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FIC: A Stolen Season 7/?

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    By popular demand (Terri s chocolate Logan bribery), I bring you: A Stolen Season 7/? For disclaimers, etc., see part one. Author s Note: Thanks ever so
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2001
      By popular demand (Terri's chocolate Logan bribery), I bring you:

      A Stolen Season 7/?

      For disclaimers, etc., see part one.

      Author's Note: Thanks ever so muchly to my Dad for flinging me a
      particularly ravenous plot bunny. I was well and truly stuck on this
      story before we discussed it.


      <i>POV: Rogue</i>

      "Nuh... No... Mar..."

      I can hear Logan's voice, but I don't see him anywhere. All I see
      are the bodies of the fallen as I walk through the foyer. They're so
      cold, lifeless. In some places, there are so many that I have to
      watch where I step.

      Paige, Jennifer, David, Everett, Jacob, Malcolm, Peter, ... Jubilee,
      my roommate for so many years. She embodied life and energy, and now
      she lies crumpled, pale, eyes forever closed in death. She is just
      one of so many taken from me, a family forever lost.

      As I watch, her pale blue eyes snap open, the orbs clouded and her
      gaze cutting right through me.

      I stumble back, away from that accusatory stare only to trip over
      another body, Peter's. His eyes are open as well, and as his dead,
      gray arms reach out for me...

      My eyes snap open to find myself twisted in the covers of a shabby
      bed. I'm not at the mansion; I'm in a hotel room, sweaty and gasping
      for breath.

      "It was a dream," I whisper to myself. "Just a dream."

      "Mm... No..."

      Logan's mumbling next to me, shifting in his sleep. He must be
      having a nightmare, too.


      "Mar... Nn... Stop..."

      I reach over and gently nudge him, but he remains asleep, so I start
      jostling his shoulders. "Logan, wake up."

      "Marie!" he shouts as his eyes shoot open. He moves like lightning,
      pulling me into a tight hug, and I can barely breathe; he's squeezing
      so hard.

      It's a good thing it was Logan's turn to dress for bed tonight. He's
      not thinking about my skin and my face, held close to his chest,
      could've killed him.


      "Marie... Marie. You're alive."

      He's clutching me so tight it's like he's afraid I'll disappear if he
      lets go.

      "Logan, it's all right. I'm here. I'm here."

      "I thought... thought I'd lost you."

      He's kissing me all over the top of my head, where it's safe, and his
      gloved hands are starting to stroke my bare back.

      "It's ok, sugah. I'm still here. We're together. We're alive."

      We spend the next few hours proving to each other just how alive we


      Logan's playing with his ring again. Whenever it's my turn to drive,
      he just sits silently, twisting his ring around his finger. I've
      asked him a couple of times what he's thinking, but he just brushes
      me off or changes the subject. Whatever it is, it's bad. His face
      gets all tight, and he hunches his shoulders down like he doesn't
      want me to see what he's doing.

      At first I thought it was the cut in his ring. I told him we'd find
      a jewelry store and get it repaired, but he said not to bother. That
      it wasn't right to fix it until... but he never finished the sentence.

      "How far?" he asks, and I'm surprised to hear his voice. He's taken
      off the ring and is running his fingers over the break.

      "About another hour," I answer.

      He doesn't say anything else, returning to his quiet contemplation.

      It's been two weeks and we're going back to the mansion. We've been
      sniffing around all the military bases in the area, literally,
      without finding anyone who was involved in the murders. Logan wants
      to go back home in case we missed something, but I don't hold out
      much hope. The attackers could've been from a unit in another state,
      men from several units, or even not in the military at all. With so
      little to go on, I'm beginning to wonder if we'll ever find them.

      Even if we do, what's next? Hunting down only those men directly
      involved leaves the men giving the orders alive. There's no way two
      mutants can get revenge on the entire U.S. government, although I'm
      sure Logan would love to try.

      It's not just about revenge, either. We need to find the soldiers to
      find Scott and the other captive mutants. If they're being kept
      together at a base, how will we get through the defenses? What if
      they are being kept in separate facilities? If we attack one place,
      will the mutants at the other locations be killed before we can reach

      I've never felt so powerless as I do right now. If I didn't have
      Logan, if he'd been taken or killed too, I know I'd just give up.
      He's the only thing keeping me going right now, with the world
      against us.

      "Marie?" Logan's put his ring back on and is pulling my right hand
      into his grasp.


      "It'll be ok. We'll find them, and get them out. We're gonna be
      just fine."

      He tenderly rubs my hand between his clasped ones, but I don't know
      who he's trying to reassure. Himself or me.


      <i>POV: Dr. Elizabeth Mason</i>

      Latitude: 41.2512
      Longitude: -73.54092

      "What is he doing back at the mansion? Doesn't this guy have any
      survival instincts?"

      I'm fuming at my computer, reading the current location of a man I
      know only as the healer. He escaped when the troops invaded Xavier's
      school, but the damn man keeps coming back. If I don't do something,
      he's going to ruin everything. It's not like they're looking for him
      right now. Dr. Thacker decided to just pick him up along with all
      the other mutants in the national sweep, but he isn't exactly acting
      like a person who doesn't want to get caught.

      He's been traveling around New York, going to military bases and
      hanging around the bars the soldier boys frequent. If he asks the
      wrong people the wrong questions, there'll be nothing I can do to
      save him.

      I've been following his movements ever since the day I picked him up
      on the GPS by a fluke. There's something about the guy that makes
      him the perfect antennae for the nano laying dormant in his body.
      It's almost like a large part of the guy is metal. That's
      impossible, though.

      Anyway, if his meddling makes Dr. Thacker speed up the project, I
      won't be able to finish and everyone will be screwed, himself
      included. I've stalled Dr. Thacker saying that it'll take three
      months to get the nanos built, which isn't exactly true. It'll take
      three months to get the nanos built to complete my plan.
      Theoretically, it would only take a month to get done what the doctor
      has in mind. If he gets involved deeply enough to figure that out,
      no one will be safe.

      "Hello, Elizabeth," a deep voice sing-songs behind me.

      I quickly switch my screen to production readouts, covering the
      global positioning information on the missing mutant.

      "Hello, Dr. Thacker," I say, mentally adding, 'you bigoted, heartless

      "How are we doing today?"

      "Fine, just fine. We're running at full production. The machines
      are testing every hundred and I'm personally testing every few
      thousand in detail for flaws. So far, we're at a success rate of
      over 99 percent."

      "Even 99 percent is insufficient. We're talking about over 270
      million humans and mutants. Ninety-nine percent leaves a few million
      flawed machines."

      "We can't fully test every nano. That would take forever. Maybe we
      should plan on a second wave after this first one."

      "That will give any remaining mutants time to fight back. No. It
      must be simultaneous. Perhaps I should look at the schematics myself
      and see..."


      'Calm down, Elizabeth,' I mentally reprimand.

      Composed, I continue. "No, you're too important. We won't get done
      without your management skills to oversee the entire project. I'll
      go through the process step-by-step personally and bring down the
      error rate."

      "Very well, Elizabeth. I trust you."

      I smile, but the smile fades as soon as the little weasel is out of
      my sight. That was too close. He could have caught on to the fact
      that I didn't want him anywhere near my blueprints.

      'Two and a half months, Elizabeth. You just have to keep everything
      together for a little while longer.' That's what I keep telling
      myself, but when I switch my screen back to the global positioning
      information, I wonder if I'll be able to do it.

      No. Not while he's roaming around. I need to chase him away, just
      until I'm ready.


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