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NEW FIC: Genesis: A Jubilee Story (1/1)

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  • James' Angel
    Hi! Here s the next story of mine.. it s kind of a prequel to the whole Scott/Jubilee series... Tell me what you think!! mrs_james_marsden@yahoo.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2001
      Hi! Here's the next story of mine.. it's kind of a
      "prequel" to the whole Scott/Jubilee series...

      Tell me what you think!! mrs_james_marsden@...

      Disclaimer: I don�t own the X-Men... Stan Lee does...
      Note: I know Jubilee�s parents were killed and she�s
      really from Beverly Hills in the comic book, but this
      is movie-versed and so her past was not established.

      Genesis: A Jubilee Story

      I hate my sister. She was so young and immature and
      lacked dignity, and common sense. She�s the reason
      that I left. The reason why I ran away from home.
      Well, partially. My family in general is so
      unsupportive of me. When I found out about my mutant
      powers, they weren�t there for me. They only isolated
      me and I felt like a stranger in my own home. It was
      for the better that I left.

      I didn�t tell anyone what I was planning. I didn�t
      want anymore unnecessary attention. So I bottled
      everything up and planned my escape for months. I
      didn�t really know where I would go. Being in Chicago,
      there really wasn�t a good place to go. So I decided
      to set out for New York. That city was so full of
      life, I figured it would be easy to find a place to

      As the weeks and days passed, my day of leaving was
      approaching. I had booked a train ticket that would
      take me to New York State. I didn�t have enough to get
      to New York City and so I took the one that would
      bring me to Westchester. I supposed it was close
      enough to where I wanted to go and I could make do
      with what I could afford.

      The week before I was going to run away, I began
      packing my belongings secretly. I also wrote a short
      note saying that it wasn�t working out here and I
      hoped they were happier now that I was gone. I tucked
      it under my pillow knowing they would find it once I
      went missing.

      After much anticipation, the day had finally come. I
      got the train ticket out from my sock drawer and put
      it into my knapsack. I only had that backpack and a
      small duffel bag with me, but it was enough to carry
      the essentials: clothing, toothbrush, towel, a
      portable CD player and a couple of my favourite CDs. I
      left all the photos and memories of this life behind
      me. I didn�t want any reminders.

      I put on my yellow jacket and my new sunglasses.
      Without looking back, I left for the train station to
      start a new life. I arrived half an hour before the
      train was to leave so I found my seat and got settled
      for a long ride. After what seemed like an eternity,
      the train pulled out of the station and I was on my
      way. It was going to be approximately a 7 hour trip,
      or so the conductor told me. I fell asleep for 2 of
      the hours and woke up wondering if the people back
      home found my note yet. I listened to my music for the
      remaining hours and I finally heard the words I had
      been waiting to hear form the conductor: �Next stop,
      Winchester, New York.�

      I gathered my bags and when the train pulled up to the
      station, I got out and looked around at the large
      station. It was a beautiful place and looked very
      historic. I glanced up and noticed the gorgeous carved
      ceiling above me. I walked around a bit more and
      absorbed the new environment. I walked outside and the
      sun was beginning to set. Without realizing it, I
      walked right into somebody standing at the newsstand

      �Oh! I�m so terribly sorry,� I apologized as I looked
      up at the man in front of me.

      �That�s okay,� he replied with a smile. I thought to
      myself how gorgeous this man was. His smile was so
      kind and genuine, I felt compelled to talk to him. So
      I approached him and asked him to direct me to an
      affordable hotel that I could stay at. He asked me why
      I didn�t go home and I explained to him my situation.
      He looked at me sympathetically and offered me a place
      to stay.

      I was hesitant at first but he clarified that it was a
      school for the gifted and there were other people my
      age living there as well. I agreed and he introduced
      himself as Scott Summers while we walked to his
      motorcycle. I held on tight behind him, both to my bag
      and Scott�s waist.

      We soon pulled up to an enormous mansion behind
      wrought-iron gates. Scott parked his motorcycle in the
      garage, which held a large number of vehicles, and
      helped me with my bag. I couldn�t help but ask him why
      he was wearing sunglasses when it was so dark outside.

      He smiled at me and told me to watch. He led me to the
      side and aimed his gaze at a deserted wooded area. He
      lifted his sunglasses and an intense red beam of light
      shot out of his eyes. He put his sunglasses back on
      and turned to me, expecting a look of horror. Instead,
      a smile spread across my face. I stepped forward and
      held out my hands. As I knew it would, my �fireworks�
      started to form. I controlled these orbs into a
      powerful sphere, then changed them into streamer-like
      shapes and directed them into the woods which it then
      exploded a small tree. �Oops,� I said sheepishly.

      Scott looked at me in awe. �You mean... you�re a
      mutant too?� he asked in disbelief. I nodded
      excitedly, now that I had found one of my own kind.
      Granted he was older than me by a significant amount,
      he was really handsome nonetheless.

      He carried my duffel bag for me and brought me into
      the mansion. We walked into an office where a bald man
      in a wheelchair sat.

      �Professor, this is Jubilee,� Scott told the man.

      �Ah, Jubilee,� he replied, as if he knew me. �Welcome
      to my school for the gifted. I understand you also
      have mutant powers.� I was amazed at how he knew that
      and the �Professor� explained that he was psychic. His
      name was Charles Xavier and he had started this school
      as a place where mutants could go to learn about their
      powers and attend classes. He informed me that Scott
      was one of the teachers here and that he would show me
      to my room.

      I thanked him and followed Scott up the main staircase
      to one of the rooms. He opened the door and put my bag
      on one of the beds. There were two other beds in the
      room and I wondered who my roommates were. Scott
      turned to leave as I thanked him again.

      He smiled and said, �Enjoy your stay here Jubilee.�

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