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I'M HOME (6/?)

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    Title: I m Home Series: 6/? Author: Melissa Richardson Email: Ritz1503@yahoo.com Rating: NC-17. smut girls and lots of it. Disclaimer: Don t own them. Just
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      Title: I'm Home
      Series: 6/?
      Author: Melissa Richardson
      Email: Ritz1503@...
      Rating: NC-17. smut girls and lots of it.
      Disclaimer: Don't own them. Just really love Logan and Marie
      Feedback: Please...But be kind it is my first story.
      Summary: Logan and Marie make love for the first
      Comments: Thanks to Karen for beta reading. ** Logan's thoughts. ****
      Marie's thoughts. <> A remembered conversation.

      Marie woke the next morning to sunlight streaming through the
      open curtains and the delicious smell of coffee. After taking a moment
      to stretch out some kinks, she got up.
      She looked around the room, finding her luggage by the door, she
      unpacked her clothes. Yawning, she looked down at herself, deciding
      that a hot shower was in order.
      The bathroom was impressive. The room was decorated in a
      country blue and white tiles. Across the room and in front a picture
      window was a sunken tub. From the tub you could look out the window
      and get a prefect view of the lake. Next to the tub and taking up part
      of the wall was a large shower and on the other side of the shower was
      a toilet.Across from the shower was a counter with two sinks, a
      gigantic mirror hung over the sinks give Marie a view of the whole
      room without moving. Next to the doorway was a closet, upon opening it
      she found freshly washed towels on the first shelf, soaps and scented
      bubble bath on the other shelf. A laundry basket sat at the bottom
      waiting for dirty clothes to fill it.
      After setting the water temperature for the shower, Marie
      quickly shed her clothes and stepped into the running water. With a
      sigh she begin to bathe. The feel of the hot water was wondrous on her
      tense muscles.This vacation was something she really needed, being
      with Logan was definitely a bonus and she felt better knowing that
      Logan did have some feelings for her.
      In the kitchen, Logan could hear the shower running. He wished
      that he could join Marie in the shower, but remembering his promised
      that he would go slow, settled for imagining what it would be like
      to be with her.

      {Water streaming down her body, making her all pink and inviting.
      Nipples perk and begging for his attention. He wouldn't be able to
      stop himself from suckling on one, while one of his hands found its
      way to the other. Logan could almost her moan and beg for more
      attention. All too soon, he'd have her up against a wall, those long
      legs wrapped around his hips as he slowly thrust into her making her
      cry out HIS name.}

      "Hey, what you doing?"

      Logan nearly jumped out of his skin, he was so deep in thought
      over the female standing before him.

      "Just wondering what you would like for breakfast, darling." He lied.

      He watched as she walked up to him ,wrapped her arms around
      his neck. and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

      "So, I guess you weren't thinking any lusty thoughts?" Marie asked as
      her hands skimmed across his crotch making him groan with want.

      "Marie." Logan said warningly.

      "Mmmm, sure feels like you were." Marie whispered softly in his ear,
      before tenderly taking the lobe in her mouth, and sucking on it.

      A low growl was the only warning she had before she was picked
      up and set on the kitchen counter. Lips hot with need slide across
      hers, the nip of teeth at her bottom lip made her open her mouth and
      with a moan, she felt Logans tongue slide against hers. Logan's hands
      were busy caressing her back and hips, pulling her closer to his body.
      Responding eagerly, she returned his kisses..
      During their kiss, Marie hands hadn't stopped their
      exploration. She found that the hair covering his bare chest was silky
      to the touch. His small brown nipples caught her attention, lightly
      she traced them, feeling the slight roughness that was different from
      the rest of his skin. Gently she stroke one nipple, the jerk of his
      hips into hers only made her want to explore him more. She let her
      hands wander his chest, following the narrow path of hair that
      disappear into the waist band of his boxers.

      "God,baby. You're driving me crazy." Logan said, trying to stay in

      Slowly he stepped away from her. Both of them were breathing
      hard. Logan felt male pride at the sight before him, Marie was flushed
      a bright pink. Her hair was in disarray from where his hands had run
      through it. The sight of her lips red and swollen from his kisses only
      made him want to kiss her more. Taking a breath, he willed his body to
      calm down before he lost control, and made love to Marie right where
      she was sitting.

      Which wouldn't be right, because it would be fast and hard instead of
      slow and loving.

      "I'm sorry, Logan.. I shouldn't had done that to you." Marie said,
      suddenly feeling ashamed at how she threw herself at him.

      "No, darling, don't be sorry." Logan replied, feeling like an ass for
      forcing himself on her like he did. "Anytime you feel like touching
      me, you just go ahead. I don't mind one bit." Logan said to her. "Now,
      what would you like for breakfast?"

      With a sigh, Marie regarded the man before her. How Logan had
      managed to maintain control was beyond her. Normally, he would have
      had any woman screaming his name by now. Knowing that he cared for her
      enough to take it slow, touched her deeply. Now if she could just keep
      from throwing herself at him at every opportunity.

      "I guess eggs and toast would be nice." Marie said before kissing him
      softly on the cheek and heading for the refrigerator. **Might as well
      make it. It well give me something to do.**

      Logan watched her fix their meal. He wouldn't have minded
      helping her, but he had a feeling she wanted to do it all herself.
      *I'll make lunch for her later.* He decided with a smile.

      "So, what you going to do today?" He asked, as he made her a cup of

      "Mm, don't know. What you going to do?"

      "Well, it's warm enough outside, we could go fishing, if you like." He
      replied glancing at her as she eat.

      "You fish, I think I'll work on my tan." She told him wrinkling her
      nose at him.

      Logan shrugged his shoulders at her. "Fine with me."

      After finishing their meal, Marie went upstairs to change
      while Logan went to the shed behind the cabin to get the necessary
      things to fish with. The pier was twenty feet from the back door
      making it easy for a vacationer to move back and forth from cabin to
      lake with no problems. Making himself comfortable on the pier, he
      waited for Marie to come down from changing. *Tan, tan that would
      require a.......oh, shit!!* His thought never got finished because of
      the vision walking towards him. Third time in Logan's life he was
      shocked speechless. Marie was wearing what had to be the tiniest dark
      green bikini that Logan had ever seen. Her ample breasts were scarcely
      covered by two small triangles of fabric that were held in place by
      thin straps. An even smaller triangle of fabric barely concealed her
      sex, the thin straps looping over her hips, showing Logan how tiny her
      waist was.

      "I guess you like my bikini?" Marie asked smiling at him. Thrown over
      her arm was a towel and in the same hand was a bottle of lotion. "Care
      to help me, sugar?"

      Swallowing Logan watched as she laid down on her stomach and
      untied the back of the bikini. Logan had done a lot of things in his
      life, but nothing was as sensual as spreading lotion into the skin of
      the woman laying in front of him. Slowly he worked the lotion into her
      back. He couldn't help but smirk at the groan he heard coming from
      her. Gradually he worked his way down her body. The lotion made her
      skin feel even softer and the coconut scent mingled with her scent

      "Thank you." Marie whispered. She felt warm, utterly relaxed under
      Logans' strong hands.

      "Anytime, darling." Logan answered to the already slumbering woman.

      For over an hour Logan spent time watching Marie and fishing.
      He was glad it wasn't terribly hot, or she would burn easily with her
      fair skin. Of course, he almost choked on his beer when she rolled
      over in her sleep and her top fell off exposing her generous breasts.

      "Marie, baby. You got wake up."


      "Sweetheart, you rolled over and your top is...off. I don't mind the
      view but you might burn." Logan said leaning over her.

      "Well, I guess you could put lotion on me. That is, if it's okay with
      you?" Marie replied, before she yawned.

      *Damn, damn. What to do.* Finally he decided. Picking up the
      lotion he squirted a small amount in his hand, then gently started
      rubbing it into her skin. Nothing turned him on as much as feeling her
      nipples harden under his fingers. His fingers wandered down from her
      chest to her flat stomach then to the dip that lead to her pelvis,
      leisurely brushing under the edge of the bikini. Logan closed his eyes
      and moaned as he felt the soft curls.
      Marie arched her hips slightly as she felt him touch her
      mound. She watch him caress her and heard as he moaned. Drawing a
      breath, she gently moved her hand over his and pushed it farther down,
      until he was touching her slit.
      Startled, Logan open his eyes to find Marie watching him as
      she moved his hand farther under her bathing suit. He felt the heat
      and wetness seeping from her and suddenly knew what she wanted.
      Carefully, he slipped his fingers even farther down, finding her
      entrance he gently slipped a finger in.

      "Oh, Logan." He heard her moan as he slowly pumped his fingers in and
      out of her.

      Suddenly, Logan couldn't take it any more.Marie gasped as she
      heard him snarl and watched him rip the bikini off her. Opening her
      legs wider, he laid down between her thighs, groaniing as her scent
      filled every fiber of his being. With an animal growl of pure want, he
      dipped his mouth to her pussy, and got his first taste of her juices.
      Marie shuddered as she felt him taste her nectar.

      "God, baby. You taste so good. You have no idea how long I've want to
      do this to you." She heard him say right before she felt him close his
      mouth over her clit and tenderly begin to suck it.

      "Uuuhh God, Logan. Please!!" She screamed as the pleasure stormed over
      her in waves as she climaxed.

      "What, darling? Tell me want you need." Logan said, as he crawled the
      length of her body, then kissing her soundly on the mouth.

      "You. I want you." Marie replied, breathlessly after he had kissed

      Logan picked her up and carried her into the cabin. Gently he sat her
      on the bed.

      "Are you sure, Marie?"

      "Please, Logan.." Marie said, blushing at how bold she suddenly felt.
      Logan groaned at her words. Swiftly he took his boxers off,
      all the while watching her for any fears.
      Watching him undress, Marie knew that she wanted him, and only
      him. She hadn't felt for anyone like she did for Logan. The sight of
      his naked and obviously aroused body should of scared her, but she
      loved and trust him completely.
      Logan laid down on the bed next Marie and gently pulled her
      into his arms. It was suddenly very important for him to stay in
      control and make her first time with him very special and not
      something she would regret in the future.
      Her mouth was something he couldn't resist, he loved the taste
      of her. Gently he kissed her, or at least he tried to be gentle but he
      found it almost impossible when she pressed herself closer and
      returned his kisses more strongly than she had earlier that day. And
      he couldn't stop the buck of his hips when she threw one of her legs
      over his thighs, bringing his cock so very close to where he wanted to

      "Easy, darling. We have all time in the world." He whispered hoarsely,
      as he fought to maintain control.

      More gently then ever before, Logan started to kiss her. First
      he started at her right wrist and worked his way up her arm, reaching
      the crook of her arm he carefully sucking on the sensitive skin,
      grinning, as he listened to her moan his name. Continuing up her arms
      with small kisses, he finally reached her shoulders, where he licked
      his way to her neck. Earlier he had found a tender spot on her that
      he knew gave her a lot of pleasure when kissed or sucked.Logan took
      his time loving her because he wanted to give her as much pleasure as
      possible. Next he worked down her left arm, doing the same thing as he
      did the right.
      Marie was in ecstasy. The buck of his hips as she laid her leg
      over his thighs to bring him closer, only made her nipples ache, and
      her clit throb. Every little touch of Logan's mouth on her body sent
      sparks of need coursing through her. She also found that she couldn't
      control herself from touching Logan. The feel of his hair, as she ran
      her fingers, through it, was just as thick and soft as she dreamed it
      would be. Nothing in the world had prepared her for the feel of him
      so close to her naked skin, how warm he was and how strong his body
      felt as she caressed his arms and back.. If he didn't speed things
      along soon she would go crazy.
      Logan slowly ventured his way to her breasts, taking a tight
      pink nipple in his mouth and sucking lightly. Marie gripped his hair
      and pushed herself into his mouth even more.

      "Hmm, oh God, Logan," She moaned. He sucked harder, enjoying her
      groans. The louder she groaned the harder he sucked. Marie increased
      her grip on his hair when he left that breast and gave the other one
      the same attention. With gentle fingers, he caressed the breast he
      left. He loved the feel of her hard nipple against the palm of his
      hands, and soon found himself squeezing her tenderly so that he could
      hear her groan more.

      Marie could feel him at her entrance, she rubbed herself back
      and forth against him slightly to entice him into moving things along.

      "Marie, oh God,baby." He said barely containing himself, as she kept
      up her ministrations.

      Frustrated, Logan rolled Marie unto her back. Not wanting to
      take her till he was sure that she was ready for him completely, he
      moved down her body until he reached her pussy. With fingers shaking
      in excitement, he parted her lips. Earlier he hadn't taken a good look
      at her, but now he could. First he noticed that the hair around her
      pussy was trimmed short and formed a perfect "V" around the lips of
      her sex. With her lips open to him, he could see how swollen and wet
      she was for him. Looking up he found Marie's eyes on him.

      "Watch me, darling." He whispered to her.

      He held her gaze as he lowered his head and licked her from
      the bottom of her pussy to the top. Her body arched off the bed, and
      his name was cried out from breathless lips. With strong fingers he
      plunged the depth of her tight pussy. He wanted to come just from that
      feeling alone. No, he would wait till he was in her welcoming body
      first. Holding her hips down became a necessity ,as she couldn't
      control the buck of her hips as he gave her this pleasure.

      "Logan, please."

      It was her begging that finally did him in. It told him how
      much she needed him. Swiftly he climbed up her body, kissing her
      gently, he asked her on more time if this is what she wanted.

      "Baby, are you sure? God knows I want you but I ain't going to do it,
      if you aren't ready." He asked looking down into her flushed face.

      "I want to. Please, Logan."

      Kissing her one more time, he eased her legs wider and settled
      himself carefully between her thighs. Taking a breathe, he guiding his
      hard cock to her entrance.

      "This might hurt, darling. I'll try to be gentle." He told her as he
      pushed himself into her body. It didn't take long for him to find the
      barrier that blocked him from the rest of her depth. With teeth
      clinched, Logan thrust quickly through barrier until he was completely
      sheathed in her.
      Marie sighed with pleasure. Logan's finger and lips had made
      her feel real good, but nothing felt as good as finally having him
      inside her. She knew when she lost her virginity it would hurt, but
      with Logan she only felt a slight pinch.

      "Are you okay, Marie?" She watched him ask through teeth that where
      still clinched.

      "Yes." She replied, nodding.

      Taking a steady breathe, Logan slowly started to thrust in and out of

      "God, you're so tight, baby." Logan groaned to her as he controlled
      himself not to take her too quickly. She was so hot and tight, that
      Logan really wanted to thrust into her like a mad man.
      Marie suddenly felt hot. It started at her breasts, and was
      slowly working its way down her body. She moaned as the feeling grew
      more intense.
      Logan knew she was close, between the way she smelled and the
      way her moans increased with each thrust of his body into hers.

      "That's it, baby. Come for me. God, darling." Logan moaned to her, as
      he felt her tighten around his cock.

      "Oh, God."

      "Yes, Marie."

      "Please, more. Logan!"

      "Yes, yes." Logan grit his teeth and pumped a little harder and

      Marie could feel something building up inside her but didn't know what
      it was.

      Logan didn't knew how much longer he could last, Marie just felt too

      "Looooggaaannnn!! Marie screamed as she finally felt the explosion in
      her body. Seconds later she felt a gush of warmth in her lower body
      and heard Logan roar as he thrust into her for the final time.
      It was silent for a long time after that. Marie didn't know
      what to say, being it was her first time, and Logan was quiet, because
      he had never felt so complete after making love to someone. Carefully
      he rolling onto his side, pulling Marie with him. With arms wrapped
      around each other they peacefully drifted off to sleep.
      Hours later Logan woke to find Marie still wrapped in his
      arms, silently sleeping.*God, she's beautiful.* He thought as he
      watched her sleep. Her skin glowed even after it had been many hours
      since they had made love. Her lips where still slightly red from his
      harsh kisses. *Just one little kiss. Don't want to wake her, just want
      a taste.* Tenderly he brushed his lips over hers. *Mine, all mine* He
      thought with male pride. Closing his eyes he laid back and enjoyed the
      peacefulness of the moment. Again, he drifted off to sleep.
      Marie woke to find herself still in Logans arm. She laid
      perfectly still as she looked on the sleeping face of the man she
      loved. Their first time had been nice but she knew he had been holding
      have for fear of hurting her. {Or is it me?}
      Feeling sticky she decided to take a quick shower.
      It was another hour before he woke up. This time it was to the
      sound of running water. *Ah, the shower.* Logan smiled wickedly as he
      got out of the bed, remembering the fantasy from this morning.

      Marie never heard Logan sneak into the shower with her.

      "Logan!" She gasped as she felt his hands attack her waist and pull
      her to his warm body.

      "Hello, gorgeous. Did you?....I was wondering?....Shit. Marie did you
      like it?" Logan
      stammerd He nuzzled her neck to keep her from seeing how unsure he
      felt. When it came to her, Logan always felt a little nervous. He was
      afraid of being too rough, letting too much of the animal out.

      "You where holding back, Logan." She whispered as she caressed his

      "Marie, I promised to take care of you. Even if that means from me."

      He felt her teeth scrap against his neck, then her lips
      sucking on a sensitive spot close to his collar bone. He couldn't bite
      back the moan at the feel of her mouth on his skin. But he did growl
      when he felt her hands start to caress his chest, especially when they
      found their way to his nipples.

      "Marie, baby." He warned. *Can't loss control.*

      "I know how you are with other woman. Why can't you be that way with
      me.?" Marie asked him.

      < Oh, yeah. Tell the man I love that I can touch him but haven't cause
      I feel insecure?>

      That line rang in his head over and over. *Is she really
      afraid that I don't enjoy being with her?* Looking into her eyes he
      found the answer staring back at him. Suddenly he didn't want to tell
      her with words but with action.
      Marie stared into his eyes willing him to see how insecure she
      felt. While his gentleness had been nice, she knew how sex with Logan
      really was. Having his memories was sometimes a curse.
      Gazing down at the beautiful woman before him, Logan moved her
      until her back rested against the tile wall.

      "Oh, that's cold!!" Marie gasped as her skin touched the cold tile

      Logan smirked. Moving so that his body pressed into hers, he
      started the primal seduction she had begged for. Ferociously, he
      kissed her lips, forcing her to open her mouth, Logan explored its
      secrets. He was pleased by her moans, fearing that he would be too
      rough and hurt her too much. Moving away from her mouth, Logan
      scrapped his teeth over her jaw and growled at her.

      "Your mine." He breathed into her neck.

      She whimpered as he bit her neck tenderly and soothed the mark with
      his tongue.

      "No one has ever tasted as good as you, darling." He informed her
      before he started kissing his way down to her breasts. Logan licked
      her nipples until they were diamond hard.
      Looking up he found Marie's head thrown back, her eyes
      squeezed shut. The flush that he found so attractive stained her skin
      from her face down to the breast he was a that moment giving attention
      to. Watching her, he suckled on her nipples, and listened, as she
      groaned and writhed in pleasure above him. Her sounds only spurred him
      on to move father down her body to the place that pleased him the
      most. Logan found her just as wet and swollen and smelling like
      heaven. He lifted one her legs and rested it over his shoulder.
      Parting her lips, he lapped at her dripping core. He growled deep in
      his throat at the taste of their juices that had mingled together from
      their earlier activity. Ruthlessly, he thrust his tongue into her

      "Oh, God, Logan." Marie squealed out, as she felt his tongue thrust in
      and out of her wet hole. Hands shaking from pleasure grabbed and
      pushed the man deeper, wanting more of what she knew he could give
      her. Finding one of Logan hands, Marie lead him to one of her breasts.
      Smiling, Logan plucked at that nipples as he licked and thrust
      his tongue into her body. He listened to her cries of pleasure and
      never felt more alive than he did at that moment. Wanting her to lose
      complete control, he flicked his tongue over her clit and listened as
      she gave a final cry, as she exploded with pleasure.
      Panting out of breathe, Marie looked down to find a grinning
      Logan. Not wanting to be the only one to receive any pleasure, she
      pulled him to her and kissed him. She tasted what Logan had been
      tasting mere seconds ago. Flavors flowed over her tongue that she
      would never in a million years be able to describe, but found that
      weren't unpleasant. Moaning, she decided to treat him to the same
      treatment that he had just given her.
      Willing to let Marie do with him as she pleased, he took her
      place at the tile wall where she had been standing. He watched in
      curiosity and eagerness at what his shy little Marie was going to do
      to him.
      Using Logan's memories to help her, Marie set to give him as
      much pleasure as possible. His lip where the best place to start.
      Running her tongue across his lower lip, she was rewarded with a moan.
      This helped encourage her more, tenderly bitting his lip, which gave
      her access to his mouth. Earlier he had control of her, but now it was
      her turn to explore and taste the uniqueness of Logan. With tongues
      slashing against one other and breathes harsh, Marie finally began to
      feel the wild passion that Logan had shown to those other women.
      Growling at him softly, she ended the kiss, and instead nipped at his
      chin, before moving to the delicate area below his ear. Copying what
      he had done to her earlier, Marie nipped at the skin before soothing
      it with little licks. While she did this, her fingers combed through
      his thick hair.
      Logan was definitely enjoying how bold Marie had become.
      Happily, he feathered light kiss across her shoulder. He jumped just
      slightly when she bit him with her blunt teeth, but purred when he
      felt the rough licks of her tongue across his skin.

      "God, yes." He moaned in her ear.

      Grinning wickedly up at Logan, Marie gradually moved her hands
      from his hair down to the dense hair on his chest, finding his
      nipples, she gently pinch them.
      Logan was so turned on by what she done, that he was tempted
      to take her right there but wanting to know what she had planned won
      out, for now. He stared at her while she became familiar with his
      chest and moaned when she discovered just the right pressure to apply
      with her mouth, that drove him almost to the breaking moment. With a
      snarl, he grabbed the back of her head and forced a long and wet kiss
      on her inviting lips.

      "You have no idea what you're doing to me, do you. darling?" He asked,
      after he had broken off the kiss so, that they could breath easy.

      "Show me." She dared him.

      Taking her hand he guided it to his hard cock. He hadn't let
      her touch him earlier for fear of losing control, but now he felt
      safe, since they had made love once already.
      Marie was fascinated by Logan's cock. The skin was softer then
      the skin on the rest of his body. And even though it was hard, it
      pulsed with a life of its own. She felt her body tingle and grow hot
      just by the light touch of her fingers. Bravely she wrapped her
      fingers around it and slowly pumped her hand up and down the length of
      Logan's growing cock.

      "How does it all fit?" She asked unthinkingly.

      "Very nicely." Logan chuckled as he watched her touching him.

      Kneeling down Marie came face to face with it. She notice a
      small amount of liquid at the head and suddenly had the urge to taste
      him. Jubilee had told her about this form of foreplay, and she also
      knew from Logans' memory that he enjoyed oral stimulation. Leaning
      forward she ever so gently licked the nectar leaking from tip of his
      cock. A hiss and then her name could be heard coming from Logans lips.
      Liking the taste, Marie tenderly sucked the head into her mouth.

      "Just relax your throat a little, darling and it will work." Logan
      moaned out as he buried his hand in her hair to guide her. Gritting
      his teeth he fought the urge to thrust wildly into her throat. This
      wasn't a whore off the streets, but the woman he loved and he wanted
      her to enjoy everything they did together.

      Marie slid him in and out of her mouth slowly. Remembering
      something for his memories she slipped him out until only the head
      remained in her mouth, tenderly she tongued the hole where earlier his
      precom had leaked out. She hadn't expected to be pulled away from what
      she had been enjoying doning, but she was.
      Breathing harshly Logan looked at the woman standing before
      him. Confusion was written in Marie's eyes.

      "That felt too good." He said gently.

      Sliding his finger between Marie's thighs, he checked to make
      sure that she was wet and ready for him. He smiled as he listened to
      her moan his name. Her arms wound their way around his shoulders and
      pulled him down for a searing kiss.

      "Are you sure?" He asked wanting to be inside her desperately.


      Lifting her, he gently impaled her on his cock.

      "Wrap your legs around me tightly,darling."

      All Marie could do was moan, she found out quickly that in
      this position he slid farther into her body then ever before. Holding
      on tightly with arms and legs, she urged him to take her.

      "Please, Logan. I don't want to wait anymore." She pleaded.

      Making sure that her back was against the wall, Logan slowly
      started thrusting in and out of Marie's writhing body. He watched in
      pleasure as she thrust herself on him. The rapture on her face would
      forever be imprinted on his mind.

      "That's right. Take it, baby." He moaned as he grabbed her ass and
      started a more brutal pace.

      "Oh, God. Please." Marie cried

      Marie's world narrowed down to just the feel of Logan
      thrusting into her body. She didn't hear the water running from the
      shower, didn't felt the now warm tile at her back. All she felt and
      heard, was Logan. The tingle that had begun earlier was now stronger
      and riding through her in waves.

      "Harder, Logan." She demanded, wanting to come harder than she had
      ever come in her life.

      Hearing her demand, Logan growled and thrust into her willing
      body. He could tell she was close and he wanted the same thing for
      that she wanted, plus his own release.

      "Yes, yes." Marie cried as painful pleasure screamed through her body.

      Feeling Marie's inner wall tighten painful around him, Logan
      thrust hard into her body, needing to feel himself come into her
      scorching heat. Wildly he thrust and thrust until he finally came with
      a roar. But he didn't stop, because he found that Marie was coming
      again even as he poured himself into her.

      "OH, Logan." She cried out to him as she buck and writhed.

      "Yes, baby. Yes." He moaned as he thrust till he knew she was done.

      With a sigh of happiness Marie eased her legs down from where
      they'd been at his waist.
      Logan looked down at her, she was smiling from being well
      satisfied, and never looked more beautiful to him then she did at that
      moment. Cleaning them up and turning off the water, Logan then lead
      Marie to the bedroom where he dried the both of them.

      "Are you tired?" he asked looking into her face.

      "Mmmm." Was the answer he got. With a smirk he crawled into bed with
      his love. His last thoughts before he feel asleep were of a ring that
      he'd secretly had made for her so he could ask her to marry him.
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