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FIC: Crying in the Dark 5/9

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  • H20Babie6@AOL.com
    First, an apology- I am so sorry my fic isn t coming in logically. I really AM sending stuff in order! And with actual stories in them. I don t know why Yahoo
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      First, an apology- I am so sorry my fic isn't coming in logically. I
      really AM sending stuff in order! And with actual stories in them. I don't
      know why Yahoo doesn't like me :( . My fic can be seen in a logical order,
      with no missing parts at:
      hometown.aol.com/h20babie6/index.html. Now here is Part 5 of Crying in the

      Author: Kelsey (who really REALLY hates Yahoo right now!)
      Rating: PG-13 for implied sex
      Archiving: Please ask!
      Disclaimer: Not mine, but if they're being offered...
      Feedback: Please, please, please? I know this story has been having posting
      troubles since part one so I'd really like to know if anyone is still reading.
      Notes: I love Alyx! She is the best BETA ever! Oh, and Jenn's cool too 'cause
      she read all of Crying and told me it didn't suck even though I was mean to
      Bobby (if you know Jenn you understand...) Jenn's already on me to write a
      sequel...we'll see. Now Part 5...

      Part 5:
      She knew it was a bad idea.
      He knew they'd only end up hurting the people they loved.
      They both knew they'd do it anyway. They did.
      It amazed her, how good it could be.
      He'd never had anything like it.
      They both knew they couldn't let go ofwhat ever it was they had found.
      She knew it was breaking Bobby's heart.
      He knew Jean was growing lonely and bitter.
      They both knew that hearts would be broken before it ended, but they
      couldn't stop.
      She cried, he cried.
      He left, she yelled.
      They both remembered.

      Scott was like a drug. She simply had to see him, talk to him. At
      least ten times a day. More if possible.

      Sometimes she was the only way he got through the day. Sure life was
      lighter, warmer. But they were both desperate for more. Like a contestant on
      Survivor who had Just seen a hot buffet.

      It wasn't so much that she was attracted to him, because she wasn't.
      Attraction wasn't the point. He was certainly hot, but he was her best
      friend. She just needed to be close to him, as close as possible.

      It wasn't so much that he *wanted* her as that he wanted *her*. And
      yeah, in retrospect there was probably a better way of going about it. To
      have a source to draw from was overwhelming and exhilarating. They needed
      more and they needed it *now*. They needed a stronger bond and sex was what
      happened. After she asked frankly "You were thinking about Jean weren't

      "Yeah," admitted. "Were you thinking about Bobby?"


      "Pretending I was him?" Scott hated the idea, because it
      defeated...whatever the thing they had was.

      "No. You do know this was not a smart move don't you?" She turned
      and looked at him.

      "Well, yeah, in retrospect, " He gazed at the ceiling.

      "I know. But it's too late now..." Kitty sighed one of those
      I-don't-know-what-to-say-next-but-someone-has-to say-something sighs she had.
      And Scott recognized it. Funny it didn't feel like a mistake, mentally it was
      wrong, and emotionally, she didn't love him like that.

      "Yeah. There are probably smarter ways to do what we needed to
      do...save each others lives or something," Scott pondered.

      "We've done that. And not just in battles," Kitty pointed out.
      "Besides, it really is too late. And we can't just go and do something else
      now. We can't pretend this never happened. It'd defeat the whole point."

      "Which is, what exactly?"Scott asked, straightforward as ever.

      "Exactly? Oh, I don't know Scott...that thing we have that's deeper
      than anything. Deeper than friendship, or love, or soul mates..."


      "I was going for something that didn't sound so clich├ęd, 'cause it
      isn't cliched. It just..."



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