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Fic: Can't Run Forever 3/?, PG slash themes

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  • teufelce@aol.com
    Title: Can t Run Forever (3/?) PG slash themes Authors: Chris (teufelce@aol.com) and J. Marie T. (jmariewolvie@hotmail.com) Rating: PG slash themes, profanity
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2001
      Title: Can't Run Forever (3/?) PG slash themes
      Authors: Chris (teufelce@...) and J. Marie T. (jmariewolvie@...)
      Rating: PG slash themes, profanity
      Feedback: Would be very much appreciated!
      Disclaimer: The characters and universe of X-Men are the property of 20th
      Century Fox and the Marvel Entertainment Group. This story is for
      entertainment purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended.
      Pairing: Logan, Scott
      Universe: Movie
      Genre: Slash theme, introspection
      Summary: Scott gets a surprise phone call...
      Series/Sequel: Sequel to Run, Series - Can't Run Forever
      Archive: If you want it - please just let us know where.

      Authors' Note: This is the third installment in the Can't Run Forever
      series, and departs from the previous format of 'letters' to one of an
      alternating dialogue, set as a 'phone call'. We wrote it via AIM, with Jo
      taking Scott's POV, and myself handling Logan's POV - the different
      character's 'voices' aren't labelled, but I think you'll be able to figure
      out easily enough who's who ;). Enjoy and feedback ALWAYS welcome!


      *ring* *ring*

      *long silence* *rustling sheets* *groggy* hello?

      *muffled breathing* *long pause* *low, gruff voice* hey...

      *gasp* *shifting sounds* *fumbling sounds* *THUD* *muttered cursing*
      *clearing throat* *uncertain tone* Logan, is that you?

      *soft snort* yeah... it's me... what the hell's going on over there?

      *light cough* prove it... *shaking head* *embarrassed voice* I ... I dropped
      the phone.

      *low growl* how the fuck am I suppose to do that? *short pause* *barking
      laugh* guess I shouldn't have woken you up, huh?

      *snort* *muffled laugh* *coughing* you just did... *clearing throat* *shrug*
      *quiet voice* I'm glad you did. it's good to hear your voice. *quickly*
      *concerned tone* is everything okay?

      *short pause* *chuckling* yeah, guess I did.... *longer pause* *gruff voice*
      glad, huh? *snorting* everything's fine, Scooter. I've found exactly jack
      shit. *sighing* Just.... getting a little... bored up here. Not much going
      on. Sorry I woke you...

      *big grin* yeah... at least you didn't call me a dick, that's an improvement.
      *chuckle* *sobering* yeah... *sigh* good, I was worried there for a minute.
      *softly* I'm sorry you haven't found anything, Logan. *nodding* I can image
      there's not much to do where you are. *short silence* don't be.

      *loud laugh* yeah, well I'm trying to improve my manners.... *short pause*
      *careful voice* you were worried? why? *quickly* no never mind, forget
      that... *rough sigh* don't worry about it - it ain't like I've never hit dead
      ends before. *snorting* nothing to do but fight and drink... *quietly*

      *humored exhale* we can all use improvement I suppose... *long silence*
      *whispered* nope, no never minds, Logan. yeah, I was worried... don't like to
      think of you up there all alone... *nodding* *soft shrug* doesn't mean I have
      to like it. *quiet snort* *humored* two of your favorite things. *barely
      audible* good.

      *raising brow* some more than others, Scooter... *long pause* *soft voice*
      yeah... alright, no 'never minds'.... and no, it isn't fun to be alone....
      *shaking head* *tight voice* I don't really wanna talk about it, alright?
      *long pause* *heavy exhale* *calmer tone* they pass the time, nothing more...

      *soft laugh* yeah well, we can't all be perfect. *swallowing* no, it's not...
      *nodding* okay ... I'm sorry *hesitate voice* maybe if you thought about it a
      little you could come up with something else...

      *laughing* no, we can't.... *coughing* *clearing throat* *quietly* you're...
      alone? *shaking head* *gruffly* don't apologize, it ain't your fault. *long
      pause* *low, growling voice* like what?

      *snickering* nope! *sobering* *long pause* *barely audible* yeah, just me and
      the phone... *gentle tone* it's my fault for bringing it up. *nervously
      clearing throat* well you could always... take a ride...

      *barely audible* you and the phone..... *shaking head* drop it, Scott, you're
      not to blame... *dead silence* *carefully neutral voice* oh yeah? a ride?
      where to?

      *ragged exhale* *whispered* yeah... and the bed... *muttered* shit! *tight
      nod* sure, Logan... *slight shrug* *controlled tone* I don't know... is there
      anywhere you want to go?

      *harsh breathing* *low, growling tone* beds are good... *swallowing sounds*
      *coughing* *short pause* *raising brow* I dunno.... maybe....

      *low, barely perceptible moan* *ragged tone* yeah... *long silence* *measured
      breathing* maybe, huh?

      *sharp inhale* *rumbling growl* hell yeah.... *more swallowing sounds*
      *clearing throat* *rough voice* depends on what's waiting for me....

      *closing eyes* *deep breath* *controlled exhale* yeah, they're great for
      sleeping and ... stiff ... *quickly* *stumbling* I mean stuff. *shaking head*
      *blinking* *breathing* *whispered* what do you want to have waiting...

      *choking sound* *shaky voice* .... 'stuff', huh? Think I like the first thing
      you said better.... *silence* *inaudible sound*

      *embarrassed laugh* yeah, stuff... *shaking head* *snort* I just have a stiff
      neck, been bugging me, you know? *long pause* *licking lips* *nervous tone*

      *snort* oh yeah.... *blinking* *narrowing eyes* you hurt yourself or
      something? *shaky exhale* *long silence* *softly* whatever someone was
      willing to give....

      *clearing throat* right... *smiling* no, I didn't hurt myself. *weak shrug*
      just stress and shit... *shaky tone* someone ... in particular...

      *short nod* yeah.... *shaking head* *growling* what's stressing you? *short
      pause* *quietly* yeah... someone in particular....

      *humorless laugh* the shorter list would be what's NOT stressing me... *long
      silence* *tight voice* someone I know...

      *quirking brow* care to share that with me? *long silence* *soft snort* yeah,
      I'd say you know him pretty well....

      *coughing* what's that, the short list? *hopeful* yeah?

      *quietly* anything.... *short pause* *smirking* yeah, he's pretty hot....
      even if he is too uptight....

      *swallowing* *short pause* okay... well starting with the short list of
      what's not stressing me... hmm, let's see... well, there's you and...
      *shaking head* no, that's pretty much it. *grinning* uptight, huh? maybe he
      just needs some help getting loose...

      *blinking* *swallowing sounds* *weak voice* so I ain't stressing you, huh?
      *shaking head* *louder tone* that's... that's good to know... although pretty
      shitty that it's such a short list... *long pause* *rumbling growl* oh yeah,
      I think I could definitely help him with that...

      *small smile* no, you're not stressing me, in fact... you have kind of a
      soothing voice. *clearing throat* and just what is it that you're drinking,
      Logan? *slight shrug* yeah well the burdens of command and all... *ragged
      exhalation* I'll bet you could... *shaking head* damn, I could really use a

      *incredulous* you sure you didn't get hit in the head, Cyke - 'soothing'???
      *shaking head* *swallowing sounds* *quietly* bourbon.... *short pause* *angry
      voice* fuck 'command'! do what makes you happy, Scott, and screw the rest of
      them! *shuddering exhale* *grinning* oh yeah, I know I could... loosen him up
      real good... *blinking* *quirking brow* you alright over there, Scott? you
      ain't usually the drinking type

      *laughing* yeah, I'm sure I didn't hit my head, Wolvie. what can I say, I
      like your voice. *nodding* *softly* bourbon, huh? that sounds good. Hell, if
      I wasn't in my underwear I might be tempted to raid the liquor cabinet.
      *widening eyes* *pause* I can't do that, Logan, and I can't do what makes me
      happy either because... *barely audible* he's not here... *raising brows* I'm
      sure you could... loosen him up... *tight nod* couldn't be better...

      *barking laugh* 'Wolvie'? *sobering* *softly* I'm... glad... *sharp inhale*
      *shakily* yeah, it wouldn't be too good if one of the kids saw you wandering
      around half-naked... *blinking* *narrowing eyes* *snarling tone* 'he'? who
      the fuck is 'he'?? *heavy breathing* like to do more than just that...
      *shaking head* bullshit, Scott, I ain't buying it. what's wrong?

      *chuckling* well how else do you shorten it? *arching brow* you're glad...
      *snort* it's not like I have anything they haven't seen before... but no, it
      wouldn't be good. *clearing throat* 'he' who... the one... uh... *barely
      audible* you... *ragged breathing* *shaky tone* more... *swallowing* like...
      *clearing throat* I'm fine, Logan, just... nervous

      *still laughing* you're lucky I... *blinking* *quickly* you're the only one
      with the guts to call me that... *short nod* *quietly* really glad...
      *narrowing eyes* *firmly* whatever, I still don't want them seeing
      anything.... *dead silence* *weakly* me? I... I make you... happy? *low
      growl* much more... like seeing what that perfect smile tastes like...
      *blinking* *confused* nervous? what the fuck for?

      *mock concern* yeah well am I going to see them spilling out of me anytime
      soon? *loud laughing* *big smile* good... *teasing* okay, big guy, whatever
      you want! *chuckling* *sober* *hesitate voice* you would... *loud groan*
      ooooh... *hissing inhalation* *wetting lips* *swallowing* *barely audible*
      because I've never wanted anything this bad before...

      *shaking head* *firmly* never! *chuckling* yeah.... *raising brow* oh,
      really? whatever I want, huh? *short pause* *soft, sad voice* I don't know
      about that, Scott.... happiness and me, we don't usually go hand in hand....
      *harsh, unsteady breathing* *swallowing sounds* *low, hoarse voice* what do
      you want so bad, Scott, tell me...

      *wide-eyed* *surprised tone* good to know... *nodding* sure, whatever you
      want. *sigh* *whispered* I'll still take you... *loud, deep breathing*
      *softly* I want... *knocking sounds* *perturbed* shit, hang on, Logan.
      *distant* yeah? *sound of door opening* *muffled voices* *long muffled
      conversation* *distant put out tone* yeah, I'll see you tomorrow. good night.
      *into the receiver* sorry about that.

      *licking lips* *slow grin* might not wanna offer me that, Scott... *small
      smile* stubborn, aren't you? *raising brow* *blinking* *low growling* fine,
      I'll hold.... *swallowing sounds* *tightly* who the fuck was that?

      *huge grin* *snicker* too late, Logan... *nodding* very stubborn. *sighing*
      thanks. sorry about that. *shaking head* it was Jean...

      *snort* *smirking* just remember that, Scooter.... *soft laugh* well it's not
      like I ain't either.... *long silence* *barely audible* oh...

      *wiggling brows* you might have to remind me, I have a bad memory... *loud
      laughing* that's true... this should be interesting... *furrowing brow*
      what's wrong?

      *wicked grin* oh, I'll remind you every chance I get... *barking laugh* yeah,
      it should be... but just remember there's one difference between the two of
      us, I don't fight fair... *swallowing sounds* *long pause* *more swallowing
      sounds* *shaking head* *quietly* nothing, Scott, nothing...

      *toothy grin* very cool! *snickering* oh yeah... *arching brow* well now,
      that all depends on the fight, Wolvie... *laughing* *narrowing eyes*
      bullshit, Logan! *firmly* put the fucking bottle down!! *brief pause* *calm,
      controlled voice* something's bothering you and I'd like to know what it is...

      *shaking head and laughing* yeah..... *smirking* oh does it? you saying you
      sometimes fight dirty, Scott? *short pause* *sobering* *gruff voice* you
      gonna make me? *pause* *softer tone* sorry... I just... *sighing* what did
      Jeannie want?

      *grinning* what? *blushing* you'll have to see for yourself, Logan...
      *scowling* make you what? *tilting head* *closing eyes* *sigh* she heard me
      talking and wanted to make sure I wasn't having another nightmare...
      *tightly* shit.

      *chuckling* nothing... just... *surprised* *softer tone* happy, I guess....
      *arching brow* I plan on it, Scott.... *shaking head* I was being a jackass,
      just forget it... *indrawn breath* *dead silence* *dangerously quiet voice*

      *big smile* happy is good. I'm glad you're happy... *blushing* I look forward
      to it, Logan... *shaking head* you were NOT being a jackass and I'm not going
      to forget it. *clearing throat* *long pause* *mumbled* I've been known to
      have them.

      *weak smile* yeah, I guess... can't remember the last time I was....
      thanks... *low, rough voice* damn, I wish.... *shaking head* *swallowing*
      *gruffly* I was asking if you were gonna make me put the bottle down...
      *heavy breathing* *tight voice* what?

      *soft, sad voice* well there's no reason to spoil it... *weak shrug* you
      don't have to thank me, Logan, I'm happy too, happier than I've been in a
      long time. *ragged inhalation* *tight voice* wish what? *softly* I can't
      really MAKE you from here but I'd like it if you did... *shaking head*
      *trembling voice* sorry, I said that I've been known to have them...
      nightmares I mean...

      *shaking head* don't wanna spoil it... *small smile* yeah, but you're the
      reason I'm happy....and I'm glad you are, Scott, really glad... *short
      silence* *frustrated growl* *sound of shattering glass* I wish that.. I
      wasn't here alone... *weak chuckle* well... no more bottle, so don't worry...
      *silence* *softly* wanna tell me about 'em?

      *small smile* then don't... *long silence* *licking lips* *growing smile* so
      we're both happy, you think that's a first? I mean both of us happy at the
      same time? Jesus, listen to me, what the hell is that? *shaking head*
      *rolling eyes* *jerking upright* *frantically* what was that?! *long silence*
      *wide eyes* *shaky tone* that makes two of us... *wrinkling brow* are you
      okay? *soft snort* not much to tell, it's nothing like what I know
      you have to deal with... *pause* it's just about the night my mutation was
      activated. nothing that most mutants with destructive abilities don't have to
      go through at some point.

      *snorting* I won't.... *grinning* yeah, I think it is a first.... *softening
      voice* and I like listening to you... *short pause* *embarrassed tone* bottle
      meeting wall at high speed... *unsteady breathing* I wish... shit...
      *sighing* *shaking head* *gruffly* screw my nightmares....*gentler tone*
      yeah, but it still sucks that you have 'em... nothing helps?

      *grinning* good! *soft laugh* one for the record books... *snort* well when
      you come back you'll get to listen to me a lot while I tell you what to do...
      *loud laughing* *confused* and why would the bottle do that? *snickering*
      *sobering* you wish what, Logan? *softly* I'm sorry, I didn't mean to remind
      you of them... *long pause* *low voice* *measured words* I don't usually have
      them when I'm not alone...

      *amused chuckle* yeah, better call Guinness... *blinking* *loud laughter*
      *choked voice* you... telling me.... *more laughing* *long pause* *sheepish
      tone* cause I threw it... *barely audible* I... want you.... *quickly* you
      didn't, Scott, so don't worry about it... *short pause* *hesitant voice*
      well... I guess we'll have to see what we can do about that....

      *loud laughing* you think they'd be interested? *fading laugh* *rolling eyes*
      I meant me giving you orders on the team, Logan, somehow I doubt I'll be the
      leader anywhere else... *humored exhale* why'd you throw it? *loud groan* oh
      god... *trembling tone* I ... I want you too... *thinking* *snort* *shaking
      head* I don't think so, Logan... *tenderly* do you want to talk about yours?
      *swallowing* *wetting lips* *squeaky voice* that... *clearing throat* that
      sounds like a good idea... *knocking on door* *shouting* I'M FINE, JEAN, GO

      *snort* fucked if I know! *grinning* just so long as we're clear on that,
      Scooter... *shrugging* *low voice* because I'm frustrated... *low growl*
      *hoarse voice* so bad, I can taste it.... *sobering* *shaking head* *quietly*
      not really, not now. don't wanna ruin the mood... *amused laugh* *growing
      smile* sounds like a hell of an idea to me... *blinking* *rumbling growl*
      *tight voice* what the fuck?!? doesn't she get the hint?? *short pause*
      *barely audible* or doesn't she know you're on the phone?

      *laughing* *shaking head* *grinning* won't get any argument out of me,
      Wolvie... *heavy exhale* frustration sucks! *loud moan* *hissing inhalation*
      *ragged sigh* god I want to taste it... *swallowing* *nodding weakly*
      *tenderly* when you're ready... *expanding grin* me too... *heavy sigh*
      *shaking head harshly* *terse tone* she saw me on the phone. Christ, she
      thinks she's my mother now or something...

      *feral smile* good... smart man... *groaning* shit... *uncomfortable shifting
      sounds* fuck, Scott.... *hissing inhale* *weak nod* yeah, when I'm ready, I
      will.... *soft smile* I can't wait.... *short pause* *dangerous growl* sounds
      like me and Jeannie are gonna need to talk. I don't want her messing with
      what's mine.... *blinking* *silence*

      *laughing* so you keep telling me... *ragged moan* *breathless* I like the
      sound of that... *sharp groan* *closing eyes* *slow nod* when you're ready,
      Logan... *panting* me either... *mocking* oooooh, sounds like fun, can I
      watch... *concerned* Logan?

      *nodding* and I'll keep on telling you... *ragged breathing* Christ, I'm
      gonna need a cold shower.... *rough voice* yeah..

      *grin* okay. *sharp groan* I already do... *barely audible grunt* though
      maybe not for long...

      *sharp exhale* *groaning* shit, Scott, you keep bringing images like that up,
      I ain't gonna need one any more either.... *relieved sigh* *hoarse voice*
      yeah, I'm sure. Very sure.... *low chuckle* yeah...*silence* *tight,
      emotional tone* oh... I.... you mean.... shit.... *whispered* I gotta be
      dreaming... or drunker than I thought...

      *tight growling sound* god... *heavy sigh* good... that's really good...
      *nodding slowly* that's what I mean, Logan... and you are not dreaming...
      can't attest to the alcohol variable though...

      *rapid breathing* *shaky voice* oh fuck.... *mute nod* *closing eyes* *barely
      audible* thank you....

      *loud moaning* *tight tone* stop saying that... *blinking* for what?

      *slow animalistic smile* fuck..... *shaking head* *softly* for this... for
      giving me hope...

      *whimper* *shaky groan* *ragged tone* Logan.... *heavy breathing* hope... I
      hope you're coming soon... home... *quickly* I mean I hope you're coming home

      *shaky laugh* *ragged voice* I think.... I'll.... be doing *low groan*....
      both.... real soon... Scott...

      *panting breaths* oh god...

      *growling* Scott.....

      *groaning* Logan... *throaty moan*

      *harsh panting* that's it... Scott... I wanna hear you...

      *frantic shifting sounds* *whimpering* *breathless* Lo... oooooh, Logan...

      *grunting* oh yeah, Scott... just... like that.... *hitched breathing* *low

      *clenching eyes closed* *hiccuping breaths* *almost calm voice* oh god,
      Logan, I wish you were touching me... wish I was touching you...... *pained

      *feral growling* gonna fuck you right through the wall as soon as I get
      there, pretty boy.....

      *muffled scream* fuck...........

      *panting* oh fuck... fuck... Scott.... *ragged howl*

      *rough, ragged breathing*

      *shaky exhale* *hoarse voice* shit, Scott.... *weak laugh*

      *embarrassed chuckle* what?

      *grinning* gonna need a change of clothes before I get on the bike...

      *blushing* probably a good idea... so when would it be that you might be
      getting on my bike? *knocking* *frustrated* Jesus Christ... would you just
      put her to sleep. *shouting* I'M FINE, JEAN! *muffled voice* *frantic* shit,
      Logan, I have to go. *sound of clothes rustling* I'll... I'll talk to you
      later, okay?

      *snorting* hell yeah.... and I'll be getting on your bike just as soon as I
      change.... *blinking* *muttered* shit.... *concerned* you.... you ok, Scott?

      *smiling* happy to hear that... *distracted* yeah, Logan, I'm okay, I just...
      we have a mission...

      *nodding* *softly* good... *short pause* *tight voice* be careful, Scooter...
      *barely audible* I don't... I don't wanna lose you...

      *pausing* *tenderly* I can't wait until you get here... *tight nod* I will,
      Wolvie... *softer* you're not going to lose me that easy... *short silence*
      so, how soon will you be home?

      *low laugh* neither can I.... *nodding* see that you are.... and.... I'm
      glad.... *pause* probably be there in two... maybe three days...

      *smiling* good... *nodding* don't worry about me, just be safe yourself...
      *wistful* oh... well will I at least talk to you again before then?

      *fiercely* of course I'll damn well worry about you! and this is the last
      mission you go on without me... *deep breath* *calm, soft tone* yeah, you'll
      talk to me before then....

      *smirking* yes, sir, Mister Wolverine, sir... *laughing* *sobering* *sigh*
      good... god, we haven't even hung up yet and I miss you already...

      *muttered* fucking wiseass... *gruff laugh* *long pause* *quietly* I know
      what you mean.... I almost don't want to hang up... but if I don't, I'll
      never get there...

      *wide-eyed* *snickering* what did I say? *weak nod* I guess when you put it
      that way... *pause* *softly* I'll talk to you later, Logan. take care, be
      careful and... good night or I guess more accurately, good morning...

      *shaking head* *laughing* you know goddamn well what you said, Scott...*long
      pause* *quiet sigh* yeah.... too damn bad I ain't got one of those cell
      phones... *shifting sounds* I'll... I'll call again tomorrow, ok? you take
      care of yourself too, Slim - I'd hate to have to come all the way down there
      just to save your ass again... *soft laugh* yeah, morning...

      *blinking innocently* I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about Mister
      Wolverine, sir� *nodding* *scowling* yeah � damn, if I'd known I could have
      sent one to you with my letter� I sent it overnight priority so you should
      get it first thing in the morning before you're ready to take off� *smiling*
      I'll be waiting for your call, Logan. *chuckling* I'll be careful, Wolvie,
      don't worry� *arching brow* you mean all I have to do is cry 'wolf' and
      you'll come running? *laughing* *sighing* I could get used to saying good
      morning to you, Logan�

      *choked laughter* *smugly* you're gonna get it for that one, bub... *slow
      grin* so I'm getting another letter, huh? looking forward to it, Slim...
      *chuckling* just don't drop the phone next time, ok? *blinking* *mock growl*
      well you know what happened to the boy who cried 'wolf' too often, Scott?
      *short pause* *softly* 'good morning'.. 'good night'... 'pass the paper'...
      *snorting laugh*

      *teasing chuckle* *smiling* *nodding* yeah, you're getting another letter...
      *sharp exhale* hey, I wasn't exactly expecting to hear your voice...
      *softly* it was a wonderful surprise... *loud, coughing laugh* *clearing
      throat* *humored tone* as I recall he was eaten... I might be wrong though,
      children's stories aren't really my area of expertise� *sputtering* you
      read... *hysterical laughter*

      *grinning* good... like your letters... *arching brow* so my voice makes you
      drop phones? *muffled laughter* *sobering* I... hell, took me a while to even
      dial... *short pause* *feral grin* bingo, Slim. *longer pause* *harsh

      *soft exhale* good... I hope it makes sense... *shaking head* *chuckling*
      only when it wakes me up from a dream you were starring in... *tender smile*
      I'm glad you finally managed. *clearing throat* *frantic tone* wolf wolf
      wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf... *laughing* *sobering* *furrowing forehead* Logan,
      what ... oh shit, you know I was just teasing, right? *pounding sounds*
      *sharply* damn it, I really have to go... I'll talk to you tomorrow...

      *softly* they always make sense... even when you ramble... *arching brow
      sharply* starring in, huh? gonna have to tell me about that sometime..
      *shaking head* *smiling* yeah, so am I.... *blinking* *loud, barking laugh*
      no sense of self-preservation, eh, Scooter? *shifting* *growling tone*
      fuck... yeah, yeah you will talk to me tomorrow, Scott. good night...
      *barely audible* be careful...

      *snorting* I always ramble ...*tenderly* I just have so much I want to say to
      you, Logan... *blushing* encore performance... *embarrassed exhale* *short
      pause* *quietly* good... *wiggling brows* *snickering* and you say I'm
      smart... *heavy, sorrowful exhale* I'm really sorry, Logan... *somber* okay,
      I'll talk to you then... night... *click*

      *smiling* and I look forward to listening, Scott...*blinking* *slow grin*
      yeah, that so? now I really can't wait...*nodding* yeah, good... *loud snort*
      smart, but no survival instinct.... *long pause* *gruffly* don't worry about
      it, Scott...*muttered* fuck.... *click*
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