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Re: [xmenmoviefanfic] Fwd: SCRIPT?

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    *stares in disbelief* Please... please no.. not scott and jean... DAMMIT! THAT RELATIONSHIP WAS THE BEST! WHY *BLEEEEEEEEEPIN BEEEEEEEP BEEP* WITH SOMETHING
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 26, 2001
      *stares in disbelief* Please... please no.. not scott
      THAT GOOD? *growls and goes into shock* Please, say it
      was a lie... no...

      --- npk1@... wrote:
      > Saw this on the X-Men list and thought I would pass
      > it along, even if
      > I find it too out there and ridiculous to be true.
      > A young Jean and Scott--how much younger could he
      > get and still be
      > combat ready under the background stories they
      > originally set out for
      > the characters in the movie.
      > And Wolverine and Jean--Ugh!!!!! It's bad enough
      > the comics are
      > screwing with a decades-old relationship, but if the
      > movie did it
      > too, that would totally turn me off the picture.
      > --- In X-Men@y..., HKhaleghi@a... wrote:
      > This was on Coming Attractions corona web site and
      > is rumoured to
      > have insights of a draft of x-men
      > "Wishing for the next installment in the X-Men
      > franchise, I was in for a suprise when one of my
      > friends got ahold of
      > the X-Men 2 script. It said: 'X-Men 2 by David
      > Hayter.' Anyway, here
      > is my script review for X-Men 2.
      > "It opens with a fight between a number of military
      > vehicles against
      > the big Juggernaut, half-brother of Charles Xavier.
      > There is a huge
      > action sequence here involving a young Jean Grey and
      > a young Cyclops
      > along with a walking Professor X battling it out
      > with Juggernaut. In
      > this scene, we see how Xavier injures his legs and
      > the big half-
      > brother's banishing into a prison. Cue opening
      > credits. Here, the
      > story is a continuation of the first. Wolverine
      > reaches the abandoned
      > military compound where he learns secrets about his
      > past (there is a
      > little flashback to when he was in high school and
      > him being
      > discriminated against and a little glimpse into when
      > he was on the
      > same military compound). However, his visit is cut
      > short when
      > Mystique, Toad, and Sabretooth break Juggernaut out
      > of his prison to
      > help free their leader, Magneto. The metal mutant,
      > as mad as ever,
      > makes the X-Men pay by getting the people of New
      > York City into mass
      > hysteria. This is part of another, bigger plan for
      > M!
      > agneto to get the all-powerful C
      > erebro. Cue big action sequences, and there's a
      > wide-open ending left
      > for another possible sequel.
      > "The script I read was kind of rough, but I enjoyed
      > it nonetheless
      > making it a very intense read. Some of the
      > descriptions would be
      > great special effects. The suits at Fox will have to
      > provide a bigger
      > budget for this movie. The audience will be
      > introduced to two more X-
      > Men: ShadowCat (she showed up as 'Kitty,' the girl
      > who can walk
      > through walls) as well as Jubilee (who, if you own
      > the DVD was edited
      > out of the first, but makes an appearance here).
      > There's also the
      > growing attraction between Jean Grey and Wolverine
      > including a brief
      > love scene. Overall, its a great script much like
      > the first but less
      > setup because you know all the characters and
      > there's much more
      > action here will more special effects. I have great
      > expectations."
      > --- End forwarded message ---
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