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FIC: Coming Home Is Hard To Do 1/? R/L, PG

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  • Calandra Ravenshadow
    Title: Coming Home Is Hard To Do 1/? Author: Calandra Rating: PG Disclaimer: I really wish Logan were mine… but he’s not. Sam’s the only one that belongs
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2001
      Title: Coming Home Is Hard To Do 1/?
      Author: Calandra
      Rating: PG
      Disclaimer: I really wish Logan were mine� but he�s
      not. Sam�s the only one that belongs to me; everyone
      else is Marvel�s
      Summary: R/L. Logan comes home and finds that Marie
      isn�t alone anymore
      Archiving: www.geocities.com/c_ravenshadow/xmen.html,
      everone else ask first.
      Note: This is my first X-Men fic, be gentle :)

      Logan turned off the bike�s motor and looked around
      him. The mansion hadn�t changed much since he left; it
      looked just as he remembered it. There were a few more
      trees and those he remembered were bigger but it was
      the same metal gate, the same sign. Like him, the
      X-Men headquarters seemed eternal, unchanging. It was
      frankly unnerving.

      He should have gotten off the bike, he knew, and
      entered yard but he couldn�t bring himself to do it.
      He just stood and stared at the gate that announced
      the separation between the real world and �Xaviers
      School for Gifted Youngsters�.

      She wouldn�t be a youngster anymore; she was probably
      about 23, a young woman. He wondered what she looked
      like. She wasn�t his little Marie anymore, a thought
      that occurred to him often on the trip to Westchester.
      What disturbed him was that the idea appealed to him.

      What if he went in there and instead of finding an
      innocent girl to protect, he found a beautiful � and
      desirable � young woman? He almost turned around right
      then and there though he didn�t understand quite why.
      He couldn�t remember ever being afraid of any one
      person� let alone a young woman.

      There was a little motel just out of town whose owner
      asked no questions and had a very friendly daughter.
      He had always been able to be alone there. He started
      to turn Scooter�s worn bike but something was stuck to
      his leg.

      He growled in irritation and tried to dislodge it,
      whatever it was. It held fast and he was starting to
      get annoyed. When he turned towards his leg a little
      girl � little more than 3 years old � was staring up
      at him. She batted her long, blue, eyelashes and

      �Hewwo,� she said, still smiling. �You�re pwetty. Want
      to be my friend?�

      He picked up the child as he would a ticking bomb and
      sat her in front of him on the motorcycle. He looked
      her straight in the eye, hoping to intimidate her but
      she kept on smiling.

      �Look, kid, I am not, nor will I ever be, pretty.�

      She wasn�t listening though; she was too busy pulling
      on his sideburns. He tried to scold her, he really did
      but he couldn�t even get her to let go of his hair. He
      sighed and decided to try another tactic.

      �I really don�t think you should be out here without
      your mother, kid. What�s your name?� He said, less
      irritated already despite himself.

      �I�m Sam,� she said and offered a tiny, mud covered
      hand. He took it gingerly and then put an arm around
      her so that she could hold her securely next to him.
      He kick started the bike and drove through the gate.

      When he stopped in front of the mansion, Sam was
      giggling delightedly. It took all of Logan�s
      concentration to keep her from jumping up and down.
      When he had her adequately restrained � wraped in one
      of his arms � he started to look for a mother without
      a child.

      He was startled when the wind in the previously still
      air started to swirl around him alarmingly. He
      clutched the girl protectively against his chest and
      searched for the source of the assault. He could feel
      the claws of his left arm tearing through his skin,
      ready for anything that might threaten them.

      �Release that child right� Logan?�

      A woman dropped out of the sky and landed in front of
      him. He realized, suddenly, that it was Storm, a
      little older and fuller but still Storm. He should
      have guessed. He held Sam out at arm�s length.

      �I caught this little critter outside, yours?� he
      asked as gruffly as he could. He didn�t like the
      amused twinkle in Ororo�s eyes.

      She took the child gently in her arms, holding her
      fondly. She petted the blue hair affectionately but
      shook her head. �I do not yet have a child, I�m
      afraid. Her mother is�� she paused and looked Logan
      straight in the eye for a moment. �She�s inside.�

      He wanted to leave, he really did but as he got up,
      Sam reached out for him again. With a glance between
      the two of them, Storm handed her over to Logan. She
      clung on to his neck and laughed again. He held her
      tight � to keep her from falling � and ruffled her

      He found himself following Ororo into the mansion. She
      led him to a couch in the rec room and asked him to
      sit down. He complied without complaint for once in
      his life; he was too distracted by his charge.

      �I�ll tell the professor that you�re here. I�m sure
      that will interest him.� And just like that she was

      Sam was settled comfortably on one of his knees,
      staring up at him in awe. She didn�t say anything, she
      just stared and he was starting to get uncomfortable
      with the intensity of it. He racked his brain for
      something to say trying to ignore the silliness of his
      need to hold a conversation with a three-year-old.

      �So, if Ororo isn�t your mother who is? Jean?� He
      tried to imagine Jean pregnant and recoiled at the
      thought, especially at the disturbing role Scott would
      have played in it.

      Sam just shook her little head solomnly. �Uh-uh, Mama
      says Scott must be impo-impot� What does that mean?�

      Logan nearly choked. When he finally caught his breath
      though, he had to smile. So not everyone liked ol�
      One-Eye after all. But that was a conversation he�d
      relish holding with Scott Summers himself, not this

      �How �bout we talk about your parents, kid.�

      But she wasn�t listening to him anymore; she was
      tugging at a chain around her neck. When she finally
      got it over her head, she held some dog tags
      triumphantly towards Logan. �For you,� she announced.

      That stunned him into silence. He looked at the dull
      metal that he had worn for 15 years but hadn�t seen in
      nearly 5 and his throat constricted. He traced out his
      name with his thumb and swallowed, hard.

      �Where�d you get these, kid?� His voice was husky, he
      felt like he�d been kicked in the gut because he knew
      the answer; now that he considered it an option he
      could smell it on her. He was surprised that he hadn�t
      noticed before. Her smell was distinctive.

      �Mama,� she answered simply, eyes wide with confusion.

      �Samantha Jean! What did I tell you about running off
      on your own? Come �ere sugar, come to Mama.� Marie,
      his sweet little Marie, fully grown and lovely as the
      dawn stepped straight out of his dreams and held her
      arms out to him.

      He shook himself. She wasn�t reaching for him; she was
      reaching for Sam, her daughter. He stood and held out
      his charge. He stood straight and tall, so that she
      would recognize him but also so that she could simply
      see him. He wasn�t deaf; he heard the women whisper at
      the sight of him in bars, even just in the street. He
      hadn�t been a monk.

      And neither, it seemed had Marie. He gritted his teeth
      at the thought but he forced himself to be civil.

      �Nice looking kid,� he said as he handed the child
      back. He cleared his throat. �Who�s the father?�

      Marie took Sam into her arms, cooing slightly at the
      child. Then, without even acknowledging him or his
      question, she turned around and started to walk away.
      Startled, he reached for her shoulder to stop her. In
      his imaginings sometimes she was upset, sometimes mad
      but never had she refused to have anything to do with
      him. It never occurred to him that they wouldn�t at
      least be friends.

      �Marie, wait.�

      She turned around swiftly and he stiffled an approving
      growl. She was breathtaking, all long legs and soft
      curves. His fingers itched to touch her, as he had
      feared they would, sitting outside the gates. But he
      composed himself; God knew he had screwed up with
      women in the past � Yuriko, Silver Fox glared at him
      in his mind� - he had to do this right.

      �Cover your ears sweetie, Mama needs to talk with your
      friend.� Marie said sweetly to the little girl.

      �That means she�s going to yell,� Sam said sagely but
      she covered her ears nonetheless.

      �Who do you think you are Wolverine? You come back
      into my life after 5 years � 5 years! � and act as if
      I�m still a little girl for you to protect.� She
      hissed, venom oozing from her every word.

      �I just��

      �You what? Want to know who the father was so you can
      beat the crap out of him or even just growl and
      posture? Or maybe you just want to make sure he takes
      care of my child like you take care of yours.� She
      paused just long enough to catch her breath. �Oh,
      wait, you don�t take care of them, do you? Do you even
      know their names?�

      For some reason he couldn�t understand, he searched
      his mind for the names. There were three of them, that
      much he knew though he�d be damned if he could figure
      out how she knew. He had never given them a second
      thought to be honest; they were better off with their
      mothers. Now he wished that he had at least learned
      their names.

      �Nothing. I thought so.� She turned on her heels. �I
      don�t need your protection anymore Logan.�

      As she disappeared from the room, Sam waved at him
      from over her mother�s shoulder. Logan could only

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