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FF: Slippery When Wet (3/6)

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  • Melissa Flores
    TITLE: Slippery When Wet AUTHOR : Melissa Flores EMAIL: mistiec_flores@yahoo.com GENRE: X-Men: The Movie, Wolverine/Rogue, ensemble. Storm/Gambit, Scott/Jean,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2001
      TITLE: Slippery When Wet
      AUTHOR : Melissa Flores
      EMAIL: mistiec_flores@...

      GENRE: X-Men: The Movie, Wolverine/Rogue, ensemble. Storm/Gambit,
      Scott/Jean, Rogue/Augustus
      RATING: R for violence, language, sexual situations, and MAJOR ANGST.
      DISTRIBUTION: http://www.wolverineandrogue.com/mistiec

      Chapter Three

      Storm had often fostered the notion that people were defined by their

      As a child, she had grown in a loving family, until all she knew and
      all she wanted to know was taken away with the sudden discovery of what
      she was.

      Her life had changed and her body and heart had been broken that day,
      and there had never been a situation that had shaped her mind, her
      ideals, her fear more than at the moment when she felt completely and
      utterly alone.

      She suspected Rogue felt quite the same way, for she herself had been
      rejected by her family and though she had not been beaten by a tribal
      clan, the heartache still had been Marie's heart.

      It was for that reason that they battled for control, because the
      security that had been denied them as a child, they sought to attain

      She strongly believed Augustus carried the same ideals.

      She had rarely met a man with as much drive, and as much delusion as
      Augustus had, and the fact that they were focused on one very fractured

      It did nothing to assuage her fear that she would not get out of this

      Life was a battle for control for Storm, and she had fought so long and
      so hard that she had barely time to allow her own feelings access to
      her heart, and even now, with her body trembling and her eyes milking
      she fought not to think of the red-eyed Cajun with the beautiful smile
      and the wild hair.

      Her fingers were pressed against her mouth when the door opened, and
      her eyes were forced back to the dark color they were originally, and
      her trembling form was forced to still by a well trained mind, as she
      looked upon Clayton Augustus.

      He was a handsome man, she would give him that much, and if it hadn't
      been for the eyes that fostered so much fear at the chaos behind them,
      Storm would almost have believed he could be beaten by their small

      As it was, she feared only that he had all of Rogue's secrets in his
      head, and if that was true.

      Then God help them all.


      "Augustus," she answered with practiced ease, leaning back on the
      comfortable cushioned chair the room had been furnished with.

      Her eyes slid to the white animal in his arms, and the corner of her
      eyes crinkled in surprise. The Siamese was beautiful, and from her
      position she could hear her purring.

      His eyes drifted down to the point of her gaze, and she found a sincere
      smile coming from his perfectly formed lips.

      "Cats," he began, "are the most deliciously human animals in existence.
      Forget apes and chimps, cats have the true nature that human's possess.
      They are complicated things, and utterly majestic." His hands slid
      through the fur of the Siamese, before carefully setting it on a nearby
      dresser, running his hand up the rump. Storm watched as the cat preened
      under the attention, opening her eyes to reveal startling blue orbs
      that matched Storm's own in intensity.

      Augustus' own seemed to flicker, and whether they were now permanently
      violet or the darkness that matched Rogue's was more uncertain.

      His hand trembled slightly, but his face never lost his even expression
      as he sat across from her, his hands drifting together as he said quite
      simply, "Tell me about the man you call Wolverine."

      It wasn't a request, and Storm knew that she had no choice but to

      "What do you want to know?"

      "I want to know how he works," he answered easily.

      "Rogue should be able to tell you that. She knows him better than

      "Rogue is too confused to be of much use right now," he answered, his
      fingers rising to his temples to massage lightly as he grimaced in
      pain. "She's a fighting girl. You'll do just as well."

      "You know as much as I do," Ororo responded. "Perhaps more."

      "I know enough," he answered, his eyes narrowing slightly.

      "Then there is nothing I can tell you."

      "It seems to me you understand them both more than you let on." When
      she said nothing, he continued. "You see Ororo, the study of the X-Men
      has been my obsession for quite some time now. Until a few months ago I
      wasn't sure which of you was my destiny. You, with the control, and
      Jean with her incredibly darkness that she seems to fear so much or
      Rogue." A small smile flitted upon his lips and he shook his head
      slightly. "That is a character. In her head, Storm is more control than
      you could ever want. It takes immense strength to deal with the
      personalities as well as she has. But one continues to remain. He is no
      longer welcome."

      "You want to banish Logan from her mind?"

      "I want to do to more than that. I want to eradicate him completely.
      Rogue's mind is no longer her own. I do not like him. Therefore, out he
      goes," he finished, with a flourish of an immaculately mannered hand.

      She had to smile.

      His own self confident smirk vanished, and the hard glint in his eyes
      that replaced it did not look promising.

      "May I ask," he asked after a beat, "Just what is so funny?'

      Storm found herself shrugging, and said immediately, "You don't get
      Rogue without Logan."

      His lips twitched and suddenly the dangerous smile returned. "I don't
      get Marie," he responded. "There's the difference. The truth is,
      darling Ororo, you have never met Rogue, you only think you have. All
      you've met are shadows, glimpses, tainted with what she was before.
      Marie cannot exist without Logan. She is the link, the heart. I don't
      want Marie. I only want Rogue."

      The smile had long since left her face, and her heart was beating
      furiously as he came forward, hands on either side of chair, leaning
      in, pausing to breathe in her scent. His eyes had become brilliantly

      "Still want to play?" he whispered, and suddenly his lips were on hers.

      A shiver jolted through her and she fought, hiking up her leg, planting
      her foot on his chest with remarkable agility and kicking him back.

      He stumbled over the chair behind him before he had a chance to right
      himself, and he fell flat on his back, recovering from his fall with a
      snarl which matched the milky white of her eyes in intensity.

      His hands were in fists, and as he came forward, he reeled backward, a
      hand on his head as he shook violently.,

      Her chest was heaving as she glared at him, temper rising to match his,
      outweighing the fear.

      He slowly took a breath, staggering to his feet. "Marie," he breathed,
      blinking once, twice. His eyes were curiously back to dark brown and
      when he spoke, the Southern accent ran chills down her body.

      "Looks like we're playing, sugar," he drawled.

      And he backed out the room, scooping up the cat on his way out.


      The tense silence in the room was interrupted only when Remy groaned
      slightly, massaging at his injured shoulder.

      Jubilee felt her heart beating a little faster as she saw the haunted
      look in Remy's eyes that she seen only once before : when Storm was
      hurt only a few short weeks ago.

      Weeks that seemed years.

      The absense of Storm hung over them like a dirty blanket, and although
      Rogue was now safely in their camp, she really didn't think any idea if
      Rogue was really... their Rogue anymore.

      Remy had told Kitty, Kitty had told Bobby, who told St. John, who told
      her about how Rogue had whigged out Jean, and Jean was NOT the type to
      whig out so completely in front of them.

      It was creepy.

      It was damn scary.

      And so they sat, waited, the rest of the team that were deemed not
      important enough to be let in on the loop but important enough to see
      Rogue, to try and talk sense into her, waiting to figure out if the
      truth was what Jubilee had feared all along.

      Just how far gone was Rogue?

      When the mutant bitch had tried to take over Rogue's head, it had been
      different. No one had seen Rogue and no one had gone in to try and
      contain her but Storm, Jean, Charles and Scott. Just like today, just
      like it had been for the past week, her high school friends, the newest
      X-men members, were kept on the outside, never knowing what was going
      on, never being told until Storm had made a point to come out and
      explain to them about the mental battle that had just been won.

      When Rogue finally reemerged, no one had known just how far it had gone
      until they woke up to find her screaming at the top of her lungs that
      she was stuck on the ceiling and couldn't come down.

      How freaky was it to live like that, never coming to terms with one
      mutation only to inherent two more?

      And now...

      The door opened and the professor wheeled in, followed by Cyclops.
      Their faces were drawn, tense, and they showed no emotion as Jean
      followed, her face also void of any feeling. They sat at the front of
      the table, and the gazes all moved to the doorway with discernable
      dread that inhabited Jubliee's heart as well.

      When Rogue entered the room, she clung to Logan's hand, dressed in the
      black spandex that had become her trademark, the white bangs falling
      forward, covering her face, never revealing anything until she slid
      into the seat left vacant, bare hands reaching up to pull the bangs
      from her face-

      To reveal intense violet eyes.

      Next to her, Kitty audibly gasped, and Iceman squirmed in his head,
      swallowing hard.

      Rogue only smiled slightly, fingertips drumming against the makeshift

      "Good evening."

      Jubilee leaned forward, looking closely, found that on inspection,
      Rogue's hands were jittering.

      "She's not quite herself," Jean said, her voice low, as she addressed
      the group.

      "But ya'll wanna find Storm, doncha?" Her voice was coated in a
      deliberate drawl, leaning back in the seat as her eyes caught Jean's.
      "Am I right?"

      "Marie," Logan interrupted hoarsely, hand coverings hers.

      Jubilee felt her throat constrict at the sight of Logan's bare skin
      touching her own.

      The tone seemed to work however, because the darkness in Marie's eyes
      glistened slightly, and the violet suddenly seemed to turn into a bit
      of brown and she began slowly, "It's part of the game."

      "What game?" Charles asked, his voice clear, audible.

      A small smile crept up on Rogue's lips. "Come on, Charles, you had to
      have noticed I'm not really myself. It's the game we're playing. I'm
      sorry you got sucked into it. But you had no choice. I had no choice
      really. It was the gamble."

      "What gamble, Rogue?" Charles' tone was easy, conversational even.
      Jubilee was finding the whole thing pretty disconcerting.

      "Destiny. Fate. Love. Life." She gave a short chuckle, shrugging
      slightly, looking much like the child she left behind as she continued,
      "You don't have to worry about it. The game's already lost."

      "I don't think any one here is willing to accept that, Rogue," Jean
      answered carefully.

      The smile grew wider. "Of course you can't accept it if you're not
      willing ta play." Her eyebrow rose meaningfully and even from where she
      was sitting, Jubilee could still see Jean pale slightly.

      Her stomach sunk even further.

      Remy broke up the silence by leaning forward, "Rogue, where is Storm?
      You care about Storm, no?"

      Rogue froze slightly, eyeing Remy with those freaky violet-hued eyes.
      "Of course. I love Storm. Ororo has layers... hidden darkness and
      control that you never noticed until it was too late. You lost her,
      Remy, before you even had her."

      Kitty buried her face in her hands and shuddered slightly.

      "Rogue." The word came out in a hoarse whisper, one that was almost
      painful to hear. "Where is she?"

      Rogue was quiet, her hands pressed against her mouth for a second, her
      eyes darker brown, less violet than they were before. "You know the
      games lost already. By being here, you complicate things. Storm is as
      good as dead. And so is Marie."

      Logan's hand lurched out, grabbed a hold of her, but she didn't flinch,
      nor did she look at the pained look on his face as she turned, eyeing
      everyone in turn.

      "Logan, let go." Her voice was even, more even than it had been in the
      passed, and her mouth never did lose that smile that seemed so
      dangerous as she continued, her eyes suddenly on Professor X, voice
      directed at him. "You know what will happen when he gets through, don't
      you, professor?"

      Charles gazed at her, his eyes narrowed in concentration. Seconds later
      he flinched, pulling back.

      She cocked an eyebrow, turning back to all of them. "Let her go. Let us
      go. You're killing her, if you go after her. I'm warning you now. The
      game is lost."

      Remy rose forward, hands on the table, and Jubilee didn't stop him,
      finding herself uncharacteristically quiet, watching the eyes of the
      stranger in the face of a friend.

      "You have to fight, Rogue," Jean said quietly, her voice soft,

      "Why?" Rogue stood, breathing in shakily, leaning against the table for
      support. "The game is over, and even if it wasn't, Storm doesn't know
      how to play. When Augustus gets through with her, she'll be worse off,
      and I know."

      "How do you know?" Scott asked.

      She was quiet for second, and suddenly she shrugged. "Because I'll kill

      Bobby shot straight up and Remy roared, and Logan immediately grabbed
      Rogue, pulling her away from the table.

      "LET ME GO!" she cried, struggling against Logan. "The game's OVER!"

      Tears were sliding down Kitty's face, Bobby had frozen his seat, Jean
      was shaking visibly, and Scott's fist was clenched against the table.

      But Jubilee showed no sign of any fear or tension that was running
      rampant around the room.

      In the aftermath of Rogue's spectacle, there was only one thing she was
      aware of.

      The pulse of her furiously beating heart.


      The room was as quiet as it had been the moment before Rogue had
      stepped into it, but the fear had more than doubled.

      They were dealing with something much bigger, much more frightening
      than anything they had dealt with before.

      They were dealing with Rogue now.

      Jean rubbed at her temples, eyes closed as she attempted to breathe,
      knowing that if anyone was supposed to speak, it would have to be here.

      Unfortunately, Jubilee beat her to it.

      "Okay, so hands raised to anyone who just had the crap scared outta

      Her eyes shot open and she gave Jubilee a disapproving look, raising
      her head to squelch any comments on Jubilee's remark. Her eyes drifted
      to Charles, but he didn't say a word, lips pursed together, and
      although it was almost impossible to perceive, she felt the uneasiness
      coming off of him in waves.

      She took in a shaky breath, and glanced at Scott. God, those visors hid
      so much.

      "It's obvious," she began, "Rogue's not going to be of much help when
      it comes to locating Storm."

      "Uh..." Bobby raised his hand slightly, and when Jean acknowledged him
      with a nod, he spoke. "I think... we have to worry about Rogue a little
      bit more than we do about Storm."

      Remy's head jerked, his eyes narrowing, and he answered in a short
      burst, "So you think we just forget about her? Leave her!"

      "Gambit," Kitty interrupted, hand on his arm in an attempt to calm him
      down. "That's not what he meant."

      "Rogue has her problems, that's true, but the fact is she's with us,
      right now," Cyclops said, his voice firm. "We can take of her, like we
      have before. But Storm is still in the hands of Augustus, and we have
      no idea what he's capable of."

      "Oh I think we got a glimpse," muttered Jubilee.

      "Jubes!" Kitty sounded exasperated, and when Jean narrowed her eyes yet
      again, Jubilee continued her voice softer now, void of it's usual

      "Look," she began, removing her sunglasses and setting them gently on
      the table. "I know no one here wants to talk about it, but we have to.
      Rogue talked about KILLING Storm. She's never gone this far before.
      What if... she goes too far."

      "She won't," Remy replied shortly.

      "BUT WHAT IF she DOES?" Jubilee said emphatically. "I'm not saying I
      don't care about her, okay? Because I do. But Rogue is a damned
      dangerous chick here. And she knows an awful lot about us and if
      this... GUY takes over... we are so screwed."

      "So what are you saying," Bobby said, his eyes dark with anger. "That
      was just.. KILL HER?"

      "People," Scott began, but Jean only put a hand on his shoulder,
      keeping him from rising, shaking her head slightly when he looked at
      her. They needed to vent, this was the best way.

      "No, not kill her, but try to contain her. She's battling this guy in
      her head and-"

      "And what about Storm?"

      St. John raised a hand, "I'm with Jubes here. We lost Storm trying to
      get Rogue. We have no idea what we're up against. And we can't afford
      to wait much longer out sidethis ice castle when we don't even know

      "Don't say it," Remy said, hand shooting out to grab St. John by the
      collar. "She ain't dead."

      "REMY!" Jean's voice was angered, and in her face, it was clear she had
      lost her patience. "This is NOT the time to-"

      A groan at her right made her lose her train of thought, as suddenly
      Charles groaned, head between his hands, and her eyes widened and she
      cried out, mind only barely succeeding in keeping him in his chair
      before he fainted.


      He sat with his back to the wall of the shelter that had been erected
      for him, fingers running tenderly through her bangs, pausing once to
      watch the shadows dance off the streak of white that ran through the
      few at the top.

      Her figure didn't move, eyes were half closed as she lay with her head
      in his lap, hands huddled close to her chest, knees pulled up against
      her. She was no longer trembling, and for the first time, in what
      seemed hours, she seemed at peace.

      His heartbeat was dull, and the aching fear that had paralyzed him
      before no longer seemed to matter, as he kept his eyes open, on her,
      concentrating on her skin, the softness that he had felt against his
      ever healing hands.

      Fingers swept over her bare arm, over her shoulder, the night slip she
      had put on exposing so much that he had never seen.

      Rogue... Marie... was a woman, a true woman, and she was beautiful.

      His throat clogged slightly and he forced himself to swallow the lump
      of emotion down.

      She was also in immense pain.


      "Yeah, Marie."

      Her eyes were open, her orbs dark, more brown than violet, her head
      shifted a bit and he felt his groin tighten in response. He ground his
      teeth, ignoring it, instead, lifting her up and pulling her more firmly
      against his chest.

      "I scared them, didn't I? In there."

      "A little bit."

      Her sigh was audible, the smell of her hair against his nost as she
      burrowed further into his embrace, looking more like herself than he
      had seen since he had taken her from the house of hell.

      "I didn't want to scare them... mostly. But... "

      His hand slipped to her hair, smoothing down her long waves as his
      other arm slipped about her waist, feeling the satin covered curve,
      fingers caressing there idly.

      "You're gonna be okay, Marie."

      She shrugged slightly, her eyes tinged with moisture. "Ah'm not sure
      about that. The game's lost, Logan."

      His grip on her tightened, jerking her up, making her catch her breath.

      "NO," he said hoarsely. "NO, it's NOT, Marie. It's -"

      Her eyes watered, and on her face slipped an incredibly warm smile. Her
      hand rose, and suddenly her fingertips were on his face, tracing the
      whiskers, ending their journey on his mouth, her body warm and supple
      against him.

      His heart was beating furiously, his body aching, responding to Marie's
      touch, to Rogue's body as she gently straddled him, her strength
      keeping him down, a gentle, loving caress against his lips as she shook
      her head slightly.

      "You don't understand."

      "You gotta fight."

      And again he was rewarded with a smile, as if he was a child, and he
      felt the beast in him growl as she leaned forward, pressing herself
      against his hard body, lips touching his eyelids in a feather light
      caress that sent jolts through his body.

      "I'm working on it," she whispered, and her body shifted again, and he
      groaned, loudly this time, hands sliding around her waist, holding her
      down, harder, against his arousal.

      Oh, God... not now.. he couldn't...

      "Marie," he gasped heavily, his eyes suddenly riveted on the mounds of
      her breasts pressed against the black leather of his uniform. God. "We

      A heated mouth pressed warm suckles just under his ear, cutting him off
      as his head fell back. She kissed and sucked, hot, moist swipes of her
      tongue, followed by nips from her teeth in just the right places.

      "We have to," she whispered, and her hips moved and he thrust
      involuntarily, eyes wide open as she gave a ragged sigh of pleasure
      before moving her mouth to his ear again. "I need my heart, Logan. Give
      it to me, please."

      Her hand gently slid down to his leather collar, fingers grabbing hold
      of the zipper she found there, and pulling down.

      His mouth rested on hers, and immediately it opened, tonge mating with
      hers in a heated frenzy, hands bringing her close, as she released him,
      breathing in, a smile sliding onto her once tormented face.

      "I love you, Logan," she whispered, hands sliding beween their bodies,
      finding the spot there that made him swallow, clench his teeth, buck
      his hips.

      The words washed over him, and he pulled her back, push himself over
      her, and let her slid the zipper the rest of the way too.

      His voice was hoarse, and the blood in his veins rushed through his
      ears, but his beating heart told her all that she needed to know.

      "I love you, Marie."


      Melissa Flores aka Misty

      You all know that I am a pacifist. So I am not interested in war in any way. But you know what? When the revolution comes, I will have to destroy you all. Not you Joey.
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