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FIC: To Forgive Is to Forgive: PART TWO

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  • Kat hunt
    Title: To Forgive is To Forget Part Two Author: Hunter Disclaimer: Check out part one Rateing: PG13 Email Adress: katduza@yahoo.com Note: This was infact
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2001
      Title: To Forgive is To Forget
      Part Two
      Author: Hunter
      Disclaimer: Check out part one
      Rateing: PG13
      Email Adress: katduza@...
      Note: This was infact the first fic i ever
      wrote..sooooo if it seems a bit fuzzy around the
      edges, you know why.

      Chapter 4
      The Mansion was so quiet. Marie padded softly into the
      lounge. She sneaked up behind the large chair where
      small blue cloud of smoke was gathering. She got
      herself ready to 'boo'.
      "Morning, darlin."
      Marie nearly jumped out of her skin, but managed to
      recover quickly.
      "Dammit, Logan! Couldn't you just pretend you didn't
      know Ah was here?" Marie pretended to grouse as she
      walked around to the front of the chair where Logan
      sat busy smoking a cigar.
      Seeing his feet propped up against the table, she
      said, "Scott's gonna explode if he sees any more scuff
      marks on
      that table."
      "Yeah?" Logan scrapped his boots against the wood to
      make room for Marie to sit down on the table. "And do
      "He'll blast you to kingdom come for making him loose
      his cool," Marie said as they both burst out laughing
      the thought of Scott losing his cool over any thing.
      Throwing string of tinsel that she had pulled off the
      Christmas tree at Logan's head, Marie sat down next to
      legs and looked out the window.
      "You really not coming with us?"
      Logan puffed thoughtfully on his cigar and plucked the
      tinsel off his chest. Leaning forward, he wrapped the
      tinsel around her head like a crown.
      "Yeah," he said, "I like it here just fine. No bright
      skies and sunny surf for me. I'd feel outta place."She
      smiled at him, 'Like he ever was in place.'
      The Professor had agreed to Jean and Scott's crazy
      idea about taking the entire mansion load of kids and
      adults to a small island resort which could be hired
      out for private parties. They all thought it would be
      a great
      idea to get some well-deserved rest, celebrate
      Christmas on a warm tropical beach, and help de-stress
      children who had been witnesses to many mutant hate
      crimes. They had all left last week except for Rogue,
      Storm, Beast, and Wolverine. The remaining X-Men had
      agreed to stay behind to wrap-up one last mission, and
      to lock up the mansion.
      At least that was the plan until Logan decided that
      there was no way in hell he would be caught on a sunny
      beach on some paradise-like island wearing Hawaiian
      shirts and tanning with Scott.
      "Besides," he had said, "Christmas ain't Christmas if
      you don't have snow."
      "Aw, come on, Logan," pleaded Marie, "Don't spoil the
      fun. You still have time to pack. The Blackbird won't
      be ready to leave for another half an hour." She
      smiled and added, "Besides, Christmas isn't Christmas
      if your
      loved ones aren't around!"
      "I...," Logan began.
      "Hey, Marie! You know better than to pester old grumps
      like Logan." Ororo swept in the room dressed in
      summer clothes ready to go. "Why would you want him
      with us anyway? He will only sit in a corner and brood
      over one of his smelly cigars."
      "Careful, Stormy," Logan grinned, "Ya' just might
      provoke me into going."
      The intercom suddenly beeped alive into the room.
      "Storm, Wolverine. Did one of you arrange to have
      accompany us to the island?" Beast asked over the
      Ororo strode over to the com unit as Logan peered over
      his chair.
      "No, Beast," Storm said, "Why? Is there problem?"
      "No problem as of yet, Storm, but we seem to have two
      helicopters flying in an unusual flight pattern that
      take them directly over the mansion grounds, but other
      than that there is nothing to be alarmed about."
      Logan spun of his chair and moved over to Storm's
      side. "Trouble?" he asked.
      Storm shrugged, "Could be more of those anti-mutant
      protesters coming. They probably just want to shout
      through loud speakers at us, but there would be no
      harm in checking it out."
      "I'll take look," Logan replied, "You guys get ready
      to go. If it is protesters, it will give me some
      Marie didn't look too happy at that remark.
      The com crackled to life again. "The helicopters have
      moved on. No problems noted." said Beast's voice. "The
      Blackbird is prepped and will be ready to go in 20
      minuets. Will passengers Rogue and Storm please join
      boarding party to have their baggage checked in? The
      captain sends his regards to the loner who will be
      home. Have nice vacation and catch up on all your
      reading, Logan."
      "Thanks, Hank."
      Ororo laughed, "I guess all they wanted was some
      footage of the mansion for the 10:00 news."
      "Yeah, " snorted Logan, "Go now, Marie. You need some
      Marie looked less than pleased as Logan gently shoved
      her towards Ororo's general direction.
      "Go and find me a loud shirt or something coconut or
      whatever," he said. Marie gave him a bear hug and was
      careful not to touch his bare skin with hers.
      "You have good time moping around this huge place,
      Logan," she said taking the tinsel off her head, and
      tucking it into his shirt pocket.
      "Thanks, Marie. Bye 'Roro. Make sure Scott loses his
      sunscreen, ok?"
      "Bye, Logan," Storm groaned in mock agony.
      He grinned.
      Before the vacation could even start, it ended as
      Beast's urgent voice sounded over the intercom.
      Storm, Wolverine, we have intruders on the grounds.
      The helicopters' occupants must have gotten past the
      defenses. I'm taking the east gate. Storm and Rogue,
      you take west. Wolverine, would you please take the
      Rogue and Storm froze.
      "I don't believe it," Rogue said looking bewildered,
      "How'd they get past the alarms?"
      "Never mind that," replied Storm, "we'd better go and
      sort this out." She looked as calm as always, and ran
      down the corridor as Rogue followed behind her.
      It was snowing, but not heavily. Just light flakes
      drifting down, but the cover already on the ground was
      than 2 inches deep. Storm regretted already dressing
      so lightly and moved off into the grounds with Rogue
      behind. They didn't even have time to react when the
      darts shot them from behind.
      Wolverine stood behind a tree, and watched number of
      men move from one cover to another. He had exited the
      mansion from a window, and had tracked around the
      enemy line until he had reached the front of the
      He saw men waiting there in case someone came out the
      front door. Watching the house with total confidence,
      they looked like highly trained military, something
      more than Seals or Marines.
      As one soldier came close to him, Wolverine crouched
      down. Moving with blinding speed, he caught the man
      before the other waiting soldiers even knew what had
      happened. They all heard his neck break, though.
      a couple of sniffs of the air, Logan could smell the
      remaining soldiers coming closer. He quickly darted
      off to
      the next tree, and waited for them to find the body.
      They found it, and now they were angry.
      Wolverine grinned. Climbing the tree, he extended his
      claws. The 'SNIKT' drew the soldiers' attention away
      from their fallen comrade, and they came over to where
      Logan wanted them. Dropping from the tree, Wolverine
      killed them before they even knew what had hit them.
      Panting slightly, he looked around for more soldiers.
      There were no more here, but Wolverine guessed there
      where more from over where Beast was.
      Blending in with the bushes, he trotted of easily
      towards the east.

      The soldiers had moved Beast's body aside, and acted
      busy. Wolverine noted that they were expecting someone
      to come as he could see a sniper in the trees waiting.
      His enhanced senses told him that Beast was alive, but
      something did not feel right.
      'Never mind that now,' he thought.
      Moving to his left, Wolverine quickly dispatched the
      sniper. Walking into the clearing, he confronted the
      enemy. They reacted as he knew they would; arrogant,
      and cocky. They believed they had backup in the trees.
      Too bad for them.
      When the last soldier had dropped, Wolverine moved to
      Beast's side.
      "You awake, buddy?" he said, "Come on."
      Beast stirred, but not enough to convince Logan that
      he would be any good in a fight. Looking down at the
      fuzzy blue body, Logan saw a dart protruding from
      Hank's arm. He plucked it out, and tossed it aside.
      were they doing darting mutants?'
      A muffled sound came from behind him. 'Damn!' Logan
      thought as he spun around to face the new intruder.
      'Getting sloppy and soft.'
      He froze in his tracks when he saw a scarred face that
      made his blood chill. And the owner of that face held
      to Rogue's head while his partner, a tall female in
      uniform, held Storm. Both X-Men were unconscious.
      "Hello, Logan," the face said, "Long time no see."
      "The scars on the man's face, they looked like his
      claws had made them, but when?" Logan felt he knew
      man, but from where? And why did just the sight of him
      make Logan turn cold? He felt the hair on the back of
      his head stand on end.
      "Did you forget to write?" The face asked.
      "Let 'em go," Logan growled.
      "Fair trade. You for them."
      Beast was groaning behind Logan.
      "I said," said scar face, "if you come with us, I
      won't blow this pretty girl's head off, and her
      friend's either."
      He smiled and traced the gun along the side of Rogue's
      head while the woman behind him stood perfectly still.
      Logan's mind raced, 'Who was this guy?'
      Scar face cocked the gun, "You have till three.
      One..."Rogue stirred in the man's arms and Wolverine
      moved closer.

      'Uhh, uhh" said the man, �Don't come any closer or I
      just might skip a count. Two."
      Rogue groaned. "Three," said the man.
      "NO!" Logan snapped, "I'll come." Pointing behind him
      to Beast, he said, �Just put them down over there and
      I'll come."
      The gun slipped down from Rogue's head.
      "See, good Captain," said scar face, "even animals can
      be compliant if you give them the right incentive."
      Wolverine bared his teeth, and growled.
      The woman soldier came forward dragging Storm over to
      where Beast lay. She then moved Rogue over. Rogue
      opened her eyes as her body hit the cold snow. She saw
      Logan standing in front of a scarred man and a tall
      woman in uniform. Three men suddenly stepped out from
      behind the trees, and aimed their guns at Logan.
      Rogue couldn't move her body, only her head.
      She saw Beast and Storm groggily open their eyes too,
      and she watched as Logan started to move towards the
      man and woman.
      "Shoot him now!" the man shouted.
      Wolverine staggered as a dart hit his body. One dart
      each had been enough to knock out the three X-Men, but
      Logan still moved forward. He could feel a dull
      heaviness move through his body from where the dart
      had hit
      him in his shoulder.
      "Again!" the man screamed.
      Another dart hit Logan. This time in his thigh. He
      realized that his time was up, but not before he
      reached the
      nearest soldier and planted his claws into his chest.
      Logan fell to his knees and then to his side. There
      was no
      point to struggling anymore as he couldn't feel the
      snow or anything else for that matter, but he tried to
      get up
      The Doctor shocked Heather as he grabbed her gun out
      of it's holster, and walked to where their target was
      lying. The man was breathing heavily. He kept trying
      to get up, and fight off the effects of the drug from
      'Unbelievable,' Heather thought, 'he should have been
      out with the first dart. Who was he? And what on earth
      was on his hands? The blue furry one was obviously a
      mutant. Was this one, too?'
      The Doctor ran up to the man on the ground as the soft
      snow continued to fall. He pointed the gun at Logan's
      chest. Heather started to move forward to stop him.
      They obviously needed this man alive after all the
      they had gone to get him in the first place.
      "I remember you," Logan said right before the scarred
      man shot him. Pain blossomed like lightning from his
      chest as the bullet ran through his body.
      Logan stopped struggling as the shot stilled his body.
      His claws sheathed themselves. Heather ran to his
      and felt for a pulse. She heard one of the women
      screaming a name, "Logan?" Standing up, Heather
      watched inshock as the Doctor kicked the dead man in
      his side
      "You idiot!" she screamed, "After all that, you killed
      him?" Heather was so angry she almost forgot her
      The Doctor stopped and stared back at her.
      "He's not dead, you fool." Turning to a nearby
      soldier, he snarled, "You. Come here and get this to
      transport. It won't be long before the drugs wear off
      on those three."
      "He's lost it," Heather thought.
      The Doctor caught her skeptical look. "It will take a
      lot more than a bullet to kill this man." He turned
      from her. "Let's move."
      Heather watched dumbfounded as the last remaining
      soldiers, 'only two - where were the others?," carried
      prone body to the helicopters as the Doctor followed.
      They grunted under the heavy weight of the body, and
      dropped him into the snow. Heather caught up with
      them, and helped to lift the dead man up. He had dog
      tags on. Her mind made the connection between the
      Doctor in the government and this man in the military.
      �What had happened between these two in the past?�
      Rogue was screaming as the remaining soldiers picked
      up Logan and carried him off to where ever they had
      come from. When Storm and Beast had finally recovered
      enough to move themselves into the mansion to call
      for help, they found Marie staring dumbly at a small
      pool of blood in the snow where the bullet had
      through Logan's body.


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