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FF: Slippery When Wet (4/6)

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  • Melissa Flores
    WARNING : This part contains a scene that has been labeled as HARD R for sexual content. If you don t want to read it, that s perfectly cool, email me and I ll
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2001
      WARNING : This part contains a scene that has been labeled as HARD R
      for sexual content. If you don't want to read it, that's perfectly
      cool, email me and I'll send you a copy of this chapter sans said
      scene. Youngsters this does mean you. :-)

      We now return to your regularly scheduled programming:

      TITLE: Slippery When Wet
      AUTHOR : Melissa Flores
      EMAIL: mistiec_flores@...

      GENRE: X-Men: The Movie, Wolverine/Rogue, ensemble. Storm/Gambit,
      Scott/Jean, Rogue/Augustus

      RATING: R for violence and language, and sexual situations, and MAJOR

      DISTRIBUTION: http://www.wolverineandrogue.com/mistiec


      Scott rested, his back against the wall, once again that his visor, his
      "gift" was both a blessing and a curse.

      From his still position, no one would be able to see his tension, but
      he could watch, unobserved, the faces of every one of his teammates.

      Jubilee had picked up his trait well, for she stood in very much the
      same fashion, the sunglasses that she didn't need on her nose, face
      closed, watching as Kitty and Iceman and St. John stood nervously, as
      Gambit swallowed hard, face haunted as he kept his eyes riveted toward
      the door.

      The team was falling apart.

      Scott felt the lump in his stomach, hard, making him nauseous, forcing
      away the emotion to another time where he could hold Jean in his arms
      and pretend none of this ever existed. That Rogue wasn't losing her
      mind and Storm wasn't in the hands of a mad man and his surrogate
      father hadn't just collapsed in front of the entire team.

      His breathing hitched slightly, and he forced himself to steady it.

      It was time to be the leader he always fancied himself he was.

      "I know.. things seem pretty bad right now, but we've been some bad
      situations before," he began slowly, thickly, "And we will get out of
      it, everyone, together. I'm not sure how, and I'm not sure when, but
      failure... that's never been an option for us. Not for our family."

      It was low, quiet, but full of sincere emotion, and he felt his heart
      lift slightly when Kitty offered him a soft smile, when he saw Bobby
      nod almost unconsciously and when St. John let a deep breath out.

      At least a few still believed.

      The door opened, and eyes slid off of him and onto his wife, who gently
      closed the latch behind her before turning slowly regarding them all.

      "He's sleeping," she finally began, in a low, controlled, "Dr. Jean"

      "What's going on with him?" Jubliee's question was flat, her posture
      never moved, and Jean took a breath, reaching out and squeezing Scott's
      hand for support as he looked on, his chest tight with emotion.

      Her arms crossed tightly across her chest, and after a moment where she
      seemed to be framing her words, she began.

      "What I'm about to say cannot leave this room. Professor Xavier does
      not want anyone to know, until he is ready to tell them, but
      considering the circumstances, I believe it's best everyone here is
      made aware of what is coming."

      Jubilee pulled her glasses down slightly, Kitty's jaw ticked, the young
      men only continued to look. She didn't dare to see the look on Scott
      or Remy's faces.

      The wound that still hadn't healed completely ached, and she reached
      out with her mind toward a chair, pulling it toward her, sinking into
      it as she rubbed at her head.

      "Professor Xavier has cancer, in his head," she began in the most
      methodical tone she could muster. She didn't look up as she continued
      to speak. "He's had it for the past... few years, but we never... the
      tumors... we didn't think it was serious enough to alarm anyone...
      until now."

      Jubilee gasped, Kitty's hands covered her mouth, eyes wide with shock.
      Scott tensed directly behind her, and she felt the moisture cloud her

      "He's gonna be okay though, right?" Bobby asked, eyes dark and hopeful.
      "it's not that..."

      "It's quite acute. I'm sure many of you have noticed that he has been
      grooming me in my powers, trying to build them up. This is because...
      we're not sure how much longer he will be with us."

      "Oh, God."

      "You're telling us dis now?" Remy asked, eyes narrowed angrily. "NOW?"

      "We didn't want to alarm you, and we weren't sure at first. Now it's
      beginning to take it's toll... it could be because of his powers,
      because of the magnitude of them, or because he's one of the older
      mutants... or it could be... just pure chance... but it is happening,
      and..." her voice wavered slightly and she took a breath, blinking
      twice to calm herself. "And as of this moment, you should consider
      me... his voice."

      "Jean... I don't... " Scott's words were edged in hoarse, raspy
      syllables, she felt the pain coursing through him, and more than
      anything she wished she could turn and hold him like a wife was
      supposed to. Instead she turned, staring at him with tired eyes and a
      short shake of her head.

      "That's how he wants it."

      Feet shifted, and from the corner of her eye, she could see a lone tear
      slip from Jubilee's face, making it's way clear from under her glasses.

      "That's such bull shit," she whispered, vaulting away from the doorway.
      "We don't need this shit now! I mean what the hell else can go wrong?
      When did this fucking all go to shit?"

      "JUBILEE." Jubilation froze, turning at the hardness in Jean's tone.

      The telepath was standing straight and tall, and she teemed with
      authority as she snapped, "We can deal with this LATER. Right now, we
      have to find a way to get into that ice box, and get to Storm, and we
      need to figure out how to guard ourselves from Augustus and how to save
      Rogue before he does a mindjob on her. And we WILL save her, if I have
      to go in her head and fight him off myself." She swallowed, her eyes
      narrowed. "Now, get to your posts, and keep your mouth shut about this.
      All of you."

      Jubilee took a breath, but nodded, motioning to Kitty, and both women
      disappeared to take over the watch duty.

      Bobby and St. John filed out after them, and a short second, Remy
      hesitantly followed them.

      She could feel Scott's gaze on her back, but she only shook her head.

      "I'm sorry, Scott," she whispered, her back to her lover, her husband,
      her best friend. "I wish we could talk about this. But we've got a long
      night... and we can't think about this now."

      She paused, waited until the hoarse, "I know" came from her husband's
      lips, and she never turned, knowing if she did, her heart and resolve
      and strength would crumble in her desire to cry out her frustrations in
      her husband's arms.

      Instead she gave him a short nod, and walked away, hastily wiping away
      a tear from her exhausted face.

      She had to find a way to get past her fear, to be willing to play
      Rogue's game, get into the darkness without it overtaking her.

      It was going to be a long night.


      Every sense and feeling overwhelmed him, and he almost choked in an
      attempt to keep it contained.

      The brush of her skin against his, the moans and whispers that were
      barely audible, the sweat and moisture that slicked across his fingers
      as his hands roamed off her shoulder, lower, gently cupping one soft
      breast, mouth buried in her shoulder, inhaling her scent.

      Her legs kept him firmly settled between her thighs, her strength a
      welcome factor in keeping them as they rocked, the pace growing

      Hands with short fingernails buried themselves into his shoulders,
      raking down over the contracting muscles of his back, sliding up to
      bury themselves in the damp hair that was now plastered with sweat
      against his head.

      His mouth continued to move, worshipping the young body he would have
      given anything to save, heart and mind full as his hands moved to
      either side of her, holding himself above her as he moved, looking down
      upon her face as her calves slid up his own, marking him, body writhing
      beneath him as he fought to breathe, fought to control the torrent of
      emotion running rampant through him.

      Her eyes were closed, but her mouth was open, as she gasped for breath,
      fingers now moving against the hair on his chest, sliding up to rub
      against his pectorals in an unconscious effort to be closer to him.

      Her body arched under his, hips rocking harder, and he groaned as her
      hands moved against his skin, up his throat to cup his chin, pulling
      down so that his mouth covered hers again, tongues moving in hot, moist
      complete abandon.

      His hips moved back and with a grunt he slid forward again, and the
      kiss broke up as the body underneath him arched, writhed, and Marie
      threw her head back and gasped, a squeak coming from the back of her
      throat, her face full of so many emotions as the ride over took her,
      her climax taking hold, and she tightened around him, and suddenly his
      eyes closed and he growled, louder, harder.

      And the world exploded before his very eyes, and his heart burst and he
      spasmed against her, and suddenly he fell forward, body spent tired,
      found a willing pillow awaiting him against her soft breasts, her body
      gasping under his weight, but never allowing him to move as her hands
      gently wiped the sweaty bangs from his face.

      There was nothing he could do for a full minute but breathe, try
      fiercely to get his mind under control, feeling her silent caresses
      against the crown of his head, felt the soft brush of her lips against
      his forehead, her breathing as loud as his, her chest heaving from

      But the peace was there, settled in his heart, the love threatened to
      overwhelm as he felt the palm on his face as he leaned forward,
      pressing his lips gently against her caress before nudging at the
      swells that cushioned him, gathering his strength and rolling to the
      side, taking her with him, until she was lying against him. And he held
      her still, eyes closed, smelling her scent mingled with his, the smell
      of sex that was so much more...

      Large fingers slid through the silken strands that seemed to float
      against his chest, and with the free hand he cupped her chin and took
      her mouth with hers, eyes open to see her fluttering lashes against his
      cheeks, the trail of dried tears against her own.

      When she pulled back to smile gently at him, her eyes were a soft, dark

      And he smiled, and pulled her closer, watching as she battled the
      sleep, whispering words of love he never thought he'd say, never
      letting her go, realizing he had just accomplished the impossible.

      He had made love to Marie.

      And it was going to be allright. It was all going to be all right now.


      Fingers gently caressed the fur of the ball of warmth that rested on
      his knee, as the man shuddered slightly, wincing as he heard the
      purring that came from the cat, felt the vibration beneath his fingers,
      soothing him, warming him.

      At this moment, it was the only comfort he had.

      His eyes closed, his heart beat, and he let out a soft breath, feeling
      her drifting around in his thoughts, in his body, in his mind.

      It wasn't enough. Not anymore.

      He had never placed much stock in the tangible, but as she whispered in
      his mind, smiled in his eyes and laughed in his years, he wanted
      nothing more than to take her completely, body and soul.

      Destiny was a tricky thing, this he knew well. Perhaps his destiny was
      not what he had supposed, perhaps instead of destroying the body in an
      effort to keep the mind, he would keep the body and the mind... use
      it... use her...

      There was a reason she was created in the form of a women, a reason he
      was created in the form of a man, a reason that the attraction ran so
      rampant and a reason he was feeling entirely conflicted about a game
      that should have been over.

      The reason was an emotion he didn't dare want to comment on, and it
      relied on so much, on a women who did not yet know herself, on an
      entity that had yet to manifest itself, and on him... putting a life
      above his own selfish needs, his own destiny, something he had never
      done before.

      Then again... he had never had reason to.

      In his heart, in his mind, he called to the body, muttering wordless
      incantations under his breath, pulling her, relating to her in spirit
      and thought his carefully thought out plan.

      The Rogue in his head that had battled him so completely instead
      smiled, laughed, and when his eyes opened he saw an image in his dreams
      that set his heart pounding and his blood coursing in white hot rage.

      The cat fell from his lap as he continued to look, watch, as the man
      known as Wolverine invaded the body of the mind he so desperately
      wanted to posses, the body that was by rights and markers HIS, his to
      control and possess and adore.

      And the violet eyes flashed, and Augustus roared.


      Her body jolted, and she sat up, breath coming in and out of her mouth
      in huge gasps, her chest constricting for breath as she held a hand to
      her breast, her eyes wide open, and yet completely unseeing.

      Instead her eyes saw the invasion of her mind, the rush of memories and
      future visions that flooded her, rendered her completely paralyzed and
      never once was she able to look at the man lying beside her, lost in a
      dreamless sleep as his free hand tangled in hers.

      Her mouth formed a soundless groan as the violet eyes haunted her,
      branded her, marked her, the furious rage and emotion at Marie sliding
      through her, and she heard the roar of anger from the being that
      possessed her other half, felt it inside of her, the piece of Augustus
      she had taken now furious, jolting through her.

      She saw the X-Men, littered on a field of snow, she saw Logan, bloodied
      and beaten... she saw the eyes and the smile and her body quaked as she
      continued to gasp, to feel the constriction and GOD it felt like she
      was dying and she was because it was so clear...

      Augustus had lost patience.

      And her knees slid up to her chest and she cried, fingers desperately
      combing through her bangs, biting down on her lip to keep from waking
      the man next to her and the game continued to play and in that moment
      she knew the game was inevitable, for in the last move she saw the
      choice she knew she would have to make, saw the conclusion to the game
      she had been fighting, the game that had already been lost :

      Storm dangled helplessly from the hold of the man to whom she was bound
      by fate, and when she shuddered, she knew Ororo's fate, and she knew
      her own.

      Her eyes closed and she shuddered and her body jolted, and suddenly it
      was over, it was all over.

      And when her eyes opened slowly, they were a pristine shade of violet.

      She slipped out of the bed where the naked man slept and picked up the
      black spandex that had been littered on the floor.

      It was time to go home.


      Neither Kitty nor Jubilee said one word to each other as they stood,
      eyes drifting over the darkness, the white snow glowing in the
      moonlight, beyond them the ice box, barely visible.

      Jubilee's throat ached from keeping the emotion hidden, and she
      suspected that her much more open friend needed only the slightest
      encouragement before she would burst into tears.

      So she said nothing.

      Shadowcat, no longer a child, did not burst into tears, however. Her
      voice was low, even, as she turned to her younger compatriot, and asked
      frankly, "Are you scared?"

      "Out of my fucking mind."

      Silence followed that statement, and Kitty nodded shortly. "Seems like
      everyone's out of their mind around here."

      Jubilation crossed her arms, keeping her eyes on the darkness that
      surrounded them, letting her eyes flicker back to the sleeping camp
      once before replying, "How fucking ironic is it that I'm the voice of
      reason here?"

      That earned her a small smile from her friend, one that never fully
      emerged because Kitty's eyes now caught the figure that was walking
      slowly up to them. Her breath hitched and her hand squeezed Jubilee's

      "Is that..."

      Jubilee jumped slightly when the figure in black spandex suddenly flew
      forward, landing ten feet away.


      "Jubes," she responded, walking toward them slowly. "You guys really
      don't get it do you?"

      Jubilee heard Kitty take in a deep breath, saw her back up slightly,
      fists clenched. "Rogue you're supposed to be back in camp. It's the
      only place you're safe."

      The comment made Rogue's steps falter, and suddenly a smile slid onto
      her lips, and she laughed, shoulders shaking with mirth as she stopped,
      regarding them. "You think any of you are safe in there? From him? From
      me?" Her eyes flickered to Jubilee. "The glasses, Jubilee, take them
      off. I want to see your face."

      Jubilee ignored the suggested, keeping her fingers out, her body
      trembling against her will.

      "You never trusted me, did you Jubes? No matter what I did you always
      were scared of me."

      Kitty was breathing hard, eyes glinting as she watched Rogue, shaking
      her head slightly. "Rogue... come on girl, we know you're still in

      A short chuckle burst from their friend's lips. "Kay, how clich´┐Ż is
      that? 'We know you're still in there'. Yes, Kitty. I'm here, somewhere.
      But I have to go, so if you could kindly step aside."

      Kitty shot Jubilee a look and Jubilee shook her head, swallowing hard.
      "Rogue, we can't let you go, okay? Come on, let's get you back to

      "No.. I don't want to go back to camp. The camp is boring. I have to go
      home. Let me go. It's a simple statement. Understand it."

      "We're not letting you go, Rogue, so just shut up and get back or we'll
      have to take you back." Her fingers lifted and despite the shakiness
      that was visible in them, their intention was clear.

      Rogue's violet eyes slid to the pointed fingers, and she nodded
      slightly, rising slightly, floating a few feet above the ground.

      "You know what your problem is Jubes? You're all spit and no fire.
      Kinda forgot something didn't you? I've got him in my head... I've his
      secrets and I've got yours." As her mouth closed, the winds above them
      began to swirl, lifting their hair, sliding through their bangs, and
      Rogue landed on the ground, coming forward, "Go for it, Kitty. I'll
      give you the first shot."

      Kitty's heart was in her throat as she watched one of her best friend's
      staring at her with eyes of a stranger, challenging her to a level of
      violence that she had never felt comfortable with, and never wanted to
      attempt with this particular mutant.

      Rogue had killed before, she hadn't.

      Rogue's powers were to destroy, Kitty's were for stealth, and although
      she had learned long ago to fight with the best of the X-Men, Rogue's
      strength and memories of the previous warriors in her head far
      outweighed any experience she might have had in her favor.

      But Rogue still waited for Kitty to gather her strength, to gather her
      gumption to use her powers against one of her closest confidants.

      Kitty swallowed hard once again, took a deep breath, never daring to
      take her eyes off of Rogue.

      Remy's voice broke through the winds, Jubilee cried out to him, sparks
      flew and cards exploded and that second, Rogue had waited long enough.

      Her feet left the ground and before she could quite place her former
      friend, Kitty was flung onto her back, mouth stinging, coughing blood,
      head aching and shoulder searing in pain.

      Her eyes fluttered with flashes of pain, but she still saw through the
      murky haziness, Rogue diving into Jubilee, Jubilee crying out in pain,
      Rogue's arm reaching back and coming down again.

      Kitty groaned, pushed herself up on one elbow, but suddenly Rogue was
      back, straddling her, and the violet eyes bore into hers as she

      "Times up. Game's lost, Kitty."

      Above her, Rogue put her gloved hands to her teeth, and biting down,
      pulled off the covering, removing one deadly bare hand. Kitty's eyes
      widened and she struggled, but Rogue's knees had her elbows pinned and
      she was helpless when she touched her face.

      Oh, GOD. She was falling, slipping, and the most intense pain she had
      ever experienced jerked through her and her body froze, she screamed
      and fell back, when the contact was lost.

      It had to have been only a half second... but it felt like years.

      Her mind reeled and when Rogue's hand descended again, her eyes
      fluttered and she thought Rogue's eyes might have been brown-

      In the second fatal caress she felt it all come back.

      "Pretty damn cool, huh?" Rogue whispered, and Kitty felt herself blink
      up in surprise.

      The pressure of the body on top of her was gone and she gasped, fingers
      on her face, as Jubilee fell in the snow beside her.

      "Kitty!" Gloved, masculine hands lifted her up, cradled her slightly,
      and her eyes opened groggily to perceive Gambit's dark red orbs staring
      down at her.

      Oh, God. She wasn't dead. She was barely even in pain. With a groan,
      she nodded, sitting up, shaking her head, and motioning to the sky. "Go
      after her. I'll take care of Jubes."

      He hesitated once, but nodded, stumbling to his feet and racing in the
      direction Rogue had disappeared.

      Oh, God. She took in several deep gasps, wiping the blood away from her
      face, smearing it across her cheek as she turned to Jubilee. The mutant
      had a bleeding nose, and broken glasses were dangling from the crook of
      her ear.


      Her Asian-American friend groaned, reaching up to touch her nose

      She sat up slowly, hands on her ribs, holding them tightly, and the
      blood stained glasses fell onto the crisp white snow.

      All Kitty heard was a whisper.

      "We are SO screwed."


      The darkness was inside her, and her chest was tight, so tight. She
      fought for to breathe, battled for the right to take in even the most
      minute amount of air.

      Charles' kind eyes looked down upon her, and Jean felt helpless, bound
      with her own fear of the darkness, of her own inadequacy and the terror
      of the unknown.

      Rogue smirked at her, and behind her, in the dark depths of her eyes,
      she saw the murky figure of a man with the purple eyes, who called her
      Predator and a coward.


      She came to with a sucking in of her breath, chest heaving with panic,
      and when the hand squeezed her shoulder unexpectedly she shrieked,
      lashing out with her mind.


      Scott scrambled from the other side of the makeshift bed, dashing past
      her. The familiar voice brought back reality, and thankful for it, Jean
      blinked, the fear leaving her body only to be replaced by dread when
      she realized who it was she had tossed to the other side of the room.

      Scott was kneeling next to a very injured Kitty.

      "Oh, God, Kitty," she threw off the covers and ran to her side, falling
      onto her knees to inspect the damage. "What happened?"

      "You kinda threw her across the room," Jubilee said, standing in the
      doorway of the large tent. "And um... Rogue kinda beat us up and left."

      "What?!" Scott shot Jean a quick glance, but she could only turn back
      to Kitty.

      Kitty coughed, wiping blood from her bleeding lip before she rasped,
      "She's gone."


      Pendulums were fairly hypnotic. They were soothing, and Storm suspected
      that was the very reason this one was placed in her room, with its
      clicking and rocking, the gold swinging back and forth, her eyes roving
      after it.

      It was meant to soothe, to take the mind and relax it, release the

      It was meant to hypnotize, and Storm knew that Augustus' path was paved
      with anything but good intentions.

      When the door opened and the servants, the mutants who worshipped this
      man and barely looked at her, brought in the trays with the food, she
      barely raised an eyebrow.

      When he strode in after them and offered her a drink, she accepted with
      the grace of a Princess, knowing it would never be poisoned.

      It simply wasn't his style. His game was of the mind, and although she
      wasn't exactly a team player, she could hold her own for a short while.

      Exactly what she was waiting for, she wasn't sure. Hope maybe... she
      hardly expected the entire X-team to come trudging in here, guns
      ablazing. Indeed, she prayed they would not, because she knew more than
      one, a red-eyed Cajun in particular, wouldn't think twice, and that
      just wouldn't do.

      She had no idea what on earth would happen to her mind, to her heart if
      she saw anything happen to him.

      The fractured worry and the increased beating of her heart at the mere
      thought of him was disconcerting enough.

      As she sipped the wine, she turned, the silken robe that had been
      provided quite a comfortable contrast to the chafing leather of her
      uniform, but she never let her guard slip as he continued to ask her
      questions about her well being, and when the question came, she almost

      "So how long do you think we have to wait before they arrive?" The
      tone was friendly and conversational, accompanied with a smile and a
      look at his watch.

      Storm finished her glass, setting it on the table, eyes never leaving
      his as she slowly shook her head. "I have already told you they will
      not come."

      He was quiet for a minute. "You think so?"

      "I think so. I know my leaders. They will not risk the group for the
      life of one."

      "They did it before."

      "They also learn from their mistakes."

      "They're a volatile bunch."

      "Only when they choose to be. Deep down they are solid."

      "You have tremendous faith," he pronounced, crossing his legs and
      leaning back, regarding her, his body shaking slightly as his eye color
      flickered slightly.

      She raised an eyebrow. "They will not come."

      "Well one of us is here right now."

      Oh, God.

      Storm froze, her heart jolting, thudding against her ribcage, breath
      catching, and she prayed, literally, that the voice did not belong to
      who she thought it did.

      Her eyes slowly led to the doorway, watching as Augustus froze, his
      head jerking back, rising out of his chair with an awkwardness that
      seemed uncharacteristic, his glass sloshing as he slammed it down.


      Rogue smiled, leaning in the doorway, eyes only for Augustus, and good

      The eyes were violet.

      Storm's fists rolled into balls, her figure trembling slightly as Rogue
      walked into the doorway, hair tumbling wild and free, blood drying on
      her knuckled, visible when she slid her hands through her long hair,
      walking to meet Augustus in the middle of the floor, a torrid smile on
      her face.

      From her position, Storm could only watch, afraid to say a word, not
      sure whether to be frightened or relieved.

      But Augustus only glowered.

      Rogue's hand reached forward, sliding down one powerful bicep, her eyes
      twinkling in mirth. "What'sa matter, honey?"

      There was one hard swallow from Augustus, and when he spoke, the tone
      was dark, hoarse, and so terribly unsure that Storm had a hard time
      believing it was him speaking.

      "You were a very bad girl."

      Rogue only smiled.

      There was a long intense stare, and those damn orbs kept flickering,
      and Storm could only breathe.

      Until Augustus smiled and Rogue smiled back.

      Large hands slipped about a small waist, and she was pulled against the
      dark, hard body.

      Rogue's mouth tilted up and Storm's stomach plummeted when Augustus
      reached down and their mouths met in one hot, searing kiss.

      Their lips clung together, eyes closed as they held each other like
      lovers, and when he finally released her, Rogue just cocked an eyebrow,
      sliding one hand down his chest before turning to her.


      Her breath was shaky, but she managed, "Rogue. Welcome back."

      "Thank you, nice to be back. I trust Augustus has treated you well."

      Rogue advanced, and despite her shaky limbs and increasing dread, Storm
      managed to rise to her feet and meet her.

      "I have no complaints. You're looking better."

      "Oh, darlin' I'm fucking awesome." Rogue's eyes bore into hers, and
      Storm unconsciously jumped when Rogue reached forward and took her
      hand, entangling their fingers, looking up to her. She pulled back,
      and the strength in the gesture caused Storm to stumble, falling into
      Rogue's arms, feeling her lips on her ears as she heard, "Ever
      deliberately lost control, Ororo? Feels DAMN good."

      Just as forcefully, Storm was shoved back into her chair, her mind
      reeling and her heart plummeting as she heard Augustus' laugh, dark and
      crystal clear, overtaking her mind, her heart...

      She was lost in her own fear, as the violet eyes of her friend looked
      down upon her.

      There was no hope.

      Melissa Flores aka Misty

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