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Fic: Coming Home Is Hard To Do 2/? R/L, PG

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    Title: Coming Home Is Hard To Do 2/? Author: Calandra Rating: PG Disclaimer: I really wish Logan were mine… but he s not. Sam s the only one that belongs to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2001
      Title: Coming Home Is Hard To Do 2/?
      Author: Calandra
      Rating: PG
      Disclaimer: I really wish Logan were mine… but he's not. Sam's the
      only one that belongs to me; everyone else is Marvel's
      Summary: R/L. Logan comes home and finds that Marie isn't alone
      Archiving: www.geocities.com/c_ravenshadow/xmen.html, everone else ask
      Note: This is my first X-Men fic, be gentle :)

      The smart thing to do would have been to leave right then and there.
      Marie obviously didn't want him in her life anymore; staying would
      only cause trouble. But nonetheless, by the end of the day, he was
      settled in his old room once more.
      Contrary to Storm's earlier claims, no one had rushed to greet him. He
      had been standing in that room in utter confusion for half an hour
      before anyone had come to check on him. And the girl they had sent was
      an utter stranger to him.

      All right, to be fair the young Asian must have been around Marie's
      age. And she hadn't been anymore pleasant. He could have sworn that
      she had spent the whole time glaring at him.

      She said exactly 4 words to him the whole time: "This is your room."

      And to make it clear that she didn't like him - in case he hadn't
      gotten it yet - she slammed the door when she left. Loudly. The bed

      He dropped himself on that bed and sighed. This really wasn't going
      well. He was half tempted to go back to years of life threatening
      danger. At least he knew why Sabertooth or Mystique wanted him dead.

      He started when he heard a knock at the door.

      He stood with a growl of irritation. The way this day was going, this
      couldn't be good. He took his time getting to his feet but the
      knocking was insistent. He was getting really annoyed of the sound by
      the time he ripped open the door.

      A young man stood there. Logan didn't know him; he didn't want to know

      "You should leave," he said, his tone icy.

      "Or what boy?" Logan released his claws and held them inches from the
      man's face. "You're gonna make me leave?"

      There was no tremor, no frightened shaking, as he was used to. The boy
      stood his ground though he did give the adamantium more than one
      glance. The Wolverine allowed himself a bitter smile: a righteous
      quest then.

      A moment later, he found his hands frozen together. The boy gave him a
      look of triumph. "If you hurt Rogue again, I will."

      Logan growled as he struggled against the blocks of ice. He could feel
      it cracking and took a step forward. Even with Logan's hands
      restrained, the young man took a step back, intimidated by the sheer
      fury in his eyes.

      As small fisures started to form, Logan revealed his teeth in a
      vicious snarl. He broke free, shattering the ice. Little ice shards
      flew around him but he didn't notice. He slammed the Iceman against
      the oposite wall. Slowly, he brought out one claw and traced the young
      man's jaw.

      "Listen to me boy, 'cause I'm only going to say this once. I'm not
      leaving." Then, scrapping his skin just enough to shave off the
      stubble, Logan retracted his blade and went back into his room.

      He slammed the door too.


      Logan was grumpy the next morning.

      He was sure some smart ass would comment on how he was always grumpy.
      But at the moment Logan was tempted to push that person - who ever it
      might be - through a wall. He hadn't slept well.

      And as he rose and made his way to the dining room for breakfast, he
      didn't feel any better. Whenever he passed anyone, they grouped
      together and started to whisper. He hated whispers, mostly because he
      could hear every hissed sylable.

      They were wondering why he came back, laying odds on whether or not
      Rogue and he would reconcille (the latter had the better odds) and
      calling him things that made even him blush. Who taught these kids
      their language?

      He growled at no one in particular and dropped himself into a chair
      with some bacon and eggs he had grabbed. He ate, doing his best to
      ignore everyone and their whispering.

      Thus he didn't realize it imediately when someone sat down opposite to
      him. He had to resist the urge to jump to his feet and arm himself
      when he did notice her. Instead he continued to eat, watching her

      "Jeanie, you here to tell me to leave too?" He couldn't keep the
      bitterness from his voice. Weren't these people supposed to be

      She played with a bit of her red hair and he could feel her tiptoeing
      around the edges of his mind. She didn't force her way in though. No,
      instead she used her eyes - sad, worried green eyes - to pry.

      "No Logan, I wouldn't do that." She paused a moment, looking at him.
      He could sense a question in that look but stayed stubbornly silent.
      "People are very fond of Rogue, she's had a great influence on this
      school. Nobody wants to see her hurt."

      "And I hurt her, that's it?" he growled.

      Jean didn't answer, she was staring towards the entrance behind,
      trying to look like she wasn't staring. Logan turned to see Marie
      entering on the arm of an odd, red eyed, red haired man.

      The man looked slender and muscular and like the man from the previous
      night, he gave Logan a deadly glare.

      The man - he heard her says to him - led her away from him, a hand on
      her hip. Marie giggled as he whispered something in her ear. He pulled
      out a chair for her and held her hand as she sat. He then kissed her
      hand through the glove, directing a smug glance at Logan.

      Logan trembled; he could feel the adamantium itching beneath his skin.
      He did his best to restrain them but he wanted nothing so much as to
      rip off the man's smug expression. He snapped back to reality when he
      felt a hand on his shoulder.

      He looked into Jean's eyes. He'd always her eyes soothing, though he
      would never admit that to anyone. She had an inner calm that he
      envied. But her wasn't soothed today.

      "Is he the one Jean," he growled, low in his throat, his gaze fixed on
      the Cajun. "Is he the one that, with Marie…"

      She didn't answer and he didn't wait for her to. She still held his
      shoulder, trying to restrain him but he shrugged her off easily. His
      feet were leading him towards Marie's table. His mind was too full of
      images of that Remy with her, touching her. He growled.

      Before he knew what he was doing, he had a fistful of the Cajun's
      jacket. He lifted the man off the ground, glaring. His claws slipped
      out smoothly, slowly like skin on silk. He shook his head to rid
      himself of that image.

      "Keep your hands to yourself, bub." He said, holding the adamantium
      inches from the pretty boy face.

      The Cajun pulled free and brushed his clothes with one hand, holding
      the other one out for Rogue. "Come chere, lets go eat somewhere more
      quiet. Gambit thinks this place just got a bit too crowded, no?"

      Gambit dragged her from the room. She seemed to come willingly but she
      glanced back at Logan once, just once before she disappeared with the
      Cajun. Maybe that was the reason he stayed despite the overwhealming
      hostility and rejection. She had looked at him.

      So for the second time since he'd arrived, he stood alone and starred
      at where she had been. But this time he had a bit of hope.
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