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Fic: " I`m Him And He`s Me" PG-13 (7/7) [ Scott, Logan]

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    Hi all, This is the PG-13 version of this story. A NC-17 version is available as well and will be sent to some lists. If someone wants to read the NC-17
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      Hi all,

      This is the PG-13 version of this story. A NC-17 version is available as well and will be sent to some lists. If someone wants to read the NC-17 version, then mail me and I’ll send that version to you. If anyone who archives this story wants the other version as well, mail me and I’ll send it to you.

      Disclaimer and all that other stuff in part 1.

      Feedback: Is loved. Though if you don’t like it, I don’t need to know. Don’t waste mine and your time by telling me how much time you have wasted reading this story.


      Warnings: A Scott/Logan pairing.


      Part 15:
      The tears were blinding him and his heart was dying. Slowly Scott bent down and planted a soft kiss to Logan’s forehead.
      “ I never said in words what was in my heart but now I know; I love you. I always have and always will. I just didn’t realize it before now,” a tear fell from his cheek and landed on Logan’s lips. Scott bent down and kissed those still lips and he tasted the bittersweet taste of tears. Oh, Logan. What am I to do without you? Scott thought sadly. It took a minute for him to realize that the lips he was kissing was responding and strong arms was laid around him, pressing him closer. Scott pulled away in shock.
      “ Logan! You’re alive,” Scott voice held a world of joy. His eyes became wide as he saw Logan smiling back up at him.
      “ Yeah, healin` factor and all. Did I or did I not hear you declaring your undying love to me?” Logan asked with a smirk. If Scott wasn’t so happy to have him back and loved him so much he’ll had smashed him right in the face for that.
      “ You did as I do love you,” Scott said and couldn’t keep from smiling. He was back. Logan was back!
      “ Lov` you too, Slim,” Logan said warmly. Scott was his. Finally, he had his mate within his heart as well as in his arms.
      “ Kiss me,” Scott mumbled happily as Logan drew him closer.
      “ Finally something I want to do…,” Logan growled and drew Scott down to a kiss.

      Part 16:
      “ What happened, Professor?” Scott asked of him as he later ( much later) joined him in his office.
      “ She tricked me. I scanned her and found her still unconscious. But it turned out that she wasn’t and she went after you again,” Xavier didn’t say it but his voice spoke of the blame he considered himself to carry in Emma’s death.
      “ It wasn’t your fault. I did this and I also must carry the blame for what happened as well as why,” Scott said warmly as he kneeled by Xavier’s wheelchair.
      “ Speaking of why…why did she want revenge? While you have been at the school you have never done anything which could bore such hatred.”
      “ No. It was before I came here,” Xavier sent him a questioning look. “ It’s a long story.”
      “ Which you can’t …wouldn’t elaborate on,” Xavier said mildly as he accepted Scott’s poor explanation. Even without trying he could feel the pain from the memory which was associated with remembering why Emma had been angry at him. A pain so deep that Xavier wasn’t even sure he wanted to know why.
      “ Yeah,” Scott said softly, his mind lost in unpleasant memories.
      “ Logan recovered I felt?” Xavier asked amused to try and drive the dark thoughts away from his favorite X-man; his son.
      “ Yes, he’s fine now thank God,” Scott said warmly and joyous thoughts of love and desire filled Scott’s mind and lay as a comfortable blanket around Xavier’s mind.
      “ Good,” Xavier said, a gleam in his eyes.
      “ You knew, didn’t you? You let me think he was gone to make me admit my feelings,” Scott said accursedly but gratitude was in his eyes if Xavier could have seen them. But then with Xavier only thoughts mattered.
      “ Maybe,” Xavier said mysteriously but a small smile lit up his face.
      “ Slim!” Logan’s voice ran through the corridor and Scott walked to the door, a smile on his lips before turning back to Xavier and doing something he almost never did. He hugged the other man but hurriedly let go as he knew Logan was very jealous and possessive.
      “ Thank you,” Scott whispered and left. Without Xavier’s words he may never had admitted his feelings. He owned him a debt of gratitude he could never repay because how do you thank a man who has opened your eyes so you could find your soul-mate?
      “ You’re welcome….son,” Xavier said softly into the stillness. He frowned as he heard a voice in his mind;
      * I’ll be back, Xavier and this time Summers will be mine!*
      The telepathic voice was quickly gone and Xavier wasn’t sure if he had heard it or not.
      Down the hall Scott and Logan met in a embrace and a kiss, lost in each other as the rest of the world ceased to exist for a moment in time.
      Two hearts met and become one as love won out in the end.

      The End

      Author`s notes:

      I hope you enjoyed the story and if you didn`t........well, it´s too late to change that *G*
      ( and I know this was short but you do miss a sex scene by the end of part 15.)

      He can see no reason, `cause there are no reason. What reason do you need......to die?
      - " I don`t Like Mondays"
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