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Fic: Coming Home Is Hard TO Do 3/?, R/L, R

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    Title: Coming Home Is Hard To Do Author: Calandra Rating: R (some sexual situation) Disclaimer: I really wish Logan were mine… but he s not. Sam s the only
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2001
      Title: Coming Home Is Hard To Do
      Author: Calandra
      Rating: R (some sexual situation)
      Disclaimer: I really wish Logan were mine… but he's not. Sam's the
      only one that belongs to me; everyone else is Marvel's
      Summary: R/L. Logan comes home and finds that Marie isn't alone
      Archiving: www.geocities.com/c_ravenshadow/xmen.html, everone else
      ask first.
      Note: This is my first X-Men fic, be gentle :)

      His eyes were closed but he could smell her; her smell was all over
      him and ever inch of his skin tingled with the feel of her. He
      groaned with pleasure as, straddling him, she ran her hands through
      his chest hair.

      She was light as a feather and he liked the weight her strong thighs
      fit over him. He reached towards those legs, taking a moment to cup
      her tight ass. She squeezed her thighs together in response and a
      moan escaped his lips. He could feel all his blood pulsing downward.

      She made an odd sound, somewhere between a chuckle and a purr and
      leaned forward to kiss along the trail her fingers had traced. Her
      lips were so moist and soft, untouched; he dared not open his eyes
      lest she disappear.

      He ran his hands along her soft curves, caressing her neck,
      shoulders, breasts, hips and resting finally on her round stomach. It
      was just beginning to loose its flatness but he could feel a faint
      heartbeat. His hand rested there with a gentleness he didn't
      recognize in himself.

      Suddenly he choked. His chest was constricting and he couldn't
      breathe. The woman was smiling at him again, this time more wickedly
      and pressed both hands down on his muscular chest.

      Marie, he tried to say but no sound escaped his lips. He reached over
      desperately to dislodge her and woke up.

      When he oppened his eyes, he found himself staring into a pair of
      very large, very blue eyes. The lips beneath those eyes twitched into
      a smile. She pulled free from the arms holding her lightly and leapt
      off his chest. Logan groaned.

      "You just ruined a great dream, kid," he growled, patting her head
      affectionately despite himself. He looked around his room briefly and
      then back at Sam. "How did you get in here?"

      He didn't like her impish grin. Impish grins always got him into
      trouble, usually something involving an apron or something else that
      was less than manly. She pulled what looked like a tiny little lock
      pick from the pocket of her overalls.

      "Ga'bit," she said to explain the lock pick.

      He really hoped the red-eyed bastard wasn't the father; even he knew
      better than to teach a three-year-old to pick locks. He caught
      himself thinking that it wasn't likely at any rate, the kid was too
      cute to be related to that thief.

      Instead he sat up in the bed and pried the little piece of metal from
      her chubby hands. After he had placed the pick safely into his
      nightstand, he noticed her eyes starting to get watery.

      He tried to ignore it, keep his stern expression in place but then
      her lip started to tremble. With a sound at irritation – not so much
      at her antics but for falling for them – he reached over to the
      little table again and grabbed a handful of chocolates.

      "Here kid, it's probably better for you in the long run." He said as
      he handed over the candy.

      Her expression changed immediately and he groaned as she started to
      jump on the bed with glee. The whole mansion would think that he
      dragged in some hussy from the street. Not that that could really
      harm their opinion of him at this point.

      She started to giggle at her own antics and he couldn't help but
      smile. He should tell her to go back to her mother, but he didn't. He
      reclined and watched her jump and tell him about the cat she found in
      the greenhouse.

      She paused at the part where she spotted a tail between the rose
      thorns when the door openned. Both she and Logan turned to spot the
      intruder. Marie hurried in, her arms spread wide.

      "Samantha, you little munchkin, I've been looking all over for you."
      She scolded as she hugged her tightly.

      The girl just smiled and held out her hands. "Logan gave me

      Marie turned towards the bed then, noticing for the first time since
      coming into his room. She started to say something but instead a
      light blush spread across her cheeks.

      He glanced down and waguely remembered going to bed naked. During the
      jumping, the blanket had shifted from just beneath his arm pits to
      just below his stomach. All of his chest – still slick from the sweat
      of his dream – and his muscular abs were revealed.

      Usually he would have just revealed in the other person's discomfort –
      it intrigued him to see a grown woman and mother blushing like a
      virgin – but something compelled him to cover himself more decently.

      She had already lowered her eyes, however, and was talking to Sam
      again. "Don't forget to thank Logan, quickly. Mama has to find you a
      babysitter while she goes on a mission."

      The girl pouted and muttered testily. "I don't need a bab'sitter."

      "She can stay with me." He didn't know why he said it; in fact he
      regretted it as soon as the words left his mouth. But it was too late
      to take it back now. He knew that impish grin would get him into

      "You?" her tone and expression were incredulous. It ruffled his
      feathers slightly. He could survive being implanted with adamantium,
      watching a child couldn't be that much more painful.

      "Yeah, me. We're… we're going to have a picnic. Right, Sam?" The kid
      grinned from ear to ear and rushed from the room mumbling about
      getting something.

      Marie watched her go and then turned on him, her embarrassement gone
      in an instant. "Logan, it's really selfish of you, using Sam like
      this because if you think that this will make things right between

      He snorted and pulled on his jeans, staying beneath the covers. He
      could see her watching his movements but decided not to notice. He
      stood up to close them and threw a shirt over his shoulders. It was
      still open when he finally looked her in the eyes again.

      "Look, Marie, think whatever you like but at the moment that girl is
      the only person in a ten mile radius who doesn't want me dead. If
      wanting to spend time with her instead of your icebox or your thief
      is selfish, I really don't give a crap."

      Her eyes widened slightly. Then she stared down at her hands, unable
      to bear his deep, dark gaze. Without another word she left the room.

      He gazed out the widow at the gardens while he buttoned his shirt. He
      bit his lip to stop the slight trembling that had started. She looked
      so much like she had in his dream except that she was covered in an X-
      Men uniform instead of him.

      A shudder racked his body and he quickly pushed the thought aside.
      She also wasn't pregnant anymore as she had been in the dream.

      With a sigh, he sat down on his bed and waited for Sam to come back.


      Logan sat in the shade of a large willow tree and wondered, not for
      the first, what he had gotten himself into.

      Once Sam had returned, he had taken her to the kitchen. After making
      sure it was empty and setting her guard at the door, he had scrounged
      the cubbords for something he could turn into food. He had settled on
      some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, milk and some fruits.

      Then they had sneaked out the back lest he be seen preparing food for
      a kid.

      She had eaten the food on the flower covered blanket that she had
      reapeared with earlier in between stories – she talked entirely too
      much. He had just sat against the tree, smiling – to humour her – and
      eating his half of the meal.

      At the moment, she had disgarded her shoes and was chasing after a
      butterfly. She giggled gleefully as she ran, her blue braid bobbing
      behind her. He closed his eyes briefly, still smiling.

      "A truly lovely child," came a voice next to him.

      He jumped to his feet; he hadn't even heard him coming. He nearly
      armed himself when he saw the hairy, blue monster standing next to
      him but restrained himself. The beast was smiling serenely – or so he
      thought at least – and made no threatening motions.

      He held out a clawed hand. "Henry McCoy. I take it you're Logan? The
      whole school has been abuzz since your arrival. I can certainly
      relate to such a reaction."

      McCoy seated himself on the blanket. Logan allowed himself a wry
      chuckle as he watched him, he supposed he could at that.

      "So, what do you do, Hank? The school mascot maybe?"

      "I'm a doctor actually. I would have to say that Samantha is our
      mascot," he smiled as she jumped into the air to catch the
      butterfly. "She certainly is full of energy; probably hereditary."

      "I wouldn't know," he said a bit more heatedly than intended. His
      good mood was suddenly ruined as he remembered whose `lovely child'
      that was.

      "Well, forgive me for being forward but all the tales I've heard of
      you paint you as a rather… energetic person. It's not surprising that
      your daughter would be the same." Hank said, slightly flustered by
      the reaction to his innocent statement.

      Logan was standing now, glancing between the blue doctor and the
      little girl. "Come again, pal?"

      "Oh dear," was all Hank said for a moment. Then: "I thought you knew.
      I would never had done it if she hadn't told me it was your idea… Oh

      For once in his life, Logan hadn't the slightest idea of what to do.
      He sat numbly against the tree, next to the flustered doctor and
      stared at Samantha. His daughter.
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