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LIGHTNING OVER ELK RIVER (announcement only)

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  • Minisinoo Girl
    I beg indulgence. :-) I m simply announcing the completion of this, not posting it, because it s not movieverse fiction. It s set in the new ULTIMATE X-MEN
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2001
      I beg indulgence. :-) I'm simply announcing the
      completion of this, not posting it, because it's not
      movieverse fiction. It's set in the new ULTIMATE
      X-MEN comicverse (Scott's eyes are brown <g>), and I'm
      announcing it here only because there were some folks
      on this list who read and liked "Chocolate Milk"
      (UltX), but who are not on the comicverse fic lists
      the story is going to.


      SUMMARY: Storm and Cyclops are sent by Professor X to
      Nashville, to recover a potential new recruit -- Dani
      Elk River. Action & character development, c. 40,000
      words (novella)

      WARNINGS: This story contains discussion of ADULT
      subject matter, including sex and drugs. Drugs are
      not glorified.

      UNIVERSE: ULTIMATE X-MEN (between #6 and #7)

      PAIRINGS: Storm/Cyclops, introduces Dani (Moonstar)
      Elk River.

      DISCLAIMER: They belong to Marvel, Millar and the
      Kuberts, et al.


      All five chapters are finished and up on my website
      (complete with images) in pretty HTML, as I always do.
      The URL is under the title above.

      Enjoy! Feedback is cherished.


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