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FIC: The Mutant Bride - 3/? - PG [S/R, Logan, Hank, Magneto, Mystique]

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  • victoria p.
    Disclaimers in Part 0 // // indicates reality intruding on Rogue s dream *** 3. Night had fallen, and the three kidnappers and the Princess Rogue were still
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2001
      Disclaimers in Part 0

      // // indicates reality intruding on Rogue's dream



      Night had fallen, and the three kidnappers and the Princess Rogue were
      still sailing. Logan stared out at the water behind them, which
      stretched back toward the West Chester shore.

      "We'll reach the cliffs by dawn," Mystique said. She looked at Logan
      curiously. "Why are you doing that?"

      "Making sure nobody is following us," the gruff man answered.

      "That would be inconceivable," she replied confidently.

      "Despite what you think," Rogue interrupted, "you will be caught; and
      when you are, the prince will see you all hanged."

      "Of all the necks on this boat, highness, the one you should be worrying
      about is your own," said Mystique. She paused, then, and glanced at
      Logan, who was still scanning the horizon. "Stop doing that. We can all
      relax. It's almost over."

      Logan turned to face her. " Are you *sure* nobody is following us?" he

      "As I told you," Mystique replied haughtily, "it would be absolutely,
      totally, and in all other ways inconceivable! No one in Greenwich knows
      what we've done, and no one in West Chester could have gotten here so
      fast." She stopped speaking for a moment, seemingly lost in thought.
      Then, "Out of curiosity, why do you ask?"

      "I just happened to look behind us and something is there."

      "What?" Mystique pulled out her spyglass and looked through it with
      disbelief. And saw a ship in the distance. She shook her head. "Probably
      some local fisherman out for a pleasure cruise -- at night -- through
      eel infested waters."

      Rogue listened to her captors' bickering, and knew she had to rescue
      herself from their clutches. While they were distracted, she threw
      herself overboard.

      Mystique heard the splash, noticed the princess was no longer huddled in
      the bottom of the boat, and exclaimed, "What? What's going on?" She
      glared at her henchmen. "Go in! Go after her!"

      Logan shrugged. "I don't swim," he said frankly. "Metal skeleton,

      Hank turned to Mystique and said apologetically, "I only dog-paddle."

      Mystique groaned in frustration at their ineptitude, and wondered how
      she'd fallen so low, to have such nincompoops as her lackeys.

      "Veer left. Left. Left!" she shouted at Logan, who was steering the

      Suddenly, they heard a horrible screeching sound.

      "Do you know what that sound is, highness?" the evil genius yelled over
      the water. "Those are the shrieking eels! If you don't believe me, just
      wait. They always grow louder when they're about to feed on human flesh!
      If you swim back now I promise no harm will come to you. I doubt you'll
      get such an offer from the eels."

      // Scott said, "Don't worry, Tommy. She doesn't get eaten by the eels at
      this time."

      "What?" the boy asked.

      "The eels don't get her. I'm explaining to you because you looked
      nervous," he said.

      "I -- I wasn't nervous. Well, maybe I was a little bit concerned," the
      boy hedged, "but that's not the same thing."

      "We can leave now if you want. There are chores--"

      "No! No, I'll stay and watch." //

      Hank reached out of the boat, hit the eel on the head, and pulled Rogue
      back on board.

      "Put her down!" Mystique snapped. "Just put her down!"

      Logan continued to look back at the other ship. "I think he's getting

      "He's no concern of ours," Mystique said. "Sail on." She turned to
      Rogue. "I suppose you think you're brave, don't you?"

      "Only compared to some," the princess answered coldly.




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