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One Night (crossover)

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    One Night Author: Michael Sullivan e-mail: bookermps@aol.com rating R (language,violence) X-men-Spawn crossover One Night It was a cold harsh night in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2001
      One Night
      Author: Michael Sullivan
      e-mail: bookermps@...
      rating R (language,violence)
      X-men-Spawn crossover

      One Night

      It was a cold harsh night in the Alley. The homeless who called it "home"
      were huddled by small fires and most were wearing all the clothes they had in
      the world.
      Small talk was coming in groups about the new guest in the Alley. Seems like
      this stranger had stumbled in bleeding from a dozen wounds,looking for a
      place to hide.
      Old Doc Barnes had fixed what he could and the guy had fallen asleep.
      Word was he was muttering about being hunted but he was so out of it,no one
      could make heads or tails what he meant. Hell,lots of the Alley group were
      wanted or hunted by something all the time. But he was safe here.....in fact
      he was sleeping in the church and the residents knew there was no safer place
      on Earth then that old burned out church. Everyone knew who lived there and
      breathed a little safer in the comfort of that.
      Upstate New York in a huge manison,a big man was pacing the floor,cigar
      blazing as he walked the length of the room and back.
      He was dressed in a rich black bathrobe and his eyes were black as coal. He
      whirled around,his 6'4 frame was powerfully built,he was a businessman but he
      believed in keeping in shape. He stared at his messenger and barely keeping
      his voice level,he asked" What do you mean you lost him?? I sent 10 of the
      best men the Hellfire Club has to find one mere man and you LOST him???"
      The man,Raynor,swallowed hard. "We found him in Brooklyn but he fought
      past us and slipped in the sewers. We followed,but lost him in Queens. He
      couldn't have gone far,we wounded him,I am sure of that!"
      Henry Cook nodded......."You had better hope so,cause its your ass if you
      don't. Now get back out there and FIND him!" Raynor nodded and left.
      Cook sighed and picked up the phone......."Get me Shaw". He put down the
      phone and looking at the snow falling,wondered what went wrong.........

      Storm walked quietly into the X-Men's meeting/operations room and headed
      towards the kitchen area. She started to make herself a cup of tea using her
      mutant energy to heat the cup. Hearing the door open,she turned to see
      Cyclops and Jean Grey walk in.
      "Coffee,anyone?" Scott shook his head no while Jean nodded yes. "Anyone
      know what this is about?",Scott asked Storm.
      "Something about a Shield agent gone missing. A agent with the Legacy virus
      to boot".
      "Then that is one poor bastard,ain't he?" boomed a new voice. Wolverine
      strolled thur the doors,stogie clenched in his teeth."But how did he get the
      disease if he ain't a mutie like us?"
      "Who said he wasn't,Logan?" Prof X said as he rolled thru his private
      entry. Fact is,his powers are just developing and his potential is off the
      scale. He needs to be found and treated as best as we can here. The new
      Morlock serum is most promising to at least control it until a cure is made.
      But the Hellfire Club is also looking for him and Shaw won't rest until he
      finds him. My X-Men,we have to find him first!"
      " Where do we start to look?" Storm asked. "New York is huge city with a
      million places to hide. And even Cerebro can't spot every place if he decides
      to go underground."

      to be cont.
      feedback is welcome of course
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