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Fic: Parallax: Ororo POV - 4/7

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  • victoria p.
    Disclaimers etc. in Part 1. ~~*~~ {Ororo} I was woken by Charles s call. ~We have a situation,~ he said, and the images were of Jean and Scott rushing to
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      Disclaimers etc. in Part 1.



      I was woken by Charles's call.

      ~We have a situation,~ he said, and the images were of Jean and Scott
      rushing to Logan's room.

      I got there a few moments after they did. Having the "penthouse suite"
      means I'm sometimes a little removed from events in the rest of the
      mansion, especially when they occur after curfew.

      The scene when I arrived was like nothing I'd ever seen before. Rogue,
      in her nightgown, was touching Logan, who was only half-dressed. Had
      some intimate encounter between them gone wrong?

      I'm no telepath, but I am a keen observer of my surroundings. There was
      no anger in the room, only fear, regret, and death. She was killing him
      somehow, and from the vanishing wounds on her back, I suspect he had
      harmed her first.

      But again, there were only the feelings of dread and horror that
      accompany a terrible accident, and none of the hatred and anger that
      usually mark an intentional act of violence.

      Rogue pulled her hand away and Logan collapsed.

      Jean was right there, with Scott helping her.

      Rogue turned to me, her eyes full of fear and something else I couldn't
      quite identify.

      "It was an accident," she said

      I understood what that was like -- to be feared and hated because you
      are different due to circumstances beyond your control. I felt such
      compassion for her, but I couldn't find my voice before she fled the
      room. The children parted to let her through. There was fear among them,
      as well.

      I resolved to talk to her the next day, to reassure her that she
      wouldn't be turned out, that she still had a place here at the school. I
      know that is what Charles wants and with a quick glance, I know that
      Scott and Jean agree.

      "Everyone go back to bed," I said, finally snapping out of my reverie.
      We still had classes in the morning, and Jean had everything under

      There was much muttering and some eye-rolling, but they began moving
      down the hall. I saw the concerned look on Bobby's face -- I could tell
      he was already quite taken with Rogue -- and I decided to have a little
      chat with him, too. He's been here for seven years -- the longest of the
      students -- and he is the perfect one to help Rogue feel more

      Once the children were gone, Jean turned to me. "He's going to be okay,"
      she said, indicating Logan. "It *was* an accident."

      I nodded. "I will talk with her tomorrow, let her know that everything
      is all right."

      "I think we all should," Scott said, and I know he understood her
      predicament as well as, if not better than, I do. He knows how having a
      power that can kill if you're not constantly vigilant is wearing on both
      body and spirit.

      Charles arrived and I went back to my room, already formulating what I
      would say to the children in the morning.

      This was a traumatic experience for both Rogue and Logan, especially
      coming right after their encounter with Sabretooth. But I am sure that,
      with guidance from us, everything will work out for the best.




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