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Hugh Jackman, X-men and a News paper

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  • Chrissy Synth
    I guess not everyone likes to be a movie star. Welcome to America Hugh. (Cut from your Local New York paper.) Hugh Jackman Doesn t Approve of Obsessive fans.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2001
      I guess not everyone likes to be a movie star.
      "Welcome to America Hugh."

      (Cut from your Local New York paper.)

      Hugh Jackman Doesn't Approve of Obsessive fans.

      New York- Australian actor Hugh Jackman, who plays
      mutant super-hero Wolverine in the X-Men movie, says
      he's developed a cult following him since the film's
      debut, but he'd happily do without the more rabid

      "I noticed the (Restaurant) manager approaching our
      table, all trembling," Jackman told the Daily News of
      New York about one encounter.
      "He suddenly tore off his shir and he had a Wolverine
      tattoo all over high back and chest. He told me that
      meeting me had made his millennium and I think he ment
      it, because he was bathed in sweat.

      Jackman siad he was also approached in a grocery store
      by a Wolverine-obsessed bodybuilder who put him in a
      head lock.
      "Pressing in my face was an emourmous Wolverine Tattoo
      on his emormous biceps," Jackman said. "I did not hang
      out to purchase my groceries and just ran for the

      -end artical-

      Well there you havit it, staight from the Wolverine's
      mouth and printed to paper then computer screens.


      Who would also be running for the exit, dying her hair
      and changing her name if she was famous.

      I know my name.
      I know my full name.
      I know my real name.
      But my name is your name.

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