      lost everybody.�

      She had said it to rid herself of Kitty but the moment
      she said it, she realized that it was true. Her first
      boyfriend, her friends, her parents, her sister and
      now Logan, she had lost them all. Something within her
      broke at that realization. She started to cry.

      It was just a few quiet sniffles at first but it grew
      until she found herself sobbing on Kitty�s shoulder.
      The other girl held her tight and rubbed her back.

      You�re not alone kid.

      Marie started and looked around the room frantically.
      She could have sworn that she had heard him. But she
      was alone in the room� with Kitty Pryde.

      She wiped her eyes with the back of her gloved hand
      and nodded a quick thank you. Kitty moved back to her
      bed but she continued to watch her. Marie didn�t say
      anything for a long time; she waited to hear the voice
      again. But it was gone. Finally, she looked at Kitty
      and tried to smile.

      �I,� she swallowed. �I promised Bobby that I�d have
      supper with y�all.�

      Kitty�s face lit up and she dashed out of the room. To
      tell the others of her success perhaps, Marie didn�t
      really care.

      She stood up and went to the window. She took out the
      dog tags and ran her fingers along the name Wolverine
      etched into one of them. She didn�t feel better, not
      really. Logan was still gone and she was still alone.
      A few words from an aquaintance couldn�t change that.

      But maybe she could make it until he came back.

      �Just come back to me Logan.�

      She gave the dog tags one last touch and placed them
      under her pillow. With a sigh, she left the room for
      supper. She could do this; she could live as long as
      he came back to her one day.

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