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Fic: " Step Into The Fire" PG-13 (1/1) [Scott/Ororo]

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  • neh@post10.tele.dk
    Hi, This should be the last one for now. This story follows Fire Eyes, Golden Heart Feedback: Is loved of cause. neh@post10.tele.dk Enjoy: Step Into The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2001

      This should be the last one for now. This story follows " Fire Eyes, Golden Heart"

      Feedback: Is loved of cause.


      Step Into The Fire By Nadja Lee 09/02-2001

      English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.

      Disclaimer: “X-men” and all the characters here belong to Marvel , 20 Century Fox and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.

      Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the author. Please do not copy this story to any website or archive without permission of the author.

      Timeline: After the movie

      Universe: Movie

      Pairing: Scott/Ororo

      Summary: Scott’s thoughts on a woman he have admired and loved from a distance for years…

      Archiving: Want, ASK, take, have.

      Feedback: Yes, please. My e-mail address is neh@....

      Rating: PG-13

      Series: The sequel to “ Fire Eyes And Golden Heart”

      Dedicated to: Helene, L. Burke, Misty and Jemi. Thanks for your kindness and friendship.

      Thanks to Christina for the Beta.

      I see you

      So far away

      Looking like a Goddess

      Driving me crazy with your

      Snow coloured hair and eyes

      Which seem to hold the power

      Of the entire Storms of the Universe

      Within them

      I see you now

      Waltzing by

      Not looking at me

      Not looking at my heart

      And the message it is screaming to you:

      Be mine

      Be my heart

      Be my soul

      Be my love

      Be my...Goddess

      I know what you think

      I know that you doubt

      But know that my lips

      May tell lies

      But my heart never can

      Yes, I made a mistake

      The red in her hair was

      Never the snow in yours

      The green in her eyes

      Was never the brown or white in yours

      But.... even dreamers sometime

      Have to settle for less

      Have to settle for what comes along

      I was weak

      I know that now

      So I let her go

      I set myself free

      Yet is the freedom to fall

      Freedom at all?

      For I have fallen many times

      I have failed and I have wronged

      I have tried and I have stumbled

      On the way from there to here

      And now I’m on my knees again

      For I have fallen

      Fallen in love with you

      Come to me now

      Come to me

      Come into these arms

      Which are aching to hold you

      Come into this heart

      Which have always been beating

      For you and only for you

      So come to me now

      I beg of you Goddess

      I see

      I know

      Well, then I guess

      There is no more to say

      No more to do

      I have nothing left

      I have no where to go

      She didn’t see me

      She didn’t hear me

      I doubt she even cares

      I doubt if anyone cares

      For who can ever learn to love

      A Cyclops?

      A Cyclops

      Is always strong

      Is never wrong

      Is always alone

      And needs no one

      Is that how you all

      See me?

      That all you are human

      All you have the right

      The right to fail, hurt and love

      Just not I?

      All you have the right to long

      Just not I?

      You are wrong

      You have always been wrong

      If just one of you

      Had tried to look me

      In the heart

      You’ll have seen the need

      You’ll have seen the want

      You’ll have seen the pain

      .... The loneliness

      You’ll have seen...me

      As I am inside and I wonder

      Would you have liked what you found?

      I always stand inside the fire

      I always see red

      I always stand alone

      I yarn

      I want

      I need

      I love

      ...I hurt

      I too am like you

      I too can dream

      I too can watch these dreams

      As they crumble to the floor

      And die

      But unlike you...

      I have no one to help me

      I have no one to pick me up

      So I watch her

      As she sassy by

      Flying in a gentle breeze

      And I think…

      And I hope...

      And I dream...

      That she is different

      That she wants to see

      That she is wondering

      Who the real me is

      And today I swear

      No matter if it kills me

      I’ll find the truth

      I’ll know...

      Will she join me

      And step inside the fire

      Burning in me

      Or will she turn away

      And leave me alone

      Cold and lost in

      A big, big world

      Which doesn’t care

      Either way

      So I go to her

      My hand catches hers

      I caress her cheek

      I kiss the top of her head

      My warm breath reaches her

      As my lips speaks the truth

      As I lay my soul bare

      And say what is in my heart

      In my heart is hope

      Yet somewhere inside

      There is a lost soul

      A man alone

      Paying that she’ll say yes

      Yet fearing a no so strongly

      He can taste it

      Wind Rider, come with me

      Come into my embrace

      Go with me

      Let us fly free

      Let us live

      Let us breathe

      Together as one

      Touch me

      Let your body become one

      With mine

      Let me see you

      Standing naked

      Bathed in the silver light

      Of the moon

      Let me feel your copper skin

      Beneath my fingertips

      As they run over your body

      Drawing a trail of fire

      With them

      Goddess, come to me now

      Take me with you

      Let me ride free with you

      Take me in your love

      And I swear:

      I’ll worship your body

      As my temple

      I’ll love you true

      From this day forth

      Till my dying hour

      I’ll be with you

      From this hour

      Till the last breath you take

      I’ll stand by you

      From this minute

      Till I’m torn from your side by Deaths cold arms

      I’ll protect you

      From this second on

      And till my body lies broken on the cold winter floor

      I’ll want you

      From yesterday

      Till the Earth is swallowed by the sun

      And there is nothing left

      But my love for you

      Ororo, come to me now

      Say you want me

      Say you need me

      See the fire that is burning

      Inside my soul and heart

      See the love that I hold for you

      Hidden from view

      Come to me now

      Come closer

      Step inside the fire

      And let it burn


      Be with me

      Even when Death separates us

      Be with me always

      Fire eyes and golden heart

      That was my first thought when

      I lay eyes on you

      So long ago

      We have gone a long way

      Each going on alone

      You have nothing to fear

      For I dream too

      For I yarn too

      For I burn too

      I’ll stand in the fire with you

      Filled with love and filled with pride

      Consume me and touch me

      Come to me and join me

      I’ll burn with you

      So, Fire Eyes....

      I’ll step into the fire

      ...With you

      The End
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