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Fic List for Jemisard. Accepting requests. Will not write L/R or S/J

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  • Jemisard
    Fanfiction List as of 8/4/2001 X-Men WIPS. Another Family Situation Charles/Erik, Scott How Charles came to be looking after Scott, and what drove a wedge
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2001
      Fanfiction List as of 8/4/2001



      Another Family Situation
      Charles/Erik, Scott
      How Charles came to be looking after Scott, and what drove a wedge between
      him and Erik.
      Drama, Angst, Adult Themes. MA

      Borrowed Wings
      Warren, Scott.
      A dinner date goes wrong and an angel lends his wings.
      Humour, Drama. Not Yet Classified.

      When the team isn't there, Kurt decides to make Scott relax.
      Humour, mild Angst. PG.

      I Feel What You Feel.
      Kitty, Scott/Logan, Rogue
      Kitty's musing. A ramble really, but just about Kitty and her crush on
      someone unattainble. Kitty also learns that her life isn't as bad as she
      imagines when she gets to know her teachers better.
      Drama, Angst, Romance. M

      Turbulent Weather
      PWP. Being done for Lythias and Mo. Jean calms Storm down.
      PWP, femslash. NC-17

      Trader- An Ongoing Epic. :)
      Scott/Logan, Jean/Storm, Rogue/Bobby, Remy/m (Trader), Kitty/m (Miguel)
      Beast, Charles.- Comic and movie based
      The story of the Xavier Institue after the movie. The ups and downs and the
      new students who will make up the next generation of X-Men, especially the
      mutant Trader, who has a past as hidden as Logan's.
      Drama, Comedy, Slash, Het, NC-17

      Finished One Offs.

      Scott, others.
      How a boy meets his mentor while running wild.
      Drama. M

      Father Figure No More
      Forbidden thoughts of an older man on his family.
      Angst, mild slash. PG-13

      Quick writing about being Scott.
      Drama? G

      Greek Tragedy
      A bar meeting and a one night thing.
      PWP. Disturbing themes. SQUICK FACTOR. So NC-17 it ain't funny.

      Heavens Cried
      None- Comic based
      Suicide of an X-Man.
      Drama, Angst M.

      Me, Him and the Other
      Rogue, Charles, Erik, Scott, Logan.
      Rogue deals with having too many minds in her head.
      Drama, Humour, mild slash themes. PG

      On Metal Claws
      Logan, Scott.
      Nightmares can come true.
      Angst. M

      Stuck With You
      Scott/Jean, Scott/Logan, Rogue, Charles.
      A dare turns into a soul searching exercise when two men can't get away from
      one another.
      Humour, Angst, Drama, Slash Themes. R.

      Treasure Island.
      Logan, Scott.
      Marooned, Logan's not only fending for himself but his comatose companion.
      Drama. R

      Scott/Beast- comic based
      Beast agrees to help out the focus of his crush after a training scenario.
      Angst, slash themes. NC-17

      One of the team proves to be a serial murderer. But who?
      Drama. M.


      Traitorous Thoughts.

      Part 1- Never Fall in Love- Thoughts of a traitor.
      Part 2- Yesterday- Thoughts of the betrayed
      Part 3- Eternal Flame- Reconciliation
      Part 4- Hold Me In Your Arms- After the reconciliation
      Part 5- Blaze of Glory- The inevitable end.

      Leather Jacket.
      Logan, Scott.

      Part 1- Past Meetings- A boy is saved by a stranger out at sea.
      Part 2- Searching- The rescuer tries to find the boy he saved.
      Part 3- Remembrance- Two people remember where they met.
      Part 4- Gratitude- Unfinished.- Someone says thanks in an unusual way.

      Lost Past. WIP

      Part 1- Highlands- A meeting and a new family.
      Part 2- Father, Son and Haunted Ghost- Three peoples thoughts on one issue.
      Part 3- Interlude- Datafiles.- Computer files on certain people.
      Part 4- Intelligent Prey - The hunt is on. Who will find him first?
      Part 5- Lone Wolves - The awful climax of the flight.
      Part 6- Strange Bedfellows- War makes allies of old enemies.
      Part 7- Blind Justice- The court trial that will determine a man's fate.
      Part 8- Broken Minds- Waiting for the reconvention of court.
      Part 9- Reconvention of War- The trial resumes and ends.
      Part 10- Black Celebrations- A joyous time has some dark revelations.
      Part 11- Long Road Back- The road to rehabilitation is a long one.
      Part 12- Reconstructing Memories- Slowly, pieces of the past fall into
      More Coming!!!

      Romance Universe.

      Scott/Logan, Jean/Storm.
      Logan's got to prove he can be seductive.

      In the Closet
      PWP. Set in universe, but directly related. Scott shows Logan that he missed

      Only Looks

      Cyclops/Sabretooth, Sabretooth/Mystique, Cyclops/Toad

      Part 1- Pretty- Two people's encounter will change everyone around them.
      Part 2- Ugly- Effects of a confrontation and a decision that changes lives.
      Part 3- Beautiful-Two victims from opposite sides heal together.

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