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Fic: Coming Home Is Hard To Do 4/4, R/L, PG

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  • Calandra Ravenshadow
    Again, thanks everyone for the encouragement (I encourage more feedback :)), here is the end as you ve all been beging for. I hope you enjoy it... and I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2001
      Again, thanks everyone for the encouragement (I
      encourage more feedback :)), here is the end as you've
      all been beging for. I hope you enjoy it... and I
      appologize for the slight mushiness; I have a soft
      spot for tough guys who are really just big teddy
      bears. :)


      Title: Coming Home Is Hard To Do 4/4
      Author: Calandra
      Rating: PG (mild language)
      Disclaimer: I really wish Logan were mine� but he�s
      not. Sam�s the only one that belongs to me; everyone
      else is Marvel�s
      Summary: R/L. Logan comes home and finds that Marie
      isn�t alone anymore
      Archiving: www.geocities.com/c_ravenshadow/xmen.html,
      everone else ask first.
      Note: This is my first X-Men fic, be gentle :)

      Logan fidgeted for the rest of the afternoon. Marie
      was gone so he couldn�t demand to know what the hell
      was going on. If Hank McCoy was any indication, she
      would be the only person would know anything about
      this mess. So, he sat and fidgetted.

      He was still leaning against his tree, watching
      Samantha. The girl was subdued though, as if sensing
      his mood. She had forgotten about her butterfly and
      instead was tearing out grass and placing it in a neat

      Silently regretting the loss of any claim to
      masculinity, he crouched besides the little girl. He
      extended a single claw and moved a patch of grass,
      which he added to her pile. �So, what are we doing

      She looked up at him, blinking her large eyes. He was
      surprised to see tears welling up. �Was I bad?�

      She was still staring at him, trembling like a little
      leaf. He felt this increadible urge to just hold her.
      He didn�t understand it. He had never wanted to touch
      a child with a ten-foot pole, let alone comfort one �
      Marie at 17 was the closest he had ever come to that

      He pressed the child against his chest, rocking her
      slightly to hush her crying. He didn�t spare a moment
      to wonder if she had inherited her mother�s poisoned
      skin or even if someone might be watching.

      He let her go once she quieted. �No, kid, not at all.
      Why would you think that?�

      �You�re mad.� She said quietly.

      He petted her hair softly. �That has nothing to do
      with you.�

      There was the sound of an engine above them. They both
      glanced up at the blackbird seemingly coming down on
      their heads. The air blew around them, whiping their
      hair about. Sam pointed, a small smile reapearing.

      �Mama,� she nearly squealed.

      He let her go to run back into the mansion. He waited
      until she was out of sight before freeing his claws
      and �pruning� the willow tree. Once he had calmed down
      somewhat � and half the tree�s branches were on the
      ground � Logan straightened his shirt and headed after


      Logan had been walking to the jet�s landing bay at a
      leasurely pace � he didn�t want to look winded when he
      arrived � but he hurried when he heard a tiny shriek
      from further down the corridor. Samantha was yelling
      her little head off.

      He turned the corner at a full run. He took only an
      instant to take in the scene. Jean was disapearing
      behind a closing door. Cyclops was stading in front of
      said door, holding a squirming little girl in his
      arms. And Sam, well, as far as he could tell she was
      trying to attack Cyke with anything on hand: teeth,
      nails, heels.
      Lowering his upper body, Logan increased his spead.
      His shoulder hit Scott in the gut with all his weight
      and momentum powering the blow. The leader of the
      X-Men groaned and dropped the girl.

      Logan let Scott fall without so much as a look and
      stretched out his arms to catch Samantha. He then rose
      into a defensive crouch, Sam tucked under his left
      arm. He pointed his claws at Scooter and all but dared
      him to rise.

      Cyclops did, albeit very slowly. He held his hands out
      in a calming gesture. �Put those away Logan; there�s
      no reason to start a fight.�

      �You alright kid?� He waited for her to nod before he
      finally turned his attention to Scott. �You�re telling
      me that you weren�t just roughing up a

      �I was trying to calm her, she was�� He started but
      Logan cut him off.

      �And doing a bang up job as usual.� The Wolverine
      growled. Still holding Samantha, he pushed past the
      fallen X-Man.

      Scott protested as he entered the door but Logan just
      shrugged him off. He walked through before the doors
      had time to open fully. He pushed through a circle of
      people, ignoring Scott�s muffled protest of: �But

      When he finally made it past Jean�s lithe form, he saw
      what Cyke had been trying to warn him about. Sam let
      out a tiny little gasp but Logan was utterly

      Marie, his lovely Marie was laying on a medical bed.
      She was unconscious and her skin was unnaturally pale.
      But then that was not surprising considering that her
      blood and innards were oozing through a gash in her

      All in all, she looked pretty beat up.

      Another growl formed in the base of his throat. He
      took a step towards the bed, forgetting the little
      girl who was hiding her face in his shirt and mumbling
      about her mother. Logan ran his hand through her hair.

      He brushed his fingers against her soft cheek. After a
      moment he felt a familiar pulling at the edges of his
      mind. Startled, he jumped back. But then he grinned.
      �You�re alive,� he mumbled again and again. �Marie,
      you�re alive.�

      Stepping forward, he pressed his palm fully against
      her face. The sensation was familiar but startling
      nonetheless. He held on, eyes shut tight against the
      pain. Logan touched her for only a few seconds before
      Jean pulled him away.

      �Logan, that�s enough.� She said as forcefully as he�d
      ever heard her talk.

      He shook his head and tried to reach for her once
      more. Something stopped him though, an increadible
      pain in the base of his skull, worse than Marie�s
      touch, worse than the dreams. He fell to his knees.

      She�ll be ok now, Logan. Jean�s voice echoed in his
      mind. Stop before you hurt her.

      He took a deep, shaky breath before openning his eyes
      again. Sam was holding his hand and Jean had her back
      turned, continuing to work as if nothing had happened.
      As if she hadn�t just nearly made him pass out.

      He glanced over at Marie. She was breathing more
      evenly and her color was slowly returning. He saw an
      uggly red scar where the cut had been. He breathed a
      sigh of relief. �Will she be alright?�

      Jean nodded. �She�ll be out for a while though. I�ll
      contact you when she regains consciousness.�

      �I�m not going anywhere.� He said stubbornly.

      Sitting on the next bed, he settled for a long wait.


      He mumbled in his sleep as someone shook his shoulder.
      He swatted at the person with his right hand and
      pulled the blankets up to his neck. He wanted to turn
      around but something stirred in his arms.

      �Logan,� That voice, he knew that voice.

      Suddenly he was fully awake. His eyes were wide open
      and his nostrils flarred and suddenly his senses were
      filled with her. He let out a breath of relief when he
      saw Marie stading in front of him, a bit shaky but

      She was looking at him fondly, as if he was doing
      something particularily cute or unexpected. It made
      him uncomfortable and he didn�t understand it until he
      felt the odd stirring at his side.

      Samantha was nuzzeling against his chest, sleeping
      soundly. He was cushioning her head with his left arm.
      He watched her for a moment. He had never watched any
      of his children sleep; he had tried to avoid all
      attachments. It was really quite beautiful.

      �Samantha Jean,� he said keeping his anger quiet so as
      not to wake the child.

      He could tell that she was startled, without even
      looking at her. He could hear her heart rate increase,
      smell the nervous sweat. He touched a strand of Sam�s

      �What�?� she was backing away a bit now, clutching her
      new scar.

      �You asked for the name of one of my children,� he
      said more calmly then he could ever remember speaking
      with, even when he was in a good mood � which he
      wasn�t. �Why didn�t you tell me Marie? You lied to me�
      to everyone.�

      When he looked up, she was shying away from him. She
      looked like nothing so much as a wild animal about to
      bolt. But then she rested her eyes on the sleeping
      girl and seemed to change her mind.

      �How could I have told you,� she asked defensively.
      �You were gone for five years with only a quickly
      scrawled postcard a year to let me know you were still

      �You could have told me three days ago,� he accused.
      �And the others, they thought I knew, they thought�
      fuck, I don�t know what they thought. I�m lucky more
      of them didn�t try to kill me.�

      She sat heavily on her bed. She looked at him, not
      quite in the eye but looked at him nonetheless. Her
      lip was trembling in a way that was suspiciously
      familiar at the moment. He tried to harden himself
      against, stay focused but his resolve � and his anger
      � melted. He sighed and waited for her to say

      �Logan, I was just� I was so lonely after you left.�
      She began slowly but gradually picking up momentum.
      �Everyone was very nice but they were afraid of me, I
      could see it in their eyes. It had been almost two
      years and you hadn�t come home. I was doing an
      inventory of the infirmary for Jean when I found your

      He didn�t say anything, didn�t dare interrupt her but
      he was mentally reajusting his opinion of Jeanie; he
      hadn�t suspected that she had taken that kind of
      sample while he was unconscious.

      �It didn�t take me long to decide� I asked Hank to
      help me. Jean would have known that you never agreed
      to anything of the sort.� She sighed and closed her
      eyes. �She�s all I have, Logan, a little part of you,
      love without fear� my daughter. It never occurred to
      me that you would come back, that you would care about
      her or who she was.�

      She looked up when he took her hand in his own. He was
      holding Sam between them but he could still feel the
      heat radiating from her body.

      �How could I not care?� His voice was husky, he wanted
      to reach out and hold her but felt that this was not
      the time. He was glad the girl was between them. She
      needed to know that he was serious.

      �But your other children� I remember�� she was
      stuttering now as all her emotions broke free from her
      careful barriers.

      He hushed her with a movement of his hand. Sam was
      stirring, as if feeling her mother�s distress. He
      waited her to fall back to sleep before continuing.

      �Marie, I�ve loved you since you sat in my camper.� He
      realised it was true as he said it but continued as
      nothing had happened. �Those other children, they
      weren�t mine� not in my heart anyway. Sam is
      different, you�re different.�

      He coughed and placed the child in her arms. �Here. I
      don�t know how to be a father� hell, I don�t even
      remember having one but��

      He shook his head and turned away to leave. He had
      said what he had wanted to say; he wouldn�t humiliate
      himself further. He didn�t expect anything� he just
      hoped the early morning attacks would stop.

      He was almost out the door when he felt a light hand
      on his shoulder. He turned his head to look at her. He
      couldn�t read her expression so he just waited. Her
      eyes closed for a moment, when she openned them again
      she started to speak tentatively.

      �I� I�m not ready for us to get back together� I don�t
      know when I will be,� she lowered her eyes and he
      started to leave again but her hand hadn�t moved.
      �But, Sam needs a father.�

      Their eyes met for a moment and he nodded curtly. The
      door closed behind him but he didn�t leave, he pressed
      himself against the wall and waited out the shiver
      that ran through his body. Then, slowly and weakly, he

      Nothing was as it had been when he left over 5 years
      ago. But it was a start; no one had said that coming
      back home would be easy.

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