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Fic: How'd the Mission go? PG-13 (R/L) Humor 1/1

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    Title: How d the Mission go? Author: Rogue Email Addy: Rogue12797@Aol.com Rating PG-13 Language Catagorey:Humor Summery: Logan goes on a mission and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2001
      Title: How'd the Mission go?
      Author: Rogue
      Email Addy: Rogue12797@...
      Rating PG-13 Language
      Summery: Logan goes on a mission and Rogue...well just read and see.
      Series: None
      Archiving: WRFA, XMMFF anyone else please ask first. I'll probably
      say Yes. But it's nice to be asked. :-)
      Feedback: Hmmm...would love it. Please.Please.Please. :-)
      Comments: Well if it weren't for my friend Diane and her husband
      Joe, I would have never gotten attacked by the evil plot bunnies so I
      guess thanks is in order. So thanks.
      Also I just want to let everyone know that this hasn't been beta'd so
      please be nice, k. Keep Smil'n :-) ~~Rogue~~

      How'd the Mission go?
      By Rogue

      Logan and Scott finally reached the gates to the mansion, each man
      was eager to get back to his pregnant spouse, who hopefully were
      sleeping. As much as each man had missed his wife, they both were
      exhausted. The mission had lasted a lot longer than either had
      anticipated and on top of that was a total bust. The information
      that they were sent in to retrieve had all ready been destroyed. The
      anti-mutant congress man definitely knew how to cover his tracks.

      As Logan turned off the ignition to the black Ford Explorer that the
      Professor had told them to take, they both sighed in relief to be
      back home and minutes away from their beds. Logan was the first to
      step out of the car followed quickly by Scott.

      "Logan, what do you say we brief the Professor in later this morning
      about the mission? I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted."

      "I hear ya, Cyke. Tomorrow afternoon sounds better to me about the
      briefing." Scott just raised an eyebrow at the
      comment. "Tomorrow...huh oh yeah today is Saturday not still Friday.
      No classes tomorrow...ahhh I mean today. All the rugrats are going to
      the mall or the movies or somethin' tomor...huh later today. We can
      sleep in."

      "Ahh, good idea, Logan."

      "Thank you, thank you very much. Now if you don't mind, I'm tired of
      lookin' at your ugly mug. I can hear my bed callin' me...wait, wait,
      I think I hear yours too. Hmmm, decisions, decisions. Who's farther
      along Marie or Jeannie? I believe that Marie is farther along,
      therefore I think my decision's been made. Sorry Cyke, I'm taking
      your bed, there's more room. You get the couch again." Logan

      "Hahaha. You know Logan, I never get tired of your charming wit. And
      for your information...Jean, was expecting first so I think I won our
      little bet."

      "Bet? What bet? We never made a bet on who'd get his wife knocked
      up first."

      "Yes, we did. I believe that I won. Where's my money?" Scott held
      his hand out expectantly.

      "I have no idea what you're talking about Cyke. G'night." Logan
      walked off toward the staircase with a smirk. He remembered the
      bet. He also knew that he had lost the bet too. But that wasn't his
      fault, therefore the bet shouldn't count. He didn't know that
      Jeannie had already been pregnant with Cyke's kid when they made the
      bet. It was an unfair advantage to say the lest, therefore the bet
      should be null and void. At least that's how Logan felt about it.
      Scott just shook his head. He'd never understand that man, he mused
      as he followed Logan's disappearing form up the stairs to the adult
      wing of the mansion.

      Logan and Marie's room

      Logan walked into the dimly lit room as quietly as he could. He
      didn't want to wake Marie up until he was in bed, on his side,
      covered with the warm soft blanket snuggled up nice and close to
      her. She had insisted on him waking her up when he got back from the
      mission, just so she'd know that he got back safely. But as he
      watched her sleep, curled up on her side with her back facing him,
      she looked so beautiful, so peaceful that he debated waking her.
      It's been a long time since she's slept this peacefully, and he
      really doesn't want to wake her. But he knows that if he doesn't
      then he'd have hell to pay come the morning. Rogue is very cranky in
      the morning and him not waking her would make her angry on top of
      that. His decision was made, the big bad Wolverine was afraid of his
      little fragile pregnant wife, especially in the mornings. He gently
      rubbed his hand in large circles on her back and whispered her name

      "Marie? Marie, Darlin', I'm home. Marie?" Rogue rolled over and her
      eyes looked directly into Logan's eyes. She then turned onto her
      head and looked at the alarm clock. Noting that it read 2:30am.
      Rogue rolled her head back over to face Logan and promptly began to
      yell at him.

      "Marie, I'm home? That's all you got to say? Logan, for Christ's
      sake, it's 2:30 in the morning. You have to get up to teach a 6:30
      self defense class. Well, it'll serve you right if you're dragging
      your ass and have the kids beat the shit out of you. Ya know, Logan,
      sometimes you can be so irresponsible. Did you have a good time?
      What bar was it tonight? How many people did you beat up? Ya know
      what, never mind. I don't want to know. G'night." She proceeded to
      roll over onto her side with her back facing a perplexed Logan. He
      shrugged and started to get settled into bed again when she rolled
      over again, facing him as if she just noticed him.

      "Hey baby, how'd the mission go? Do you hurt much? Is Scott ok? How
      come you didn't wake me? You just get in?"

      Logan just stared at his wife as though she just sprouted another
      head for a moment.

      "Huh? You kiddin', Darlin'. You just got done reading me the riot
      act for walking in here at 2:30 in the morning. You said that I was
      being irresponsible."

      "I did?"

      "Yeah, ya did." He chuckled softly at the surprised expression on
      her face.

      "Ohh, sorry."

      "S'kay. The mission was a bust. We had to wait for everyone to
      leave before Cyke would let us go in. Let me tell ya, babe,
      listening to Cyke talk about baby names for four hours is enough to
      drive a crazy man insane, if ya get my drift. Finally he gave the
      ok, and we went into the building. The information that we were sent
      in to retrieve had all ready been destroyed, some asshole shredded
      everything...twice. Who fuckin' shreds documents twice? What's with
      that? This congressman Richardson definitely knows how to cover his
      tracks...either that or he was warned by someone. Who knows. Cyke
      and I are gunna talk to the Professor tomorrow. We're beat." Logan
      looked over at Rogue and she was the one now looking at Logan as
      though he had two heads.

      "What?" he asked.

      "You were on a mission? When'd you go on a mission, Sugah."

      "Ahh...yeah I was on a mission with Cyke. Babe, did you hit you're
      head today or somethin?"

      "No. Why?"

      "Because you just asked me about the mission that you knew that Cyke
      and I were goin' on this morning."

      "Oh, yeah. So, how'd the mission go?"

      Logan just chuckled and kissed her temple as he pulled the blanket up
      to his chin and said, "Never mind, Marie, just go back to sleep.
      We'll talk about it tomorrow. Love ya, Darlin'."

      "K. Love ya too, Sugah." She rolled back onto her side and went
      right back to sleep, leaving Logan chuckling in the dark.

      The Next Morning

      The bright morning sun streaked into the room through the window
      because Rogue forgot to close the blinds the night before. Rogue
      stretched lazily in the bed and then opened her eyes. She looked
      over and noticed that Logan was there snoring softly.

      *What the hell? He was supposed to wake me up when he got home, the
      big jerk. I tossed and turned all night 'cause he didn't let me know
      that the mission went ok. Well, I fix his ass.* She thought to
      herself. She causally stalked over to his side of the bed and
      roughly shook his shoulder. When that only got a "Grrrr" she pulled
      the blanket back exposing his highly sensitive skin to the cold room
      that they shared. That only got her a searching hand that roughly
      snatched the blanket back and covered his body as he snuggled down to
      get his body temp up again and rolled onto his side with his back to
      Rogue. He didn't even open his eyes. Finally she got fed up and she
      pulled her hand back, and with an evil glint in her eyes she let her
      hand fly. Connecting only with his blanket covered rear with a
      resounding "thwack". That got him moving.

      "HUH? What? What is it?" He said as he shot into a sitting position
      clearing his sleep muddled brain for battle. His eyes narrowed as he
      searched the room for the culprit who had whacked his ass so damn
      hard. He didn't think at first that it could have been his beautiful
      pregnant wife who manhandled his ass that way. She always told him
      that she loved his ass, why would she want to hurt a body part of his
      that she claimed to love? Seeing no other person in the room he had
      to concede to the part in his brain that screamed *SHE DID IT!* It
      was right. His questioning eyes locked with her furious eyes.

      "Why'd ya do that, Marie?" He questioned rubbing his poor abused rear.

      "Why? Why!? Weren't you supposed to wake me up last night when you
      got back so that I'd know that you were safe and sound? I tossed and
      turned all night. I hardly got any sleep and having *your* baby
      sitting on my kidneys didn't help matters. My back hurts, my head
      hurts, I'm cranky. I'm 7 months pregnant. I have swollen ankles. I
      look like a blimp. I'm entitled to be bitchy in the morning.
      Especially since my husband was out on a mission last night and
      didn't have the curtesy to just let me know he got back safely."

      Logan, frustrated, rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands.
      Didn't he go through this last night? He took a deep breath, looked
      at her as calmly as he could as she continued her rant until she was

      "Marie, baby, calm down. First of all...when did the baby become just
      my baby? As I recall you had a hand in its creation, Darlin'. It's
      just as much your baby as it is mine. Ya know what? In fact, it's
      even more *your* baby than mine because you gave it life within your
      body, and you've carried for the last 7 months. I just had a great
      time and donated the sperm." He smiled at the memory of the night
      that they made their child. He did have a great time. "Two...I don't
      mind the bitchiness in the morning. You're right, you have every
      right to be bitchy. You're carrying another person. That sure as
      hell can't be comfortable. Three...as for you looking like a blimp,
      you are far from being a blimp, babe. You look more beautiful to me
      than ever. You've got a glow radiating from you. You're so beautiful,
      Darlin' that sometimes your beauty leaves me speechless. Four...just
      for the record, I did wake you up last night. And you yelled at me
      then too."

      "I did?" She replied, remorse edged its way into her voice.

      "Yeah, ya did." A smile graced his stunning lips as he remembered
      last night.

      "Oh, Logan, I'm sorry. I musta been talkin' in my sleep again."

      "Well, I kinda gathered that from the fact that when I told you to go
      back to sleep you were asleep before you even finished rolling back
      onto your side," he chuckled.

      "I'm sorry, Sugah. Is there something that I can do to make it up to
      you?" She asked earnestly.

      Flopping back down onto the bed, grabbing the blanket he covered his
      body up to his chin then reached over and grabbed her pillow and
      covered his forehead, eyes, nose, and upper lip to block out the
      sunlight that was still streaming into the room from the window.

      "Yeah, there is something, Darlin'. You can let me go back to sleep."
      He muttered grouchily.

      "Sure, Sugah. I'm sorry." She leaned over and kissed his chin, the
      only part of his body that wasn't covered by a pillow or a blanket.
      Then she reached down to the end of the bed and retrieved her green
      silk rob and turned to the bathroom. But before she even took a step
      in the direction of the bathroom, she turned back to the bed and a
      frustrated Logan.

      "Hey Logan?" She asked tentatively.

      A muffled, "hmmm...what?" came from beneath the pillow.

      "You never told me."

      "Told you what, Marie?" he said from under the pillow again.

      "How'd the mission go?"

      Logan's only reply was throwing her pillow lightly but hard enough
      that it managed to hit Rogue square in the face. He chuckle softly
      before he closed his eyes again.

      "What? What did I say?" a confused Rogue looked at her chuckling
      husband sprawled in the middle of their bed.

      "Marie, shut the curtains on your way to the shower, would ya?"

      "Okay Logan, I'll wake you for dinner."

      "That's great, Darlin', thanks."

      Rogue bent down to retreive the pillow that had fallen to the floor
      and tossed it back onto the bed, within arms reach of Logan. She then
      turned and slowly walked to the irksome window and shut the curtains,
      blocking the brilliant morning sunlight out of the room.

      "No problem. Sweet dreams, Sugah."

      Logan yawned, healing factor be damned, putting up with Rogue being
      pregnant, last night, this morning, and the botched mission
      yesterday, he was tired and even the Wolverine needed to sleep once
      in a while.

      "Thanks, baby. I'll see you at dinner." And he rolled over and went
      straight to sleep before his body had even finished rolling onto his

      The End...
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