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Fic: " The Balled Of The Goddess And The Cyclops" PG (1/1) [Scott/Ororo]

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    Hi all, This story/poem is the reason why one should never read classical Greek studies and X-men comics at the same time. Also, for the record I’ll be out
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2001
      Hi all,

      This story/poem is the reason why one should never read classical Greek studies and X-men comics at the same time.
      Also, for the record I’ll be out of town from tomorrow and the next 3 weeks and may not be able to go on-line. I`ll therefore go to web only on all my groups save Red Shades.

      Oh, yeah. Happy 4th of July to the US.

      Feedback: You know I love it


      The Balled Of The Goddess And The Cyclops By Nadja Lee 21/03/01

      English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.

      Disclaimer: “X-men” and all the characters here belong to Marvel , 20 Century Fox and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.

      Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the author. Please do not copy this story to any website or archive without permission of the author.

      Timeline: Set in an alternative universe

      Universe: Set in an AU

      Pairing: Scott/Ororo

      Summary: It is told that in ancient times there lived a Cyclops…and his love for a Goddess…

      Archiving: Want, ASK, take, have.

      Feedback: Yes, please. My e-mail address is neh@....

      Rating: PG

      Dedicated to: Helene, Jemi, Misty and L. Burke. Thanks for your kindness and friendship.

      Thanks to Christina for the Beta.

      Warning: Character death!

      *mmmm * is telepathically thoughts spoken in the mind. “ mmmmm ” is spoken out loud.

      Part 1:

      It is told

      That many years ago

      When time was young

      And the world was new

      The Gods ruled

      Over all mankind

      A brave warrior was born

      By a mortal woman

      And the God of Compassion

      The only God who

      Held any kind feelings

      Towards the fragile humans

      Which the Gods had created

      For their own amusement

      The woman gave birth

      In secret

      But the King of the Gods

      Saw her and

      Punished her boldness

      With the kiss of death

      The God of Compassion

      Begged for her life

      His sister took pity on him

      But spared only the child

      Angered by his brother’s betrayal

      The King of the Gods

      Threw the God of Compassion

      Over the edge of the world

      And into eternal darkness

      The King said that if

      He’ll punish the woman’s people

      With war and prosecution

      He would be saved

      Standing tall

      The God of Compassion


      Angered by his brother’s


      The King took away

      His godliness

      And pushed him over

      Falling towards eternal darkness

      Yet refusing to beg for help

      The King felt a flicker of sadness

      As he whispered his brother’s name…


      Twenty years passed

      And the child

      Grew up to be a man

      Never knowing

      Who his real parents were

      Until one day

      The sister who had saved him

      Appeared before him


      She called him

      And though the boy had known

      No other human to this day

      He remembered the sister’s

      Soft and gentle voice

      As he did the name

      Summers, thou are a man

      Of great importance

      Thy father

      Was my brother, now he

      Suffers an eternal darkness

      My brother came to me

      Begging me to protect thou

      For 20 years thou have

      Lived under my protection

      But now is the time for

      Thou to know who thou are

      And thy destiny

      I named thee Summers

      After the season

      In which thou were born

      Thy mother was a

      Brave mortal woman

      Holding great strength

      And courage in her heart

      Her name was Betsy but oh,

      She was punished with

      The kiss of death

      By the King of the Gods, Magnus,

      For daring to mingle with

      The Gods

      Who are thou, my Angel

      Of mercy?

      For thou must be a Goddess

      And the Gods

      I know

      Care little or not

      For the lives of mortal men

      Like me

      Summers, thou are not a

      Mere mortal

      Thou have the power

      Of a God

      I, Jean, Goddess of love and war, will

      Unleash the power

      Within thee

      For thy quest

      Thou`ll need it

      And the sister

      Touched the hero’s eyes

      And out of them

      A beam of light emerged

      She had given him

      A great curse and a

      Great blessing

      He was now a Cyclops

      Brave and strong

      But a warning she


      Hear me now, child,

      And hear me well

      Alone thou must

      Wander and fight

      For thy people

      Against the Gods

      And any injustice thou see

      But thou must never

      Give your heart away

      If thou do that I’ll

      No longer protect thee

      The King’s wrath

      Thou must always fear

      I’ll shield thee

      Protect thee

      But break thy oath

      Fall in love

      And I’ll

      Let the King’s wrath

      Reach thee

      The Cyclops agreed to all this

      Eager to fight injustice

      Fight for a dream of peace

      And avenge his parents

      Whose only crime

      Had been a

      Forbidden love

      Time passed

      The Cyclops fought

      Many great battles

      And with his power

      And the sister’s help

      He won them all

      But then came

      The day

      Where he met

      The Weather Goddess

      She was rumoured to be

      The most beautiful

      Of all the Goddesses

      Her hair as white

      As new fallen snow

      Her skin as brown

      As leaves in autumn

      And when the Cyclops

      First saw her

      He knew

      The rumour was true

      But oh, the King had heard

      Of this rebelling warrior

      Called Cyclops

      And though unaware of his inheritance still

      The King searched for him

      But couldn’t find him

      Due to the sister’s

      Protection of the hero

      Angered by his failure

      To find the hero

      The King had ordered

      That should any of the Gods

      Lay eyes on the hero

      They were to kill him

      At once

      Also the Weather Goddess

      Had been given this command

      But when she saw

      The hero

      She fell in love

      For the first time

      In all her immortal


      The hero remembered

      The sister’s warning

      But his heart conquered

      Over his head

      As he kneeled before the Goddess

      And gave his heart away

      The sister felt the hero’s heart

      Change hands from hers to

      The Weather Goddess’s

      Angered she let her shield

      Around the hero

      Disappear and the King

      Saw the two lovers

      In a tender embrace

      Laying eyes on the hero

      The King saw his brother’s image

      And he knew the truth

      Angered by his very existence

      And the Goddess’s disobedience

      He appeared before them

      And demanded that

      The Goddess froze

      The hero to ice

      As the King’s heart

      Had frozen

      The Weather Goddess


      Declaring her love

      For the hero

      As the hero did the same

      For her

      Fearless and forgetting

      The sister’s warning

      About the wrath of the King

      The hero attacked the King

      To protect his love

      Filled with rage

      The King froze the hero in time

      Turning him into stone

      The Weather Goddess

      Pleaded the King

      To curse her too

      With the stone prison

      He had given her lover

      But the King refused

      Years passed

      And the Weather Goddess

      Faded more and more

      In her misery

      For in the end to


      Only the breeze remained of her

      And every time

      The wind blows over the land

      It is the Weather Goddess

      Caressing the frozen face

      Of her lover

      Over the years

      The stone of the hero

      Crumbled and shattered

      To always be able

      To be near him

      The Weather Goddess

      Made a wind

      Scatter the stone pieces all over the world

      When tears falls from heaven

      It is the sister

      Crying for the two lovers

      As they are unable to

      Do so themselves

      When a teardrop of rain

      Falls on a stone

      And glitters in the sunlight

      The wind will gently kiss it away

      Always keeping verge

      Over her love

      That was the balled of

      The Goddess and the Cyclops

      Look closely at the wind

      And the stones where ever you are

      When the wind

      Blows over the stones

      It is her trying to reach him

      Touching but never feeling

      Together but eternally apart
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