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Fic: " I`m Him And He`s Me" PG-13 (6/?) [ Scott, Logan]

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    Hi all, More on I`m Him And He`s Me by Nadja Lee. Disclaimer see part 1. Warning: Violence Feedback: Is very much loved. neh@post10.tele.dk Enjoy: Part 11:
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      Hi all,

      More on "I`m Him And He`s Me" by Nadja Lee.

      Disclaimer see part 1.
      Warning: Violence
      Feedback: Is very much loved.


      Part 11:
      It happened the next day. Scott was outside fixing his bike ( the most useful job he could do as Logan without drawing attention to himself) and Logan was teaching or attempting to teach mathematics. He felt a burning pain spread through his skull and took his hands to his temples as he buckled over in pain. As he raised his gaze again he was back in class, his world covered in red and his head hurting like hell from the little reminder of the transfer mixed with his own headache at its worst. He felt joy but also a stab of sadness. He had lost it again. All those wonderful colors. Gone. His gaze settled on Emma who sat as if frozen and Scott knew that a fight on the astral plan was on. As he went to her she let out a scream and Scott caught her in his arms as she fainted. He wanted to go find Logan to see if he was alright but needed to move Emma first. He gathered her in his arms and went to the door.
      “ Class read next chapter till I return,” Scott said as he existed, leaving a dumbstruck class behind. He went through the corridor and entered Xavier’s room.
      “ Are you alright, Professor?” he asked concerned as he saw Xavier’s strained face.
      “ Yes, I’m alright. You were right however; she is very powerful,” Xavier said as he came towards Scott as he lay the unconscious girl on the couch.
      “ What are we…to do with her?” Scott asked as he pointed to the unconscious girl lying on the couch.
      “ I will put a mind block on her and then work with her to resolve her anger,” Xavier said as he moved closer to her.
      “ She will be unable to use her powers?” Scott classified to be absolutely sure. Body shifting wasn’t all the fun it was blown up to be and he’ll rather it didn’t happen again. Not that Logan didn’t have a nice body….Ok, stop that thought right there, Summers!
      “ Yes,” Xavier lay his hands on either side of her head and closed his eyes as he concentrated. The girl let out a small scream and Xavier frowned in concentration. Scott watched with concern until Xavier finally drew back and opened his eyes.
      “ You alright?” Scott asked softly as Xavier drew deep breaths.
      “ Yes but she has a lot of anger and power. She resisted me every step of the way.”
      “ Is she…..,” Scott nodded to Emma.
      “ She’ll be fine. She’ll wake up in a few hours,” Xavier said, mistaking his question for concern for her safety.
      “ Joy,” Scott mumbled and Xavier gave him a half-smile. “ I’ll….,” Scott nodded to the door.
      “ You go see if Logan’s ok,” Xavier said with a smile. He remembered those blooming feelings from when he had first met Eric. With a smile Scott left and Xavier wondered if he even realized the deep of his feelings. As a telepath he knew. Scott’s feelings got broadcasted to him as clearly as if he had written a sign.

      Part 12:
      Scott went down the corridor wondering if Logan was alright. He hoped the transfer hadn’t been too hard on him. As he passed a corner the object of his thoughts came to him, having been searching for Scott to make sure he was safe.
      “ Logan,” Scott said as he came to him and couldn’t hide a smile. He was so glad to see his again yet he missed seeing him in colors although it had been a little strange to see him in colors on himself so to speak.
      “ Slim, you okay?” Logan asked as his gaze softened as he reached the other man. How he had missed seeing him properly and then in colors. He never realized how much he loved all those colors until he had lost them. And Scott looked so good…especially in colors. Sun brown skin, brown hair….Better stop that thought right there before his control slipped.
      “ I’m fine and you?”
      “ I’m alright”
      “ Good.”
      “ Good.”
      A strange silence feel over them as they both struggled to put words on feelings they couldn’t describe.
      “ I was thinkin` of taking a ride tonight. Want to come?” Logan asked and his eyes held an eager and pleading gleam.
      “ I’ll love that,” Scott said warmly and Logan smiled. Lost in the moment Scott totally forgot that the bike Logan had invited him for a ride on was his own that Logan hadn’t asked to borrow. Some things never change.
      “ Then, I’ll see you there. Eight o’clock tonight,” Logan said as the bell ran to class.
      “ Yes, you will,” Scott said softly and looked after him till he disappeared around a corner. Scott went to his office to get some books as he noticed some papers on his desk. Must be the finances and the list of stuff I need to get fixed, Scott thought. He picked up the “to do” list but as his eyes ran over it he saw that there was lines all over the things, indicating it had all been taking care of from the hole in the fence to the broken washing machine. Disbelieving he opened the account books and saw figures lined up. The figures for the rest of the year was already made. As he tuned a page something fell out. It was a red rose and a note. Scott picked up the flower and smelled it. It was sweet and full. Holding it in his hands he opened the note;

      “ Scott,
      It really sucks to be you
      But that is why
      You’re you and I’m me
      Works great that way.
      Oh, and Slim did I mention
      That I totally hate the color red?

      Scott smiled and held the note to his chest. He noticed writing on the back of the note;

      “ Hearts speak volumes
      Words do not”

      Scott wondered about the words. Had they been meant for him or someone else? But even though he had doubts his heart still beat wildly in his chest as he gently placed the rose in his pocket and went to class.

      Part 13:
      Scott went to the garage a little late. He had had a damn trouble finding something fitting to wear. Not too sexy as he wasn’t sure if Logan would call this a date but not too boring and indicate a non-interest which was far from the truth. He had settled on formfitting pants and a shirt which he let stand a little open in the front. When he reached the garage Logan was already there, waiting for him. He sure looked good in those pants, shirt and a leather jacket.
      “ Hey,” Scott said as way of greeting as he came to the other man. His right hand was in his pocket and his fingers brushed the rose Logan had given him.
      “ Slim,” Logan growled and lay a hand on his shoulder, drawing him close.
      “ I…,” Scott began but stopped as his respiration ran wild as Logan drew him closer. When their lips were inches apart a voice ran in Scott’s head.
      * Scott, look out. She escaped me. I think….* the Professor’s voice was caught off and as Scott focused on Logan he saw the other man’s eyes go wide and he punched himself in front of Scott.
      “ Get behind me!” he yelled as he eased Scott behind him as a full psychic attack was launched, aiming at Scott. Logan´s interference made Emma focus on Scott and hit Logan instead who fell to the floor in pain. Scott turned around and saw Emma, her eyes alight with power as she made Logan crumble on the floor in pain.
      “ Release him! Let him go!” Scott ordered as he stood before Logan.
      “ I finally realized what would hurt you the most “fearless leader”. Logan was never your enemy. No, being trapped in his body wasn’t as bad as all that. Seeing the one you love die without being able to do anything; that is my revenge,” she lifted her hand and Logan couldn’t hold back a scream of pain as mental fingers tore his mind apart even as the Professor tried to shield it.
      “ Stop it! What did I ever do to you?” Scott yelled desperately, tears coming to his eyes. It pained him beyond words to see Logan suffer like this.
      “ You killed my lover so now I kill yours, “ she said angrily as she increased the intensity of her attack. Scott fired his beams wide after her but she stood still, sure that he wouldn’t take a life so easily. Her stay at the mansion had taught her one thing about Scott; he seemed to genuinely wanting to do practically anything to avoid killing. Too bad he hadn’t felt that way five years ago when he had killed her lover.
      “ It was an accident. I never wanted to kill Sebastian though he was my enemy,” Scott tried to explain. The memory still haunted him and a part of him felt like he deserved her anger and her revenge but he’ll never let Logan get hurt if he could help it.
      “ Save your breath. I don’t believe you,” she hissed. Scott knew that sooner or later Xavier would regain control over her powers but before that he’ll loose Logan. He had to take a decision and take one now. Principles or Logan’s life? The decision was quickly made. He could live without principles but not without Logan. Tears ran down his cheeks.
      “ I’m sorry. Please forgive me,” his voice was low, pained and weak but the beam which shot from his eyes was anything but.
      Part 14:
      The energy left Scott’s eyes and he saw it hit Emma on the chest. He quickly closed his eyes but couldn’t block out her scream as she was burned away from the power of his stare. Tears fell from his eyes. Oh God, what had he done? Defended the person who meant more to him than anything but at what price? As he put his glasses back on he looked only at Logan, refusing to look where Emma had been standing. Logan lay still, blood coming from his mouth and nose. Oh God, he was dead. No, he couldn’t be. He couldn’t. Scott bent down besides Logan’s lifeless body and felt for a pulse. None. Oh, No. Scott felt his world come tumbling down as he felt the life leaving Logan’s body. No, he wouldn’t allow this to happened. He leant over and pressed his lips to Logan’s, letting his breath be Logan’s. Even though his thoughts and feelings were in turmoil he still had time to savor the sweet taste of Logan’s lips against his own. He lay his hand over Logan’s still heart and pushed hard against his chest. Fanatically he gave Logan his breath and life, praying he’ll pull through. Tears ran down his cheeks as time ceased to exist.
      “ Come on, come on. Breathe. Breathe, damn you,” Scott whispered in between breaths. He had to be alright, he had to.
      * Scott, my son. You need to let him go,* Xavier’s thoughts came to him, kind, warm but with a hint of sadness.
      “ NO! I refuse to give up. I….,” as his red gaze swept over Logan’s still body reality hit him. It was over.

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