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Fic: Parallax: Scott POV: 3/7

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  • victoria p.
    Disclaimers etc. in Part 1 ~~*~~ {Scott} I knew he was going to be trouble the minute I laid eyes on him. I mean, why else would a guy like him have a girl
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      Disclaimers etc. in Part 1



      I knew he was going to be trouble the minute I laid eyes on him. I mean,
      why else would a guy like him have a girl like her in his camper?

      And she wasn't the type. I know. I've seen them -- I was on the street
      for more than a year before Professor Xavier found me. I know what girls
      like her become when they're used by men like him.

      It hadn't happened to her yet, and it damn well wasn't going to under my

      You may think I'm crazy. You think he wants Jean, and a young girl like
      Rogue couldn't attract his attention, but you're wrong. She's got that
      air of innocence and frailty that attracts men of all sorts, for all
      sorts of reasons. I'm not saying he *doesn't* want Jean, just that
      wanting one woman doesn't mean he doesn't want the other, as well.

      So, of course, he flirted with Jean. That's all right. Every guy that
      crosses her path tries to make time with her. But she chose me, and I'm
      secure in that. You don't have to believe it, but it's true.

      That's not to say I didn't enjoy messing with him a little, because I
      could tell he didn't like me any more than I liked him.

      But the girl, Rogue -- she's not like him. She's not like the others,
      either. She has no control, and no hope for a cure. Perhaps, a few years
      down the line, Hank and the Professor will figure something out for her,
      like they came up with my visor for me. Until then, though, she'll try
      to hold herself apart, even though we'll tell her she doesn't have to.
      Jean will say I’m projecting, that simply because that was my experience
      doesn't mean it's going to be Rogue's, but I know what I'm talking
      about. I've known the girl all of a day, and I already know she's a lot
      like me.

      Which means she shouldn't be interested in the gruff stranger who came
      here with her. I know why he's interested in her, and like I said, that
      wasn't going to happen on my watch.

      Anyway, I was lying in bed, in that space between sleeping and waking,
      wondering if Jean would take it as a sign of "macho posturing" if I
      initiated sex, when she said, "Scott, something's wrong."

      I jumped up. "What is it?" I can go from dead sleep to wide-awake in
      less time than it takes me to ask that question. Another remnant of my
      time on the street. Jean doesn't understand -- she didn't have it easy,
      but she did have it relatively safe before she came here.

      "Logan -- something's happening to him."

      "Son of a bitch," I muttered as we raced down the hallway. Jean shot me
      a look, but said nothing.

      I flicked the light on as we rushed into the room.

      We got there just in time to see Rogue -- in this strangely sexy
      nightgown that made her look like the angel of temptation -- touching a
      nearly naked Logan.

      It was obvious what had happened. I may think the guy's a skank, but I
      don't think he'd deliberately kill Rogue. She must have startled him
      while they were -- whatever they were doing. I also don't think he'd
      force himself on her -- but I doubt he'd say no if she offered, and she
      was the type who'd feel she had to offer, because he saved her.

      That's definitely something I'm going to talk to the Professor about.
      If -- and that's a big if -- if he offers this guy a place here, we're
      going to have to have very strict rules about his behavior with the
      students. We have a lot of young girls here, and this isn't going to be
      the Wolverine's harem.

      Rogue's injuries closed up completely, as if the whole thing had never
      happened. She let go, and Logan fell to the floor.

      "It was an accident," Rogue said softly, before rushing from the room.
      The kids moved out of her way as if she were highly contagious, and
      touching her meant death. Well, I guess touching her does mean death,
      but still, after this is all sorted out, I'm going to have to talk with
      them, and make them understand that she's not to be treated any
      differently than anyone else. We've all had accidents with our gifts,
      and hers is an especially difficult one to be burdened with.

      I was already planning the speech as I handed Jean the pillow she called
      for and helped her move him onto the bed.

      Storm handled the children.

      When we were back in our room, I opened my mouth and Jean said, "Don't.
      Just don't say, 'I told you so.'"

      "I wasn't going to," I said quickly, though that's exactly what I was
      going to say. "Just -- he's dangerous and he doesn't belong here, Jean.
      What the hell was she doing in his room this late at night?"

      "She's dangerous, too, Scott. And it looked to me like she'd gone there

      I sighed. "She's young and hurting. He's -- he can take care of himself,
      Jean. He doesn't need us."

      "No," she said, and I could almost hear the wheels turning in her head,
      "but Rogue may need him. And he may need to see that she's all right. I
      don't think either of them will forget what happened tonight, Scott."

      As if any of us could.




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