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Conclusions 1/1 (PG)

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  • Astyala
    Title: Conclusions Author: Astyala - astyala@yahoo.com Rated: PG Summary: Logan overhears a conversation and worries about its meaning. Info: Logan s POV,
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      Title: Conclusions
      Author: Astyala - astyala@...
      Rated: PG
      Summary: Logan overhears a conversation and worries about its
      Info: Logan's POV, Logan/Marie
      Archive: WRFA, XMMF
      Notes: This is my first finished story, small as it maybe. I
      just can't seem to finish my real first story.

      Disclaimer: I don't own jack or shit. Marvel, X-Men and
      characters therein don't belong to this poor little
      white girl. They were borrowed for my amusement
      and I get nothing for it.


      Scott had just finished some improvements on his motorcycle and
      I wanted to take it out for a spin. I had been searching all
      over the mansion for Marie, hoping she would go with me. Her
      voice drifted out of the kitchen as I was walking down the

      "I can't tell him, Jean. He'll freak if he finds out. Ya have
      to promise not to say anything."

      I wondered if Marie was talking about me and kept walking closer
      to the kitchen.

      "He's going to find out eventually, Rogue. It would be best if
      Logan heard it from you before he finds out some other way,"
      Jean said.

      "Ya promise not to tell him?" Marie begged.

      "All right, Rogue, but you have to talk to him," Jean insisted.

      Marie's footsteps told me she was leaving the kitchen through
      the other door. It was a good thing too because I was too
      stunned to hide my presence. My brain was stuck repeating her

      'I can't tell him. He'll freak.'
      'I can't tell him. He'll freak.'
      'I can't tell him. He'll freak.'

      A minute later, Jean came out of the kitchen and almost
      crashed into me.

      "Oh, sorry, Logan," she apologized.

      Still in a daze, I just nodded and went back upstairs. The
      motorcycle was completely forgotten as I opened the door to my
      room. I went inside and fell back onto the bed.

      Marie and I had been together since I came home about six months
      ago. I have never been able to understand what Marie sees in
      me. Marie always assures me that she knows me and she loves me.
      No matter what I may think of myself. My heart pushes me to
      show Marie how much I need her when we make love. My brain on
      the other hand insists that I protect myself from being hurt,
      because eventually Marie will realize that she could do a lot

      Apparently that day had arrived; it only took six months for her
      to get tired of dealing with me. Marie must have found someone
      else and she's afraid to tell me that it's over. I mean, what
      else would I freak out over? Marie being in danger, but she
      obviously isn't in danger.

      Over the next few days Marie got that "deer in the headlights"
      look whenever I came into the room. She found a hundred and one
      things to do some where else. In other words, she was avoiding
      me like the plague.

      I must not have hidden my feelings on the matter too well.

      "Logan, would you like to go for a drink with me?" Scott asked.

      "A drink with you?" I repeated stupidly.

      "I thought we could have a drink and maybe you could talk about
      whatever is bothering you," he suggested.

      "Well, we can have a drink," I conceded

      Scott grabbed the keys to a car and we headed for town. As we
      pulled up I sighed in disgust at Scooter's choice in bars. How
      was I supposed to drink myself into a stupor at a pansy ass
      place like this?

      I headed straight for the bar to get a glass and a bottle of
      whiskey. I wasn't even sure if a bar like this served whiskey,
      their usual customers didn't look like they could handle it.
      Finding a table away from everyone, I sat down and poured myself
      a glass full. Scott sat down with whatever weak ass drink he
      ordered. He didn't talk until I was most of the way through the
      bottle and feeling a little loose.

      "You've been moping around for a few days now," Scooter said.

      "Yeah, I guess," I shrugged.

      "You want to tell me what's bothering you?" he asked.

      I just stared sullenly at the table for a while, picking at the
      wood grain with a finger nail.

      "Do you think Marie would ever cheat on me?"

      "Cheat? Are you kidding me? Logan, why would you even think
      that?" Scott asked incredulously.

      "I - uh... I overheard her talking to Jean the other day. Marie
      was sayin' she couldn't tell me something because I would freak.
      Jean said that she should tell me before I accidentally found
      out. Marie made her promise not to tell me."

      "You were eavesdropping!" Scott exclaimed.

      "No! I can't help it if I can hear people talking from down the
      hall," I muttered with a frown.

      "She could have been talking about anything, Logan. Why don't
      you just ask her?"

      I just stared at him blankly for a moment, wondering if that
      foofy drink of his had killed off an important brain cell.

      "Oh sure. Hey, Marie. You cheatin' on me? Ya know, cause I
      was listening in on your private conversation the other day and
      was just wonderin'"

      Scott sighed in exasperation. "That isn't quite what I had in

      "What did you have in mind?" I asked.

      "Well, I was thinking you could tell her that you've noticed
      she's been acting differently and you want to know if something
      is bothering her."

      The liquor must have been wearing off because Scooter had made
      some sense.

      I don't remember the ride back to the mansion. My brain kept
      yelling I told you so, while I spent the trip staring out the
      window, wondering if Marie was about to rip my heart out. I
      went upstairs to my room and got ready for bed. There wasn't
      much sleeping going on that night, mostly I stared at the
      shadows on the ceiling.

      Eventually the sun rose so I showered and dressed. I had to
      talk with Marie first thing, if she was going to destroy me I
      wanted to have plenty of time to pack and get on the road before

      "Marie?" I called as I knocked on her door.

      I knocked again when I heard a sleepy groan inside. Sounds in
      the room told me Marie was getting up and shuffling towards the
      door. Suddenly the door was jerked open, and a rather grumpy
      and rumpled Marie stood there squinting at me.

      "What do you want, Logan?" she grumbled.

      I'll admit that going to talk at six-twelve in the morning may
      not have been such a great idea. All sleepy and rumpled, she
      was damned cute though. I smiled as Marie rubbed her eyes and
      shuffled back to bed, then I remembered why I was there.


      My power of speech seemed to have fled to scene. I looked
      around her room desperate for a life preserver.

      "Come on, Logan. I want to go back to sleep. Get into bed,"
      she said yawning.

      I looked at her bed and wondered if anyone else was being
      invited to sleep in it.

      "Marie, I - I uh - I need to talk to you. You've been acting
      strange lately and I..." I trailed off when Marie stared up at
      me with wide brown eyes.

      "I guess I had better tell ya now. I've been puttin' it off
      cause I knew ya'd get upset." she sighed. Marie patted the bed
      beside her, gesturing for me to sit down.

      I sat down cautiously, ready to flee at any moment. Swallowing
      past the lump in my throat, I stroked my knuckles nervously and
      avoided eye contact. The axe was about to strike and I couldn't
      bare to watch.

      "Logan, I'm going to start training to join the X-Men," she
      blurted out with a grimace.

      My head snapped up and my mouth fell open as I stared at her in
      disbelief. Marie was going to join the X-Men. That's why she
      had been avoiding me. That's what she was afraid to tell me. I
      started to laugh and crushed her against me, relieved beyond
      measure that she wasn't leaving me.

      "Logan? What - " she began.

      The shock was enough to make my brain join my heart in wanting
      her to know how much I needed her.

      "I love you, Marie. I love you," I said into her hair.

      Marie pulled back, looking very confused. This obviously was
      not the reaction she had been expecting from me.

      "Logan, are you okay?" she asked concerned.

      "Yeah. Yeah, let's go back to sleep now, okay?" I yawned.

      After being awake all night and plodding through several days of
      stress, I was exhausted. Laying back on the bed, I pulled Marie
      down with me. Then I wrapped myself around her and immediately
      went to sleep. Marie was gone when I finally woke up late in
      the afternoon. I went downstairs to look for her.

      "Hey, you seen Rogue?" I asked some kids in the game room.

      "She's down in the gym, Wolvie," a girl answered.

      I didn't even growl at Marie's irritating little yellow wearing
      friend for calling me Wolvie because I was in such a good mood.
      Scott caught up to me in the hallway on my way to the gym.

      "So, did you talk to her?" he asked.

      I nodded.

      "What happened? What did she say?" Scott demanded impatiently.

      "I gotta go. I'll see ya later." I smirked, turning to walk

      "Hey, come on, Logan!" he grabbed my arm.

      "Thanks, Scooter. Ya know, for the drink."

      I left him standing there, gaping at me. Scooter is more
      clueless than I am, and I'd like to keep it that way.

      The End
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