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The Animal In Us

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    Title: The Animal In Us Series: (1/1) Author: Melissa Richardson Email: Ritz1503@yahoo.com Archives: WRA Rating: NC-17 sexual situation Disclaimer: Don t them.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2001
      Title: The Animal In Us
      Series: (1/1)
      Author: Melissa Richardson
      Email: Ritz1503@...
      Archives: WRA
      Rating: NC-17 sexual situation
      Disclaimer: Don't them. Just love them.
      Feedback: Yes...Please!!!
      Summary: Marie is missing and Logan has to find her.
      Comment: I want to thank Autumn for beta reading for me. I also like
      to tell everyone that "No" I haven't forgotten about my others series,
      this one just popped up and wanted to be written before I forgot it.
      If this gets good feedback I'll think about making it to a series.
      guess it all depends on how you girls like it.
      ** Logan's thoughts..** ** Jean's thoughts..## Xavier's thoughts

      One month after the incident at the Statue of Liberty.....

      It woke up in the dead of night. Sweaty and scared. Dreams of
      things trying to hurt it . Remnants of pain still linger in the mind
      of the awakening one. With a snarl the creature fought the covers that
      entrapped its body. All the creature knew is that it must "run". It
      growled furiously at not finding any way out of the cave it was
      trapped in. Finally, it noticed an opening in the wall. Running
      towards it, the creature hurled itself through the opening. Seconds
      later it fell to the grounds, sharp things had pierced its skin. With
      a whimper, then a snarl the creature pulled the thing out, healing
      instantaneously. The creature did not look back as it ran towards the
      woods. Instincts told the creature where to go, where to hide. Feeling
      comfortable in the cave it had found miles from where it had been
      trapped, the creature laid down to sleep.

      Back at the mansion Jean woke to the sound of lots of glass
      "Scott, wake up I heard something, glass breaking."
      "Okay, I'll go check." Scott replied getting up to check things out in
      the mansion. "Was it near in sound or far?"
      "It sounded near. Like maybe in Rogue's room."

      Rogue had been moved to her own room because of an accident
      almost happening with a sleep walking Jubilee. Everyone felt it safer
      for Rogue to have a place of her own.
      "Jean, come here!" Scott hollered from down the hall.
      "Oh, my God. Where is Rogue?" Jean asked searching the room for the
      younger woman.
      "I don't know this is how I found the room, Jean." Scott said looking
      at the broken glass littering the bed and floor. "Is that blood?" He
      asked pointing to a red smear that was on the remaining curtain that
      was hanging on the window.
      Walking over, Jean inspected the smear. "I'm afraid so."
      "Okay, we have to find Rogue. Wake the Professor, see if he can find
      her. Then we'll go from there."

      Hours Later.....

      "She is still on the property, Scott. I just can't tell where."
      Charles said looking to the younger man.
      "Is she alone, is she hurt?"
      "No, she's fine. I'm getting confusing images. It's like when I try
      and read Logan's mind. So, confused." He said with sigh.
      "I think we need to get Logan. He's the only that will be able to find
      her." Jean said before sipping at her tea.
      "But where is he?" Storm asked looking at Jean.
      "Professor, if you can find him using Cerebro and I'll get him here."
      Scott said resigned tone. Everyone knew how Scott disliked the older
      "Very well, Scott ready the jet. The sooner he finds her the better."
      Xavier said wheeling out of the room and heading towards the elevator
      that lead to the lower levels.

      One hour later he told Jean and Scott where to find Logan.

      They flew over Canada in a matter of minutes. Jean kept
      communication open with Xavier in case of any changes.
      "I wish I knew what was happening." Jean said feeling hopeless.
      "Don't worry, Jean. If anyone can find Rogue, it is definitely Logan."
      Scott replied trying to laugh but failing.

      In northern Alberta, Scott landed the jet in a clearing not
      far from the hotel Logan was staying at.
      "It's only a quarter mile from here." Scott said leaving the jet.

      They found the room that Xavier indicated Logan would be in.
      Scott knocked praying that Logan was in the room.
      "Come on, Logan. Open the damn door." Scott hollered over the wind.

      The door opened to a noticeably pissed Logan. "What's wrong,
      Scooter. Buckethead escape from his hamster cage and you need a little
      "Logan." Jean said warningly.
      "Hey, Jeanie. This is one hell of awake up call, darling." He said
      with smirk.
      "Logan, this isn't a wake up call. Rogue's missing." Scott said as he
      stepped back away from the door waiting for the older man to explode.
      And explode he did.
      "What?! I leave her with you for one month and already she is
      missing!" Logan pulled Scott into the room by his collar.
      "Logan, please. We need your help. We know that she is still on the
      property but we can't find her." Jean said laying a hand on Logan
      hoping to stop him from killing her lover.
      "Okay, let me get my clothes." Logan replied as he stumble over to the
      bed and pulled his boots on. He put on his shirt and jackets than
      snatched his duffelbag as he closed the door to his room. "Well, come
      on. You're wasting time here, Scooter."
      "I really don't like him." Scott whispered to Jean as they walked back
      to the jet.
      "I heard that One-Eye." Logan said smirking.
      "Yeah, yeah. Whatever, hairy man."
      "Boys, later you can pull them out and measure but right now let's
      worry about Rogue."

      They reached the jet several minutes later. Scott readied the
      jet while Logan and Jean got comfortable in their seats.
      "So, Jean want to tell me what happened to Rogue." Logan inquired.
      "All I know is that late last night I hear the sound of glass
      breaking. Scott looked in Rogues' room and she was gone. The window
      had been broken and there was blood on the curtains."

      At the mention of blood Logan growled. No one hurt his Marie.
      No one. He would find out what happened and bring his girl home. *When
      did I start thinking that she was my girl?* He questioned himself.
      *Since the moment you held her in your arms, fool.*

      As before it didn't take them long to get back to the mansion.
      Logan left the jet first in a hurry to find and bring Marie back.. He
      walked quickly to her room with Jean and Scott not far behind him.
      Logan inhaled the scents in the room. There was of course Marie scent,
      which was the strongest as she spent most of her time here. Then
      there were Scott's, Jean's, that mall rat Jubilee's and then Kitty's.
      There was also the lingering smell of fear and Marie blood that he
      could smell on the curtain. Logan turned around to leave the room and
      almost ran over Scoot and Jean in the process.
      "Where you going you?" Scott asked getting out of Logan's way as
      quickly as possible.
      "To talk to Chuck, One-Eye." Logan replied stocking down the hall
      towards the office Xavier would be in.. The door opened for him before
      he even reached for the handle.

      *Thanks, Jeanie*

      **Whatever, Logan.**

      "Ah, Logan. You're here. Did you find anything in Rogue's room?" The
      Professor asked turning his wheel chair way from the window that he
      been looking out of.
      "No. Do you sense her still on the property?" Logan asked looking out
      of the window.
      "Yes, she in the west woods. There is a small cave there."
      "Can you tell me what the hell is going on?"
      "I don't know much, Logan. All I can tell you is that when I try and
      read her mind it's like trying to read yours. There is a lot of
      confusion." Charles replied shaking his head. They both stared out the
      window as the sun appeared over the horizon. Both where lost in
      thoughts about the young woman. Breaking the silence Logan finally
      "I don't know what the fuck has happened, but I will find her." And
      with that he left the room.
      *Yes, you'll find her but in what shape will she be in.* Where Charles
      thought as he watched the man leave his office.

      In the cave, in the forest the woman once known as Rogue woke
      up. Feeling hungry she decided to venture forth to find food. Again,
      her instincts told her what to do. She found edible berries and
      consumed them while listening for any possible danger. The smell of
      water drew her to a small creek. It was cool and refreshing to her
      slightly parched throat. Sitting still she smelled the different
      scents of the animals that had visited recently to drink from the
      water. It was nice to be free, to not be trapped in the big cave as
      she was before.

      She preferred her new home.

      Logan followed Marie scent to the cave, however she wasn't
      there when he arrived. He could still smell her in the air and decided
      it to follow it.
      She had been sitting there calmly when the new scent reached
      her. Fear made her get up to flee just in case of danger. But the
      sound of the voice made her stop.
      "Marie, darling. It's me, Logan." She followed the sound of the voice.
      A creature stood on the other side of the water.
      Fear made the claws pop out of her hands, but the pain made
      her scream. She found that she wanted to attack but couldn't. The
      creature smelled familiar but she couldn't remember why.
      *She acts just like I did before I realized that I was a man
      and not an animal.* Logan thought as he slowly crossed the creek and
      walked towards Marie.
      She hissed warningly but didn't move. The strange feeling she
      had for this other creature made her stand still but she moved her
      hands closer to her body with the claws still out.
      "Marie, Baby. It's okay I'm here. Won't let anything happen to you."
      Logan walked still closer hoping she would remember him. But all he
      got in response was more hissing and growling.
      *Maybe, if she saw my claws she won't be afraid?* Logan unsheathed his
      claws slowly not wanting to scare her. He watched her eyes open wide
      as she saw his claws. Slowly and carefully she walked towards him,
      aware that there still may be danger. Cautiously she touched his
      claws, then without warning she grabbed his hand. She may have
      forgotten her mutation but Logan hadn't. There was a second of fear
      before he realized that there was nothing happening, all he felt was
      her warm skin touching his.
      "Baby, do you remember me ?" Logan whispered.
      With a faint growl Marie the ripped the material from the
      other creature. She wanted to feel its skin, to feel the warmth from
      the male body standing before her. She didn't know if it was wrong,
      she just wanted him. There was need in her, a need for HIM.
      Logan was shocked. Marie had never acted like this not that he
      had been around her that much. He watched in fascination as she
      rubbed her face against his chest. He could make out the rumbling
      sound from her . *She's purring, purring over touching me.*
      Logan had never felt anything so erotic as what Marie was doing to
      him. Her small hands was caressing him, touching every inch of the
      skin on his chest. He couldn't hold back the groan of pleasure when he
      felt her tongue lick his right nipple. Nor could he control himself
      when she gently suckled on it. Loosing all sense of self, he pull her
      up for a searing kiss that took both their breathes away. With the
      animal instincts overwhelming him, Logan ripped the clothing off of
      the female before him. This caused her to shudder at the feel of
      nakedness put did not stop him. She smelled the need that now
      companied his scent. He wanted her just like she wanted him. The
      creature known as Marie was happy. She had found her mate. The feel of
      his hand on her flesh made her moan. She submitted to her mate as he
      pushed her to the ground. His clothes disappeared in the same way that
      hers had. Teeth and tongue brushed pale skin as moans and groans
      filled the air. The response of the female turned on the male. The
      urge to mate took over and with one thrust the male was sheathed
      inside the female's body. Marie whimpered at the pain that he had
      caused but it was gone as quickly as it came. She sighed with relief
      and put her arms around her mate's neck. He moved slowly as not to
      further injure her. The feeling of being in his chosen mate was
      wondrous, she was hot and wet, so tight. He had the need to just
      thrust into her until he was satisfied, but something told him to
      wait. It told him that if he was patient just a little longer it would
      feel even better went his mate came for him. Logan nuzzled Marie's
      neck, she smelled so good. She smelled like his, which she now was. No
      one would take her away from him, ever. Suddenly he felt the muscles
      around his cock start to ripple and tighten around him. With a groan
      he thrust harder and harder till he came with a roar. Beneath him,
      Marie thrust back harder as she felt the overwhelming pleasure rip
      through her, with a scream she came.

      It took several minutes before Logan caught his breathe and
      realized what he had done. He looked into the face of the woman he
      promised to take care of and was horrified at what had just happened.
      But the look of utter peace and happiness on her face calmed his
      raging heart. Gently he kissed her lips and listened as she moaned
      under his touch.
      "Marie, darling." He said as he swallowed. "Baby, did I hurt you?" He
      had forgotten that she really hadn't spoken since he had found her.
      "That's right, darling. Are you okay?" Her response was a slight moan
      as she rubbed her hands along his shoulders.

      *I have to get her back to the mansion. Jean or Chuck will
      know what's wrong and can fix her.* He though as he slowly pulled
      himself away from her. He knew she wouldn't understand his words but
      it helped him to talk to her.
      "Marie, I'm going to get us dressed then we'll go back to the
      mansion." Logan picking up a shirt that had survived and carefully put
      it on her. She only wore it cause it smelled like him but otherwise
      she did not like the covering her mate had put on her. She watched as
      he put a covering on his body.

      Slowly, as not to scare her he lifted her into his arms. He
      hoped this would make it easier to get her back to the mansion without

      When the mansion came into sight Logan had a hard time holding
      on to Marie. She was frighten and snarled at him for bringing her back
      "Sshh, it's alright. I won't let anything happen to you." He
      whispered to her.

      He listened as she whimpered and held on to him tighter.
      Nothing felt as good as holding her in his arms.
      "My God, Logan. What happened to her." Scott said opening the back
      door to let them.
      "Don't know. I got to get her to medlad." Logan replied holding a now
      shivering and growling Marie.
      "God, is that her growling?" Scott said looking at the half dress
      "Well, it ain't me, Scooter."

      Scott took one last look at the pair before him. Shaking his
      head, Scott left the room.. He knew something more had happened out
      there in the wood that Logan obviously was not telling.

      In his arms Marie was still softly growling at him. Getting in
      the elevator he nuzzled her neck to try and soothe her, when that
      didn't work he started the rumbling in his chest that he knew she
      liked. Soon he had her reasonably calm. The next part was going to be
      hard, getting her to let Jean look at her. Right now she only trusted
      one person and that was her mate but Logan didn't know a damn thing
      about medicine and what might help her.

      Jean was standing next to the examining table when Logan came
      in with Marie.
      "Good lord, Logan. That can't be how you found her." She said
      immediately coming towards him to help with Rogue. Logan didn't get
      the time to warn Jean before a furious Marie jumped out of his arms.
      Jean watched as the younger women crouched in front of Logan. A low
      growling sound could be heard from Rogue as bone claws could be seen
      coming out of her hands.
      "Logan, what is she doing?" Jean asked taking a slow step back.
      "I think she sees you as a threat, Jean." Logan replied gently.
      "Where's Scooter?"
      "I have an idea, get him up here quickly."

      Several minutes later a worried and out of breathe Scott
      showed up at the door of melded.
      "Okay, One-eye. You've go stand next to Jean." Logan said nodding his
      head towards the red headed women.
      "Okay, now what."
      "You got kiss her and holder close to you."
      "Look, you got to show Marie that Jean is your mate. This way she
      won't see her as a threat."

      Scott did as Logan asked, all the while keeping a close eye on
      Logan and Rogue.
      He watched as the young women relaxed her stance and Logan pull her to
      him. The sound of purring could be heard, one female and another that
      was definitely male.
      "Why, would....Oh, my God. Logan, you didn't take advantage of her did
      you?" Jean
      asked watching how Marie was acting towards Logan.
      "Look, I really don't want to talk about this. Let's just find out
      what's wrong, Okay"

      Jean tried to get close to Rogue to take blood test but the
      other woman just wouldn't let her near her. She continually growled at
      Jean, letting her know she wanted nothing to do with her.
      "Logan, I'm going to have to sedate her. It will make it easier for me
      to do all the tests." Jean said getting a hypodermic needle ready.
      "Okay, let me turn her around so she won't see you." Logan said sadly.
      He didn't like that Jean had to sedate Marie but they had to find out
      what was wrong with her. He wanted to be able to talk to her, he
      missed her southern drawl and shy glances that she gave him. He held
      her to him, purring to keep her calm knowing that any second Jean
      would inject her with a sedative and she would be upset before it took
      effect. All too soon he felt her body tighten in pain and then went
      suddenly relax. Picking her up, Logan gently laid her on the examining
      table and stood by her side while Jean ran all her tests.
      "Logan, I'm going to run an x-ray to see if she has any injures and to
      take a look at those claws." Jean said moving the table over to the
      "All right, Jeanie."

      Jean worked fast hoping to get done as quickly as possible
      before Marie woke. From the x-rays, she could already the what was
      going on with the woman but wanted to wait till the rest of the tests
      where through. But if she was right, Marie and Logan had more in
      common now than ever before.
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