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Fic: Parallax: Jean POV - 1/1

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  • victoria p.
    Disclaimers etc. in Part 1 {Jean} Scott, grab a pillow! I said, crouching beside the fallen Wolverine. Who would have thought that the fragile waif who
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2001
      Disclaimers etc. in Part 1


      "Scott, grab a pillow!" I said, crouching beside the fallen Wolverine.
      Who would have thought that the fragile waif who called herself Rogue
      would be able to do this to him? He seemed so vital, almost invulnerable
      earlier this evening, when I showed him this room. The way he flirted
      with me -- he feared no one and nothing. I guess with his healing
      factor, he doesn't need to. But a single touch from Rogue had
      incapacitated him.


      I'm really going to have to study that girl's mutation.

      Scott and I had been in bed, and I was just contemplating how to show
      him I *wasn't* interested in the handsome stranger sleeping down the
      hall, when I felt it.

      Fear, loathing, pain -- all coming from Logan's room.

      "Scott, something's wrong."

      "What is it?" He was alert immediately, though I know he'd been drowsing
      warmly a moment before.

      "Logan -- something's happening to him."

      He jumped out of bed, muttering, and I followed. As we neared the room,
      I could sense Rogue's presence -- and again, fear, loathing and pain, so
      strong it almost knocked me out. You know, I'm not that powerful a
      telepath, but I think even the psi-deaf could pick up on the feelings
      emanating from that room.

      "Help! Somebody! Help me!"

      I reached out with my mind. ~Professor, we have a situation.~ It was
      easier to show him than to form the words.

      What was she doing to him? I could see the skin on her back healing
      before my eyes as her fingers gently brushed his cheek. He had killed
      her. She was killing him. Yet they were both alive.

      She let go, and he fell to the floor.

      "It was an accident," she said, and I could sense the truth of her
      words, but I wondered *why* exactly she was in his room at all. I
      refused to believe that Scott was right about him.

      I had looked into this man's head -- he was *not* the type of man to use
      a young girl if she didn't want to be used.

      The question was, did she? The answer was pretty obvious, since she was
      in his room in the middle of the night, in her chaste and yet oddly sexy
      nightgown. So, the real question was, would he take advantage of her? I
      wanted to think not, but then, I always try to think the best of people.
      Scott usually thinks the worst. That could be why we're such a good fit.

      All the while, I'm on autopilot, checking Logan's vitals, using my
      telekinesis, with some help from Scott's good old-fashioned brute
      strength, to lift him back onto his bed. I did a superficial telepathic
      scan of Logan while I worked on him, checking to make sure there was no
      brain damage. What I saw confirmed Rogue's words. It had been an
      accident -- she'd startled him awake, and he'd reacted instinctively.

      Storm corralled the children and sent them back to bed, reassuring them
      that everything was going to be all right.

      And it will be. He's healing already; she could have killed him, but she
      didn't. She let go.

      I'm glad, not only because it means she has some sense of morality, but
      because she already seems damaged by her mutation. I don't think she
      could handle the trauma a death at her hands would produce. Especially
      the death of the man who saved her.

      And I don't think he, already scarred by what was done to him, could
      handle knowing he forced her into something so drastic by his own
      instinctive actions.

      They're both going to live. It'll be a while longer before I can say
      they'll both be fine.




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